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PRO - The Movie Trivia Contest! Question #6!
By Janna Trevisanut
Date: 12/29/2004
PRO - The Movie Trivia Contest! Question #6!

Do you have your copy of PRO yet? If you do, try your hand at the PRO trivia game Jamie Paolinetti has devised, and you can win a DVD copy of this full length cycling documentary to give as a gift!

Do you have a relative or co-worker interested in cycling? Want to give a copy of PRO to your riding buddy? Your club? Your local bike shop? We will be giving away one DVD of the movie PRO to the first correct answerer of each trivia question, but - the trivia questions are centered around things seen and heard in the film! So get your copy, watch it, and play our game!

You can enter more than once, and you may win more than once, but once you've won we will look to new trivia players for our winners.

And we warn you - all the trivia questions come straight from Jamie Paolinetti's diabolical mind - some of them are tough, so be prepared! We might even have to go easy on you and give you extra time...

How to Play

Each day we will post a trivia question relating to the film PRO. Email the answer with your full name and physical mailing address to If you've won, we will notify you by email and send out your DVD.

Important: We will not use your name or mailing address for any other purpose without your advance permission - giving us your mailing address will simply expedite getting your DVD to you.

Ready to play? Here we go!

Question #1

Jamie Paolinetti has two Hitchcockian moments where he can be seen in PRO. Where do they take place?

We have a winner! Kori Dean answered correctly:
1. At Health Net House, just before Sayers gives Mike Jones the lecture about holstering his guns, in the background at a desk behind a plant...
2. Day of the race all the racers are arriving. When Dave Zabriskie and Damon Kluck pull up, there's Jamie walking by...

Question #2

Which of our country's National Parks is Erik Saunders seen training in during his at-home section of PRO?

Brian Hayes was the first correct answer to this question (we had lots). The answer is Joshua Tree National Park. Way to go, Brian! (Now everyone go put on your U2 album of the same name...)

Question #3

Okay, now here's a tough one:

In the opening sequence of the film, there are voice-over comments from characters whom you will meet throughout the course of the movie. Name them all, and in order.

This was a tough one, and we are calling a winner even though we had no completely correct answers. Geoff Rapoport wins a gift copy of PRO for his "college try!"

The opening voice-overs, in order, are: Henk Vogels, Fred Rodriguez, Bobby Julich, Erik Saunders, Chris Horner, Danny Pate, Fred (again), Jim O'Brien (Webcor mechanic), Chris Wherry, Mark McCormack, Kurt Stockton, Henk (again).

Question #4

There are 3 characters who had speaking parts in The Hard Road who also have speaking parts in PRO. Who are they?

Joe Lederer was the first one to correctly answer this question so we will be sending out his DVD - way to go, Joe! The three who had speaking parts in both movies are Jason Bausch, Jonas Carney and Frankie Andreu.

Question #5

This is another The Hard Road - PRO question: There are two musicians whose music is present in both The Hard Road and PRO. Name them.

Pete Butler has sent in the correct answer to this question: Alec Boehm and Jane Fontana are the two musical artists who appeared in both movies. Well done, Pete!

Question #6

What is the name of the highest year-around open pass in the country? Bobby J rides over it in the film.

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