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Giro Jersey Competition on the Daily Peloton!
By Janna Trevisanut
Date: 5/23/2002
Giro Jersey Competition on the Daily Peloton!

In association with we now announce the Peloton KOM Giro Jersey Writing Competition! All of us at the Daily Peloton love cycling and are writers. What better way to celebrate the 85th Giro d'Italia, with all its "ups and downs," than with a writing competition!

The competition is open to everyone, and the best story/viewpoint/commentary/poem will win this coveted jersey from Every article submitted according to the rules below- on what ever aspect of the race - will be accepted and judged fairly. We are looking for your views on this great race!


  • Entries will be accepted starting June 2nd at 8am Pacific Daylight Time (the approximate finishing time of the last Giro stage) and through June 7th at 12 midnight Pacific Daylight Time. Daily Peloton staff are excluded from the contest, but Daily Peloton readers who have previously contributed content to the site are welcome to enter.

  • Entries are to be sent within the body of an email only. The email address for submissions is Each entrant will receive an email acknowledging receipt of the entry. Entrants' email addresses will not be sold or transmitted in any way to any source outside Daily Peloton.
  • The act of submitting an email entry to the Daily Peloton is an attestation that the submission is the entrant's own personal creation, an agreement for the entrant's name and article to be published on the Daily Peloton, and an agreement that the judges' decision is final.
  • Entries will be judged by a panel of three judges selected by the Site_Goddess, Janna Trevisanut. The entrantís names will be removed from entries for judging purposes.
  • Judging will be completed by June 12; the winner announced immediately here on the Daily Peloton. The first, second and third place winners will also receive an email notification.

  • The first place winner will receive a Giro KOM jersey as described at here. The first place winner will be required to submit a mailing address to receive the prize.
  • First, second and third place winners will have their articles published on the Daily Peloton. Entrants retain all rights to their work.

The Daily Pelotonís good friend Francesco sent this report on the mood of the fans at Varazze, but this is not a stencil - you must write about whatever you want to say. In the meantime though, read this great article and good luck to all!


I went on Saturday, looking for the Giro stage finish in Varazze, and saw the great victory of Giovanni Lombardi...and the incredible Graeme Brown finishing 40 minutes behind the leader, being out of maximum time and excluded from the race. But even if nobody was talking about doping, it was easy to know what was in the people's mind when Garzelli arrived with what could be the last Pink of his life.

The worst thing is that people who makes use of doping kills slowly the passion of everybody of the common people! I was in the last metres, near the finishing line of the stage of Varazze and I still saw many lovers of cycling, beginning from the "amateurs" that came with their bikes, and to fathers of families waiting for hours under the rain just to see the sprint of the "heroes" of the street!

Well, it was all so nice, but I didnít see the usual happiness of past years, people still love the cyclists, even Garzelli with his clean face and the pink jersey, the man who was our ideal sportsman till 3 days ago, but now they donít really know if they can trust in the "Peloton," if there are some really 100% clean cyclists, if itís really right to be emotioned and happy for the effort of those supermen of the bike!

In my opinion (and I think in that of most of people who love the sport) it would be a thousand times better to see a clean rider winning at 35 km/h of speed than like happens now: a "dirty" group going like motorbikes (as Romano and Varriale said) running at 42 km/h!

We donít wanna see the limit of humans, just the limit of CLEAN ones! If the men of cycling (not only the cyclists) wonít understand this...perhaps in some years it will be too late, people wonít trust anymore and give up from cycling - there are many other ways of having fun and being involved, so why by making a suicide of themselves?

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