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Stage 10 Analysis...
By Manny Samaniego
Date: 5/22/2002
Stage 10 Analysis...
At least with all the doping controversy around the Giro caravan, the racing remains fast and furious. And today once again (and probably for the last time in a few days), the sprinters kept all the possible breaks in check, so they could have another day in the spotlight.

All but Ivan Quaranta (Index), who so far is unable to stay with the group when the road raises, even slightly. Not the best advertising his sponsor was hoping for, but nonetheless, he's grabbing some television air.

Bravo!!!! again for McEwen, who is the only one willing (or able!!!) to trade punches mano a mano with Super Mario and his herd. Today Robbie proved once again that he is having his best season to date.

And another doping case reported at the start of the stage, although is still uncleared about Simoni's situation with the dentist and the non negative result of his test at the Giro del Trentino.

Tomorrow the GC hitters will once again ride at the front, setting a high pace up the mountains. Casagrande, Simoni, Hamilton, a hidden Tonkov (where is he?), Savoldelli and company will take the Giro into it's main battle grounds. Hopefully the doping affairs will take a back seat and the racing will once again, reign supreme.

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