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World Championships - Elite Men's Time Trial
By Fabio
Date: 9/29/2004
World Championships - Elite Men's Time Trial

Hello everyone and welcome to our live coverage of Wednesday’s only race at the Road World Championships: the Elite Men ITT. The race is scheduled to get underway at 14h30 CEST (12h30 GMT) and covering a distance of 48.75 kilometres. The official start list (times of departure included) is as follows:

Elite Men ITT - Startlist and Times of Departure

14:30:00 47 SHKARPETA Denis UZB UZB19811109
14:31:30 46 O'LOUGHLIN David IRL IRL19780429
14:33:00 45 BELOHVOSCIKS Raivis LAT LAT19760121
14:34:30 44 LJUNGQVIST Marcus SWE SWE19741026
14:36:00 43 NIEMEC Przemyslaw POL POL19800411
14:37:30 42 PODGORNIK Dean SLO SLO19790703
14:39:00 41 TUFT Svein CAN CAN19770509
14:40:30 40 VANDBORG Brian DEN DEN19811204
14:42:00 39 PRAZDNOVSKY Martin SVK SVK19751012
14:43:30 38 SZEKERES Csaba HUN HUN19770130
14:45:00 37 GABROVSKI Ivaïlo BUL BUL19780131
14:46:30 36 IVANOV Ruslan MDA MDA19731218
14:48:00 35 NURITDINOV Rafael UZB UZB19770612
14:49:30 34 PERON Andrea ITA ITA19710814
14:51:00 33 GAZVODA Gregor SLO SLO19811015
14:52:30 32 FINOT Frédéric FRA FRA19770320
14:54:00 31 MC CANN David IRL IRL19730317
14:55:30 30 CIESIELSKI Krzysztof POL POL19740612
14:57:00 29 DANIELSON Tom USA USA19780313
14:58:30 28 SEMOV Dmitri RUS RUS19780630
15:00:00 27 VOSKAMP Bart NED NED19680606
15:01:30 26 LARSSON Gustav Erik SWE SWE19800920
15:03:00 25 JOACHIM Benoît LUX LUX19760114
15:04:30 24 BLAUDZUN Michael DEN DEN19730430
15:06:00 23 MATVEYEV Sergiy UKR UKR19750129
15:07:30 22 PARRA PINTO Ivan Ramiro COL COL19751015
15:09:00 21 SEIGNEUR Eddy FRA FRA19690215
15:10:30 20 BRUSEGHIN Marzio ITA ITA19740615
15:12:00 19 WOHLBERG Eric CAN CAN19650108
15:13:30 18 ZHUKOV Oleg RUS RUS19760209
15:15:00 17 NUTTLI Jean SUI SUI19740102
15:16:30 16 POSTHUMA Joost NED NED19810308
15:18:00 15 MCGEE Bradley AUS AUS19760224
15:19:30 14 ROESEMS Bert BEL BEL19721014
15:21:00 13 KRIVTSOV Yuriy UKR UKR19790207
15:22:30 12 ZABRISKIE David USA USA19790112
15:24:00 11 BODROGI Laszlo HUN HUN19761211
15:25:30 10 HRAZDIRA Michal CZE CZE19771106
15:27:00 9 NOZAL VEGA Isidro ESP ESP19771018
15:28:30 8 WAUTERS Marc BEL BEL19690223
15:30:00 7 PESCHEL Uwe GER GER19681104
15:31:30 6 PENA GRISALES Victor Hugo COL COL19740710
15:33:00 5 CANCELLARA Fabian SUI SUI19810318
15:34:30 4 GUTIERREZ PALACIOS José Ivan ESP ESP19781127
15:36:00 3 VINOKOUROV Alexandre KAZ KAZ19730916
15:37:30 2 RICH Michael GER GER19690923
15:39:00 1 ROGERS Michael AUS AUS19791220

Live coverage of the event now on. Please click on the F5 key to refresh the page and get the leatest infos.

1431 CEST - The Elite men's ITT is officially underway. the white, blue and green jersey of Uzbekistain's Denis Shkarpeta (with Shkarpeta inside of course) in on the parcours.

1434 CEST - Ireland's David O'Loughlin and Latvian Raivis Belohvosciks (can you spell his name correctly?) are on their way too.

1435 CEST - The first time check comes after 6.3 kms. We'll give you the first updates as soon as we get them.

1440 CEST - More than half a dozen riders have taken to the startline thus far, the last one being Canadian Svein Tuft.

1446 CEST - A dozen riders are on the parcours at the moment, after Ruslan Ivanov of Moldova, usually riding with the Alessio-Bianchi outfit, just set off.

1452 CEST - Eight riders already hit the first time check at Costernano (km. 6.3). The best record so far is that of Poland’s Przemyslw Niemec (09’58"29). Ireland’s O’Loughlin scored 10’25"54.

1454 CEST - The other Irishman in the race, David McCann, is about to start, while Denmark’s Brian Bach Vandborg set a time of 10’18"83 at the first time check.

1456 CEST Bulgaria’s man on the road Ivailo Gabrovski did better than the Dane: 10’08"60 was his first Intermediate time.

1458 CEST - The first Italian contender, ITT specialist Andrea Peron, took the startline, and is currently tackling the first, uphill part of the parcours.

1500 CEST - Andrea Peron hit the first time check at Costermano and set the fourth best time: 10’15"05. Moldova’s Ivanov had previously scored the second best time instead. Niemec is still in the lead.

1503 CEST - Frederic Finot’s first result is not that good: the Frenchman scored the sixth time (10’20"69), only slightly better than O’Loughlin’s.

1504 CEST - David McCann's time at Costermano: 10'28"69.

1505 CEST - Krzysztof Ciesielski couldn’t better the time of fellow Pole Niemec: 10’22"56 for the winner of GP Rio Saliceto in late July.

1506 CEST - Not a good intermediate time for Tom Danieson either: 10'18"55. The American is about 20" down down to Niemec after the first 6.3 kms.

1508 CEST - Russian Dimitri Semov is doing even worse: 10’21"54 at the km. 6.3 time check. Eighth best provisional time for the East-European rider.

1510 CEST - Italy's second man in the race, Marzio Bruseghin, is now underway. Both he and Peron are riding on the roads of their home region, Veneto...

1512 CEST - A good time for Sweden’s Gustav Larsson: 10’00"11. He’s currently in second place, down to Niemec but close to seven seconds clear of Ivanov. And Canadian veteran Eric Wohlberg (39) just started another challenge of his long career.

1515 CEST - Time for Denmark’s Michael Blaudzun to hit the first time check. In a time of 10’20"01.

1517 CEST - Poor result (after 6.3 km.) for Ukraine’s Sergyi Matvyeyev who scored a time of 10’37"63. He did better than Hungary’s Csaba Szekeres by a mere second.

1519 CEST - A decent intermediate time for Colombin Ivan Parra: 10’13"03. The fifth best score at the moment. And Brad McGee just took to the startline, while today’s red hot favourite Michael Rogers is warming up.

1520 CEST - 10'05"92 for Eddy Seigneur of France after 6.3 kms. While Bruseghin just set the best time at the first check with a good 09'57"98.

1522 CEST - Poland's Niemec set the best time at the second time check (km. 27.1): 36'17"28. With Gabrovski currently in second (36'24"55) and Brian Bach Vandoorg in third (36'29"16).

1524 CEST - Switzerland's Jean Nuttli might be a good TTist, but not today: just 10'15"70 for him at the first time check.

1525 CEST - Andrea Peron achieved the second time check and bettered Niemec's record by about 7 seconds. 36'10"01 after 27.1 km. for the Italian.

1527 CEST - Holland’s Joost Posthuma, who finished 11th three days ago in the Vuelta’s closing ITT, set a first intermediate time of 10’13"55.

1528 CEST - Brad McGee's got to Costermano and set one of the best times: 10'05"71. He is eight seconds down to Bruseghin. The Aussie is not in top form anyway.

1529 CEST - German sensation Uwe Peschel, who replaced Jan Ullirch, just took the startline, while Belgium's Bert Roesems scored 10'10"76 at the km. 6.3 check.

1531 CEST - About 35 riders have made it to the first time check, the last one being Ukraine's Yuri Krvitsov. But none have done a better time than Bruseghin.

At least until David Zabriskie came and set the best time so far: 09'56"13 for the American!

1532 CEST - Denis Shkarpeta was the first rider to cross the finish line, his time is 01h03'01"38.

Ireland's O'Loughlin was the second rider at the finish, with a similar - but worse - time: 01h03'02'36.

1535 CEST - Hungary's Laszlo Bodrogi is not having a good time: he was 17th at the first time check, some 20" down to both current leader Zabriskie and Bruseghin. Poland's Niemec has also reached the finish line and took the provisional lead in a time of 01h00'29"70.

Meanwhile we have a new leader at the km. 27 check. Sweden's Gustav Larsson set a time of 35'23"74.

1538 CEST - An unusually poor time by Isidro Nozal at the km. 6.3 check: 10'36"59. How come?

1539 CEST - Germany's Uwe Peschel got off to a fast start, he bettered Zabriskie's time by about half a second. 09'55"63 for him.

1541 CEST - Canada's Tuft finished the race in a time of 01'02'16". The new leader at the line is Denmark's Brian Bach Vandborg at this point, in a time of 01h00'04"99.

1543 CEST - Colombia's VHP achieved the first time check, but his time wasn't that good: 10'13"75. And another skilled TTist, Fabian Cancellara, did only slighly better: 10'13"33. 13th place for the Swiss, 14th for the Colombian. The first uphill part may have taken its toll on the legs of both Cancellara and VHP; neither of whom is a well-known climber.

1545 CEST - On the other hand, Alexander Vinokourov is going faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaast: his time after the first uphill part is great at 09'44"25. He bettered Peschel's time at the km. 6.3 check by more than 10 seconds!

1547 CEST - The first uphill part sure took its toll on one of his presumed main rivals. Michael Rich, not a climber at all, scored 10'13"93.

The German could make some gains in the second part of the parcours, which suits his skills more, but 30 seconds is a very huge gap anyway.

1550 CEST - Michael Rogers hit the first check at Costermano, but his time is just the fourth best: 09'56"45. He's behind Vinokourov, Peschel and Zabriskie, and slightly ahead of Bruseghin.

1552 CEST - Andrea Peron made it to the line and set the current best time: 0100'02"15. He bettered Vandborg's score by about two seconds. Fellow Italian (and Venetian) Bruseghin set the best time at the km. 27 check, in a good 35'19"64.

1554 CEST - France's Finot set the fifth time to the line: 01h01'12"75. But was pushed down to sixth as Ireland's McCann crossed the line in third, scoring a good 01h00'14"94.

1558 CEST - American David Zabriskie slightly increased his lead over Bruseghin at the second time check (Campara - km 27.1): 35’16"60 was his time.

1600 CEST - The boy from Utah is having a good race, while Tom Danielson isn't. Discovery Channel's next signing crossed the line 11th (so far) in a time of 01h02'36"33.

1602 CEST - Quite the opposite for Sweden's Gustav Larsson, who set the best time to the line, with an excellent 59'04"59. He is the first rider to cover the route in less than an hour.

Where has Laszlo Bodrogi's condition gone? The Hungarian scored a poor 36'45"27 at the km. 27 check.

1605 CEST - And things are going even worse for Isidro Nozal, who was caught and dropped by Belgium's Wauters, who set the fourth intermediate time in a good 35'35"39.

1608 CEST - Wauters was pushed down to fifth as Uwe Peschel crossed the km. 27 line and set a time of 35'33”41. But this is no good news for the German, who lost several seconds to Zabriskie and Bruseghin in the middle part of the race. He's close to 20" down on the American.

Victor Hugo Pena is another rider not living up to expectations today. He set a time of 36'38"20 at the km. 27 check, and is currently outside the top 10 spots.

1610 CEST - Bruseghin came to the line, but couldn't better Larsson's time: 59'07"38 for the Italian.

1612 CEST - The battle is between Vinokourov and Zabriskie now: the Kazakh maintained the lead also after the km. 27 check, but the American halved the gap, as Vinokourov set a time of 35'10"91. Michael Rich is still way behind Vinokourov, but gained 10 seconds on him on the way to the second time check.

1615 CEST - MICHAEL ROOOOOOOOOOGERS!!! The Aussie achieved the 27.1-km. check, and simply smoked ALL previous records - his extraordinary time was 34'39"01, bettering Vinokourov's by about half a minute! Rogers put 44 seconds into the Kazakh in just 20 kilometres. He's FLYING to the medal.

1616 CEST - If Rogers is up to the task, Jean Nuttli isn't. The Swiss finished well outside the top 10, in a time of 01h01'45"73, more than 2 minutes down to provisional leader Larsson. Joost Posthuma's finish time: 01h01'20"15. His current place: 14th.

1620 CEST - Belgian Bert Roesems took provisional fifth place (at the finish line) in a time of 01h06'29", pushing France's Eddy Seigneur down to sixth. Roesems also caught and dropped Brad McGee. Today is no glory day for the Aussie.

1623 CEST - David Zabriskie might win a medal today, but not the golden one. The American just crossed the line in a time of 59'06"98. And Tom Danielson is currently 25th in the ranking.

1624 CEST - Ukraine's Yuri Krivtsov is in an even worse place: he finished 30th in a time of 01h03'18"20. Laszlo Bodrogi didn't hit the top 10 either. The Hungarian's time was a poor 01h01'10"59.

1626 CEST - Again - the top 3 riders at the moment are Sweden's Erik Gustav Larsson, American David Zabriskie and Italy's Marzio Bruseghin...but Vinokourov, and notably Rogers, are coming!

1628 CEST - A good performance by Marc Wauters. The Belgian, who crossed the line in a time of 59'26"45, takes provisional fourth place.

1629 CEST - Poor Nozal! Isidro set a time of 01h02'32"76 and finished 28th only!! And his position is going to get worse as the last riders cross the line!

1630 CEST - No medal for Uwe Peschel today: the German clocked a time of 59'58"87 and took provisional fifth.

1632 CEST - TdF prologue winner Cancellara won't grab any medal either. His time was 59'40"79, his current place fifth. That means Peschel is down to sixth.

1634 CEST - No good news at all for Colombia, as Victor Hugo Pena clocked a time of 01h01'52"75. Ivan Gutiérrez of Spain took sixth instead, but was down to seventh as Vinokourov...

...crossed the line in a time of 58'55"16. The Kazakh is the brand new leader at the moment!!

1635 CEST - But only until...

...Michael Rich comes and sets the best time: 58'42"85.

A great comeback for the German in the second part of the race, that earns him the current lead and...

...and the final silver medal, as MICHAEL ROGERS COMES AND SMOKES 'EM ALL!!

The Aussie set a sensational time of 57'30'12". Michael Rogers is the brand New World Champion!! And he won on the road this time...

1640 CEST - Michael Rogers saved his legs in the first, uphill part of the ride, when the best time was set by Vinokourov, but then he put the hammer down...

...and put 72 (s-e-v-e-n-t-y t-w-o) seconds into his closest "challenger," Germany's Michael Rich.

Alexandre Vinokourov grabbed the remaining medal for Kazakhstan, while the surprising Swede, Erik Gustav Larsson, missed the top three by a whisker. American David Zabriskie and Italy's Marzio Bruseghin, having very similar times, completed the race's top 6.

Regardless of their final result, all the aforementioned riders were on the winning side of things today.

Meanwhile, many a good one did not live up to expectations, from Nozal and Peschel to VHP, to McGee, Danielson, Bodrogi and Cancellara.

Elite Men's ITT (48.75 km.): Full Results
1. Michael Rogers (Australia) - 57'30"12
2. Michael Rich (Germany) - at 01'12"43
3. Alexandre Vinokourov (Kazakhstan) - at 01'25"04
4. Gustav Erik Larsson (Sweden) - at 01'34"47
5. David Zabriskie (USA) - at 01'36"86
6. Marzio Bruseghin (Italy) - at 01'37"26
7. Marc Wauters (Belgium) - at 01'56"33
8. Fabian Cancellara (Switzerland) - at 02'10"67
9. José Iván Gutiérrez (Spain) - at 02'23"12
10. Uwe Peschel (Germany) - at 02'28"75
11. Andrea Peron (Italy) - at 02'32"03
12. Brian Bach Vandborg (Denmark) - at 02'34"87
13. Bert Roesems (Belgium) - at 02'36"17
14. Eddy Seigneur (France) - at 02'41"66
15. David McCann (Ireland) - at 02'44"82
16. Przemyslaw Niemec (Poland) - at 02'59"58
17. Dmitri Semov (Russia) - at 03'05"75
18. Bart Voskamp (Netherlands) - at 03'07"88
19. Ivaïlo Gabrovski (Bulgaria) - at 03'16"39
20. Sergiy Matveyev (Ukraine) - at 03'38"99
21. Laszlo Bodrogi (Hungary) - at 03'40"47
22. Frédéric Finot (France) - at 03'42"63
23. Eric Wohlberg (Canada) - at 03'48"56
24. Joost Posthuma (Netherlands) - at 03'50"03
25. Ruslan Ivanov (Moldavia) - at 03'54"66
26. Bradley McGee (Australia) - at 04'08"28
27. Iván Ramiro Parra Pinto (Colombia) - at 04'11"82
28. Jean Nuttli (Switzerland) - at 04'15"61
29. Michael Blaudzun (Denmark) - at 04'19"56
30. Victor Hugo Peña Grisales (Colombia) - at 04'22"63
31. Michal Hrazdira (Czech Republic) - at 04'24"12
32. Marcus Ljungqvist (Sweden) - at 04'27"73
33. Svein Tuft (Canada) - at 04'46"73
34. Gregor Gazvoda (Slovenia) - at 04'57"56
35. Isidro Nozal Vega (Spain) - at 05'02"64
36. Tom Danielson (USA) - at 05'06"21
37. Benoît Joachim (Luxembourg) - at 05'07"68
38. Denis Shkarpeta (Uzbekistan) - at 05'31"26
39. David O'Loughlin (Ireland) - at 05'32"24
40. Oleg Zhukov (Russia) - at 05'45"49
41. Yuriy Krivtsov (Ukraine) - at 05'48"08
42. Raivis Belohvosciks (Latvia) - at 05'57"77
43. Krzysztof Ciesielski (Poland) - at 06'07"43
44. Martin Prazdnovsky (Slovakia) - at 06'48"92
45. Csaba Szekeres (Hungary) - at 07'19"98
46. Rafael Nuritdinov (Uzbekistan) - at 07'52"57
47. Dean Podgornik (Slovenia) - at 08'33"77

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