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Young Guns Weekly Review #3 - March 07, 2005
By Staff
Date: 3/7/2005
Young Guns Weekly Review #3 - March 07, 2005

Our newest report on the young scene is all about 1.2-sanctioned races, open events that saw the young guns challenge the professional and continental teams over the week-end. Saturday’s Vlaamse Pijl was called off due to the poor weather in Belgium, but Sunday’s four events took place as planned on the roads of Switzerland, Italy and France. And strangely enough, each contest was dominated by riders from one team (be it LPR, Agritubel etc.), who either took the top two spots or even swept the whole podium. All reports and main results, by Andy McDobbin (Prix de Lillers) and Fabio, below.

57th GP Brissago/26th Giro del Lago Maggiore "GP Knorr" (1.2 - 176.6 km; Sunday, March 06th) 57th GP Brissago/ 26th Giro del Lago Maggiore "GP Knorr" (1.2 km. 176.6 km.) Or the Team LPR show: the Swiss-registered squad with a string Italian flavor, as originally based in the Italian city of Piacenza, had a point to prove: that they deserved the Milan-Sanremo wild-card they were just awarded. And even if the opposition they are going to find on the roads of the first Classic of the season a dozen days from now will be completely different from the combination of some decent pros and many young legs they met this Sunday at the 1.2-rated event on the Swiss shores of the Maggiore Lake, we can say they proved the point. At least if we look at the race results, with riders from the Swiss/Italian team taking all top three places.

First across the line at Brissago was very young (20) Mauro Santambrogio, one of the best prospects of the LPR squad. A junior rider until the end of the 2002 season, Santambrogio moved to the Espoirs ranks in 2003, with outstanding results since his first outings, So that his bosses thought he was good enough to make it to the "big" scene as soon as possible, and Mauro entered the pro ranks at the beginning of the past season. Even if he made the top ten in his debut race (GP Costa Etruschi) his 2004 palmares was not that good, with a podium finish at the 1.5-rated Tour du Lac Leman (behind teammate Dmitri Konyshev) as best result, and some more top 5 finishes in races like Stausee-Rundfahrt Klingnau, stages of Settimana Lombarda, Clasica de Alcobendas, Vuelta a Burgos and Brixia Tour.

He got off to a better start in the current season, courtesy of ninth placing around mid-February, followed by this successful ride on Swiss territory, that also opened Team LPR's 2005 account. Santambrogio edged out his teammate Michele Maccanti, whom he broke away with, in a two-man sprint, while another Team LPR youngster, fastman Danilo Napolitano, grabbed the remaining spot on the podium. Poland's Mateusz Mroz and his Amore & Vita Swedish teammate Jonas Ljungblad were "best of the rest", while kiwi Fraser MacMaster was the top English-speaking finisher, even if he didn't get into the race top ten. Less than 30 riders crossed the line in time, whereas more than sixty finished "hors delai".

"I’m very happy at this victory", Santambrogio told the press "a win both myself and the team really needed, and a moral boost. The whole team put pressure on me, as all of them, to start with (Manager Omar) Pisicina and sporting director Maini, bet on my skills; and I had to pay them back somehow. I must share this victory with the whole team, that did a very good job, as you can tell by looking at the results". Santambrogio also told more about the race and how he got the win "I immediately realized the breakaway that formed early could be the good one, so I got across to join the leaders. It was three of us in the front group, and we were outnumbered by the Amore & Vita riders; that’s why we decided to attack. After Napolitano made the first move, only four guys remained at the front: three LPRs and one Amore & Vita. Then we launched more attacks, who took their toll on his legs, and when it was just the three of us in the lead, at the foot of the last ascent, the win became our own affair. Napolitano got dropped, and both me and Maccanti, whom I waited for in the final descent (Porto Rosa) made it to the line, with me winning the sprint". Santambrogio, and the rest of Team LPR, will continue the build-up for their next challenge, the "big" challenge, to come Saturday, March 19th.

Italy captured also the Women’s competition, courtesy of Giorgia Bronzini who set a time of 2 hours, 06 minutes and 27 seconds (av. speed 35.492 km/h) to take the honors from Brazilian Sanildes Fernandes, with Bettina Kuhn of Germany pedaling her way to third place. Switzerland’s Noé Giannetti of Velo Club Monte Tamaro won the race in the minor category (Esordienti) in a two-man sprint also featuring Jean-Martin Krol, with Vincent Uebersax in the other podium spot.

Full Results
1. SANTAMBROGIO, Mauro (Ita - Team LPR) - 03h58'33" (44.200 km/h)
2. MACCANTI, Michele (Ita - Team LPR) - s.t.
3. NAPOLITANO, Danilo (Ita - Team LPR) - at 01'55"
4. MROZ, Mateusz (Pol - Amore & Vita Beretta) - at 02'04"
5. LUNGBLAD, Jonas (Swe - Amore & Vita Beretta) - at 02'18"
6. SCHWAB, Hubert (Swi - Saeco-Romer's-Wetzikon) - at 02'20"
7. KANANEN, Kimmo (Fin - Amore & Vita Beretta) - at 03'31"
8. MORABITO, Steve (Swi - VC Mendrisio Valli-Casino A.) - at 03'38"
9. SCHAER, Michael (Swi - GS Hadimec-VC Chiasso) - at 03'41''
10. VITORIA, David (Swi - VC Mendrisio Valli-Casino Admiral) - at 04'14''
11. KAIRELIS, Dainius (Lit - Amore & Vita Beretta) - at 05'29''
12. MACMASTER, Fraser (NZl - Volksbank Leingruber Ideal) - at 05'31''
13. DEL BIAGGIO, Andrea (Ita - Team LPR) - at 05'31''
14. HÖLMKVIST, Jonas (Swe - Amore & Vita Beretta) - at 06'34''
15. ANZALONE, Maurizio (Ita - VC Mendrisio Valli-Casino A.) - at 06'34''
16. WIDMER, Manuel (Swi - Saeco-Romer's-Wetzikon) - at 06'35''
17. NISHITANI, Taiji (Jap - Japan Nat.Team) - at 06'36''
18. TRAFELET, Stefan (Swi - GS Hadimec-VC Chiasso) - at 06'36''
19. LANG, Pirmin (Swi - Bürgis Cycling Team) - at 07'08''
20. GROSSENBACHER, Steve (Swi - GS Hadimec-VC Chiasso) - at 07'08''
21. BOUTILLE, Thomas (Fra - VC Cantons Morteau-Montbenoit) - at 07'09''
22. RÖÖSLI, Luca (Swi - GS Rufalex) - at 07'09''
23. KOHLER, Martin (Swi - Officine Ghidoni-Vivace Balerna) - at 07'09"
24. ISHIDA, Tetsuya (Jap - Japan Nat.Team) - at 07'09''
25. REISER, Roland (Swi - Saeco-Romer's-Wetzikon) - at 07'10''
26. MORSCHER, Harald (Aut - Volksbank Leingruber Ideal) - at 11'03''
27. WEISSINGER, Rene (Ger - Volksbank Leingruber Ideal) - at 11'03''
28. STYBAR, Zenek (Cze - Officine Ghidoni-Vivace Balerna) - at 11'29''

Hors Delai/Outside Time Limit
30. LEIB, Jonas (Swi - VC Mendrisio-PL Valli-Casino Admiral)
31. MUHLEMANN, Loic (Swi - VC Mendrisio-PL Valli-Casino Admiral)
32. BRANDENBERGER, Freder (Swi - Team Atzmännig-Embrach)
33. DAMBACH, Philipp (Swi - Team Atzmännig-Embrach)
34. KUNZ, Erich (Swi - Team Atzmännig-Embrach)
35. ROSSI, Nazareno (Swi - GS Officine Ghidoni-CT Vivace Balerna)
36. SULSER, Stefan (Swi - GS Officine Ghidoni-CT Vivace Balerna)
37. FISCHER, Michael (Swi - Team Hörmann 2005)
38. FISCHER, Nicolas (Swi - Team Hörmann 2005)
39. FONDERE, Thierry (Fra - Team Hörmann 2005)
40. BÜETIGER, Bruno (Swi - Bürgis Cycling Team)
41. SIEGFRIED, Marcel (Swi - Bürgis Cycling Team)
42. WYSS, Danilo (Swi - Bürgis Cycling Team)
44. ZAHNER, Simon (Swi - Bürgis Cycling Team)
45. BLUMER, Mathias (Swi - GS Hadimec-VC Chiasso)
46. GASSMANN, Patrick (Swi - GS Hadimec-VC Chiasso)
47. RANDIN, Michael (Swi - GS Hadimec-VC Chiasso)
48. SCHILLIGER, Marcel (Swi - GS Hadimec-VC Chiasso)
49. GERMANN, Sandro (Swi - Saeco-Romer's-Wetzikon)
50. GYSLING, Daniel (Swi - Saeco-Romer's-Wetzikon)
51. NAEGELIN, Stefan (Swi - Saeco-Romer's-Wetzikon)
52. CORNUZ, Jeröme (Swi - Team Mega-Bike-Macom)
53. JIMENEZ, Marco (Swi - Team Mega-Bike-Macom)
54. LUDI, Florian (Swi - Team Mega-Bike-Macom)
55. ACKERMANN, Silvere (Swi - Team Mega-Bike-Macom)
56. DÄHLER, Friedrich (Swi - Nordwest Cicli Patrik)
57. SCHÜTZ, Alex (Swi - Nordwest Cicli Patrik)
58. SPÄTH, Sandro (Swi - Nordwest Cicli Patrik)
59. STEINMANN, Thierry (Swi - Nordwest Cicli Patrik)
60. DERUNGS, Flavio (Swi - Univega Pro CT)
61. DERUNGS, Marcus (Swi - Univega Pro CT)
62. FÖHN, Urs (Swi - Univega Pro CT)
63. ROCCARO, Thomas (Swi - Univega Pro CT)
64. WEBER, Balz (Swi - Univega Pro CT)
65. ANASTOPOULOS, Vasilis (Gre - Volksbank Leingruber Ideal)
66. HUNGERBÜHLER, Pascal (Swi - Volksbank Leingruber Ideal)
68. TYSON, Apostol (USA - Volksbank Leingruber Ideal)
69. ALBIEZ, Timo (Ger - Team Rothaus)
70. HANEBECK, Hans (Ger - Team Rothaus)
71. HEIZMANN, Daniel (Ger - Team Rothaus)
72. KINDLE, Christoph (Ger - Team Rothaus)
73. HOFMANN, Sören (Ger - Team Rothaus)
74. SCHERZINGER, Frank (Ger - Team Rothaus)
75. GIRSBERGER, Dominik (Swi - GS Rufalex)
76. REICHLIN, Damian (Swi - GS Rufalex)
77. SPIRGI, Remo (Swi - GS Rufalex)
78. WEIGAND, Stephan (Ger - GS Rufalex)
79. ZÜGER, Martin (Swi - GS Rufalex)
80. IJIMA, Makoto (Jap - Japan Nat.Team)
81. BEPPU, Takumi (Jap - Japan Nat.Team)
82. SHIMBO, Koki (Jap - Japan Nat.Team)
83. KUEL, Ralf (Ger - RV RSG Ostallgau)
84. BAUER, Florian (Ger - RV RSG Ostallgau)
85. GRANDL, Felix (Ger - RV RSG Ostallgau)
86. BONNOT, Emmanuel (Fra - VC Cantons Morteau-Montbenoit)
87. WILLERIUS, Vincent (Fra - VC Cantons Morteau-Montbenoit)
88. ARNOUX, David (Fra - VC Cantons Morteau-Montbenoit)
89. LINSER, Sebastian (Ger - RG Concordia Reute)
90. SEILER, Matthias (Ger - RG Concordia Reute)

29th Trofeo ZSSDI (1.2: 158 km. - Sunday, March 06th) The amateur team GS 93 Promosport couldn't equal Team LPR's 1-2-3 record in the previous race, but came close. Two riders from the Italian squad, Maurizio Biondo and Mauro Priamo claimed the top two spots in the 29th edition of "Trofeo dei Circoli Sportivi Sloveni in Italia" (or "Trofejo Združenja slovenskih športnih društev v Italiji", or "Trophy of the Slovenian Sport Circles in Italy", of just Trofeo ZSSDI), held Sunday in the bilingual - Italian and Slovenian - area of north-eastern Italy, near Trieste and the Italo-Slovenian border. But an Australian prevented them for sweeping the whole podium: after a couple of top ten results in his debut races two weeks ago, Gene Bates of the mighty GS Zalf Desirée Fior put in another excellent performance to climb his first podium of the season. And he was not the only boy from OZ to make his mar k on the race, as Humbert Ashley of Italfine-Podenzano-Brunero, a Junior Track Cycling Worlds medallist who also was a stagiaire at some time ago, ended up ninth.

All riders above were part of a front group of some 15-17 guys that contested the sprint for first place, and contained also the "star rider" of this event: Slovenia’s Janez Brajkovic; the U23 World time trial champion, in one of his last races with the KRKA outfit before moving to the Discovery Channel roster, rode to a good eighth place finish. Besides the GS Promosport duo, Bates, Ashley and Brajkovic - and the snow falling over the peloton every now and then - another protagonist was Simon Spilak. Himself a World Champs Medalist at Verona (took third in the Junior Men Road Race), Brajkovic's current teammate at Krka-Adria Mobil launched an all-out attack at km. 112, when traversing the town of Opicina, and after a flurry of early moves by dozens of riders, among whom was Austrian Patrick Riedesser of the Linz-based Team Hervis APO Sport.

Spilak's move earned him victory at the Prebenico and Dazio KOM primes, and a maximum lead of about 2 minutes over a chasing bunch of some 15 riders, with a solo chaser, Italian Devid Garbelli (Cyber Team) in between. But not the line honors, as the poor Slovene had his hopes to become the first Slovene winner (two of them entered their names in the list in the early editions, but still as Yugoslavs) dashed as he got swallowed into the previously quoted chasing group with just 500 metres left. Racing the ZSSDI Trophy for the first time, Spilak had a great ride, but eventually ran out of steam. To the advantage of Gene Bates, but notably Biondo and Priamo; the former started the sprint early, possible a bit too early - as the same Biondo admitted in post-race comments - but held on and secured victory in front of his teammate, at his turn climbing a race podium for the third time in fifteen days, but never as winner.

About 30 teams from Slovenia (Continental Team Sava, KD Radenska Rog, KD Perutnina Ptuj, KRKA, TBP Lenart), Italy (GS Permac Brisot Bibanese, UC Trevigiani, Team Aurora Concorezzo, Zalf Desirée Fior, GS Brunero, Team Friuli, Team Futura Filmop, Team 2000 Marchiol-IMA-Famila, Team Parolin-VC Bassano, GS Saibert Caneva Color C.), Austria (Austrian National Team Sky Plastic-Kruschitz, Team Hervis-Apo Sport), Estonia (Kalev Chocolate-Classic Bicycles), Poland (Legia), Croatia (BK Rijeka, BK Puris Kamen), the Czech Republic (Dukla Praha, PSK Whirlopool), as well as Belarus, Slovakia and Ukraine (their respective National Squads) attended the race.

Click for larger image.

Results - Top 10 Places
1. Maurizio Biondo (Ita - GS 93 Promosport) - 04h02' (39.174 kph)
2. Matteo Priamo (Ita - GS 93 Promosport) - s.t.
3. Gene Bates (Ita - GS Zalf Désirée Fior) - s.t.
4. Matej Tore (Slo - Perutnina Ptuj) - s.t.
5. Mauro Da Dalto (Ita - Marchiol-Ima-Famila) - s.t.
6. Tiziano Dall'Antonia (Ita - GS Zalf Désirée Fior) - s.t.
7. Jure Kocjan (Slo - Radio Skarag) - s.t.
8. Janez Brajkovic (Slo - Krka Novo Mesto) - s.t.
9. Humbert Ashley (Aus - Podenzano Brunero) - s.t.
10. Gianluca Coletta (Ita - Saibert Caneva) - s.t..

Trofeo ZSSDI - Palmares
1978 - Pierluigi Sala (Ita - La Nuova Baggio S.Siro)
1979 - Ivica Colig (Yug - BK Metalliacommerce)
1980 - Francesco Caneva (Ita - GS Monti Guerciotti)
1981 - Mauro Longo (Ita - GS La Tiesse Spinazzé)
1982 - Mauro Longo (Ita - GS La Tiesse Spinazzé)
1983 - Bruno Bulic (Yug - BK Siporex)
1984 - Gabriele Ragusa (Ita - GS Edy Marino Mainetti)
1985 - Federico Ghiotto (Ita - GS Fior Glem Gas)
1986 - Maurizio Fondriest (Ita - GS Glem Gas Cucine Zalf Fior)
1987 - Fausto Boreggio (Ita - GS Bonlube Q8)
1988 - Flavio Milan (Ita - SC Caneva Rekord Mobili C.)
1989 - Fabio Baldato (Ita - Maglificio MG Boys Diadora)
1990 - Fabio Baldato (Ita - MG Boys Diadora)
1991 - Biagio Conte (Ita - MG Boys Vighini Doni)
1992 - Fabio Casartelli (Ita - CS Domus 87)
1993 - Biagio Conte (Ita - GS Prodet)
1994 - Sergio Previtali (Ita - GS Record Cucine Caneva)
1995 - Luca Prada (Ita - GS Maglificio MG Boys Doni)
1996 - Giuliano Figueras (Ita - Zalf Reomobili Fior Rex)
1997 - Simone Simonetti (Ita - GS Vini Caldirola)
1998 - Flavio Zandarin (Ita - U.C. Trevigiani)
1999 - Maurizio Bachini (Ita - Gaverina)
2000 - Pavel Zerzan (Cze - MG Boys)
2001 - Race not Held
2002 - Daniele Pietropolli (Ita - Zalf Euromobili)
2003 - Alessandro Ballan (Ita - Faresin Modal)
2004 - Elia Rigotto (Ita - Faresin Modal)
2004 - Maurizio Biondo (Ita - GS 93 Promosport)

Les Monts du Luberon (1.2; 160 km. - Sunday, March, 06th) Similarly to what Team LPR did at GP Lago Maggiore, another "small" professional team, Agritubel, dominated an "open race" with riders from different categories in attendance on Sunday. The French squad swept the podium in the 160-km. Trofée Monts du Luberon, held around the town of Pertuis in the Vaucluse department of southern France. First across the line was accomplished Florent Brard, who broke away along with teammate Cédric Coutouly. Gilles Canouet made Agritubel's domination of the event complete as he won the three-man sprint for third place at 01'13", in front of fellow countryman Hubert Dupont (RAGT) as well as the top non-French finisher, who quite surprisingly was a Japanese: Shinichi Fukushima of Team Bridgestone-Anchor. Alexandre Usov of AG2R Prévoyance led the bunch home a further nine seconds adrift.

Full Results
1. Florent Brard (Fra - Agritubel) - 04h10'32" (38.32 kph)
2. Cédric Coutouly (Fra - Agritubel) - s.t.
3. Gilles Canouet (Fra - Agritubel) - at 01'13"
4. Hubert Dupont (Fra - R.A.G.T Semences) - s.t.
5. Shinichi Fukushima (Jap - Team Bridgestone Anchor) - s.t.
6. Alexandre Usov (Blr - AG2R Prévoyance) - at 01'22"
7. Alexandre Cabrera (Fra - AVC Aixois) - s.t.
8. Ivan Seledkov (Rus - Omnibike-Dynamo Moscow) - s.t.
9. Samuel Rouyer (Fra - CC Etupes) - s.t.
10. Tomasz Smolen (Pol - CC Etupes) - s.t.
11. Ivan Terenine (Rus - Omnibike-Dynamo Moscow) - s.t.
12. Lénaïc Olivier (Fra - Agritubel) - s.t.
13. Tim Cassidy (Ire - VC La Pomme-Marseille) - s.t.
14. Thïjs Zonneveld (Hol - AVC Aixois) - s.t.
15. Maxim Karpatchev (Rus - Omnibike-Dynamo Moscow) - s.t.
16. Martial Ricci-Poggi (Fra - AVC Aixois) - s.t.
17. Mickaël Buffaz (Fra - Agritubel) - s.t.
18. Sebastien Gredy (Fra - CC Etupes) - s.t.
19. Christophe Riblon (Fra - AG2R Prévoyance) - s.t.
20. Scott Lyttle (Nzl - US Montauban) - s.t.
21. Bartusz Kolendo (Pol- VC La Pomme-Marseille) - s.t.
22. Bart Oegema (Hol - AVC Aixois) - s.t.
23. Maxim Gourov (Kaz - CR4C Roanne) - s.t.
24. Pawel Wachnick (Pol - CR4C Roanne) - s.t.
25. Thierry Hupond (Fra - VC La Pomme-Marseille) - s.t.
26. Christophe Laurent (Fra - Agritubel) - s.t.
27. Fabrice Billard (Fra - Ec St-Etienne-Loire) - s.t.
28. Nicolas Racodon (Fra - CR4C Roanne) - s.t.
29. Loïc Herbreteau (Fra - CR4C Roanne) - s.t.
30. Mikhail Mikheev (Rus - Omnibike-Dynamo Moscow) - s.t.
31. Francois Parisien (Fra - CR4C Roanne) - s.t.
32. Nicolas Dulac (Fra - R.A.G.T Semences) - s.t.
33. Lionel Faure (Fra - VC La Pomme-Marseille) - s.t.
34. Vincent Sonet (Fra - CC Etupes) - s.t.
35. Nicolas Hartmann (Fra - CC Etupes) - s.t.
36. Nicolas Prin (Fra - AVC Aixois) - s.t.
37. Andrey Pchelkin (Rus - Omnibike-Dynamo Moscow) - s.t.
38. Christophe Rinero (Fra - R.A.G.T Semences) - s.t.
39. Eduard Vorganov (Rus - Omnibike-Dynamo Moscow) - s.t.
40. Yuriy Krivtsov (Ukr - AG2R Prévoyance) - s.t.
41. Benoit Luminet (Fra - CR4C Roanne) - s.t.
42. Jerôme Chevallier (Fra - CC Etupes) - s.t.
43. Benoit Salmon (Fra - Agritubel) - s.t.
44. Thierry David (Fra - VC La Pomme-Marseille) - at 02'28"
45. Sergey Kolesnikov (Rus - Omnibike-Dynamo Moscow) - s.t.
46. Cyrille Fernandez (Fra - Lotus-MBK) - s.t.
47. Jean Mella (Fra - US Montauban) - at 02'32"
48. Szymon Biesek (Pol - Cevenol) - at 03'03"
49. Yasutaka Tashiro (Jap - Team Bridgestone Anchor) - s.t.
50. David Smith (GBR - Team Driving Force Logistic Team Dfl) - s.t.
51. Remi Pauriol (Fra - VC La Pomme-Marseille) - s.t.
52. Andrew Jackson (GBR - EC St-Etienne-Loire) - s.t.
53. Mark Scanlon (Ire - AG2R Prévoyance) - s.t.
54. Erki Pütsep (Est - AG2R Prévoyance) - at 04'12"
55. Jai Crawford (Aus - Team Driving Force Logistic) - at 05'16"
56. Alexander Khatuntsev (Rus - Omnibike-Dynamo Moscow) - at 07'49"
57. Frederick Jouan (Fra - Cyclisme) - at 08'30"
58. Bruno Pellegrin (Fra - CR4C Roanne) - s.t.

Prix de Lillers "Bruno Comini" (1.2; 153 km. - Sunday, March, 06th) With a cold snap bringing snow and freezy weather across Northern Europe, and most parts of France, things didn't look good for most of the races scheduled today. Although a fair few have been cancelled due to the bad conditions, the Prix de Lillers "Bruno Comini" (1.2) bravely went on, although the organisers still had to lop 25km off the race route to avoid a particularly snowy climb.

There were several Professional and Continental teams braving the wintry weather to race here, including Agritubel, Lamonta and Auber 93. However, it was probably the strongest team on paper that prevailed, as hardened Flandrian Johan Coenen took victory over the reduced distance in winning a group sprint, while his French teammate David Boucher came in right behind him to make it a Bookmaker 1-2. Jartzai's Lithuanian neo-pro Vytautas Kaupas came in for third. Behind them was another double act, that of Rabobank Continental with Heijboer and De Maar fourth and fifth, respectively.

A professional since 2002 when he started with the modest Marlux-Ville de Charleroi squad, 26 year old Coenen really matured as a rider last year, taking excellent third places in the semi-classics Paris-Cambaert and the GP Henninger Turm in Germany. This year, he's already come ninth at the Etoile de Besseges as well as attacking in the finale of Het Volk, in the break which allowed Nick Nuyens to then break away again for victory.

Results - Top 5 Places
1. Johan Coenen (Bel - Mr. Bookmaker-SportsTech)
2. David Boucher (Fra - Mr. Bookmaker-SportsTech) - s.t.
3. Vytautas Kaupas (Lit - Jartzai-Revor-Granville Team) - s.t
4. Mathieu Heijboer (Hol- Rabobank Continental) - s.t
5. Marc de Maar (Hol - Rabobank Continental) - s.t

Young Guns Weekly Review #1 - February 25, 2005: Races and Winners

11th Souvenir René Vietto-Dante Gianello - Jonathan Locke (GBR)
81st Coppa San Geo - Roberto Traficante (Ita)
18th Firenze-Empoli - Daniele Di Nucci (Ita)
Plages Vendéennes 5/Soullans - Joel Pearson (Aus)
GP de Vence/Souvenir Jean Alech - Benoit Luminet (Fra)
35th Trofeo Caduti di Soprazocco - Daniele Di Nucci (Ita)
5th G.P. Brefer - Marco Gelain (Ita)
43rd GP La Torre - Alex Norberto Ardila Cano (Col)
33rd Circuito di Paderno di Ponzano Veneto - Alberto Curatolo (Ita)
Plages Vendéennes 6/St.Gilles Croix de Vie - Jonathan Dayus (GBR)
GP de la Ville d'Antibes-Sophia Antipolis - Ben Johnson (Aus)
35th Sanremo-Savona - Daniele Di Nucci (Ita)
Plages Vendéennes 7/Moutiers les Mauxfaits - Benoît Daeninck (Fra)
Plages Vendéennes 8/Notre Dame des Monts - Joel Pearson (Aus)

Young Guns Weekly Review #2 - March 04, 2005: Races and Winners

GP Souvenir Jean Masse - Rémi Pauriol (Fra)
41st GP Calzifici-Calzaturifici Stabbiesi - Emanuele Bindi (Ita)
64th Circuito di Orsago/GP Memorial Fratelli Mion - Oscar Gatto (Ita)
Prix Mathias Nomblot/Villefranche-sur-Saône - Ben Johnson (Aus)
Trophée des Alpes de la Mer - Alessandro Raisoni (Ita)
Tour des Communes de la Vallée du Bédat - Paul Brousse (Fra)
Route Bretonne / Souvenir Loic Le Flohic - Stéphane Petilleau (Fra)
GP Ouverture Pierre Pinel/Montrastruc - Mathieu Perget (Fra)
Vallée de la Loire - Tarmo Raudsepp (Est)
GP Ouverture St-Hilaire du Harcouet - Benoît Legrix (Fra)
Trofeo Guerrita - Unai Elorriaga (Spa)
1st GP Subida Sierra de los Califas - Agustín Priego López (Spa)
7th Gent-Staden - Jos Pronk (Hol)
55th Brussel-Opwijk - Stefan Huizinga (Hol)
48th GP Ciclista Chiclanero - José Cánovas Padilla (Spa)
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