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Stage 9 Analysis...
By Manny Samaniego
Date: 5/21/2002
Stage 9 Analysis...
What a shame that the events surrounding today's stage 9 have overshadowed Mario Cipollini's 37th victory during his Giro de Italia career. And the talk around the cycling community today is not about Cipo's impressive victory, but the doping case of Stefano Garzelli.

The story has been a true soap opera, with it's final chapter today, not being the happy ending we were hoping for. Cycling has been dealt yet another hard blow, in one of its biggest races, in a country where cycling is king and riders are superstars.

What's next? ...For Garzelli, some time off, a suspension and maybe a search for a new job, although Mapei hasn't said much about that yet. For the rest of the riders, the race has just begun, and hopefully we will be treated to a superb race by the riders still in contention, so we can go on, not forgetting this malignant vice that is attempting to kill our beloved sport.

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