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Track Cycling: 41st Six Days of Munich - Night Five
By Fabio
Date: 11/16/2004
Track Cycling: 41st Six Days of Munich - Night Five
41st Six Days of Munich – Night Five: Robert Slippens and Danny Stam maintained the yellow jersey(s) on their shoulders also after the end of the penultimate night of competition at the Olympiapark, but two hard-chasing teams are hot on their heels. Indeed, even if the Dutch combo managed to extend their advantage over Andreas Kappes and Andreas Beikirch to ten points, such a gap could be easily nullified in Tuesday night’s closing battle.

And it’s not about the Germans only: the biggest threat to Slippens and Stam’s first ever win in Munich arguably comes from Scott McGrory and Matt Gilmore. The Aussie-Belgian duo not only won Monday night’s “main event” (the biggest Madison) and hit the 200-point score, subsequently getting a bonuslap, but also gained a further lap on the other top teams, and got back on the same number of laps as the leading duo, moving up to place number two on GC, with no more than eight points preventing the 2002 overall winners from storming back to the top spot.

Reigning champions (and six-time winners on this track) Bruno Risi and Kurt Betschart didn’t have a poor performance on Monday, as they won the other chase of the night, but nevertheless failed to achieve the coveted 200-point score, and consequently remain one lap behind the top three pairings. To get their "seventh wonder" would not be easy thing for the "Alpen Express", although writing such a strong and accomplished (and very combative) combination off at this point of the race, and in such a situation, might be a huge mistake. You can write off Germany’s Robert Bartko and Grenoble Six winner Franco Marvulli instead: they lost more laps and all of their podium hopes on Monday.

Britain’s Chris Hoy has solid chances of adding a first win in Munich to his tally (also featuring an Olympic Gold Medal) as he took the lead in the Sprinters event on Monday night, moving ahead of Germany’s René Wolff, whom he’s currently leading by three points, with another Olympic champion, crowd favorite Hens Fiedler, a further seven points behind.

41st Six Days of Munich - GC after Night Five

1. Robert Slippens - Danny Stam (Hol) - 260 p.
2. Scott McGrory (Aus) - Matthew Gilmore (Bel) - 252 p.
3. Andreas Kappes - Andreas Beikirch (Ger) - 250 p.

at 1 lap
4. Bruno Risi - Kurt Betschart (Swi) - 192 p.

at 5 laps
5. Robert Bartko (Ger) - Franco Marvulli (Swi) - 182 p.

at 8 laps
6. Lars Teutenberg - Christian Lademann (Ger) - 98 p.

at 12 laps
7. Marco Villa (Ita) - Thorsten Rund (Ger) - 97 p.

at 14 laps
8. Luke Roberts (Aus) - Jimmi Madsen (Den) - 78 p.

at 22 laps
9. Leif Lampater (Ger) - Alexander Aeschbach (Swi) - 80 p.

at 23 laps
10. Franz Stocher (Aut) - Christian Grasmann (Ger) - 56 p.

at 25 laps
11. Stefan Löffler - Andreas Müller (Ger) - 65 p.

at 27 laps
12. Wouter van Mechelen - Iljo Keisse (Bel) - 117 p.

at 30 laps
13. Gerd Dörich - Frank Kowatschitsch (Ger) - 39 p.

at 32 laps
14. Mikhail Ignatiev - Alexei Markov (Rus) - 35 p.
15. Ronny Lauke - Erik Weisspfennig (Ger) - 19 p.

Sprinters Race - GC after Night Five

1. Chris Hoy (GBR) – 41 p.
2. René Wolff (Ger) - 38 p.
3. Jens Fiedler (Ger) - 31 p.

UIV Talents Cup CUP Round #3 - Night Five: Whereas Slippens and Stam held onto the yellow jersey in the main contest, fellow Beneluxians Kenny de Ketele and Steve Schets of Blegium had to yield the overall leadership to Denmark’s Michael Berling and Alex Rasmussen in the Under 23 "Franziskaner Rad Open", and moved down two places into third, as also the other team from the Scandinavian country (Marc Hester and Michael Mørkøv) made some gains on GC.

Is the eventual win as an all-Danish affair then? Not at all: if you look at the respective scores after night five, you’ll see how the gaps among the top three teams are minimal, with the Belgians trailing Rasmussen and Berling by no more then two small points, and even having the same score as Hester and Mørkøv. All three pairings have serious chances to take the honors at the end of Tuesday night’s closing session, while the chances of Holland’s Gert Jan Jonkmann and Wim Stroetinga got slimmer as their gap to the leading duo went up to a dozen points.

U23 Franziskaner Rad-Open - GC after Night Five

1. Michael Berling - Alex Rasmussen (Den) - 76 p.
2. Marc Hester - Michael Mørkøv (Den) - 74 p.
3. Kenny de Ketele - Steve Schets (Bel) - 74 p.
4. Gert-Jan Jonkmann - Wim Stroetinga (Hol) - 64 p.
5. Henning Bommel - Robert Bengsch (Ger) - 60 p.
6. Patrick Betz - Daniel Schlegel (Ger) - 42 p.
7. Jan Eric Schwarzer - Markus Reich (Ger) - 41 p.
8. Christoph Meschenmoser - David Heine (Ger) - 34 p.
9. René Schibl - Benjamin Baumgartner (Swi) - 29 p.
10. Sebastian Frey - Nicolai Raasch (Ger) - 25 p.
11. Karl Christian König - Robert Kriegs (Ger) – 23 p.
11. Pavel Subrt - Marek Mixa (Cze) - 18 p.
13. Kevin Sluimer - Patrick Kos (Hol) - 5 p.
14. Cédric Ager - Nicolas Rousseau (Fra) - 5 p.
15. Georg Tazreiter (Aut) - Lubor Kosicka (Cze) - 5 p.

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