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Track Cycling: 41st Six Days of Munich - Night One
By Fabio
Date: 11/12/2004
Track Cycling: 41st Six Days of Munich - Night One
41st Six Days of Munich - Preview: After last weekend's UCI World Cup round in Moscow, and the previous Six-day events in Dortmund and Grenoble (won by the Aldag-Mc Grory and Marvulli-Aeschbach pairings respectively) the Track cycling circus resumed Thursday with the 41st edition of the "Münchner Sechstagerennen", also known as "Six Days of Munich". Thirty different riders, fifteen different pairs made it to the "Olympiapark" velodrome of Bavaria's main city, all –or most- of them with just one target: writing their names below those of Bruno Risi and Kurt Betschart, the "Alpen Tornado" (also known as "Alpen Express") that won the event for the sixth time twelve months ago, as even if they weren't the top scorers of the race, they succeeded in putting laps into all of the their rivals, to start with Scott McGrory and Matt Gilmore, who took the runner-up spot.

Needless to say, the track cycling sensations from Switzerland are back to Germany, and ready to defend their title and go for their "seventh wonder". And needless to say, they are expected to be given stiff opposition from several strong teams, to start with the aforementioned Aussie-Belgian duo of Gilmore and McGrory (second place getters in the most recent edition, but winners in 2002), as well as the other podium finishers of the past season (local idols Andreas Kappes and Andreas Beikirch) and - why not?- the orange duo of Robert Slippens and Danny Stam, eager to continue their winning ways into Germany after they delighted the Dutch fans by winning the Amsterdam Six season opener in October.

Grenoble champions Franco Marvulli and Alexander Aeschbach are at the Olympiapark too, although with different partners this time: the former teams up with German sensation Robert Bartko, sixth place finisher at Dortmund after recently putting end to his road cycling career, the latter is paired with another Teutonic athlete, young gun Leif Lampater, fourth place getter in the Moscow World Cup one week ago, and now given a chance to challenge the big names of the track peloton. Actually Marvulli and Aeschabch were set to be teammates again, but after Guido Fulst, still suffering from his injuries from Dortmund, couldn’t be at the startline, and was replaced by Lampater, the Swiss combo was split up in order to have two balanced teams.

The English-speaking contingent at the Olympiapark is completed by Australian Luke Roberts, back on track after his excellent sixth place result (along with Bartko) at the "Westfalenhalle", and now with Denmark's Jimmi Madsen as occasional teammate. Gerd Dörich and Frank Kowatschitsch, Italian veteran Marco Villa and Germany's Thorsten Rund, and the Austro-German combination of Franz Stocher and Munich's very own Christian Grassmann might have something to say too, while a few more teams from the host country as well as Belgium (with Wouter van Mechelen, who takes part in his first Munich Six, replacing unfit Mark Vandenbroucke, as reportedly unfit VDB had to skip this event) and Russia make the main event field complete.

Besides the "big gun" contest, there's also the race reserved for the Under 23 competitors, the "Franziskaner Open", that's also Round 3 of the UIV Cup. And just that? Nooooooooooooooot at all, folks: there's also a great challenge of world-class sprinters to come, with a helluva field featuring the likes of German superstars Jens Fiedler, René Wolff and Stefan Nimke, all of them Olympic Gold Medallists in the Team Sprint event, plus Britain's own Chris Hoy (another Athens Gold Medal winner), as well as the man Mr. Hoy himself edged out at the Olympics, French sensation Arnaud Tournant, obviously looking for revenge; injured World Champion Theo Bos of The Netherlands is another excellent absentee instead, with Barry Forde from the Caribbean island of Barbados (not a new name to hardcore cycling fans anyway, as he took the bronze medal in the Keirin at the Stuttgart Worlds) taking his place in the "Sprint Grand Prix".

Below are the 2003 results and the list of winners of the Munich Six.

40th Six Days of Munich - Final Overall Standings
1. Bruno Risi - Kurt Betschart (Swi) - 336 points

at 1 lap
2. Scott McGrory (Aus) - Matt Gilmore (Bel) - 380 points
3. Andreas Kappes - Andreas Beikirch (Ger) - 349 points

at 2 laps
4. Robert Slippens - Danny Stam (Hol) - 307 points
5. Bradley Wiggins (GBR) - Robert Sassone (Fra) - 232 points

at 5 laps
6. Franco Marvulli (Swi) - Marco Villa (Ita) - 256 points

at 10 laps
7. Jimmi Madsen - Michael Sandstød (Den) - 155 points

at 17 laps
8. Ronnie Lauke - Thorsten Rund (Ger) - 30 points

at 17 laps
9 Andreas Müller - Guido Fulst (Ger) - 41 points

at 26 laps
10. Roland Garber - Franz Stocher (Aut) - 141 points
11. Daniel Becke - Lars Teutenberg (Ger) - 110 points

at 29 laps
12. Jan Bratkowski - Erik Weißpfennig (Ger) - 111 points

at 32 laps
13. Gerd Dörich - Stefan Löffler (Ger) - 78 points

at 34 laps
14. Alexander Aeschbach (Swi) - Jean-Pierre van Zijl (RSA) - 100 points

U23 Franziskaner Rad Open 2003/U.I.V. Cup Round
1. Iljo Keisse - Dimitri De Fauw (Bel) - 112 points
2. Florian Piper - Andreas Welsch (Ger) - 92 points
3. Leif Lampater - Sven Kraus (Ger) - 84 points
4. Alexei Chmidt - Konstantin Ponomarov (Rus) - 82 points
5. Ralph Zimmermann - Oliver Mattmann (Swi) - 76 points
6. Michael Smith Larsen - Michael Berling (Den) - 76 points
7. Christian Grassmann - Thomas Hoss (Ger) - 53 points
8. Sascha Richter - Nicolai Raasch (Ger) - 27 points
9. David Gisiger - Michael Müller (Swi) - 26 points
10. Markus Reich - Christian Herde (Ger) - 15 points
11. Aurel Siegel - Felix Wolf (Ger) - 9 points
12. Mattia Thiene - Andrea Bini (Ita) - 5 points
13. Alexander Peter - Hanjo Veit (Ger) - 5 points
14. Christian Ortkras - Marcel Rothstein (Ger) - 5 points

Six Days of Munich - Winners List

1933: Oscar Tietz - Franz Lehmann (Ger)
1949: Robert Naye (Bel) - Maurice Depauw Jr. (Bel)
1950: Robert Naye - René Adriaensens (Bel)
1950: Kamiel Dekuysscher - Odile Van De Meerschaut (Bel)
1951: Emile Carrara - Guy Lapébie (Fra)
1952: Alfred Strom (Aus) - Ludwig Hörmann (Ger)
1953: Walter Bücher (Swi) - Jean Roth (Swi)
1954: Hans Preiskeit - Ludwig Hörmann (Ger)
1972: Sigi Renz - Wolfgang Schulze (Ger)
1973: René Pijnen - Leo Duyndam (Hol)
1974: Sigi Renz (Ger) - Graeme Gilmore (Aus)
1975: René Pijnen (Hol) - Günther Haritz (Ger)
1976: Wilfried Peffgen - Albert Fritz (Ger)
1977: Patrick Sercu - Eddy Merckx (Bel)
1978: Patrick Sercu (Bel) - Gregor Braun (Ger)
1979: Patrick Sercu (Bel) - Dietrich Thurau (Ger)
1980: Danny Clark - Don Allan (Aus)
1981: Danny Clark - Don Allan (Aus)
1982: René Pijnen (Hol) - Patrick Sercu (Bel)
1983: René Pijnen (Hol) - Urs Freuler (Swi)
1984: Hans-Henrik 0rsted - Gert Frank (Den)
1985: René Pijnen (Hol) - Urs Freuler (Swi)
1986: Danny Clark (Aus) - Dietrich Thurau (Ger)
1987: Urs Freuler (Swi) - Dietrich Thurau (Ger)
1988: Danny Clark (Aus) - Tony Doyle (Gb)
1989: Etienne De Wilde (Bel) - Andreas Kappes (Ger)
1990: Danny Clark (Aus) - Tony Doyle (GBR)
1991: Etienne De Wilde (Bel) - Andreas Kappes (Ger)
1992: Olaf Ludwig (Ger) - Urs Freuler (Swi)
1993: Bruno Risi - Kurt Betschart (Swi)
1994: Bruno Risi - Kurt Betschart (Swi)
1995: Etienne De Wilde (Bel) - Erik Zabel (Ger)
1996: Adriano Baffi (Ita) - Giovanni Lombardi (Ita)
1997: Bruno Risi - Kurt Betschart (Swi)
1998: Bruno Risi - Kurt Betschart (Swi)
1999: Andreas Kappes (Ger) - Silvio Martinello (Ita)
2000: Bruno Risi - Kurt Betschart (Swi)
2001: Erik Zabel (Ger) - Silvio Martinello (Ita)
2002: Scott Mcgrory (Aus) - Matthew Gilmore (Bel)
2003: Bruno Risi - Kurt Betschart (Swi)

41st Six Days of Munich – Night One: All guys in the top list of favorites made their intentions clear and showed off their skills right from the start, as the first night of competition at the Olympiapark ended up with four teams in the same laps, and two of them even getting the same score. Indeed both Holland’s Slippens and Stam and the Australian-Belgian combo of Scott McGrory and Matt Gilmore are tied at the top of the overall, as either teams racked up 50 points Thursday, and managed to build a more than decent lead of 11 points over the "Alpen Express", with the "Two Andreas" (Kappes and Beikirch) team a further six points adrift. The remainder of the Munich peloton, Luke Roberts and Switzerland’s Marvulli and Aeschbach (and all of their respective partners of course) included, lost one or more laps already.

Holland’s men in the race secured the first chase from Mc Grory and Gilmore, with Risi and Betschart in third. But the Aussie-Belgian duo took revenge in the second Madison of the night, with their Dutch rivals snatching third only, behind the Alpen Express too. A victory that earned them the honor of wearing the overall leaders’ yellow mantle at the start of Friday’s session.

41st Six Days of Munich - GC after Night One

1. Robert Slippens - Danny Stam (Hol) - 50 p.
2. Scott McGrory (Aus) - Matthew Gilmore (Bel) - 50 p.
3. Bruno Risi - Kurt Betschart (Swi) - 39 p.
4. Andreas Kappes - Andreas Beikirch (Ger) - 33 p.

at 1 lap
5. Lars Teutenberg - Christian Lademann (Ger) - 23 p.

at 2 laps
6. Robert Bartko (Ger) - Franco Marvulli (Swi) - 23 p.

at 3 laps
7. Marco Villa (Ita) - Thorsten Rund (Ger) - 18 p.
8. Luke Roberts (Aus) - Jimmi Madsen (Den) - 18 p.

at 4 laps
9. Franz Stocher (Aut) - Christian Grasmann (Ger) - 7 p.

at 5 laps
10. Leif Lampater (Ger) - Alexander Aeschbach (Swi) - 14 p.
11. Stefan Löffler - Andreas Müller (Ger) - 10 p.
12. Gerd Dörich - Frank Kowatschitsch (Ger) - 6 p.

at 6 laps
13. Wouter Van Mechelen - Iljo Keisse (Bel) - 20 p.
14. Mikhail Ignatiev - Alexei Markov (Rus) - 6 p.
15. Ronny Lauke - Erik Weisspfennig (Ger) - 0 p.

UIV CUP - Night One: Round Three of the "young gun" contest got underway with a 25-minute chase and a hard-fought battle among four different pairings: Belgium’s Kenny De Ketele and Steve Schets, Denmark’s Marc Hester and Michael Mørkøv as well as Michael Berling and Alex Rasmussen, and Holland’s Gert-Jan Jonkmann and Wim Stroetinga. But the Dutch duo, winning team at the Amsterdam Velodrome a few weeks ago, couldn’t follow in the footsteps of Slippens and Stam this time, and besides failing to move to the number one spot they were also unable to hit the podium. Such that it’s the Belgians who are in the lead after the opening night, with their Scandinavian rivals as nearest challengers. But there’s a long way to go, you know …

U23 Franziskaner Rad-Open - GC after Night One

1. Kenny De Ketele - Steve Schets (Bel) - 20 p.
2. Marc Hester - Michael Mørkøv (Den) - 18 p.
3. Michael Berling - Alex Rasmussen (Den) - 16 p.
4. Gert-Jan Jonkmann - Wim Stroetinga (Hol) - 14 p.
5. Henning Bommel - Robert Bengsch (Ger) - 12 p.
6. Pavel Subrt - Marek Mixa (Cze) - 10 p.
7. Sebastian Frey - Nicolai Raasch (Ger) - 8 p.
8. Patrick Betz - Daniel Schlegel (Ger) - 6 p.
9. René Schibl - Benjamin Baumgartner (Swi) - 4 p.
10. Jan Eric Schwarzer - Markus Reich (Ger) - 2 p.
11. Cédric Ager - Nicolas Rousseau (Fra) - 1 p.
12. Karl Christian König - Robert Kriegs (Ger) - 1 p.
13. Christoph Meschenmoser - David Heine (Ger) - 1 p.
14. Georg Tazreiter (Aut) - Lubor Kosicka (Cze) - 1 p.
15. Kevin Sluimer - Patrick Kos (Hol) - 1 p.

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