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Tick's Blick 26 January 2005
By Tick
Date: 1/26/2005
Tick's Blick 26 January 2005

It was fascinating the last few days to have attended the two German team presentations. As a journalist, I used the opportunity to learn what is going on, to get to know the riders and to make contacts. As a fan, I enjoyed getting to see the riders up close and to talk to them.

The T-Mobile and Gerolsteiner presentations were just about as different as they could be. Gerolsteiner lived up to its reputation of a relaxed, casual, family atmosphere. TMO was sleek, organized, all business.

It is interesting to watch the riders' reactions to the presentations. Let's face it, there's other things they'd rather be doing. Training, maybe, or after two weeks on Mallorca, they're eager to see their wives again. But it's part of the pro life and they have to go through with it.

Some of them are bored silly and don't bother to hide it. Some follow the whole affair with interest. Those who don't speak the language have it hardest, but usually manage to at least look interested. Some, like TMO's Klöden and Ullrich, or Gerolsteiner's Haselbacher and Hoj, pass the time giggling and gossiping. It is most fun to watch the neo pros, the youngsters who are up there on the big stage for the first time - big-eyed at the whole spectacle, awed to be standing next to Jan Ullrich or Davide Rebellin, and nearly bursting with pride at having the right to be there.

It's the start of new careers and a new season, an exciting time for everyone!

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