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Track Cycling: 41st Six Days of Munich - Night 6 Results
By Fabio
Date: 11/16/2004
Track Cycling: 41st Six Days of Munich - Night 6 Results
... Aussie Scott Mc Grory and Australian-born Belgian Matthew Gilmore, who got back to the top of the podium (after their 2002 overall victory) at the end of a very close battle with Holland’s brave duo of Robert Slippens and Danny Stam, that came close to repeat their Amsterdam Six triumph, but eventually missed to take overall honors and become the second Dutch champions of the event after René Pijnen and Leo Duyndam's 1973 triumph.

It was the first big win of the current season for Gilmore, whose father Graeme also wrote his name in the Munich Six winners list three decades ago, while Victoria's own McGrory just continued his winning ways after he captured the Dortmund Six, along with teammate Rolf Aldag, in early November. But despite his victory, in post-race interviews McGrory admitted that his condition was not that good this time, and at the same time had many words of praise for his teammate who, according to the man from OZ, had extraordinary legs and was of fundamental help to him throughout the event.

All top three teams achieved the 300-point score and were awarded another bonuslap, although crowd favourites Andreas Beikirch and Andreas Kappes lost one lap to the other main overall contenders and eventually repeated the third place result they got twelve months ago, such that the former had to postpone further his first win at the Olympiapark.

Unlike Beikirch, Bruno Risi and Kurt Betschart sure know what winning in Munich is about, as they took top honors six times in the past here, but the "Alpen Express", arguably the best-known duo on the Six-Day scene, didn’t live up to expectations this time, and even if they never gave up the fight to close down the gap, the Swiss superstars ended up off the podium spots. Young Australian Luke Roberts and Danish partner Jimmi Madsen finished in eighth place, close to twenty laps down on the winners.

Britain's Chris Hoy fought bravely, but couldn't win the Sprinters Cup event, as Germany's René Wolff put in a stellar performance in the closing night to move back into the top spot and capture the race, although he had to share the crowd's applause with Jens Fiedler, one of the legends of German track cycling, at the last challenge of his extraordinary career; the man from Chemnitz got a well-earned standing ovation after he ended up third, in front of Barry Ricardo Forde of the Caribbean Island of Barbados, with France's Tournant and German Stefan Nimke completing the Sprinters classification.

41st Six Days of Munich – Final GC

1. Scott McGrory (Aus) - Matthew Gilmore (Bel) - 311 p.
2. Robert Slippens - Danny Stam (Hol) - 300 p.

at 1 lap
3. Andreas Kappes - Andreas Beikirch (Ger) - 308 p.
4. Bruno Risi - Kurt Betschart (Swi) - 225 p.

at 8 laps
5. Robert Bartko (Ger) - Franco Marvulli (Swi) - 214 p.

at 11 laps
6. Lars Teutenberg - Christian Lademann (Ger) - 103 p.

at 16 laps
7. Marco Villa (Ita) - Thorsten Rund (Ger) - 112 p.

at 19 laps
8. Luke Roberts (Aus) - Jimmi Madsen (Den) - 82 p.

at 26 laps
9. Leif Lampater (Ger) - Alexander Aeschbach (Swi) - 87 p.

at 29 laps
10. Franz Stocher (Aut) - Christian Grasmann (Ger) - 63 p.

at 32 laps
11. Stefan Löffler - Andreas Müller (Ger) - 71 p.

at 33 laps
12. Wouter van Mechelen - Iljo Keisse (Bel) – 129 p.

at 39 laps
13. Mikhail Ignatiev - Alexei Markov (Rus) - 36 p.
14. Ronny Lauke - Erik Weisspfennig (Ger) - 25 p.

Sprinters Race - Final GC

1. René Wolff (Ger)
2. Chris Hoy (GBR)
3. Jens Fiedler (Ger)
4. Barry Ricardo Forde (Bar)
5. Arnaud Tournant (Fra)
6. Stefan Nimke (Ger)

Six Days of Munich - Winners List

1933: Oscar Tietz - Franz Lehmann (Ger)
1949: Robert Naye (Bel) - Maurice Depauw Jr. (Bel)
1950: Robert Naye - René Adriaensens (Bel)
1950: Kamiel Dekuysscher - Odile Van De Meerschaut (Bel)
1951: Emile Carrara - Guy Lapébie (Fra)
1952: Alfred Strom (Aus) - Ludwig Hörmann (Ger)
1953: Walter Bücher (Swi) - Jean Roth (Swi)
1954: Hans Preiskeit - Ludwig Hörmann (Ger)
1972: Sigi Renz - Wolfgang Schulze (Ger)
1973: René Pijnen - Leo Duyndam (Hol)
1974: Sigi Renz (Ger) - Graeme Gilmore (Aus)
1975: René Pijnen (Hol) - Günther Haritz (Ger)
1976: Wilfried Peffgen - Albert Fritz (Ger)
1977: Patrick Sercu - Eddy Merckx (Bel)
1978: Patrick Sercu (Bel) - Gregor Braun (Ger)
1979: Patrick Sercu (Bel) - Dietrich Thurau (Ger)
1980: Danny Clark - Don Allan (Aus)
1981: Danny Clark - Don Allan (Aus)
1982: René Pijnen (Hol) - Patrick Sercu (Bel)
1983: René Pijnen (Hol) - Urs Freuler (Swi)
1984: Hans-Henrik 0rsted - Gert Frank (Den)
1985: René Pijnen (Hol) - Urs Freuler (Swi)
1986: Danny Clark (Aus) - Dietrich Thurau (Ger)
1987: Urs Freuler (Swi) - Dietrich Thurau (Ger)
1988: Danny Clark (Aus) - Tony Doyle (Gb)
1989: Etienne De Wilde (Bel) - Andreas Kappes (Ger)
1990: Danny Clark (Aus) - Tony Doyle (GBR)
1991: Etienne De Wilde (Bel) - Andreas Kappes (Ger)
1992: Olaf Ludwig (Ger) - Urs Freuler (Swi)
1993: Bruno Risi - Kurt Betschart (Swi)
1994: Bruno Risi - Kurt Betschart (Swi)
1995: Etienne De Wilde (Bel) - Erik Zabel (Ger)
1996: Adriano Baffi (Ita) - Giovanni Lombardi (Ita)
1997: Bruno Risi - Kurt Betschart (Swi)
1998: Bruno Risi - Kurt Betschart (Swi)
1999: Andreas Kappes (Ger) - Silvio Martinello (Ita)
2000: Bruno Risi - Kurt Betschart (Swi)
2001: Erik Zabel (Ger) - Silvio Martinello (Ita)
2002: Scott McGrory (Aus) - Matthew Gilmore (Bel)
2003: Bruno Risi - Kurt Betschart (Swi)
2004 Scott McGrory (Aus) - Matthew Gilmore (Bel)

UIV Talents Cup CUP Round #3 - Night Six: Germany’s Henning Bommel and Robert Bengsch put in another excellent performance and were top scorers of the final session of the event; but when it comes to overall standings, such a performance just helped them move up one place into fourth. So that the ones who really celebrated at the end of Tuesday’s closing night were Denmark’s Michael Berling and Alex Rasmussen, GC winners of the "U23 Franziskaner Rad Open" 2004 after another close battle. The Scandinavian duo edged out Belgians Kenny de Ketele and Steve Schets by a 4-point margin, with fellow Danes Marc Hester and Michael Mřrkřv a further two points behind. Rasmussen and Berling also moved into the top spot of the UIV Talents Cup overall standings after the third leg of the series, with a score of 24 and a four-point lead over Schets and De Ketele, while Britain’s Marc Cavendish and Matt Brammier, winners of the previous leg at Dortmund’s Westfalenhalle paid the price for not competing at Munich and dropped to third.

U23 Franziskaner Rad-Open - Final GC

1. Michael Berling - Alex Rasmussen (Den) - 94 p.
2. Kenny de Ketele - Steve Schets (Bel) - 90 p.
3. Marc Hester - Michael Mřrkřv (Den) - 88 p.
4. Henning Bommel - Robert Bengsch (Ger) - 80 p.
5. Gert-Jan Jonkmann - Wim Stroetinga (Hol) - 76 p.
6. Patrick Betz - Daniel Schlegel (Ger) - 52 p.
7. Jan Eric Schwarzer - Markus Reich (Ger) - 42 p.
8. Christoph Meschenmoser - David Heine (Ger) - 40 p.
9. René Schibl - Benjamin Baumgartner (Swi) - 30 p.
10. Karl Christian König - Robert Kriegs (Ger) – 27 p.
11. Sebastian Frey - Nicolai Raasch (Ger) - 27 p.
12. Pavel Subrt - Marek Mixa (Cze) - 26 p.
13. Georg Tazreiter (Aut) - Lubor Kosicka (Cze) - 6 p.
14. Cédric Ager - Nicolas Rousseau (Fra) - 6 p.

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