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World Championships - Junior Women's Road Race
By Fabio
Date: 10/1/2004
World Championships - Junior Women's Road Race

Hello and welcome to our live coverage of the Junior Women’s Road Race at the World Championships in Verona, Italy. The Worlds resume after taking a small break rest day, and after the streak of five consecutive races against the clock, that ended with an extraordinary win by Australian Michael Rogers, The Italy-based Aussie, who has won many fans at home as well as in what he called “my second homeland”, has arguably set anew record. Not because of the extraordinary time h set, but due to the fact, that, after David Millar’s disqualification from the 2003 Worlds ITT, he was awarded the title of the race held twelve months ago. But was given the medal only the same day he won his new ITT title against the clock at Bardolino (see link at the bottom of the page).

But now the World Champs circus has moved from Bardolino to Verona, and to the Torricelle circuit that’s going top host all five road races the second half of these World Champs consist of. The series sets off with the Junior Women Time Trial, scheduled to get underway Friday at 0930AM local time (CEST, 0730 AM GMT). The contest runs over five laps of a 14.750 km. circuit, totaling a distance of 73.750 km. And containing the 3.3-km. Torricelle climb, that could played a fundamental part in determining the race outcome.

The startlist is as follows:
1. Roxane Knetemann (Holland)
2. Eleonora Van Dijk (Holland)
3. Suzanne Van Veen (Holland)
4. Marianne Vos (Holland)
5. Diana Dzemikavichyute (Russia)
6. Maria Kazachenko (Russia)
7. Irina Tolmacheva (Russia)
8. Ekaterina Tretiakova (Russia)
9. Sabine Fischer (Germany)
10. Virginia Hennig (Germany)
11. Caroline Ibele (Germany)
12. Franziska Kniesche (Germany)
13. Francesca Andina (Italy)
14. Federica Balestri (Italy)
15. Marta Bastianelli (Italy)
16. Sabrina Bernardi (Italy)
17. Hannah Banks (Australia)
18. Natasha Mapley (Australia)
19. Amanda Spratt (Australia)
20. Aleksandra Dawidowicz (Poland)
21. Barbara Gromaszek (Poland)
22. Magdalena Pyrgies (Poland)
23. Jwona Pytel (Poland)
24. Jennifer Hohl (Switzerland)
25. Karin Metzler (Switzerland)
26. Ramona Weder (Switzerland)
27. Andrea Wolfer (Switzerland)
28. Ine Beyen (Belgium)
29. Axelle Doisy (Belgium)
30. Kim Schoonbaert (Belgium)
31. Inga Cilvinaite (Lithuania)
32. Agne Maracinskaite (Lithuania)
33. Simona Muraskaite (Lithuania)
34. Daiva Tuslaite (Lithuania)
35. Olena Andruk (Ukraine)
36. Olha Polkhovska (Ukraine)
37. Olena Sharha (Ukraine)
38. Naomi Cooper (Canada)
39. Mylene Laliberte (Canada)
40. Joelle Numainville (Canada)
41. Anna Tratnyek (Canada)
42. Sandrine Allais (France)
43. Florence Girardet (France)
44. Marie Le Moing (France)
45. Emmanuelle Merlot (France)
46. Laura Lepasalu (Estonia)
47. Kata-Liina Normak (Estonia)
48. Maria De Lourdes Garcia-Navas Llaneras (Spain)
49. Maria Auxiliadora Martin Morales (Spain)
50. Patricia Pérez Jiménez (Spain)
51. Ana Sanchis Chafer (Spain)
52. Catrine Josefsson (Sweden)
53. Marie Lindberg (Sweden)
54. Rebecca Much (USA)
55. Gabriella Palotai (Hungary)
56. Veranika Vyrastka (Bielorussia)
57. Andrea Babunkova (Czech Republic)
58. Berenice Castro Plaza (Mexico)
59. Danielys García (Venezuela)
60. Mayuko Hagiwara (Japan)
61. Tereza Hurikova (Czech Republic)
62. Jarmila Machacova (Czech Republic)
63. Blendys Rojas (Venezuela)
64. Veronika Sprügel (Austria)
65. Stefanie Wiedner (Austria)
66. Mary Brennan (Ireland)

Most girls in the start list above (but not the Italians, as the host country fields a brand new quartet) took part also in last Monday’s opening ITT, that saw America clinch its only medal so far, courtesy of Rebecca Much (see links below for both our race coverage and a special report on Ms. Much herself), and Australia storm to a good third place with Amanda Spratt. Both Much and Spratt are competing today, but so is Monday’s winner Tereza Hurikova of the Czech Republic.

Race coverage now on. Please click on F5 to refresh the page and get the latest updates> on the event.

0935 CEST - The race got underway with a delay of a fe minutes. 66 girls, aged 17 and 18, took tonthe startline under grey skies. The sunny skies that features most of the ITTs at Bardolino took a break.

0938 CEST - And as the race hits the Torricelle climb for the first time, here come the first attack, better just the first attempt to break away, courtesy of the aforementioned Amnada Spratt, who moved to the front of the bunch. But the Dutch girls, who are among the red hot favorites to take the win, and are lead by Roxanne Knetemann, daughter of former professional cyclist Gerrie Knetemann, immediately chased her attempt down.

0945 CEST - And as the race hit the first climb, we had the first girls getting dropped too, among them an Austrian and a Spaniard, and a young lady from Portugal, While Rebecca Much of the USA is now seen in the top places of the bunch, although no other breakaway attempt came after Amanda Spratt's unsuccessful one.

0947 CEST - A few girls hit the deck in the final part of the Torricelle climb, among them Austria's Veronika Sprügel. But none of then suffered any serious consequences and the peloton regrouped again.

0951 CEST - The "Gruppo (almost) Compatto achieved the top of the Torricelle ascent (once known as "Santa Giuliana" climb, but renamed "Torricelle" after the four Torri (Towers) built there by the Austrian Military during the Austrian domination of the area in the 19th century) and is tackling the descent afterwards. Quite an easy descent actually. although a Polish rider just mistook a turn and hit the deck. No major consequences for her either.

0957 CEST - The 2004 circuit is about the same (Torricelle climb included) that hosted the 1999 Road Race, when cycling fans worldwide were given the opportunity to first know the talent of a certain Genevičve Jeanson, who dominated both the ITT (then held in the city of Treviso) and the Road Race. And in the Junior Men RR, the gold medal went to a local guy, a certain Damiano Cunego of Verona ...

0958 CEST - The Peloton (almost) compatto, but currently not containing the likes of Australian Natasha Mapley and Switzerland's Ramona Weder, completed the first lap of the Torricelle circuit, in a time of 26’05” (av. 33.929 kph). 14.8 km. covered, about 69 km. (4 laps actually) to go!

1002 CEST - Similarly to what happened to Amanda Spratt earlier, Italy's Marta Bastianelli (17) moved to the front of the bunch and tried to break away. But she wasn't allowed to go either. And we have got the first dropout too, as one French rider just retired from the race.

1005 CEST - As the race hit the Torricelle for the second time, Amanda Spratt launched a new attack; her move was countered by a Polish rider and Italy's Balestri. But the peloton regrouped again soon.

1008 CEST - The peloton still climbing the Torricelle; American Rebecca Much is setting the pace now, while a girl in white and red oclors (a Polish one, I suppose) is off the back of the bunch.

1010 CEST - Ms. Much, two or three Italians, plus some German and Dutch jerseys still in the top places. But we are still waiting for the first serious attack to come ...

1015 CEST - Two Ukrainians now riding tempo as the wild (?) bunch makes it to the top of the Torricelle for the second time. Three climbs to go. But more than a dozen riders have been dropped already.

1017 CEST - The peloton is tackling the next descent, flying at a speed of about 60 kph. While Catrine Josefsson (Sweden) is having mechanical problems to her bike.

1019 CEST - We are still on the Torricelle descent, flying towards the finish line for the second time. And it's the Lithuanian teens setting the pace now, with Agne Maracinskaite up front.

1022 CEST - The girls completed the Torricelle descent for the second time, and are heading towards the line, but the peloton is still so compatto. Can anyone please put in some attack or anything alike for us, please? Thank you :)

1024 CEST - Maria De Lourdes Garcia-Navas Llaneras (Spain) had some mechanical problems and had to change her bike, while Italy's Francesca Andina punctured, but quickly regained the bunch. Any attack pleaaaaaaaaaaase!!

1028 CEST - The peloton just hit the finish line for the second time, clocking atime of 56"20 to cover the first 29.5 km. Well, even if there was no serious attack in the first two laps, the parcours, and the Torricelle proved selective anyway, as the 65-strong bunch at the startline is now down to some 35 riders. Quite a significant sign, especially if referred to Sunday's Elite Men RR, that will be covering many more laps of this route.

1032 CEST - The bunch is tackling the thid lap, and with no attacks ongoing, it's riders getting dropped of having mechanical probs that make the headlines, the last one being young Aussie Amanda Spratt, who hit the deck but immediately got back into the (first) peloton. Then she attacked again on the Torricelle climb (and it's three!!) but once more the peloton, led by Italy's Balestri and Lithuania's Daiva Tuslaite, countered her move.

1035 CEST - It looks like the Italians are starting the fireworks at last: first Federica Balestri and Francesca forced the pace halfway through the Torricelle ascent, then Sabrina Bernardi went on the attack and took about a dozen seconds out of the bunch. Wlll her move bear fruit? The answer in the coming minutes!

1039 CEST - The bunch, currently led by Lithuanian and Ukrainian riders, is about to bring Bernardi back. But her action caused a further split in the first peloton, now reduced to some 20 riders.

1042 CEST - The race hit the top of the Torricelle climb for the third time. And almost hit the halfway point too. 38 km. to go, and Sabrina Bernardi has been absorbed by the leading bunch (now down to 25 riders or so, all the Italians included).

1045 CEST - The main bunch is on the descent for the third time. And Teresa Hurikova and Rebacca Much are part of it. But so are the ladies of the strong Dutch team; expect a move from them in the last two laps. Italy's Francesca Andina mistook a turn and hit the deck in the last part of the descent, she's trailing the bunch by some 15 seconds. But as the pace is slow up front, she and other riders are likely to regain the gruppo soon.

1051 CEST - The first group is down to about 15-16 riders, while Amanda Spratt goes on the attack again, Well, the girl from Sydney tries again, on a flat piece this time. Spratt, who recently took second in a race held here in Veneto, finally succeeded in taking a few seconds out of the peloton, with a Polish rider embarking on a solo chase, and the members of another strong team, Germany, driving the serious chase back in the bunch. The Aussie may not win this race, but sure he deserves the combativity prize (which I don'tb think is awarded here anyway).

1054 CEST - The peloton reached the finish line for the third time, in a time of 01h19’39". Less than 30 km. to go for them.

1055 CEST - Amanda Spratt's fourth attempt has been nullified too, but she remains in the top places of the peloton, along with Rebecca Much and a few others.

1100 CEST - Ms. Spratt definitely is the "superstar" of this first half of the race. The bunch hit the Torricelle thrice, and Pratt attacked thrice. Then she hit the deck, but was immediately back on her bike, regained the bunh, and attacked again. All of her attempts were chased down, but she's gaining a a lot of publicity. And praises too. Will the fighting Aussie attack again once the race hits the Torricelle for the fourth time?

1103 CEST - Poland's Magdalena Pyrgies, the rider who fell on the descent during the first lap, hd to pull out of the race, likely due to wrist problems. Right before the fourth climb of Le Torricelle began, we could see a Japanesa at the front for a few minutes: Asia's Champion Mayuko Hagiwara!

1105 CEST - The peloton is climbing Le Torricelle again, but Amanda Spratt didn't make any move this time. It was her Italian counterpart Sabrina Bernardi that made her (second) move, and managed to put about a dozen seconds into the main bunch again.

1107 CEST - Amnada Spratt not on the attack? We spoke too early, as the Aussie joined Bernardi in the second half of le Torricelle. The two "queens of combativity" are in the lead, but the peloton (actually down to few riders only now) is on their heels.

1108 CEST - Riders are on the descent for the fourth and penultimate time. Bernardi and Spratt were joined by Ekaterina Tretiakova of Russia and a Lithuanian girl. So it's four in the lead now, but the first peloton, with all main favorits inside, remains within striking distance.

1110 CEST - The first bunch regrouped again, but for a short time only, as more attacks are coming on the descent, and on the way to the fourth passage over the line.

1114 CEST - All breakaway attempts on the descent were chased down; we are in the flat section now, heading towards the line for the fourth and penultimate time. So it's gruppo compatto again. Actually quite a small group, consisting of just 16 girls, but with Amanda Spratt and Rebecca Much (and Italy's Bernardi and Bastianelli, and Holand's Knetemann and more Dutch ladies) still inside.

1119 CEST - The first bunch, now consisting of several more riders as many a good athletes benefitted from the slow pace up front and regained the lead, hit the finish line for the fourth time in 01h46'44". And the last lap bell is ringing ...

1121 CEST - The young ladies are ridng on the early, flat, cobbled section of the last lap. But the final (and decisive?) climbing of Le Torricelle is coming ...

1123 CEST - The German and Dutch girls moved to the front of the bunch. Are the presumably strongest teams in the race going to put the hammer down on the Torricelle at last?

1125 CEST - The last ascent of Le Torricelle has just begun ... Virginia Hennig of Germany is setting the pace, with compatriot Fischer around 10th place. The pack consists of about 25 girls now. Who's gonna attack first?

1127 CEST - It's Italy' Sabrina Bernardi, but Holland's Knetemann and most of he bunch closed down her move. Then Rebecca Much forced the pace, with just 7-8 riders following her move. But the peloton (down to less riders anyway) regrouped soon again.

1130 CEST - 1500m to the top of the Torricelle, and still a group of some 15 riders in the lead...

1132 CEST - Here come the Dutch Ladies! Marianne Vos (17) launched a wicked attack in the last part of Le Torricelle, and gains a few seconds.

1133 CEST - Marienne Vos' action on the Torricelle goes on, while Much and Italy's Bastianelli are driving the chase. But the Dutch girl increased the gap to 16", that went up to 18" as Vos hit the top of the climb!!

1135 CEST - What a grinta the girl in orange is showing, also on the last downhill into Verona. She's flying to the (gold) medal!!

1137 (CEST) - Only few kilometres left, and Marianne Vos' lead is still hovering around 17-18 secs. But the bunch is not putting in serious chasing efforts at the moment, even if some nations have to or more riders in the pack.

1139 cest - 4K to go for Vos, now leading by 24" in the last flat section. Rebecca Much is stilld ringig the chase but she has two riders in orange colors on her wheels, so she can't do that much.

1142 CEST - The gap is up to 29" now, and The Netherlands can already celebrate their secand straight win in this race.

1144 CEST - just one km. between Marianne Vos and the medal. The gap up to 31"

Marianne Vos has won: 02h11'44" her time

And Marta Bastianelli gave Italy the silver, as she won the bunch sprint at about 30" behind. Van Dijk completed Holland's triumphal day by taking the bronze medal.

Junior Women Road Race: Full Results
1. Marianne Vos (Holland) - 02h11'44"
2. Marta Bastianelli (Italy) - at 30"
3. Eleonora Van Dijk (Holland) - s.t.
4. Olena Andruk (Ukraine) - s.t.
5. Roxane Knetemann (Holland) - s.t.
6. Daiva Tuslaite (Lithuania) - s.t.
7. Ekaterina Tretiakova (Russia) - s.t.
8. Sabrina Bernardi (Italy) - s.t.
9. Amanda Spratt (Australia) - s.t.
10. Suzanne Van Veen (Holland) - s.t.
11. Olena Sharha (Ukraine) - s.t.
12. Tereza Hurikova (Czech Republic) - s.t.
13. Caroline Ibele (Germany) - s.t.
14. Olha Polkhovska (Ukraine) 33"
15. Rebecca Much (USA) - s.t.
16. Virginia Hennig (Germany) 37"
17. Emmanuelle Merlot (France) - at 01'19"
18. Jwona Pytel (Poland) - at 01'41"
19. Sabine Fischer (Germany) - at 01'58
20. Florence Girardet (France) - s.t.
21. Mayuko Hagiwara (Japan) - s.t.
22. Aleksandra Dawidowicz (Poland) - s.t.
23. Maria Kazachenko (Russia) - s.t.
24. Kim Schoonbaert (Belgium) - s.t.
25. Agne Maracinskaite (Lithuania) - s.t.
26. Barbara Gromaszek (Poland) - s.t.
27. Inga Cilvinaite (Lithuania) - s.t.
28. Karin Metzler (Switzerland) - s.t.
29. Francesca Andina (Italy) - at 02'02"
30. Veronika Sprügel (Austria) - at 03'15"
31. Jennifer Hohl (Switzerland) - at 0- s.t.
32. Federica Balestri (Italy) - at 03'18"
33. Danielys Garcia (Venezuela) - at 07'13"
34. Hannah Banks (Australia) - at 07'29"
35. Jarmila Machacova (Czech Republic) - at 07'30"
36. Catrine Josefsson (Sweden) - s.t.
37. Marie Lindberg (Sweden) - at 09'25"
38. Andrea Wolfer (Switzerland) - s.t.
39. Berenice Castro Plaza (Mexico) - s.t.
40. Ine Beyen (Belgium) - s.t.
41. Natasha Mapley (Australia) - s.t.
42. Naomi Cooper (Canada) - s.t.
43. Patricia Pérez Jiménez (Spain) - s.t.
44. Blendys Rojas (Venezuela) - s.t.
45. Veranika Vyrastka (Bielorussia) - s.t.
46. Ana Sanchis Chafer (Spain) - at 09'31"
47. Sandrine Allais (France) - at 10'24"
48. Andrea Babunkova (Czech Republic) - at 11'18"
49. Anna Tratnyek (Canada) - at 11'32"
50. Joelle Numainville (Canada) - at 13'52"
51. Marie Le Moing (France) - s.t.
52. Irina Tolmacheva (Russia) - s.t.
53. Laura Lepasalu (Estonia) - at 14'26"
54. Diana Dzemikavichyute (Russia) - s.t.
55. Mylene Laliberte (Canada) - at 14'40"
56. Ramona Weder (Switzerland) - at 15'28"
57. Axelle Doisy (Belgium) - at 18'56"
58. Kata-Liina Normak (Estonia) - at 19'41"
59. Simona Muraskaite (Lithuania) - at 19'51"
60. Gabriella Palotai (Hungary) - at 20'31"

DNF. Maria De Lourdes García-Navas Llaneras (Spain)
DNF. Magdalena Pyrgies (Poland)
DNF. Maria Auxiliadora Martin Morales (Spain)
DNF. Franziska Kniesche (Germany)
DNF. Mary Brennan (Ireland)
DNF. Stefanie Wiedner (Austria)

Many expected a Dutch girl to add a fifth win the Holland’s tally in this race. And a Dutch victory came . Many expected the team in orange to stay comfortably inside the bunch until the last lap, then make the right move at the right time on the last climb of Le Torricelle And the right move at the right time came, on the Torricelle, staged by Marianne Vos , with the other girls in orange perfectly covering her attack. Eleonora Van Dijk’s third place finish completed the Dutch triumph, and we sure can say they perfectly lived up to expectations, while some other favorites weren’t up to the task.

Italy can be satisfied with Marta Bastianelli’s result, that gave the Squadra Azzurra a medal for the first time since 1989. If there was a combativity prize, sure Australian Amanda Pratt would be the winner: she went on attacks five times, and even after hitting the deck, but was immediately back on her bike, ready to start the fireworks again. All of her attempts were chased down, and the Aussie didn’t repeat her ITT top 3 performance, but sure she deserved a huge “bravo” for all she did.

American Rebecca Much didn’t repeat Monday’s top 3 performance either. But she was often seen in the top places of the bunch, and often riding tempo too. She showed she’s got the legs, and the talent, but being quite a newcomer to road cycling she also showed some lacks on the tactical side of the matter, as she stayed in the wind too much. She actually acted as a perfect domestique … but unfortunately for her she was the only rider in the US team. Just let Much wok on her tactics, and sure you’ll hear her name again in seasons to come.

And now a few news concerning the Elite men's Road Race and Italians in particular: Well the first is an ... Italo-Argentinean. Many of you already knew, but it's official now: Davide Rebellin will NOT take part in Sunday's race Argentina's jersey, and not with Italy's either of course. But there's one more rider who will have to skip the event: Dario David Cioni; the Britain-born Tuscan was declared unfit to take the startline, arguably as he he failed some tests, and will be replaced by Franco Pellizotti.

Such that the "Squadra Azzura" for Sunday shoud consist of

  • Paolo Bettini (Quick Step-Davitamon),
  • Ivan Basso (Team CSC),
  • Leonardo Bertagnolli (Saeco),
  • Damiano Cunego (Saeco),
  • Dario Frigo (Fassa Bortolo),
  • Stefano Garzelli (Vini Caldirola-Nobili R.),
  • Luca Mazzanti (Panaria-Margres),
  • Cristian Moreni (Alessio-Bianchi),
  • Daniele Nardello (T-Mobile Team),
  • Luca Paolini (Quick Step- Davitamon),
  • Franco Pellizotti (Alessio-Bianchi),
  • Roberto Petito (Fassa Bortolo),
  • Filippo Simeoni (Domina Vacanze)
with Marzio Bruseghin (Fassa Bortolo) and Emanuele Sella (Panaria-Margres) as reserves.

Under 23 Men Road Race Coverage to follow - Stay Tuned!!

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