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World Championships - Junior Men's Time Trial
By Fabio
Date: 9/28/2004
World Championships - Junior Men's Time Trial

Hello and welcome to our coverage of the opening race of Day 2 of the Road World Championships, the Junior Men’s ITT, both starting and finishing in the Garda lakeside town of Bardolino, and covering 24 kms. The race is set to kick of at 1228 CEST, and the official start list (times of departure included) is as follows:
Junior Men's ITT - Startlist:
12:27:00 74 Jacques Janse Van Rensburg (South Africa)
12:28:30 73 Duncan Viljoen (South Africa)
12:30:00 72 Giorgi Nadiradze (Georgia)
12:31:30 71 Eligijus Dalisanskas (Lithuania)
12:33:00 70 Tal Eizinbad (Israel)
12:34:30 69 Ryuta Morimoto (Japan)
12:36:00 68 Panagiotis Potsakis (Greece)
12:37:30 67 Aliaksei Sakavets (Bielorussia)
12:39:00 66 Dejan Stefanovic (Serbia & Montenegro)
12:40:30 65 Carlos Julián Quintero (Colombia)
12:42:00 64 Alexandr Pliuschin (Moldavia)
12:43:30 63 Gatis Smukulis (Latvia)
12:45:00 62 Eric Boily (Canada)
12:46:30 61 Egoitz Garcia Echeguibel (Spain)
12:48:00 60 Yevhen Nikolenko (Ukraine)
12:49:30 59 Roman Kireyev (Kazakhstan)
12:51:00 58 Manuele Boaro (Italy)
12:52:30 57 Martin Munroe (Ireland)
12:54:00 56 Zdenek Machac (Czech Republic)
12:55:30 55 Andrew Thompson (New Zealand)
12:57:00 54 Adam Switters (USA)
12:58:30 53 Ervin Korts-Laur (Estonia)
13:00:00 52 André Steensen (Denmark)
13:01:30 51 Nick Clesen (Luxembourg)
13:03:00 50 Alexander Egger (Austria)
13:04:30 49 Julien Schopfer (Switzerland)
13:06:00 48 Luis Pulido Naranjo (Mexico)
13:07:30 47 Ben Hermans (Belgium)
13:09:00 46 Ian Stannard (Great Britain)
13:10:30 45 Thijs Van Amerongen (Holland)
13:12:00 44 Archil Makkharashvili (Georgia)
13:13:30 43 Marius-Nicolae Stoica (Roumania)
13:15:00 42 Johan Lindgren (Sweden)
13:16:30 41 Rodrick Muscat (Malta)
13:18:00 40 Stefan Schäfer (Germany)
13:19:30 39 Ante Radic (Croatia)
13:21:00 38 Maxime Bouet (France)
13:22:30 37 Rafaâ Chtioui (Tunisia)
13:24:00 36 Ruslan Karimov (Uzbekistan)
13:25:30 35 Anton Mikhailov (Israel)
13:27:00 34 Edvald Boasson Hagen (Norway)
13:28:30 33 Kristjan Koren (Slovenia)
13:30:00 32 Jaroslaw Marycz (Poland)
13:31:30 31 Slavomir Benc (Slovakia)
13:33:00 30 Shawn Pullicino (Malta)
13:34:30 29 Maksym Kovalchuk (Ukraine)
13:36:00 28 Laszlo Madaras (Roumania)
13:37:30 27 Egidijus Jursys (Lithuania)
13:39:00 26 Ciaran Kelly (Ireland)
13:40:30 25 Samuel Coelho (Portugal)
13:42:00 24 Raphael Tremblay (Canada)
13:43:30 23 Janis Ozols (Latvia)
13:45:00 22 Fabio Andrés Duarte Arevalo (Colombia)
13:46:30 21 Harley Goss (Australia)
13:48:00 20 Alexander Slivkin (Russia)
13:49:30 19 Bolat Raimbekov (Kazakhstan)
13:51:00 18 Andreas Simon (Austria)
13:52:30 17 Yury Yazepchyk (Bielorussia)
13:54:00 16 Alberto Ibañez Vanes (Spain)
13:55:30 15 Alessandro Carretti (Italy)
13:57:00 14 Edwin Crossling (New Zealand)
13:58:30 13 Patrick Gretsch (Germany)
14:00:00 12 Tanel Kangert (Estonia)
14:01:30 11 Schär Michael (Switzerland)
14:03:00 10 Jerome Coppel (France)
14:04:30 9 Timofey Kritskiy (Russia)
14:06:00 8 Robert Gesink (Holland)
14:07:30 7 Viktor Renäng (Sweden)
14:09:00 6 Chris Stockburger (USA)
14:10:30 5 Anders Berendt Hansen (Denmark)
14:12:00 4 Michiel Van Aelbroeck (Belgium)
14:13:30 3 Lukasz Modzelewski (Poland)
14:15:00 2 Roman Kreuziger (Czech Republic)
14:16:30 1 Simon Spilak (Slovenia)

Race coverage now on. Please click on the F5 key to refresh the page and get the latest updates from the event.

1236 CEST - Tuseday's opening is underway, after more than half a dozen riders already took the start. One more time the skies over the town of Bardolino are sunny. We'll deliver the first time updates as soon as we get them.

1240 CEST - Dejan Stefanovic of Serbia-Montenegro (once known as Yugoslavia) and Colombian Carlos Julián Quintero were the most recent starters. Moldova's Alexandr Pliuschin comes next.

1244 CEST - More and more young guns are on the parcours at the moment. Just wanted to remind you that there are 1.5 minutes between the starters, with no differences between the first and the last ones, while the first time check i located at Pastrengo (km. 11.8).

1252 CEST - The first five riders hit the first time check at Pastrengo. And the last one to "cross" the 11.8 km. line was Israel's Tai Einzibad, who set the worst time (18'56"61) so far.

1257 CEST - In the meantime, more than 20 riders already took the start, and among them were Italy's Manuel Boaro (will the local Juniors prove able to repeat the excellent peformance put in by their U23 colleagues yesterday?), New Zealand's Andrew Thompson, and the first US contender in this race, Adam Switters (the other one being Chris Stockburger, set to start more than an hour from now).

1300 CEST - Jacques Janse Van Rensburg (South Africa) was the first rider to hit the finish line at Bardolino. His time: 32'15"38.

1302 CEST - Then it was the turn of fellow South African Duncan Viljoen, whose time at the finish line was far worse than Van Rensburg's: 32'49"60.

1305 CEST - Georgian Giorgi Nadiradze made it to the line, but in a time of 34'47"78. Another rider from the former USSR, Alexandr Pliuschin of Moldova, reportedly set the best time at the km. 11.8 check, with Yevhen Nikolenko of Ukraine currently in second place.

1310 CEST - Panagiotis Potsakis of Greece scored he second best time to the line (32'36"51) kicking Viljoen down to spot number three. South African Van Rensburg remains provisional leader after seven riders made it to the end.

1311 CEST - Good news for Italy as Manuele Boaro set the second best time at the km. 11.8 check. Zdenek Machac of Czechia was third, and kicked Nikolenko's time down to fourth.

1314 CEST - Alexandr Pliuschin (Moldova) got to the finish line and smoked all previous records, clocking a time of 30'58"13. Needless to say, he's BY FAR the new provisional leader of the race.

1316 CEST - Latvia's Gatis Smukulis captured a spot in the provisional top 3 as he set a time of 32'17"45. He kicked Potsakis down to spot number four, but couldn't better Van Rensburg's time.

1318 CEST - Eric Boily (Canada) landed far from the medal zone. He set the 7th provisional time (out of 13 finishers), that was 33'04"96.

1322 CEST - Yevhen Nikolenko's second half of the race was definitely worse than his first one, as the Ukrainian finished in fourth place only, in a time of 32'23"54

1325 CEST - Ireland's Martin Munroe finished outside the top 10 spots, as he took 11th in a time of 33'22". In the meantime Ben Hermans has bettered Boaro's s econd best time at the km 11.8 check: 16'37"95 for the Belgian.

1330 CEST - more English-speaking riders to the line, and more not too good resuots ... Kiwi Andrew Thompson finished 15th in a time of 33'51"22, but immediately went down to 16th as American Adam Switters came in 8th, clocking a time of 32'45"08. He was far from repeating Rebecca Much's accomplishments ...

1335 CEST - Here come the Germans! Stefan Schäfer just hit the km 11.8 time check, and set the fastest time (16'16"70), bettering Liuschin's record by close to four seconds.

1338 CEST - Julien Schopfer (Switzerland) got to the line but his time (33'42"73) posed no threat to Liuschin's lead. He only stole 20th place from Andrew Thompson.

1341 CEST - Liuchin's lead at the finish line remains unchallenged at the moment; but we have new riders in the remaining top 3 spots as Ben Hermans of Belgium set the second best time, and Zdenek Machac of the Czech Republic was third.

1343 CEST - And neither Ian Stannard (Great Britain) nor Holland's Thijs Van Amerongen, who took a decent fith in a time of 32'12"46, kicking van Rensburg down to sixth, could do any better.

1350 CEST - Stefan Schäfer is the brand new provisional leader!! The powerful German crossed the line in a time of 30'45"70, doing better than Pliuschin by more than 10 seconds, kicking Hermans down to third, Machac to fourth and Sweden's Johan Lindgren (whose time was 32'10"92) down to sixth in the provisional ranking.

1354 CEST - Maxime Bouet of France entered the provisional top 3 as he crossed the line in a time of 31'28"90, throwing Ben Hermans, whose record was 31'55"04, out of the medal zone.

1400 CEST - Edvald Boasson Hagen (Norway) finished in fifth, establishing a time of 31'40"99. And kicked Ben Hermans out of the top 5. Sho who's currently fourth? Maybe Rafaâ Chtioui of Tunisia?

1402 CEST - Yes, folks!! It may be surprising, but the Tunisian has actually set the fourth best (for the moment) time, finishing just slightly behind Maxime Bouet! Kudos to Rafaâ Chtioui!

1407 CEST - Alexander Slivkin (Russia) set the third best time at the halfway point check. He's 21 more than seconds down on Schafer and about 16" down on Pliushihn, but only a few hundredths of a second behid Bouet; it looks like he can seriously aim for a medal (that would be Russia's first in these Worlds)

1410 CEST - Also American Chris Stockburger took the start. Only five more riders to go ...

1414 CEST - Irishman Ciaran Kelly finished a few seconds behind fellow countryman Munroe, and both of them far from the top places. Adam Switters is currently sitting in spot number 20.

1416 CEST - Maksym Kovalchuk (Ukraine) set the sixth best time in 31'54"13, while Canadian Raphael Tremblay is currently 26th (his time: 32'58"00), five seconds and one place ahead of compatriot Eric Boily.

1422 CEST - Russian Alexander Silvkin set the third fastest time to the line in 31'12"62, kicking Australian Harley Gross, whose record was 32'05"27, down to 12th. But France's Jerome Coppel set the fifth best time (16'32"74) at the halfway point check ... and it was better Silvkin's did. Such that we can say it will be hard for the Russian to hang onto his (provisional) medal anyway.

1425 CEST - More significant news from the 11.8 km time check at Pastrengo: Patrick Gretsch (Germany) set the best time, doing better than his compatriot Schaefer by close to 10 seconds!!! But also Michael Schär (Switzerland) and Viktor Renäng (Sweden) had good results: 16'19"57 for the former (e.g. the 4th best time thus far), and 16'18"52 for the Scandinavian (third best time at the halfway point)!

1428 CEST - Italy's Alessandro Carretti took 18th in a time of 32'19"53. But he went down to 19th soon, as Germany's Patrick Gretsch hit the finish line and stormed the ranking, as he set a record time of 30'29"37. Gretsch is the new leader, with comptriot Schaefer in second place. Are we going to have a German 1-2 in this race? The answer after all twelve riders left have crossed the line!

1435 CEST - A German 1-2 could be more likely after Switzerland's Michael Schaer failed to beat Schaefer's time: 30'46"38 for the Swiss, who took third place anyway. But the Germans should watch out for Roman Kreuziger (Czech Republic) who set a time of 16'09"94 at the halfway pont time check; about three and a half seconds down to Grecsh's, but quite better than Schaefer's.

1440 CEST - Holland's Robert Gesink finished with the sixth best time so far: 31'06"62, and pushed France's Jerome Coppel who previously scored a time of 31'19"03, down to seventh.

1441 CEST - But then came Viktor Renäng of Sweden, who did better than both of them, in a time of 30'47"84. The Scandinavian is currently sitting in spot number four.

1443 CEST - American Chris Stockburger finished way back: he was caught and dropped by Denmark's Anders Berendt Hansen, and took just 41st in a time of 32'55"54. As for the Dane, Hansen made his way into spot number six, in a time of 31'06"40.

1445 CEST - Michiel Van Aelbroeck of Belgiuam just crossed the line too. His time: 31'50"69. His current result: 13th.

1448 CEST - We are not going to have a second Czech win in the Junior class, but not a 1-2 for Germany in this racee either. Roman Kreuziger crossed the line in a time of 30'44"90. He's runner-up to Patrick Gretsch, who's just one rider away from victory, but prevented Stefan Schäfer from taking silver.

1450 CEST - Neither Lukasz Mozelewski of Poland, who was caught and dropped by Kreuziger, nor Slovenia's Simon Spilak, who wasn't a factor in this race, could pose any threat to the top finishres, such that we can finally say that ... we have a winner!! And also two other medallists!

Patrick Gretsch (Germany) took the gold medal!

Roman Kreuziger (Czech Republic) won the silver ...

... and Stefan Schäfer (Germany) got the bronze.

1456 CEST - The second half of the top 6 overall consists of Switzerland's Michaele Schär, Sweden's Viktor Renäng and Moldovan Alexandr Pliuschin, all of whom having an outstanding performance, but none of whom getting any medal as reward.

1500 CEST - German riders were on the loser's side after Monday's first two races against the clock, but bounced back big style today, clinching first and third place. But the Czech Republic replied by putting in another excellent performance after yesterday's Junior Women TT win, and held onto the top spot in the medal tally. And now Germany's anthem "Das Lied der Deutschen" is played on the shores of Garda Lake (favorite holiday place for thousands and thousands German tourists over the summer).

Junior Men ITT (24.05 km.): Full Results
1. Patrick Gretsch (Germany) - 30'29"37
2. Roman Kreuziger (Czech Republic) - at 15"53
3. Stefan Schäfer (Germany) - at 16"33
4. Michael Schär (Switzerland) - at 17"01
5. Viktor Renäng (Sweden) - at 18"47
6. Alexandr Pliuschin (Moldova) - at 28"76
7. Anders Berendt Hansen (Denmark) - at 37"03
8. Robert Gesink (Holland) - at 37"25
9. Alexander Slivkin (Russia) - at 43"25
10. Jerome Coppel (France) - at 49"66
11. Maxime Bouet (France) - at 59"53
12. Rafaâ Chtioui (Tunisia) - at 59"68
13. Simon Spilak (Slovenia) - at 01'01"76
14. Edvald Boasson Hagen (Norway) - at 01'11"62
15. Michiel Van Aelbroeck (Belgium) - at 01'21"32
16. Maksym Kovalchuk (Ukraine) - at 01'24"76
17. Ben Hermans (Belgium) - at 01'25"67
18. Zdenek Machac (Czech Republic) - at 01'30"80
19. Kristjan Koren (Slovenia) - at 01'31"33
20. Manuele Boaro (Italy) - at 01'32"46
21. Yury Yazepchyk (Bielorussia) - at 01'35"61
22. Harley Goss (Australia) - at 01'35"90
23. Janis Ozols (Latvia) - at 01'37"37
24. Johan Lindgren (Sweden) - at 01'41"55
25. Thijs Van Amerongen (Hooland) - at 01'43"09
26. Jacques Janse Van Rensburg (South Africa) - at 01'46"01
27. Alessandro Carretti (Italy) - at 01'46"56
28. Gatis Smukulis (Latvia) - at 01'48"08
29. André Steensen (Denmark) - at 01'48"50
30. Fabio Andrés Duarte Arevalo (Colombia) - at 01'49"73
31. Tanel Kangert (Estonia) - at 01'51"40
32. Ian Stannard (Great Britain) - at 01'52"97
33. Yevhen Nikolenko (Ukraine) - at 01'54"17
34. Timofey Kritskiy (Russia) - at 01'56"13
35. Lukasz Modzelewski (Poland) - at 01'58"92
36. Bolat Raimbekov (Kazakhstan) - at 01'59"68
37. Nick Clesen (Luxembourg) - at 02'01"16
38. Andreas Simon (Austria) - at 02'05"73
39. Panagiotis Potsakis (Greece) - at 02'07"14
40. Alberto Ibanez Vanes (Spain) - at 02'12"63
41. Adam Switters (USA) - at 02'15"71
42. Duncan Viljoen (South Africa) - at 02'20"23
43. Egoitz Garcia Echeguibel (Spain) - at 02'21"58
44. Ervin Korts-Laur (Estonia) - at 02'21"60
45. Chris Stockburger (USA) - at 02'26"17
46. Carlos Julián Quintero (Colombia) - at 02'26"53
47. Raphael Tremblay (Canada) - at 02'28"63
48. Eric Boily (Canada) - at 02'35"59
49. Alexander Egger (Austria) - at 02'38"57
50. Martin Munroe (Ireland) - at 02'44"02
51. Ciaran Kelly (Ireland) - at 02'44"83
52. Roman Kireyev (Kazakhstan) - at 02'50"29
53. Rodrick Muscat (Malta) - at 02'50"83
54. Jaroslaw Marycz (Poland) - at 02'56"68
55. Dejan Stefanovic (Serbia-Montenegro) - at 02'58"62
56. Egidijus Jursys (Lithuania) - at 02'59"77
57. Edwin Crossling (New Zealand) - at 02'59"87
58. Julien Schopfer (Switzerland) - at 03'13"36
59. Andrew Thompson (New Zealand) - at 03'21"85
60. Slavomir Benc (Slovakia) - at 03'33"90
61. Laszlo Madaras (Romania) - at 03'36"01
62. Ruslan Karimov (Uzbekistan) - at 03'36"96
63. Marius-Nicolae Stoica (Romania) - at 03'38"83
64. Eligijus Dalisanskas (Lithuania) - at 03'41"05
65. Samuel Coelho (Portugal) - at 03'42"90
66. Ante Radic (Croatia) - at 03'43"66
67. Giorgi Nadiradze (Georgia) - at 04'18"41
68. Aliaksei Sakavets (Belarus) - at 04'39"51
69. Makkharashvili Archil (Georgia) - at 04'44"00
70. Ryuta Morimoto (Japan) - at 04'59"13
71. Shawn Pullicino (Malta) - at 05'27"74
72. Tal Eizinbad (Israel) - at 05'42"44
73. Anton Mikhailov (Israel) - at 05'50"60
74. Luis Pulido Naranjo (Mexico) - at 06'40"09

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