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UCI Track World Cup Round 2 - Friday Evening: Part Two
By Janna Trevisanut
Date: 12/11/2004
UCI Track World Cup Round 2 - Friday Evening: Part Two

The second round of the Track World Cup is in progress this weekend at the ADT Center in Carson, California, in a brand new velodrome facility. We took in Friday's second, evening session, which included these events: Men's 15k Scratch, Men's Sprint (which continues Saturday), Men's Keirin, Men's Individual Pursuit, Men's Kilometer, Women's Sprint and Women's 20k Points Race. See Part One here.

Men's Keirin Final

1 Mulder Teun Ned
2 Tournant Arnaud Fra
3 Villanueva Trinidad José Antonio Esp
4 Vynokurov Andrei Ukr
5 Forde Barry Bar
6 Jessen Kasper Den
7 Ng Josiah Ong Lam Mas
8 Stoller Cédric Sui
9 Kiriltsev Vladimir Rus
10 John Matthias Ger

Womens Points Final

1 Mirabella Erin Usa
2 Rhodes Alexis Aus
3 Visser Adrie Ned
4 Vypyraylo Lyudmyla Ukr
5 Bronzini Giorgia Ita
6 Kiesanowski Joanne Nzl
7 Quinn Rebecca Usa
8 Arustamova Yulia Rus
9 Becker Charlotte Ger
10 Poitras Mandy Can

Men's Pursuit Final

1 Bartko Robert Ger
2 Ignatiev Mikhail Rus
3 Escobar Roure Sergi Esp
4 Ryan Marc Nzl
5 Page Kieran Gbr
6 Dyudya Volodymyr Ukr
7 Uchida Kei Jpn
8 Terpstra Niki Ned
9 England Richard Aus
10 Cesario Farias Enzo Chi

Men's Kilometer Final

1 Bos Theo Ned
2 Queally Jason Gbr
3 Kersten Ben Aus
4 Bergmann Carsten Ger
5 Smith Travis Can
6 Henriette Didier Fra
7 Oikawa Yusho Jpn
8 Mantzoyranis Athanasios Gre
9 Lopatyuk Maksym Ukr
10 Cresswell David Nzl

Women's Sprint Final

1 Tsylinskaya Natallia Blr
2 Abassova Tamilia Rus
3 Frisoni Elisa Ita
4 Meares Anna Aus
5 Sanchez Clara Fra
6 Pendleton Victoria Gbr
7 Muenzer Lori-Ann Can
8 Hijgenaar Yvonne Ned
9 Krupeckaite Simona Ltu
10 Reed Jennie Usa

Next up was the men's keirin. These images are all from the infield - here's a shot of it from above. The podium is at the far end, between Turns 1 and 2.

Click for larger image. (c) Daily Peloton

Here's the lineup for the men's keirin. (c) Daily Peloton.

(c) Daily Peloton.

Here's the keirin third place winner (and Athens silver medallist), José Antonio Trinidad Villanueva of Spain, just after he rolled down the ramp into the infield. He was pretty pleased.

We noticed that very often the riders had a road bike as well as their track bike in the infield. As soon as the riders came off the track after an event, their trainers would wheel up their road bike to switch onto.

The keirin is paced by a motorized vehicle (usually a motorbike) for a specific number of laps. Here at the ADT velodrome, because the facility was not designed to handle the carbon monoxide exhaust from a combustion engine bike, that special electric motor paces are used instead - the guts are enclosed in the solid hubs on the wheels. They apparently are very good machines - thanks to Andy Stone of Shimano Neutral Support for this info. Here's a couple shots of the pacing bikes.

Click for larger image. (c) Daily Peloton

Click for larger image. (c) Daily Peloton

The podium was in the infield, and the riders warmed up and cooled down around it. It was a continuous, slow-motion parade.

Click for larger image. (c) Daily Peloton

Here are Italians Giorgia Bronzini, #9, and #10, Eleonora Soldo, in their Liquigas kits, keeping warmed up by doing laps around the podium.

Here they come again - you can see the podium on the right in this shot.

Click for larger image. (c) Daily Peloton.

(c) Daily Peloton

Each bike is weighed and measured by the UCI before the riders are let onto the track. Here's some photos of the bikes being checked by the UCI, and the lovely Charlotte Becker of Germany, waiting for the start of the points race. 

Click for larger image. (c) Daily Peloton.

Click for larger image. (c) Daily Peloton.

Click for larger image. (c) Daily Peloton.

Charlotte Becker, Germany. Click for larger image. (c) Daily Peloton.

The riders moving onto the track. Click for larger image. (c) Daily Peloton.

The very capable, but luckily unneeded, emergency medical staff had a great view of things in the infield, right next to the start/finish. Here's Jared Chow and Jose Velasquez of American Medical Response. This was Jared's first event, but Jose had also attended the Junior Track Worlds here, and thinks track racing is pretty interesting.

Jared and Jose. (c) Daily Peloton

Here's a bike waiting for the men's individual pursuit.

(c) Daily Peloton

Next up was the Women's sprint final. The big match was between Anna Meares of Australia and 19 year old Elisa Frisone of Italy. However, the final two top spots were taken by Belarus' Natallia Tsylinskaya, and Tamilia Abassova of Russia. Anna was just off the podium.

Click for larger image (c) Daily Peloton.

Click for larger image. (c) Daily Peloton

Elisa Frisoni, Natallia Tsylinskaya and Tamilia Abassova. These are three very lovely women, and look at those legs...

(c) Daily Peloton

The men's kilometer podium, from left: Jason Queally from Great Britain, winner Theo Bos of the Netherlands, and Ben Kersten of Australia. The awards ceremonies were very nice - the winners' flag were displayed and their national anthems played.

Jason Queally. (c) Daily Peloton

Ben Kersten. (c) Daily Peloton.

That's it for the Friday night session!

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