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88th Giro d'Italia - A Bit of History and More Details
By Fabio
Date: 1/24/2005
88th Giro d'Italia - A Bit of History and More Details

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Giro d'Italia: Historical Database - Details and Tidbits
(Source: Almanacco del Ciclismo and others. Courtesy

* Youngest Giro winner: Fausto Coppi (Ita) - 1940 (20 years, 8 months, 25 days)

* Eldest Giro winner: Fiorenzo Magni (Ita) - 1955 (35 years)

* Most stage wins in a single edition: Alfredo Binda (Ita) - 1927: 12 wins

* Most times on the podium: Felice Gimondi (3 wins - 2-time second placed; 4-time third place getter)

* Fastest ever Giro: 1983 (winner: Giuseppe Saronni - av. speed: 38.937 km/h)

* Fastest ever stage: May 17, 1997: (winner : Mario Cipollini - av. speed: 48.521 km/h)

* Most starters: 1928 (298 riders)

* Fewest starters: 1912 (56 riders)

* Most finishers: 1994 (143 riders)

* Fewest finishers: 1914 (8 riders)

* Longest ever Giro: 1954 (4,337 km.)

* Shortest ever Giro: 1909 (2,448 km.)

* Longest ever stage: 1914 (Lucca-Roma 430 km. / winner: Costante Girardengo)

* The 1st EVER GIRO STAGE got underway on May 13, 1909, at 2h53 AM at Piazzale Loreto, Milano.

* The 1st EVER ITT was held in 1933 over a 62-km. distance from Bolonia to Ferrara.

* The 1st EVER UPHILL ITT took place in 1935, and went from Rieti to the the Terminillo mountain in the Latium region of Central Italy.

* The most unusual Giro competitor ever was Alfonsina Morini Strada (pic here), who made history by becoming the only woman that ever raced the Giro along with the male peloton. It happened in the 1924 edition of the event. The girl from Castelfranco Emilia, on the outskirts of Bolonia, managed to finish the race in 31st place, in front of two male riders … and of all those who dropped out earlier. But this wasn’t Mrs. Strada’s only accomplishment on the bike, as the lady recorded some 30 victories against male contenders throughout her career.

* Most Stage Victories:
Mario Cipollini (Ita) - 42 wins
Alfredo Binda (Ita) - 41 wins
Learco Guerra (Ita) - 31 wins
Costante Girardengo (Ita) - 30 wins
Eddy Merckx (Bel) - 25 wins
Giuseppe Saronni (Ita) - 24 wins
Francesco Moser (Ita) - 23 wins
Fausto Coppi (Ita) - 22 wins
Roger De Vlaeminck (Bel) - 22 wins
Franco Bitossi (Ita) - 21 wins
Giuseppe Olmo (Ita) - 20 wins
Miguel Poblet (Spa) - 20 wins

* Most Stages as GC Leader:
Eddy Merckx (Bel) - 77 stages
Alfredo Binda (Ita) - 59 stages
Francesco Moser (Ita) - 57 stages
Gino Bartali (Ita) - 50 stages
Giuseppe Saronni (Ita) - 49 stages
Jacques Anquetil (Fra) - 42 stages
Fausto Coppi (Ita) - 31 stages
Bernard Hinault (Fra) - 31 stages
Miguel Indurain (Spa) - 29 stages
Costante Girardengo (Ita) - 26 stages
Roberto Visentini (Ita) - 26 stages
Felice Gimondi (Ita) - 24 stages
Fiorenzo Magni (Ita) - 24 stages

* The Cima Coppi is the nickname given to the highest climb of the competition. It was introduced in 1965, half a decade after the “Campionissimo” passed away: it was the legendary Stelvio that gained the status of “Coppi Climb” in that edition, as much as and it’s going to do in 2005.

* The Tappa Bartali, or Bartali Stage if you prefer: since Fausto Coppi’s “public rival” (surely not an enemy) number one passed away, on the eve of the 2000 Giro start, organizers made the decision to pay homage to his figure by naming a stage running inside the territory of his home region Tuscany after him. And the 41-km. ITT from Lamporecchio to Bartali’s hometown Florence, scheduled for Saturday, May 15, 2005, is definitely one of the best tribute the Tour of Italy could ever pay to "Gino the pious".

* The Montagna Pantani: As all of you know, Saturday, the 14th of February 2004 was one of the most tragic days in the history of Italian cycling. And after dedicating stages or climbs to Coppi and Bartali, the Giro d’Italia decided to honor the memory of Marco Pantani by giving his name to one of the most difficult race climbs. It occurred in 2004, and it’s going to happen again in the next edition, when the "Montagna Pantani" will be the Passo delle Erbe, the last of four ascents climbed in the “queen stage” over the Dolomite Mountains (and finishing into Ortisei/St.Ulrich), one of the many climbs that played host to Pantani’s great uphill rides.

Other Prizes: The "Trofeo Bonacossa" is aimed at honoring the memory of past Gazzetta journalists Alberto and Cesare Bonacossa, and is awarded to the rider able to put in the best/most daring/most inspiring attack/performance(s) on the Giro d’Italia roads. Winners of the trophy since the first time it was awarded back in 1989 were: Flavio Giupponi (1989), Gianni Bugno (1990), Franco Chioccioli (1991), Miguel Indurain (1992), Claudio Chiappucci (1993), Marco Pantani (1994), Mariano Piccoli (1995), Enrico Zaina (1996), Ivan Gotti (1997), Marco Pantani (1998), Paolo Savoldelli (1999), Francesco Casagrande (2000), Mario Cipollini (2001 and 2002), Alessandro Petacchi (2003) and Damiano Cunego (2004).

The "Trofeo Vincenzo Torriani", named after the legendary boss of the race (from 1948 to 1992), who passed away in 1996, is awarded to the winner of stage 14 (Egna-Livigno), containing the Passo dello Stelvio/Cima Coppi ascent.

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