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World Championships - Under 23 Men's Time Trial
By Fabio
Date: 9/27/2004
World Championships - Under 23 Men's Time Trial

Hello and welcome to the live coverage of the second event of the 2004 Road World Championships, the U23 Men ITT, covering 36.75 km and both starting and finishing, like all other races against the clock at these World Champs, in the small lakeside town of Bardolino, in the Verona province of Northern Italy. This race comes after the Junior Women challenge, that took place a couple hours ago, and gave many English-speaking fans something to celebrate. For all details and results of the event, please go to our Junior Women’s ITT Page.

As for the Under 23 challenge this page is about, here is the startlist, departure times included (all times CEST, obviously).

Under 23 Men's ITT - Startlist:
14:31:30 51 VARGAS ARTUNDUAGA Carlos Fernando COL COL19820522
14:33:00 50 GUAMA DE LA CRUZ Byron ECU ECU19850614
14:34:30 49 VELITS Martin SVK SVK19850221
14:36:00 48 IMPEY Daryl RSA RSA19841206
14:37:30 47 DER Zolt SCG SCG19830325
14:39:00 46 KOVALOCZY A. HUN HUN19820328
14:40:30 45 GRIVKO Andriy UKR UKR19830807
14:42:00 44 KONOVALOVAS Ignas LTU LTU19851208
14:43:30 43 MARTENS Paul GER GER19831026
14:45:00 42 DUGGAN Tim USA USA19821114
14:46:30 41 ROLLIN Dominique CAN CAN19821029
14:48:00 40 INFANTINO ABREU Rafael COL COL19840828
14:49:30 39 ABOLINS Aldis LAT LAT19840724
14:51:00 38 BERGER Harald AUT AUT19831104
14:52:30 37 CONNOR Ryan GBR GBR19840406
14:54:00 36 CABREIRA João POR POR19820512
14:55:30 35 BØCHMAN Lasse DEN DEN19830613
14:57:00 34 VELITS Peter SVK SVK19850221
14:58:30 33 KHALMURATOV Muradjan UZB UZB19820611
15:00:00 32 STOYTCHEV Bogdan BUL BUL19850408
15:01:30 31 SAMBRIS Ruslan MDA MDA19850206
15:03:00 30 MUNOZ GIRALDO Julian David COL COL19830815
15:04:30 29 SANCHEZ PRADO Eladio ESP ESP19840712
15:06:00 28 SVAB Miha SLO SLO19840420
15:07:30 27 ANDRIY Pryshchepa UKR UKR19820518
15:09:00 26 SCHILLINGER Andreas GER GER19830713
15:10:30 25 SIUTSOU Kanstantsin BLR BLR19820809
15:12:00 24 ROHREGGER Thomas AUT AUT19821223
15:13:30 23 BUIVIDAS Andrius LTU LTU19850811
15:15:00 22 RIVERA Francesco ITA ITA19830706
15:16:30 21 MORIZOT Florian FRA FRA19850510
15:18:00 20 DAWSON Peter AUS AUS19820204
15:19:30 19 MORABITO Steve SUI SUI19830130
15:21:00 18 HAISZER Akos HUN HUN19851231
15:22:30 17 FARRAR Tyler USA USA19840602
15:24:00 16 BELOV Stanislav RUS RUS19830514
15:25:30 15 CHRISTENSEN Mads DEN DEN19840406
15:27:00 14 SHERSTOBITOFF Jeff CAN CAN19820617
15:28:30 13 KUNITSKI Andrei BLR BLR19840702
15:30:00 12 PEREZ LEZAUN Alan ESP ESP19820715
15:31:30 11 REUS Kai NED NED19850311
15:33:00 10 KAISEN Olivier BEL BEL19830430
15:34:30 9 BODNAR Lukasz POL POL19820510
15:36:00 8 CHAMPION Dimitri FRA FRA19830906
15:37:30 7 NIBALI Vincenzo ITA ITA19841114
15:39:00 6 DEKKER Thomas NED NED19840906
15:40:30 5 MAZUR Piotr POL POL19821202
15:42:00 4 BRAJKOVIC Janez SLO SLO19831218
15:43:30 3 ESIN Alexey RUS RUS19850330
15:45:00 2 CORNU Dominique BEL BEL19851010
15:46:30 1 MÜLLER Christian GER GER19820301

Live coverage of the event now on. Click the F5 Key to refresh the page and get the latest updates from the race.

1445 CEST The first dozen riders already took the start in Bardolino, under skies as sunny as they were during the Junior Women's race. The last rider to start, a few seconds ago, was American Tim Duggan.

1449 CEST More guys on a bike seen at the startline in recent minutes, the last one to get underway was Colombia's Rafael Infantino.

1451 CEST About half a dozen riders already reached the first time check point. Current leader is Ukraine's Andriy Grivko, in a time of 10'05"84.

1453 CEST The Ukranian, winner of Italy's #1 stage race (along with the Tour of Italy) reserved for U23 riders, the Giro delle Regioni, is leading Portugal's Ricardo Martins by about 20 seconds.

1455 CEST The first time check is located at the end of the Costermano climb, one of the two ascents that could prove decisive in determining the outcome of a race featuring a demanding parcours.

1457 CEST The Costermano climb is 3-km. long, with gradient hovering around 4-6%, and also after the top of the climb, the route continues going up and down.

1459 CEST The latest about Jan Ullrich: The man is suffering from stomach problems, and went back to Germany in the last hours. He will not compete in Wednesday’s ITT, and also his participation in Sunday’s Road Race might be in doubt!

1500 CEST Moldovian Ruslan Sambris (19) was the last one to start his race, while Ukraine's Grivko is still holding onto his lead at the km. 6.3 time check.

Besides the "Tour of the Regions", the strong Ukrainian also added a recent overall win at Giro della Toscana Under 23.

1504 CEST 15 athletes hit the 6.3-km. time check. But none was able to better the time set by Grivko, with Martins still in second place. Spain’s Eladio Sánchez Prado was the last rider to take the start a few seconds ago.

1506 CEST American Tim Duggan set a time of 10’46"32 at the 6.3-km. time check, while Denmark’s Lasse Bochman set the second best time (10’22"24).

1507 CEST Super Grivko is flying: the Ukrainian caught and dropped Hungary’s Kovaloczy, but also Zolt Der of Serbia-Montenegro, who started three minutes before him.

1512 CEST Slovakia’s Peter Velits is not doing that well: his time at the 6.3 km. time check was 10’47"92. Bulgarian Bogdan Stoytchev is some 10 seconds faster than him at this point of the race. But there’s along way to go…

1513 CEST More intermediate times: 10'54" for Uzbekistan's Khalmuratov, and about one second better for Moldova' Sambris, while American Tim Duggan is currently in eighth place.

1515 CEST Portugal’s Ricardo Martins was the first rider to achieve the second time check point (Lazise, km. 31.5). His time? But 42'54"62, of course!

1516 CEST Beware the Slovenian Armada: they have strong riders, and one of them, Miha Svab, just set the second best time at the km. 6.3 check: 10h13'55". Grivko’s still first, with Bochman down to third. Australian hopeful Peter Dawson just took the start.

1520 CEST Ricardo Martins was the first rider to cross the line, in a time of 49'29"01.

1522 CEST Belarusian talented youngster Kanstantin Sioutsou sets a time of 10'46"06 at the 6.3-km. time check, and kicks Tim Duggan out of the provisional Top 10.

1524 CEST Colombian Carlos Fernando Vargas also finished his race. But with a far worse time than Martins’: 52'23"70.

1525 CEST And in the meantime, Andriy Grivko hit the 31.5-km time check at Lazise, extending his lead over Martins to about 50 seconds.

1528 CEST Surprise, surprise: we have an Italian in the provisional top three (after 6.3-km. at least) - Francesco Rivera set the third best time in 10’13"55.

1530 CEST Andriy Grivko crossed the line and demolished Martins’ time: 48’19"63 was the time set by the flying Ukrainian.

1531 CEST But beware Paul Martens of Germany: he was losing some 30 secs to Grivko at the first time check, but is reportedly gaining time on the Ukrainian in the most recent kilometres.

1533 CEST Lithuania's Ignas Konovalovas stole second place from Martins, in a time of 49'17"64. Tyler Farrar of the US is 17th at the first time check, in a time of 10'50'36".

1535 CEST Surprising Paul Martens of Germany crossed the line in second. In a time of 48’49". He did even better than Grivko after the km. 6.3. time check. But couldn’t make up for the time he lost in the first, uphill part of the race.

1537 CEST Russia's Stanislav Belov has a time of 10'25"36 after the first time check, while Italy's second man in the race, Sicilian Vincenzo Nibali, is about to start his race. Canadian Dominque Rollin finished his race with the 7th provisional best time: 51’42"51.

1540 CEST But then Colombia's Rafael Infantino came and kicked him down to eighth place, as he set a time of 51'29"75.

1541 CEST Polish-Canadian Piotr Mazur, winner of the 2000 ITT in the Junior Category, just took the start at Bardolino. Just to remind you, Ukraine’s Andri Grivko still has the best time at the finish line, ahead of Germany’s Paul Martens and Lithuania’s Ignas Konovalas.

Many riders have crossed the line in recent minutes, but none have succeeded in doing better than those three.

1543 CEST One of the favorites of today's race, Janez Brajkovic of Slovenia, just took the start.

1546 CEST Britain's man in the race, Ryan Connor, just crossed the line, but his time was far from good: 52'22"65, more than 04' down on Grivko.

1547 CEST The last rider (European Champion Christian Muller) to take the start is underway!

1548 CEST Surprise, surprise! Poland’s Lukasz Bodnar came to the 6.3 km. time check and bettered Grivko’s time: he set a good 10’04"64. And even a bigger surprise came later, as Italy's Vincenzo Nibali did even better than the Pole, setting a time of 09'59"47!!

Will the Sicilian hang on? Time will tell. The first, uphill part of the race was the one that more suited his skills...

1551 CEST But then Hurricane Thomas Dekker came and stormed the clock in a time of 09'56"13! The Dutch youngster was the very red hot favourite to take the gold medal, and is currently living up to expectations.

1553 CEST Quite a good ride for Colombian Julian Munoz Giraldo, who set the 5th best time at the finish line.

1555 CEST Nibali's time was bettered also by Slovenia's Brajkovic, whose 6.3-km. time was 09'58"78. The man is about two secs down on leader Dekker.

1558 CEST More from the 6.3-km. check: 10’11"61 and sixth best time for Belgium’s Dominique Cornu. 10’26"76 for Germany’s Christian Muller (16th time) instead. It looks like the European Champion will not become World Champion…

1600 CEST Surprising Italians! Francesco Rivera just set the best time at the 31-km. time check: 41’46"02. He took several seconds out of Grivko in the last kms.

1601 CEST American Tim Duggan is currently sitting in tenth place, in a time of 50'58". ...but just dropped out of the top 10 as Austria's Thomas Rohregger came in and took 8th.

1605 CEST Italians still flying: Francesco Rivera crossed the line in a much better time than Grivko’s: 47’57"07. He’s by far the new leader of the race. And Vincenzo Nibali just caught and dropped France’s Dimitri Champion (not living up to his name today…).

1607 CEST Florian Morizot, the other Frenchman in the race, just crossed the line setting the 11th best provisional time: 50'37".

1608 CEST Track cycling specialist Peter Dawson of Australia didn't hit the top 10 either: he finished in 12th, in a time of 50'37"93.

1610 CEST Russian Stanislav Belov set the third best time at the km. 31 time check, about 20 seconds down on Rivera, and 15" down on Grivko.

1613 CEST Ten more athletes achieved the 31-km time check, and none have managed to better Rivera's time. But the best specialists are going to come in a few minutes.

1615 CEST Denmark's Mads Christensen finished his race: he's currently 7th, in a time of 49'04"43. American Tyler Farrar also crossed the line, but his time wasn't among the best ones.

1617 CEST Neither could Lukasz Bodnar better Rivera's time at the km. 31 check: he is just second, in a time of 42'01"69. A good sixth place (so far) for Belarusian Andrei Kunitski, though. His time? 48'57"59.

1618 CEST Sicilian Vincenzo Nibali got to the Lazise check point and SMOKED RIVERA'S TIME: 41'01"99!!!! Tyler Farrar's time: 49'31"77.

1620 CEST Dekker couldn't better Nibali's time: 41'11"74 was his time at the km. 31 check. The Dutch youngster is currently 9"75 down on the Italian! The clash of giants between the two superstars will be decided in the final part of the race.

1623 CEST But there's someone else we'd better watch out for...


1624 CEST Nibali to the line and his time is...

47'15"71. He beat fellow Italian Rivera by about 42 seconds. Nibali lost some time to him in the last 5 km.

1625 CEST Thomas Dekker hit the finish line too. And his time is...

47'15"32. Dekker did better than Nibali by less than a half second.

Dekker gained close to ten seconds on Nibali in 5 kilometres!!!!

But in between the Dutch boy and the gold medal there's still a certain Janez Brajkovic.

1628 CEST Dekker covered the last 5 kms. in a time of 6'03"58!!!

Mazur finished in fourth, one second ahead of Grivko. But he'll end up fifth (at least) as...

JANEZ BRAJKOVIC STORMED THE CLOCK IN A TIME OF... 46'56'39"!!!! Three riders still have to cross the line, but we can already declare the Slovene... BRAND NEW WORLD CHAMPION!

Brajkovic, currently riding for Krka Telekom and turning pro in the next month of August, lost a couple seconds to Dekker in the last 5 kms.

1633 CEST Belgium's Dominique Cornu finished fourth in time of 47'17"34, kicking Rivera down to fifth, but not taking the bronze medal away from Nibali's hands.

1634 CEST And the last rider to cross the line, Christian Muller, kicked Rivera down to sixth at he took fifth in 47'44"14.

Mazur was seventh; Grivko, Bodnar and Belov completed the race top 10. American Tyler Farrar finished 21st, while Britain's Ryan Connor took 47th.

And Byron Guama De La Cruz of Ecuador managed to avoid last place, as the Red Lantern of the race went to Hungary's Aron Kovaloczy!

1641 CEST The boy from Novo Mesto captured the first ever medal for his country at the cycling world championships. He was second to Muller at the European Championships, but took revenge big style today.

A visibly disappointed Thomas Dekker, unable to smile even with the silver medal medal hanging around his neck, took second. And Vincenzo Nibali gave some Sicilian flavour to the medal tally by taking a surprise third place.

Nibali is set to join the pro ranks at Fassa Bortolo in 2005, and also Grivko should join the pros in the next months, although in a different squad (arguably De Nardi).

Under 23 Men's ITT - Full Results

1. Janez Brajkovic (Slovenia)- 46’56"39
2. Thomas Dekker (Holland) - at 18"93
3. Vincenzo Nibali (Italy) - at 19"32
4. Dominique Cornu (Belgium) - at 20"95
5. Christian Müller (Germany) - at 47"75
6. Francesco Rivera (Italy) - at 01’00"68
7. Piotr Mazur (Poland) - at 01’21"80
8. Andriy Grivko (Ukraine) - at 01’23"24
9. Lukasz Bodnar (Poland) - at 01’27"47
10. Stanislav Belov (Russia) - at 01’33"47
11. Olivier Kaisen (Belgium) - at 01’35"33
12. Lasse Bøchman (Denmark) - at 01’50"02
13. Paul Martens (Germany) - at 01’52"71
14. Andrei Kunitski (Bielorussia) - at 02’01"20
15. Miha Svab (Slovenia) - at 02’03"48
16. Mads Christensen (Denmark) - at 02’08"54
17. Ignas Konovalovas (Lithuania) - at 02’21"25
18. Alexey Esin (Russia) - at 02’21"31
19. Ricardo Martins (Portugal) - at 02’32"62
20. Dimitri Champion (France) - at 02’34"46
21. Tyler Farrar (USA) - at 02’35"38
22. Alan Pérez Lezaun (Spain) - at 02’50"39
23. Eladio Sánchez Prado (Spain) - at 02’53"61
24. Thomas Rohregger (Austria) - at 03’27"05
25. Julián David Muñoz Giraldo (Colombia) - at 03’39"77
26. Florian Morizot (France) - at 03’40"71
27. Peter Dawson (Australia) - at 03’41"54
28. Bogdan Stoytchev (Bulgaria) - at 03’50"08
29. Tim Duggan (USA) - at 04’02"09
30. Kai Reus (Netherlands) - at 04’03"85
31. Jeff Sherstobitoff (Canada) - at 04’14"49
32. Muradjan Khalmuratov (Uzbekistan) - at 04’16"00
33. João Cabreira (Portugal) - at 04’24"04
34. Kanstantsin Siutsou (Bielorussia) - at 04’27"61
35. Daryl Impey (South Africa) - at 04’31"85
36. Rafael Infantino Abreu (Colombia) - at 04’33"36
37. Steve Morabito (Switzerland) - at 04’37"13
38. Andriy Pryshchepa (Ukraine) - at 04’37"60
39. Peter Velits (Slovakia) - at 04’44"26
40. Dominique Rollin (Canada) - at 04’46"12
41. Akos Haiszer (Hungary) - at 04’47"72
42. Andreas Schillinger (Germany) - at 04’47"91
43. Martin Velits (Slovakia) - at 04’53"91
44. Ruslan Sambris (Moldavia) - at 05’04"82
45. Harald Berger (Austria) - at 05’16"75
46. Aldis Abolins (Latvia) - at 05’24"36
47. Ryan Connor (Great Britain) - at 05’26"26
48. Carlos Fernando Vargas Artunduaga (Colombia) - at 05’27"31
49. Zolt Der (Serbia-Montenegro) - at 05’37"82
50. Byron Guama de la Cruz (Ecuador) - at 06’42"28
51. Aron Kovaloczy (Hungary) - at 07’41"40

DNF. Andrius Buividas (Lithuania)

That's all for today. See you tomorrow for Day 2 of the Worlds, featuring the Junior Men and Elite Women TTs. Follow all the action from these races too. Live. Here.

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