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Interview with the Maillot Sisters
By Staff
Date: 10/28/2004
Interview with the Maillot Sisters

By Tick of Cycling4Fans

Welcome to our first off-season "Tour Tattle Show." Just because the cycling season is over doesn't mean that everything stops - we can always find things to gossip about! Our guests today are the four Maillot sisters - Jaune, Blanche, Vert and Polka! Welcome, ladies!

Jaune: Oh, thank you! It is so nice to know that people think of us other than just during those three weeks in July.

Question: That's not really a problem for you, is it, Jaune? So many riders talk all year about how much they want you.

Jaune: Yes, and you have no idea how that makes a girl feel - what could be better? That young Frenchman this year was just as cute as a button! And that big Viking who was with me one day - oh my goodness! Sometimes I wonder who I'll be with next year. I wouldn't mind cuddling up with those broad Kazakh shoulders! Or either of those two Germans, either the skinny one or the chubby redhead!

Q: You really think one of them will be your "Main Squeeze" in 2005?

Jaune: Oh no, those would just be some pretty boys to play with until it's time to get serious with my Texan again!

Q: Blanche, how about you?

Blanche: My summer wasn't so good. I stayed so long with that darling young Frenchman - even if I did have to share him with Jaune for so long! I was so hoping to go home with him. But, no, it just wasn't to be. I ended up with that Russian fellow. And I have to confess, I'm not really interested in men whose hair is longer than mine!

Q: That's too bad, because the Russian will probably be going for you again next year.

Blanche: Well, we'll see. I'm the most fickle of us girls, I have a new one nearly every year. I like them young, you know, quite young. Once they get too old I'm glad to pass them along to my sisters.

Q: Vert, you were in a long-term relationship with the German sprinter, but lately you've turned your attention to the other side of the world.

Vert: Oh, we were quite a pair, weren't we? I tell you, those were the days! But his wife, with all that hair and the green lipstick - that got to be too much for me. Now I'm pretty happy with my Aussie boys.

Q: And what about the future?

Vert: Like I said, I love my Aussies. But that accent! After a while it will be too much for my delicate ears. And eventually I'll be ready to come back to Europe. I have my eye on two likely prospects, one in Belgium and then that gorgeous young Italian super sprinter. Oh, yes, I think my future looks very good!

Q: And lastly we come to Polka!

Polka: Last and least, that's me! Who ever thinks of poor Polka? Hardly anybody! Nobody loves me! Especially not now - my steady, my one-and-only for so long - even he doesn't want me any more! He has actually chosen to retire rather than to try for me again next year! Oh, poor me! What will I do?

Q: Oh now, it can't be that bad! The guys will know that you're available again. They just didn't want to interfere in your relationship with that Frenchman! You just watch, next summer they'll all be doing their best to win you!

Polka: Oh, do you think so? Maybe that little Italian again? He's such a cutie! Or the tall German with the big ears? Or somebody new? Oh, this is so exciting!

Q: Well, thanks, ladies, it's been great. We really look forward to seeing you all in July 2005! And please join us again next time, when your topic will be: "Team Time Trial DOWN Alpe d'Huez - yes or no?"

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