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PRO - The Movie: What They're Saying!
By Staff
Date: 12/5/2004
PRO - The Movie: What They're Saying!

The reviews are pouring in, and here's what people are saying about Jamie Paolinetti's new, full length cycling documentary PRO:

--I was a huge fan of The Hard Road and I have now watched PRO five times this week alone. ...I have great anticipation for your next project, whatever it is.

--I received the movies over the Thanksgiving weekend, and I must tell you that The Hard Road is still a fun movie to watch again. I saw it at the premier last year at the theater in Santa Monica. PRO is a great movie that documents what takes place in the cycling world. I really enjoyed it.

Bobby Julich. Click for larger image.

--It makes it easy for wives, girlfriends and the general public to understand why we, the racers (I've been racing for 25 years) are so addicted to the sport. You did a GREAT JOB capturing the passion, drama and essence of such a beautiful spectacle.

Click for larger image.

--This movie is the best ever - period! And I'm hyper-critical about cycling movies or just coverage. Stated this last time about The Hard Road. Now I really mean it - hope you submit this to the Cannes Film Festival. Hope you do great with this and people see cycling for what it truly is - the best sport and hardest. (From a 20 year career Cat 2)

Click for larger image.

--The Hard Road is awesome, but PRO is even better! "The road goes from four lanes... to two... to one... to the Wall!" If that doesn't motivate you to get outside and ride your bike, I don't know what will?!!

Gord Fraser. Click for larger image.

--The editing of PRO is without question a step up from The Hard Road. More efficient, more deliberate, tighter.

Henk Vogels. Click for larger image.

--I noticed more than a few times throughout the documentary, Chris Horner drinking a Coke! I thought pros stay away from that high fructose corn syrup devil's-liquid??

--The personality-profiles interspersed throughout helped give a 'face' to the peloton. Erik Saunders' comment... "I know how good I'm not" really lets you know the ups and downs these guys go through with their race careers.

Erik Saunders. Click for larger image.

--I watch the part where Horner drills it up the Wall and then I go ride...

--I watched it today and really enjoyed it. The interviews were awesome.

--Thank you for providing the bike racing fan a great alternative to WCP 8-hour Tour de France videos!! Both the The Hard Road and PRO offer the viewer more than a glimpse into the demanding world of the pro bike racer; just what it takes, and what it means to race against the best in the sport.

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To read a two part interview with PRO filmmaker Jamie Paolinetti, click here.

All images courtesy PRO.

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