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World Championships - Elite Women's Time Trial
By Fabio
Date: 9/28/2004
World Championships - Elite Women's Time Trial

Hello and welcome to our live coverage of the Celite Women ITT at the World Champs. The race is set to start at 15h15 CEST and take place over the same 24.05-km. parcours (not featuring difficult ascents, and with a very easy second half) that hosted the recently ended Junior Men’s race (see link at the bottom of the page). The race is set to kick of at 1515 CEST, and the official start list (times of departure included) is as follows:

Elite Women ITT - Startlist and Times of Departure
15:15:00 35 Veronica Leal Balderas (Mexico)
15:16:30 34 Blaza Klemencic (Slovenia)
15:18:00 33 Bogumila Matusiak (Poland)
15:19:30 32 Natacha Maes (Belgium)
15:21:00 31 Maria Mercedes Cagigas Amedo (Spain)
15:22:30 30 Trixi Worrack (Germany)
15:24:00 29 Amy Moore (Canada)
15:25:30 28 Loes Gunnewijk (Netherlands)
15:27:00 27 Tatiana Shishkova (Moldavia)
15:28:30 26 Svetlana Bubnenkova (Russia)
15:30:00 25 Jolanta Polikeviciute (Lithuania)
15:31:30 24 Oenone Wood (Australia)
15:33:00 23 Tatiana Guderzo (Italy)
15:34:30 22 Tiina Nieminen (Finland)
15:36:00 21 Ana Paola Madrinan Villegas (Colombia)
15:37:30 20 Jeannie Longo France)
15:39:00 19 Dori Ruano (Spain)
15:40:30 18 Natalya Kachalka (Ukraine)
15:42:00 17 Christiane Soeder (Austria)
15:43:30 16 Evy Van Damme (Belgium)
15:45:00 15 Malgorzata Wysocka (Poland)
15:46:30 14 Anita Valen (Norway)
15:48:00 13 Anna Zugno (Italy)
15:49:30 12 Christine Thorburn (USA)
15:51:00 11 Edwige Pitel (France)
15:52:30 10 Priska Doppmann (Switzerland)
15:54:00 9 Susan Palmer-Komar (Canada)
15:55:30 8 Edita Pucinskaite (Lithuania)
15:57:00 7 Mirjam Melchers (Netherlands)
15:58:30 6 Judith Arndt (Germany)
16:00:00 5 Zoulfia Zabirova (Russia)
16:01:30 4 Olivia Gollan (Australia)
16:03:00 3 Deirdre Demet-Barry (USA)
16:04:30 2 Karin Thürig (Switzerland)
16:06:00 1 Joane Somarriba Arrola (Spain)

Race coverage here now! And click on F5 to refresh the page and get the latest news on the event.

1524 CEST - The first seven riders took the start under Bardolino's sunny skies. Among them were Germany's Trixi Worrack and Canada's Amy Moore.

1525 CEST - Holland's Loes Gunnewijk is also underway now.

1529 CEST - Trixi Worrack was a medallist here in Veneto at the 1999 Worlds, when she took third in the Junior race, losing to Genevieve Jeanson and France’s Vandekerkove, neither of whom is racing today.

Will she be able to repeat that outstanding result? Or do even better? She's sure gonna find stiff competition from several talented riders. Two of whom, Svetlana Bubnenkova of Russia and Oenone Wood of Australia (who's not exactly the #1 favourite today anyway), just took the start.

1532 CEST - And after the #1 rider in the World Cup, it’s time for European champion Tatiana Guderzo of Italy to start her race. Guderzo won a race that saw only U23 riders compete anyway, so she can't be considered one of the red hot favorites of today's event.

1536 CEST - Blaza Klemencic of Slovenia (not a relative of pro rider Zoran) caught and dropped Veronica Leal Balderas (Mexico) and was the first rider to hit the 11.8 km check point. Her time: 18'12"89.

1538 CEST - Another rider is about to take the start. More than a rider...a legend of cycling: Jeannie Longo-Ciprelli. 45 (46 in less than a month) and still running. And after Mrs. Longo-Ciprelli, it's time for Spain's Teodora (Dori) Ruano to start her challenge.

1542 CEST - Triki Worrack set the best time at the km. 11.8 check; 17’50"47. She bettered the time of Poland’s Bogumila Matuisiak by some 15".

1544 CEST - Canada’s Amy Moore didn’t have such a good time at the first check instead: 19’19"42.

1546 CEST - Legendary Lithuanian Jolanta Polikeviciute was the next rider at the startline.

1547 CEST - Russian Svetlana Bubnenkova proved she’s up the challenge, as she set the second best time at the halfway point: 17’54"60. Italy's Anna Zugno, Gold medallist in the Junior Race two years ago at Zolder, is at the startline now.

American Christine Thorburn comes next.

1551 CEST - Oenone Wood (Australia) benefits from the first, uphill piece of the parcours and sets the third best time: 17’54 79. About the same as Bubnenkova’s, and a few seconds down to Worrack’s.

1552 CEST - Bogumila Matusiak sets the best time at the finish line (33’38"25) and beats Slovenia’s Klemencic by close to 32 secs.

1554 CEST - And Mexico's Veronica Leal Balderas, the first rider to take the start, finished just now, in a time of 38'14"62. While in the meantime Italy's Tatiana Guderzo established the #1 time at the halfway point check: 17'45"22, about four secs better than Worrack's.

1555 CEST - Jeannie Longo set quite a good time at the 11.8 km. check: 17'54'20". She's nine secs down to Tatiana Guderzo, anyway.

1557 CEST - Dori Ruano's halfway point time: 18'08"93. Not a good performance so far for her. While in the meantime Trixi Worrack came to the line and set the best time: 33'10"51 for the current leader.

1559 CEST - Jolanta Polikeviciute is just 11th at the 11.8km time check, while Spain’s Cagigas is three places further behind.

1601 CEST - Loes Gunnewijk (Holland) set the fifth best time (35’20"58) and pushed Canada’s Amy Moore (36’03"48) down to sixth.

1603 CEST- Bravo Bubneknova! The Russian nullified her previous gap to Trixi Worrack and became the new leader as she crossed the line in a time of 33’10"29, beating the German by no more than 12 hundredths of a second!

1605 CEST - And super-bravo Oenone Wood!! The Aussie had a helluva second half of the race, and crossed the line in 33’01"60, taking the lead by close to nine seconds!!!

1607 CEST - Wood maintained the lead also after Tatiana Guderzo crossed the line at Bardolino. The Italian paid the price in the second half of the race, and could take second place only: 33’05"52.

1609 CEST - While also Somarriba took the start, we got a new leader at the halfway point check: American Christine Thorburn set a time of 17’40"89, bettering Guderzo’s previous record by about five seconds.

1610 CEST - But Priska Doppman of Switzerland immediately came and smoked all previous times, scoring a great 17’35"46.

1612 CEST - Jeannie Longo's finish time: 33'23"52. She's currently sitting in third place, but will unlikely add a new medal to her impressive tally.

1613 CEST - Especially with rivals such as Edita Pucinskaite, who just got to the halfway point check at Pastrengo, and set a time of... 17'09"26!!!

1614 CEST - Holland's Mirjam Melchers set the second best time at Pastrengo: 17'24"69.

1615 CEST - Which immediately became the third best time as Judith Arndt came and smoked 'em all!! 17'03"06 is her intermediate time. Wow!!!

1617 CEST - You think her time still is the best one at the hallway point check? You are wrong then: Zoulfia Zubirova just bettered her time, clocking a great 17'05"23!

1620 CEST- And in the meantime, Norway’s Anita Valen set the third best time at the finish line: 33’10", she’s more than eight seconds down to provisional leader Wood, and five seconds down to Guderzo.

1621 CEST - Unpleasant news for Australia and the US: Olivia Gollan was well behind 18'10" at the first time check, and Deirdre Demet-Barry set a time of 17’48"96.

1623 CEST - But we've got a motorbike on the road, folks: Karin Thürig (Switzerland) demolished all previous intermediate times as she scored 16'40"22". American Thorburn set the best time at the line, thanks to a good 32'37"67. And Priska Doppmann couldn't beat her.

1626 CEST - Also Joanne Somarriba hit the halfway point time check at Pastrengo, but she's just second, 16" down to Thurig!

1628 CEST - After catching and dropping Canada’s Susan Palmer, Edita Puckinskaite got to the line and bettered Thorburn’s time; 32’25"71 is what she scored.

1630 CEST - Mirjam Melchers also beat Thorburn's time, but not Pucinskaite: 32'35"62 her time.

1631 CEST - Judith Arndt rode like a motobike in the second half of the ride, and smoked all previous times at the finish line: 31'45"43 for the German.

1632 CEST - Zulfia Zabirova couldn't steal her the lead: 31'50"00 and second provisional place for the Russian. Are we going to have another German win today? A certain Karin Thurig may not agree...

1634 CEST - Olivia Gollan finished in a time of 33'32'64. Not a good time, not a good result (16th). She finished behind Jeannie Longo too.

1635 CEST - Just one name... Karen Thurig. And just one time... 30'53"65!! The Swiss smoked all previous times, and captured the lead at the end of a sensational performance!!

1637 CEST - The same can't be said of Demet Dede-Barry, who was caught and dropped by the Swiss, and ended her race well off the top 10: she was 13th in a time of 33'11"21.

1638 CEST - Dede-Barry went down to 14th as Joanne Somarriba made it to the the Basque did better then her. But was not good enough to win the race. Or to grab a medal either. Somarriba finished 4th in a time of 32'09"38.

So we've got a winner: SWITZERLAND'S KARIN THURIG!

And a silver medallist: Germany's Judith Arndt.

And a bronze medallist too: Russia's Zoulfia Zabirova.

1643 CEST - Karin Thurig really rode like a motorbike to clinch what is her third World title...

...but the first one in "pure" cycling, as her two other wins came in...duathlon!

And Thurig's fans, who came all the way from Switzerland to support her, can finally celebrate and show the world their "Go Karin Go" inscription. Thurig (32) can finally wear the rainbow jersey.

While also Arndt and Zoubirova (who gave Russia its first medal in these World Champs) can enjoy their well-earned medals too.

Elite Women ITT: Full Results

1. Karin Thürig (Switzerland) - 30'53"65
2. Judith Arndt (Germany) - at 51"78
3. Zoulfia Zabirova (Russia) - at 56"35
4. Joane Somarriba Arrola (Spain) - at 01'15"73
5. Edita Pucinskaite (Lithuania) - at 01'32"06
6. Mirjam Melchers (Holland) - at 01'41"97
7. Christine Thorburn (USA) - at 01'44"02
8. Priska Doppmann (Switzerland) - at 01'54"99
9. Oenone Wood (Australia) - at 02'07"95
10. Tatiana Guderzo (Italy) - at 02'11"87
11. Anita Valen (Norway) - at 02'16"57
12. Svetlana Bubnenkova (Russia) - at 02'16"64
13. Trixi Worrack (Germany) - at 02'16"86
14. Deirdre Demet-Barry (USA) - at 02'17"56
15. Jeannie Longo Ciprelli (France) - at 02'29"87
16. Olivia Gollan (Australia) - at 02'38"99
17. Bogumila Matusiak (Poland) - at 02'44"60
18. Dori Ruano (Spain) - at 02'49"64
19. Anna Zugno (Italy) - at 03'02"76
20. Edwige Pitel (France) - at 03'03"92
21. Susan Palmer-Komar (Canada) - at 03'15"82
22. Blaza Klemencic (Slovenia) - at 03'16"52
23. Tatiana Shishkova (Moldavia) - at 03'31"93
24. Natacha Maes (Belgium) - at 03'34"14
25. Jolanta Polikeviciute (Lithuania) - at 03'41"93
26. Evy van Damme (Belgium) - at 03'42"49
27. Ana Paola Madrinan Villegas (Colombia) - at 03'46"08
28. Malgorzata Wysocka (Poland) - at 03'57"55
29. Natalya Kachalka (Ukraine) - at 04'02"25
30. Maria Mercedes Cagigas Amedo (Spain) - at 04'04"84
31. Loes Gunnewijk (Holland) - at 04'26"93
32. Tiina Nieminen (Finland) - at 04'31"35
33. Amy Moore (Canada) - at 05'09"83
34. Veronica Leal Balderas (Mexico) - at 07'20"97

Thanks for joining us for day two of the World Championships - join us again tomorrow for more action. Full results to come right here.

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