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Saeco Press Release...
By Manny Samaniego
Date: 5/23/2002
Saeco Press Release...

Concerning the rider Gilberto Simoni and the breaking news he was involved yesterday, after doping controls in Giro del Trentino, Saeco Longoni Sport Cycling Team guesses to point out his own position.

1) The team have the maximum confidence in its rider and respects his professionality, but every teamís behaviour or official decision will be mainly finalized to guarantee its own corporate image and its management habits.

2) Saeco Longoni Sport team, even doesnít think much of the way news were diffused, confirms his duty to clear, even in a short time like that, the circumstances in which this presumed doping case should be developped.

3) In this way the company, according to the journalists requests during yesterday morning press conference, applied Gilberto Simoni to show in a short while the medical declaration concerning the dental therapy before Giro del Trentino. Simoniís relatives were involved to contact the doctor, while a team representative was on the place to keep the document.

4) As far as this document reliability concerned, whose someone doubts, the company hasnít any reasons to suspect about its truthfulness. The same is for the documentís date (24th april) that is not a remarkable element.

5) Saeco-Longoni Sport team takes into account all remarks about scientific explanations of the problem, appointing its medical staff to contact some specialists to obtain a definitive answer.

6) The company agrees all the press statements for the situation that Giro is facing now, with the risk that international rules concerning doping controls may compromize the technical result of the race. Moroever itís evident like unjustifiable delayes created this situation. It should be better to communicate this case before Giro, or waiting until the end.

7) Saeco-Longoni Sport team confirms its will to respect the rules and the sensibility of cycling supporters. A good result of Gilberto Simoni in this Giro is the first teamís aim, wishing that every sense of doubt and suspect will be dissolved.

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