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Magen Long Interview...
By Manny Samaniego
Date: 5/27/2002
Magen Long Interview...
Magen Long started cycling at a very young age, and from the beginning there was only one thing she wanted to do, ride a bike and have fun. And so far she has accomplished that, plus adding an entire case of trophies and medals to her resume along the way and also, keeping good grades in school, something taken very seriously by her. We recently caught up with Magen after a busy month of racing, which saw her take part at the Sea Otter Classic in California.

Daily Peloton: First is the obvious question. How did you get involved in the sport?

Magen Long: My dad has been racing since he was little, so it was just the thing to do....I'm Daddy's little girl.

DP: You take part in different cycling disciplines (mtb, road, track, BMX), which can make for a long do you spread the work??

ML: I think that they all go hand in hand.

DP: Which one is better suited for you and which one you like the most??

ML: Mountain biking

DP: Managing school and cycling, what is your formula to succeed at both of them??

ML: Well school comes first because you can always depend on your mind.

DP: How did you get noticed by the Specialized MTB team?? this your first pro team??

ML: I have been with Specialized for 4 1/2 years now, I was noticed by Ned Overend. He saw my resume when I was 13 and wanted to help some Juniors out.

DP: And what about road, which team do you race for while on the road??

ML: I ride for Jim Mueler of The Bicycle Store.(The Bicycle Store is a local bike shop in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Magen's hometown, ed.)

DP: Is the Olympics a main goal for you??..if so, which year are you shooting for and which event would you like to take part on??

ML: It isn't a main goal. I think Worlds is my main goal, but if I went I would be happy to represent my country in any discipline.

DP: Will you eventually make a decision and concentrate on only one side of the sport, or are you keeping an opened mind about it??

ML: Not as long as I enjoy doing all of them. I don't think that people should limit themselves.

DP: Do you believe women's cycling is gaining popularity and how can it be improved to bring more girls into it??

ML: Yes I do. I think that it would spread more if we were made more equal in the sanction's eyes.

DP: Your goals in cycling are??

ML: To have FUN!!

DP: Do you work with a coach and would you recommend a young rider to work with one??

ML: I think that you should do what works best for you, but give everything a try. My dad is mine. I have worked with other coaches in the past, but nobody does it like my dad.

DP: Hardest, funniest and most rewarding part of cycling, according to Magen Long is???

ML: Hardest is warming up, I HATE warming up. Funniest is traveling. The most rewarding is the experiences you gain and feeling of accomplishment you recieve.

DP: Your short and long term goals are??

ML: I would like to win the Worlds and make a living at riding my bike.

You can keep up with Magen's racing by visiting her website, Magen Long . Thanks to Magen for taking her time to answer our questions.

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