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Stage 11 Analysis...
By Manny Samaniego
Date: 5/23/2002
Stage 11 Analysis...
After some long flat and rolling stages, the gruppo riding the Giro de Italia had another encounter with the terrain best suited for the angels and where the fans have the most fun, the mountains.

And the climbers didn't hesitate to attack the last climb in full force. Even though the two men break had a sustantial lead, Saeco and Fassa Bortolo made sure to bring their two leaders to the front at the right moment. And despite a few colombians and always fun to watch, Julio Perez Cuapio's blistering attacks, Saeco, mainly with Sabaliauskas keeping a hard tempo for his leader Simoni, were in complete control.

The knee problem that he had a few weeks ago is completely healed, if we judge by Simoni's performance today. Towing a cool face Casagrande up the last few kilometers, Simoni pace was hard enough to get rid of all the competition, except from Fassa Bortolo's main man, who made a bid for the line and the victory, but came second yet again.

Hamilton and Evans were in a bit of trouble, Frigo had another of his good days (but don't be surprise if he has one of his bad days tomorrow), Gotti with his average performance and the ageing Escartin hanging tough in the chase pack (got to love the wierd style on the bike). But what's the deal with Tonkov?...if anyone figures this one out, please let me know.

The heat is on, with Simoni and Casagrande starting to look as the main contenders, but as always in bike racing, the road will decide who wears Rosa.

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