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Tick's Predicts for 2005
By Tick
Date: 1/5/2005
Tick's Predicts for 2005

What's going to happen in 2005? Who is going to win what? You may think that no one knows, but after consulting the tea leaves, the crystal ball and the Kitty Kibble pieces that the cat left in her bowl, I have come up with the following predictions for the 2005 pro cycling season:

  • At some point before the Tour de France, Jan Ullrich will be overweight and have a cold. Lance Armstrong won't. And even if he does, he won't admit it.

  • The Vuelta won't be as interesting as we all hope it will be. (It never is.)

  • Damiano Cunego will win the Giro, Lance Armstrong will win the Tour and Roberto Heras will win the Vuelta. Heck, it worked in 2004, why not do it again?

  • A "big name" will be caught doping. He may or may not admit it, and he will certainly regret it, but mainly he will regret being caught.

  • Mario Cipollini will announce his retirement. Again. This time he may even mean it.

  • I'm really going to go out on a limb with this one, but I'm going to predict that Gerolsteiner's Rene Haselbacher will finish the Tour this year. Yes, actually make it all three weeks and arrive in Paris! He'll probably crash along the way and inflict some minor injuries on himself (and others?) but he will not have to drop out. I hope it, anyway!

  • No one will understand the new Pro Tour rules and points, the UCI least of all.

  • This year's crop of new team jerseys will be either the best or worst ever, or some of each.

  • A youngster that no one ever heard of will surprise everyone by winning something big. An "old hand" that everyone thought had retired years ago will also win something big, going out in a blaze of glory.

  • There will be the usual assortment of ridiculous excuses from those caught doping. Some of them will involve relatives. Others will involve animals. In some cases it will be difficult to tell the difference.

  • In at least one race, the apparent winner will celebrate too soon and lose the race. It will NOT be Erik Zabel again.

  • The 2005 season will bring its share of excitement, action and surprises, just like every year, and make all of us glad to be cycling fans!

Note: I am going on vacation, a week on the beach in Egypt, on the Red Sea. Tick's Blick will resume January 12.

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