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World Championships 2004 - Elite Women's Road Race - LIVE
By Staff
Date: 10/2/2004
World Championships 2004 - Elite Women's Road Race - LIVE

Hello everyone, and benvenuti to our live coverage of the Elite Women’s Road Race, all the way from Verona, Italy. The second event of the penultimate day is set to start at 13:30 CEST, and run over nine laps of the Torricelle circuit (featuring the 3.4-km. Torricelle climb, whose average gradient hovers around 4%, with the max. gradient going up to about 7%), for a total of 132.76km (yes, same distance as in the Junior Men’s RR!). The map of the circuit is as follows:

And the race startlist is the following one:

1. Susanne Ljungskog (Sweden)
2. Monica Holler (Sweden)
3. Camilla Larsson (Sweden)
4. Madeleine Lindberg (Sweden)
5. Chantal Beltman (Holland)
6. Ghita Beltman (Holland)
7. Arenda Grimberg (Holland)
8. Loes Gunnewijk (Holland)
9. Mirjam Melchers (Holland)
10. Elisabeth Vink (Holland)
11. Nicole Cooke (Great Britain)
12. Charlotte Goldsmith (Great Britain)
13. Rachel Heal (Great Britain)
14. Frances Newstead (Great Britain)
15. Edita Kubelskiene (Lithuania)
16. Jolanta Polikeviciute (Lithuania)
17. Rasa Polikeviciute (Lithuania)
18. Edita Pucinskaite (Lithuania)
19. Zita Urbonaite (Lithuania)
20. Modesta Vzesniauskaite (Lithuania)
21. Natalia Boyarskaya (Russia)
22. Svetlana Bubnenkova (Russia)
23. Julia Martissova (Russia)
24. Valentina Polkhanova (Russia)
25. Olga Slioussareva (Russia)
26. Zoulfia Zabirova (Russia)
27. Elisabeth Chevanne Brunel (France)
28. Sonia Huguet (France)
29. Marina Jaunatre (France)
30. Magali Le Floc'h (France)
31. Jeannie Longo Ciprelli (France)
32. Edwige Pitel (France)
33. Lene Byberg (Norway)
34. Linn Torp (Norway)
35. Anita Valen (Norway)
36. Judith Arndt (Germany)
37. Tina Liebig (Germany)
38. Madeleine Sandig (Germany)
39. Regina Schleicher (Germany)
40. Theresa Senff (Germany)
41. Trixi Worrack (Germany)
42. Paulina Brzezna (Poland)
43. Bogumila Matusiak (Poland)
44. Malgorzata Wysocka (Poland)
45. Aleksandra Zabrocka (Poland)
46. Kristin Armstrong (USA)
47. Kimberly Bruckner (USA)
48. Deirdre Demet-Barry (USA)
49. Tina Mayolo Pic (USA)
50. Amber Neben (USA)
51. Christine Thorburn (USA)
52. Tania Belvederesi (Italy)
53. Noemi Cantele (Italy)
54. Daniela Fusarpoli (Italy)
55. Tatiana Guderzo (Italy)
56. Silvia Parietti (Italy)
57. Anna Zugno (Italy)
58. Lyne Bessette (Canada)
59. Nicole Demars (Canada)
60. Manon Jutras (Canada)
61. Amy Moore (Canada)
62. Susan Palmer-Komar (Canada)
63. Erinne Willock (Canada)
64. Lada Kozlikova (Czech Republic)
65. Cristina Alcalde Huertanos (Spain)
66. Eneritz Iturriaga (Spain)
67. Maribel Moreno Allue (Spain)
68. Anna Ramírez Bauxell (Spain)
69. Dori Ruano Sanchón (Spain)
70. Joane Somarriba Arrola (Spain)
71. Andrea Graus (Austria)
72. Christiane Soeder (Austria)
73. Nathalie Bates (Australia)
74. Olivia Gollan (Australia)
75. Margaret Hemsley (Australia)
76. Hayley Rutherford (Australia)
77. Oenone Wood (Australia)
78. Alison Wright (Australia)
79. Annette Beutler (Switzerland)
80. Nicole Brändli (Switzerland)
81. Sarah Grab (Switzerland)
82. Barbara Heeb (Switzerland)
83. Irene Hostettler (Switzerland)
84. Serena Trachsel (Switzerland)
85. Iryna Chuzhynova (Ukraine)
86. Natalya Kachalka (Ukraine)
87. Valentina Karpenko (Ukraine)
88. Oxana Kashchyshyna (Ukraine)
89. Sofie Goor (Belgium)
90. Corine Hierckens (Belgium)
91. Veerle Ingels (Belgium)
92. Cindy Pieters (Belgium)
93. Evy Van Damme (Belgium)
94. Sharon Van Dromme (Belgium)
95. Miho Oki (Japan)
96. Lise Christensen (Denmark)
97. Trine Hansen (Denmark)
98. Linda Villumsen Serup (Denmark)
99. Iona Wynter (Jamaica)
100. Veronica Leal Balderas (Mexico)
101. Noelia Soledad Fernández (Argentina)
102. Volha Hayeva (Belarus)
103. Tatsiana Sharakova (Belarus)
104. Zinaida Stahurskaya (Belarus)
105. Rosane Kirch (Brazil)
106. Clemilda Fernandes Silva (Brazil)
107. Janildes Fernandes Silva (Brazil)
108. Maria Lucilene Silva (Brazil)
109. Uenia Fernandes Souza (Brazil)
110. Ana Paola Madrinan Villegas (Colombia)
111. Grete Treier (Estonia)
112. Tiina Nieminen (Finland)
113. Veronika Jeger (Hungary)
114. Monika Kiraly (Hungary)
115. Louise Moriarty (Ireland)
116. Colette Swift (Ireland)
117. Tatiana Shishkova (Moldova)
118. Dianne Emery (South Africa)

Our commentary today by Anita van Crey, Bart Hazen, podofdonny and Jan Janssens.

The women are on their way for their road race. Will today be a day Melchers does it, instead of barely missing the golden medal like she has done in recent years? They are at the Toricelle now, and already there are a few ladies losing touch with the peloton, something we often see on world championships: some riders just don't have the level of ability necessary. Bruckner sets the pace higher, while Anita Valen has lost the touch with peloton.

Will this be a race like the story of the ten little men...with only one left at the end?

1345 CEST - The women have teams of up to 6 riders, which is more than the juniors, but obviously less than the men's elite (for example, Spain will have 13 men tomorrow). The Russian Boyarskaya is the next to attack.

But for the Italians it's also this way this year because the rule of the Olympic Champion counts only in the same year as the Olympic event. But when one of them becomes the new world champion, they can start next year again with 13.

The pace is pretty high in this early part of the time to find your groove, they rocketed away from the start! We see one of the Brazilian girls up front, probably named Silva...since 3 of the 5 Brazilians present are named Silva. The women have nine laps of the course today. They have one lap under their belt now.

This course is one in which to hide and just ride along until the last Torricelle climb...and then pull out one's extraordinary attack which will take one to the gold. It will be a race of the fittest and a race to survive, one of keeping the nerve the coolest and not blowing up your legs too early. One of the Silvas has quit - Janilda.

13.57 CEST - Longo is at her favorite spot, in the lower ranks in the back of the pack. Just to remind you, she is 46 years old...earlier this week it was mentioned that she has no advanced education - she did not graduate - so she will continue cycling as long as possible.

She does not know how to get off a bike, just how to get is her second self, I bet (and it does not argue with her, she is always right when it comes to a collision with it...). That's a big advantage when it comes to the grand old dame of cycling for women. In fact, the women's elite peloton has a very wide range of ages (from 19/20 to 46), but because of etiquette no one will be able to tell you just how wide that range is...that also is due to a lack of a U23 category in the womens, so one is either junior or a lady (elite).

Imagine a junior having to jump to the elites all at once in men's racing, it's suicide. Although, one of the Italians juniors will become pro with the new fusion team of Saeco and Lampre in August or September. It might be Capecchi or Corti (son of Claudio Corti).

Johan Museeuw's favorite for today is Zhabirova...maybe because she won the Tour of Flanders for women this year?

The lone Mexican representative pulling at the front of the peloton now....which brings back good memories for yours truly, since we ended up in a Mexican restaurant drinking tequila with the Mexican men's Road Race team after the Valkenburg Worlds...

Anita, maybe you can repeat that in 2006 when the European Champions come to Valkenburg.

Well Bart, since Mexico is not Europe, that would be a hard job...

14.10 CEST - Everything still together in this part of the race, descending the Toricelle for the second time.

14.16 CEST - The last kilometer of this lap. And the next Silva is out of the race.

Belgian Cindy Pieters now stepping out of the race, crying...Also Sharon van Dongen is out of the race, diminishing the Belgian contingent (sorry, Jan).

The worlds here in Verona are a small tragedy for the Italians so far...ironic really, as this is a "typically" Italian race. But the only medals so far were a silver one for Bastianelli and bronze for Nibali...let's hope for Ballerini's sake that he can make up for that today and tomorrow! I guess i'll have to pin my hopes on Evy Van Damme for Belgium now...who is Nick Nuyens' girlfriend, by the way.

Ramirez sets the pace high, working Spanishly hard. Now the Hungarian Kiraly has dropped out.

Maybe tomorrow the Torricelle will be colored yellow, all to support Cunego, who is from Verona and whose fanclub's color is yellow.

Some of the tifosi of Argentinean Davide Rebellin threatened to block the race tomorrow because the former Italian has not been approved to race. I have to agree with Belgian commentators on the subject - why not let the top of the UCI ranking start, no matter what his national affiliation is. Yes, but it's a kind of "friends-politics" in Italy I suppose; Ballerini a friend of Bettini from their Mapei period, so Bettini is then the lead man of the Italians, except for home rider Cunego.

But I so do wish cycling would be solemnly about cycling, just men on bikes battling out who is world's best rider (that particular day).

14.31 CEST - A Swiss attack, six ladies in the counterattack. And a powerful attack that was!

Looks like the race is really starting in this 3rd lap, but the peloton is still pretty big.

No Dutch nor French women present amongst the seven in the front. So no doubt there will be some chasing down.

US Rider Christine Thorburn, unlike Madame Longo, is a medical doctor, and was disappointed by her fourth place in the Olympic Time Trial in August, feeling she had let her Webcor team down.

14.42 CEST - The Belgians are not having a lucky day...two are already out of the race and another has just 1 minute ago had a flat tire.

Attack by an Italian rider now!! The gap of the seven though, in the meantime, grows to nearly a minute. The Italian rider is Fusar Poli. Meanwhile, Americans are cheering for, among others, a petite redhead from Southern California, Amber Neben of T-Mobile.

Fusar Poli passes the feed zone, on her way to the Torricelle climb.

14.49 CEST - Crash in the peloton...among those involved Kristen Armstrong and Eneritz Iturriaga.

It seems like there were no heavy injuries. The pack in the meantime chases down the elegant Italiana and now there's another crash! Again uphill. An Italian and a Swiss rider involved. The women today seem to have developed a habit of crashing uphill; they better rethink imitating Bilak, who this morning did a wheelie while riding uphill.

Earlier we said that Sharon van Dongen was out of the race, but in fact it was Sharon Van Dromme, a very pretty lady who is having a birthday today. Here's a photo of her that Bart took:

Another Italian with a solo attack now, it's Zugno, former TT world champ! She studies economics at the university. Gap is up to 14 seconds.

Zugno is also a very nice lady (pay attention, boys...) But she crashes! Downhill. Hard. At the same spot the Tunusian silver medallist of this morning nearly went down in the last lap. That was a pretty nasty fall, but she is back up already, her left side is roadrashed, and the peloton passed her by...the question is if she can still go on like this.

Brave though, she keeps on riding, when she could just as well have been demoralised and quit.

Madam Longo is leading the tempo. Veerle Ingels, brother to the U23 rider Niels competing yesterday, still holding strong in the bunch.

For tomorrow Peter van Petegem does not consider himself a favorite, even though his form is bettering since the Franco-Belge. He names Zabel as the main favorite. Gilbert, another Belgian, is in good shape. He knows he does not need to do stupid things. Another Belgian who can podium tomorrow is Nick Nuyens (whome we know from this ticker is very close to Evy...), who is aware he may have won for instance Paris-Brussels, but the Worlds are one different cuppa tea.

15.10 CEST - Abandon of Swedish rider Lindberg. Another abandon, this time a woman from down under: Allison Wright.

Again an Italian attacks, but the peloton doesn't let go, and the pace falls down temporarily...after all that riding like crazy.

15.17 CEST - Yet another uphill crash!! No serious victims luckily, or big names involved. Lithuanian attack, but countered by the peloton again.

We see the Tunisian silver medal winner for a moment here, an African cycling medal, that's not something you see every year! Now an Irish rider out of the race.

15.25 CEST - Half way through this women's ride now.

Tea and biccies time for the commentators now - the bad news is - no biccies, but the good news is...madeira cake and mince pies! Or maybe the good news seems like the Italians have an offensive racing plan! Attack by ex-crashee Zugno. She gets a Polish and Swiss girl in her wheel.

15.31 CEST - The last Silva of the three Silvas attacks now, for Brasilia. The three escapees are taken back. The other two Silvas, sisters, are out of the race.

Everything back's waiting for the Cookes, Woods, Melcherses and Zabhirovas of this world...but again it's Silva who tries to escape.

Meanwhile, Britain's main hope, Nicole Cooke, is hoping for LOCAL support. The wonder Welsh woman, who rides for the Italian Safi-Pasta Zara-Manhattan team leader, is based near Verona and has huge support in this cycling-mad nation, especially after landing another British first - winning Italy's Giro Donne three months ago.

However, she is taking a laid back approach to this race; she thinks she was over anxious in the Olympic road race and will be trying to keep her cool today.

Cooke comes into the race in great shape, having won the recent T-Mobile International in San Francisco on the bounce. It'll be the question: who can beat Cooke today?

Well obviously not Veronica Leal Balderas, the Mexican rider who has retired, and who's a hottie, apparently. Uh, I meant to say, it's good weather in Verona today...yeah, that was it.

Well yes, I did notice that she was quite attractive in a cycling sort of way...

15.48 CEST - Still the climb beginning to start to have its effects on the peloton, and several riders are beginning to have trouble keeping up to the pace. Over the Torricelle climb on lap 6 now, the pace has slowed since the earlier laps.

The war of attrition has started to have its effect and as we near the closing stages of the race we may well see some of the favourites start to make their move.

And in the meantime, it seems that CSC has found a new co-sponsor for next year, and that the team will go ahead.

Sarah Grab (Switzerland) and the Canadian girl Erinne Willock have attacked on the descent. They have about 12 seconds on the regrouping peloton.

Now an attack from the peloton, and it is Dori Ruano of Spain who bridges the gap like, er, a Spanish woman who wants to bridge the gap. So three girls in the lead and the peloton in pursuit.

15.57 CEST - 3 laps plus 1 km to go. Interesting to see a Spanish girl on the front of the peloton; she went there to slow the pace and help her teammate Ruano - good tactics from the Spanish girls. Cooke moving to the front of the peloton.

3 laps to go, Ruano, Grab, and Willock have 35 seconds - Ruano's roots lie with the track, so she's got good steering skills. Grab is eating, not taking over the pace-setting. Seems she has gotten instructions to lay low for a while, in favour of the Swiss main woman Nicole Brandli.

Ruano is another (next to Longo) older gun in this bunch, with her 35 years of age.

But she still looks like a youngster compared to the Grand Lady of cycling, of course. 47 seconds the gap, as the leading trio of girls start to work well together, and the Italian team head the peloton. Melchers truly seems to be at ease in the bunch. Also Ljungskog (two times world champion in a row) looks like she is coping well with the climbs of the Torricelle.

Three Italians leading the peloton, Nicole Cooke very alert, and there is a crash! Uphill crash, anyone? Christine Thorburn (USA) one of the victims - but all the girls seem ok - and start to chase back on.

15.07 CEST - The 3 leaders have 56 seconds. One of the Lithuanian girls suffers a mechanical on the climb.

The peloton playing poker now - no one wants to chase, but no one wants the break to get any more time. As an aside, yesterday's U23 men's road race gold medalist, Sioutsou, instead of taking a well-deserved break, took part in today's Piccolo Giro di Lombardia, the young gun version of the well known race. He did not win this time, as first across the line was Giario Ermeti, with fellow Italian Antonio Quadranti taking second. The Belarusian Sioutsou placed 9th.

Zugno, ex-crashee, still hangs in there. Quite a character. Thats the spirit, go on till you drop (again). Meanwhile, Ruano seems to be the strongest of the three leaders, while another Swiss rider attacks in the peloton. And it's Brandli chasing down her countrywoman and attacking herself!

Noemi Cantele (Italy) forcing the pace - Cantele is from Varese, just like Ivan Basso is. They're killing off most of the lesser riders in the peloton now. The gap is down to 24", the peloton is now some 20 riders strong.

Three Italians at the front of the peloton, the fans out in force today - Cunego and Pantani fan clubs enjoying the racing and late summer sunshine.

Lap 7 up the Torricelle climb in exactly 9 minutes - the fastest the girls did the climb was on lap two - I would expect tomorrow we will see the times keep diminishing in the men's race.

Club Rebellin fans out in force today too - TinTin announced today that he will stay as an inhabbitant of Argentina despite his non start in the Worlds (maybe he prefers steak to prosciutto...). So much for the chances of other Argentinian riders to make it to the worlds in the next few years...Alejandro Borrajo from Panaria will replace him tomorrow.

17.16 CEST - 32 seconds the lead. So down the tree lined avenue, Italy leading the peloton - there have been several crashes on this descent today - and might be more as the riders start to get tired.

Now Hayley Hemsley (Australia) attacks to try and bridge the gap. The three girls go through the feedzone, Hemsley should reach them, as the Russian girls pick up the pace at the head of the peloton.

Hemsley is with them now, and the peloton is looking a bit confused.

17.25 CEST - 4 riders - Hemsley, Ruano, Grab, and Willock - lead the race. Two laps to go, lap 8 now, the gap to the peloton is 28 seconds. The peloton bounces over the cobbles for the penultimate time.

We see 2 Lithuanian girls freshening up in the riders' area - race is over for them. And Regina Schleicher takes a turn to the right into the boxes, that's it for her. And another one out of the race, Italian Belvederesi. It's a hard and fast-paced race, as the number of abandons and the slowing down of lap times show.

Chantal and Ghita Beltman, Mirjam Melchers and Elsbeth van Rooij-Vink are still present for the Dutch. The Italians are still with three as well.

Team cars are riding past the 4 leaders, which means that their lead is dropping. Now the famous orange shirts of Holland take the head of affairs at the front of the peloton, while the four leaders start to climb the Torricelle climb for the penultimate time.

Again Dori Ruano seems to be doing all the work on the climb, while her three fellow escapees are happy to follow her wheel.

What a great ride by Dori today - she is really giving a display of Spanish climbing - which Vuelta fans will be well used to seeing. Of the 4, Willock seems to be barely holding on. Another abandon: Sluysarreva also out of the race. And Longo is back in front again.

Christine Thorburn, who crashed earlier, is back up near the front of the race - indeed the USA girls are well represented near the front. Edwige Pitel (France) attacks on the climb. She goes up and over the 4 escapees, the peloton goes into overdrive. If my memory serves me right, Pitel won the women's Fleche Wallone in April.

Pucinskaite attacks from the bunch. Tthe peloton is ripped to pieces, but everything is still pretty close together - Melchers in 4th or 5th position, 9 women in the lead. The peloton is starting to break up in a big way - and it's a battle shaping up!

Nicole Cooke still up near the front of the peloton, has been hiding well, but now shows herself. Melchers stays near her. About 30 riders in the top group now. Longo is struggling.

Zhabirova tries to get away in the descent, which could be dangerous because she's an excellent TT-ist. Not to mention a strong descender, not afraid to push it to the limit. She's a winner of the Primavera Rosa and Tour of Flanders for women this year, among other things.

It's not hard to see why Museeuw likes her, she's got the firm build of a Classics rider.

Zabirova looks like she will be caught on the descent - some fearless descending from these girls today.

By the way, for the record with "firm build," I just meant that she's not a flyweight like many other riders... (Sure sure, Jans...)

17.45 CEST - Noemi Cantele again near the front of the race, which all comes back together, about 25 riders left in the peloton. Jeannie Longo in there as well - what a rider the French girl is!

So the peloton regroups - but an attack straight after the feed by a Dutch rider. The peloton takes it back.

What a's gonna be one crazy last lap!

Final lap now. The peloton is still some 25 riders strong, Lungskjog, Cooke, Melchers, all there! The pace has really picked up as they start lap 9 - all the favourites in the top group - let the battle commence - 14 kilometres to choose the world champion.

Wood is there, Longo too. CHANTAL ATTACKS.

She's got some 20 meters on those cobbles - Vai vai vai chantalleke! The dutchwoman is flying! Russia's Bubnenkova in the chase. Chantel Beltman is part of the Dutch cycling club "Vrienden van het platteland", roughly translated is "Friends of the country."

It's a brave effort from the Russian girl, Beltman will be hard to catch for a single rider...But Bubnenkova is catching up with her! She has done it! They head towards the climb - 15 seconds for the 2 girls up front.

Bubnenkova attacks on the climb - she leaves poor Chantal behind. Melchers is well placed in the hunting-group. 24 seconds for the peloton, and an attack there by a Lithuanian girl - Brandli, Melchers, Cooke there. Bubnenkova has thrown the gauntlet down, Beltman will be caught.

Bubnenkova is going strong with a huge gear, and has a 16 second lead over the peloton, where an Ukrainian rider now raises the pace with an attack! Now Madame Gonzalez Arrieta Sommariba attacks, but it doesn't lead to anything. Guderzo attacks. Bubnenkova, shoulders rocking, is making a huge effort.

Bubba works the climb with all she's got. What a last lap!

17.59 CEST - Tatiano Guderzo is doing a great climb - small gears, high cadence, she is closing the gap down very quickly. She is catching up with Bubnenkova, while solitary riders are coming from the back.

The two leaders (Guderzo and Bubnenkova) are now caught by a group of 4, among which are Sommariba and Arndt. Brandli attacks!! Jumping away from the now 6 leaders, and has a few meters - Arndt chasing her down. Everyone is dead tired, you can read it off their faces. Brandli has a small gap.

6 riders at the front, and the USA riders are very active trying to chase back on.

Arndt, Brandli, Sommariba, Guderzo, Pucinskaite and Bubnenkova up front. It is Bubnenkova who again leads them on the descent. Arndt, who isn't a sprinter, tries to get away.

Bubnenkova overcooks a corner on the descent and nearly crashes, while Arndt takes some 100 meters, and puts the pressure on the others. Arndt has about 5 seconds on the 4 chasers, Bubnenkova just behind.

Guderzo attacks once more, trying to chase down Arndt. The pace of the chasers goes down.

Somarriba does not chase - it could be an Italy-Germany shoot out! Guderzo is coming back at Arndt, less than 5 sec. They take the bridge over the Adige. Arndt pushing hard, Guderzo chasing her, they cross into town...

Arndt is going for many times she just missed the first spot, barely. Flamme Rouge!

Judith Arndt is making a bold solo efffort - Guderzo, who has been active throughout, is chasing hard. Guderzo did close in a bit. The groups behind her closing in rapidly as well. 600 mt to go, the last straight line. Arndt, head down, is using her pursuit skills to perfection.

Judit Arndt wins! Guderzo 2nd, Valen third. A more than deserved win!!

She raises one arm in triumph! A great solo effort from the German, and she is hugged by her teammates.

Modesta Vezniauskaite 5th. "Shady Pines" Longo finishes 1:06 back, just ahead of Nicole Cooke, who takes the sprint for 13th place. And no Lungskjog this time! 26th place for her.

Arndt holds the German flag up to the fans' cheers! It was a great ride by the German girl - she thanks her teammates for their work: "We rode the final lap very hard, my victory was only possible today because of team work, I am happy to be the World Champion - that will motivate me for next season," are her comments. And what a season, gold on the Worlds and silver on the Olympics!

Meanwhile Guderzo is hugging the lot, very happy with her silver medal. And a fashion note - Tatiana Guderzo has her finger nails painted in the famous Italian blue. I wonder if Bettini will have that done too...

I sure would like to see a cricket with azzuri nails and golden shoes...and a rainbow jersey...

Martin Perdiguero did that too in the Vuelta, not in an Italian or Spanish colour, but he has coloured nails - always black.

Now Judith Arndt is given the famous rainbow jersey - and very well deserved too - she had the courage and the legs to attack - she took the race and the jersey. On the podium she is crying with happiness. A highlight in her career...

Top Ten
1. J. Arndt (GER) 3.44.38
2. T. Guderzo (ITA) 10"
3. A. Valen (NOR) 12"
4. T. Worrack (GER) m.t.
5. M. Vzesniauskaite (LIT)
6. N. Brändli (SWI)
7. J. Somarriba (SPA)
8. S. Bobnenkova (RUS)
9. M. Melchers (NED)
10. E. Pucinskaite (LIT)

So a great race today, and a great show by the Germans and Lithuanians, each with two in the top ten. We can expect more of the same tomorrow with the Men's Elite Road Race, which of course will be reported live here on Sunday. So thanks for reading today, and see you back here tomorrow for the conclusion of the 2004 Verona World Championships!


1 Judith Arndt (Germany) 3h44'38”
2 Tatiana Guderzo (Italy) a 10"
3 Anita Valen (Norway) a 12"
4 Trixi Worrack (Germany)  m.t.
5 Modesta Vzesniauskaite (Lithuania) m.t.
6 Nicole Brändli (Switzerland) m.t.
7 Joane Somarriba Arrola (Spain) m.t.
8 Svetlana Bubnenkova (Russia) m.t.
9 Mirjam Melchers (Netherlands) m.t.
10 Edita Pucinskaite (Lithuania) m.t.
11 Valentina Polkhanova (Russia) m.t.
12 Zoulfia Zabirova (Russia) m.t.
13 Oenone Wood (Australia) a 41"
14 Lyne Bessette (Canada) m.t.
15 Eneritz Iturriaga (Spain) m.t.
16 Deirdre Demet-Barry (USA) m.t.
17 Rasa Polikeviciute (Lithuania) m.t.
18 Susan Palmer-Komar (Canada) m.t.
20 Christine Thorburn (USA) m.t.
21 Jeannie Longo Ciprelli (France) a 1'07"
22 Annette Beutler (Switzerland) m.t.
23 Edwige Pitel (France) m.t.
24 Nicole Cooke (Great Britain) m.t.
25 Linda Villumsen Serup (Denmark) m.t.
26 Susanne Ljungskog (Sweden) a 1'11"
27 Noemi Cantele (Italy) a 2'08"
28 Lene Byberg (Norway) a 2'36"
29 Magali Le Floc'h (France) a 3'30"
30 Chantal Beltman (Netherlands)
31 Theresa Senff (Germany) a 3'38"
32 Barbara Heeb (Switzerland) m.t.
33 Lada Kozlikova (Czech Republic) a 6'09"
34 Amy Moore (Canada) m.t.
35 Miho Oki (Japan) m.t.
36 Bogumila Matusiak (Poland) m.t.
37 Rachel Heal (Great Britain) m.t.
38 Clemilda Fernandes Silva (Brazil) m.t.
39 Christiane Soeder (Austria) m.t.
40 Evy Van Damme (Belgium) m.t.
41 Tatiana Shishkova (Moldova) m.t.
42 Anna Zugno (Italy) m.t.
43 Corine Hierckens (Belgium) m.t.
44 Elisabeth Chevanne Brunel (France) m.t.
45 Trine Hansen (Denmark) m.t.
46 Amber Neben (USA) m.t.
47 Zinaida Stahurskaya (Belarus) m.t.
48 Sarah Grab (Switzerland) m.t.
49 Margaret Hemsley (Australia) m.t.
50 Kimberly Bruckner (USA) m.t.
51 Manon Jutras (Canada) m.t.
52 Maribel Moreno Allue (Spain) m.t.
53 Sonia Huguet (France) m.t.
54 Erinne Willock (Canada) m.t.
55 Dori Ruano Sanchon (Spain) m.t.
56 Elisabeth Vink (Netherlands) m.t.
57 Olivia Gollan (Australia) m.t.
58 Tina Liebig (Germany) a 6'13"
59 Kristin Armstrong (USA) a 11'12"
60 Ghita Beltman (Netherlands) m.t.
61 Malgorzata Wysocka (Poland) a 11'23"
62 Rosane Kirch (Brazil) m.t.
63 Natalya Kachalka (Ukraine) m.t.
64 Veerle Ingels (Belgium) a 12'14"
65 Oxana Kashchyshyna (Ukraine) a 20'52"
66 Grete Treier (Estonia) a 21'21"
67 Valentina Karpenko (Ukraine) m.t.
68 Tina Mayolo Pic (USA) a 21'23"
69 Camilla Larsson (Sweden) a 22'51"
70 Natalia Boyarskaya (Russia) m.t.
71 Lise Christensen (Denmark) m.t.
72 Marina Jaunatre (France) m.t.
73 Andrea Graus (Austria) m.t.
74 Ana Paola Madrinan Villegas (Colombia) a 23'32"
75 Paulina Brzezna (Poland) a 28'08"

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