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World Championships - Junior Women's Time Trial
By Fabio
Date: 9/27/2004
World Championships - Junior Women's Time Trial

Hello everyone and welcome to our coverage of the 2004 Road World Championships, that this year take place in the Veneto Region of Northern Italy, and notably in the Verona Province.

The UCI made some changes by anticipating the World Champs date by a week this time, and the opening race by one day. Indeed the World Championship week was used to kick-off on Tuesdays, but this year the UCI bosses decided Monday was the day. So here we are with a new challenge, no more than 24 hours after the end of the last Grand Tour of the season.

One thing the UCI bosses did not change: the first race of the World Champs week remain the traditional race against the clock reserved for the very young ladies. The Junior Women's ITT, which kicks off at midday (CEST) in the Garda Lakeside town of Bardolino. The race is set to cover about 15.7 km. and have the following startlist (and start times), taken from our World Champs preview (see link down in the page).

Junior Women's Time Trial Startlist
Monday, 27 September 2004
Starting at 12 noon local time

12:00:00 38 Hagiwara Mayuko Jpn
12:01:00 37 Numainville Joelle Can C
12:02:00 36 Dawidowicz Aleksandra Pol
12:03:00 35 Andruk Olena Ukr U
12:04:00 34 Zemlyanskaya Irina Rus
12:05:00 33 Vyrastka Veranika Blr
12:06:00 32 Normak Kata - Liina Est
12:07:00 31 Brennan Mary Irl
12:08:00 30 Metzler Karin Sui
12:09:00 29 Tuslaite Daiva Ltu
12:10:00 28 Wiedner Stefanie Aut a
12:11:00 27 Garcia-Navas Llaneras Maria De Lourdes Esp
12:12:00 26 Josefsson Catrine Swe S
12:13:00 25 Lepasalu Laura Est
12:14:00 24 Machacova Jarmila Cze
12:15:00 23 Doisy Axelle Bel
12:16:00 22 Merlot Emmanuelle Fra
12:17:00 21 Sprügel Veronika Aut a
12:18:00 20 Spratt Amanda Aus
12:19:00 19 Tratnyek Anna Can C
12:20:00 18 Sharga Olena Ukr U
12:21:00 17 Faccin Martina Ita
12:22:00 16 Hurikova Tereza Cze
12:23:00 15 Vos Marianne Ned
12:24:00 14 Tirado Marquez Silvia Esp
12:25:00 13 Pytel Jwona Pol
12:26:00 12 Cilvinaite Inga Ltu
12:27:00 11 Sontheimer Alexandra Ger
12:28:00 10 Hohl Jennifer Sui
12:29:00 9 Girardet Florence Fra
12:30:00 8 Much Rebecca Usa
12:31:00 7 Zakirova Luydmila Rus
12:32:00 6 Mapley Natasha Aus
12:33:00 5 Bertolo Rebecca Ita
12:34:00 4 Lindberg Marie Swe
12:35:00 3 Verbeek Karen Bel
12:36:00 2 Knetemann Roxane Ned
12:37:00 1 Fischer Sabine Ger

Live Updates from the race now on - Please Click on F5 to refresh the page and get the latest infos.

1212 CEST The first dozen ladies, aged 17-18, has taken the startline under Italy's sunny skies. The last one to begin her World Champs challenge was Sweden's Catrine Josefsson.

1220 Three riders reached the first time check at Lazise (km. 10.6): Poland's Alekasndra Dawidowicz has the best time (16'30") Canada's Joelle Numainville (16'34") follows, with Japan's Mayuko Hagiwara in third (17'22")

1223 More riders got to the first time check, while Holland's Marianne Vos, perhaps one of the favorites to win the title or at least grab a medal, is at the startline now.

1225 Japan's Hagiwara was the first to cross the line, in a time of 24'38"97, averaging the respectable speed of 38.337 km/h.

More riders completed their race: Dawidowicz has the best time so far (23'35"49), with Numainville in second (23'48"79) and Ukraine's Olena Andruk third (24'00"25). needless to say the Japanese slipped to fourth.

1230 Ireland's Mary Brennan has the 11th best time (for the moment) at the 10.6 km. time check (Lazise)

1233 About ten girls have crossed the line so far, the last one being's Daive Tuslaite of Lithuania, who set the fourth time (23'51"17); but the best one now belongs to Russian Irina Zemlyanskya (23'27"36).

1235 Spain's Maria Garcia Navas takes 8th in a time of 24'10"54. Canada's Numainville is still in top 3 spots at the moment. Austria's Stefanie Wiedener takes 12th in 26'17"27; not a good ride for her.

1238 The golden hopes of Sweden's Catrine Josefsson are over: she took 11th (and will slip further down as more teenies cross the line) in a time of 25'16"43. Estonia's Laura Lepasalu did even worse (14th in 25'49"53). Czech Jarmila Machacobva takes 5th in a time of 23'55"56.

1242 Austria's Veronika Sprügel sets the 9th time in 24'05"11, about one and a half seconds better than Switzerland's Karin Metzler did.

1244 France's Emmanuelle Merlot set third best time in 23'33"51, while Canadian Anna Tratnyek takes sixth (so far) in a time of 23'49"36.

1245 Tereza Hurikova of the Czech Republic sets the best time. Which one? Just wait a moment and we'll tell you!

1248 Marianne Vos (partially) lived up to expectations and set the third best time at the finish line (23'09"55). She's likley to drop out of the top 3 spots in the next minutes anyway.

1250 Poland's Jwona Pytel set the 8th time (23'47"75) and kicked Canada's Numainville down to ninth. Inga Cilvinaite of Lithuania did worse as she set 12th time (23'52"64). Former leader Irina Zmelyanskya of Russia is now down to place number four, in a ranking still featuring Tereza Huzikova of the Czech Republic as leader.

1254 We've got Hurikova's (so far) winning time at last: 22'14"10. But we've got one more good time too: the one of American Rebecca Much: 22'19"47. The US rider is in second place now, while the medal bronze spot is currently going to Australian Amanda Spratt. Marianne Vos down to fourth!

1257 The other Aussie in the race, Natasha Mapley, set the provisional sixth time (23'12"38). Russia's Ludmila Zakirova crosed the line before her, but with a worse record (23'42"96, 12th time).

1258 Italy's Rebecca Bartolo finished in a time of 23'47"15. Sweden's Marie Lindberg did slightly better (23'43"34), but neither was a threat to Hurikova, Much and Spratt.

1302Neither Karen Verbeek (Belgium) nor Roxanne Knetemann (Holland) put Hurikova's lead in jeopardy. And Germany's Sabine Fischer couldn't get higher than fourth, in a time of 23'05"68, Such that ...

Tereza Hurikova of the Czech Republic is the brand new World Champion!!!!

And Rebecca Much of the US took the silver medal, finishing 05'37" back ... Much added this well-earned medal to the gold she won on home roads, as the girl is also the US Junior Women's TT champion.

While the bronze went to another English-speaking sensation: Amanda Spratt of Australia, who finished only thirty hundredths of a a second behind the American.

No medals for either Germany or The Netherlands this time, as Sabine Fischer took fourth, and Marianne Vos and Roxanne Knetemann could just fill the remaining top 6 spots.

The Top ten places of the Junior Women's ITT were completed by another German, Alexandra Sontheimer, Australia's second best bet Natasha Mapley as well as Russian Irina Zemlyansakaya and France's Emmanuelle Merlot. The riders from the Hexagon didn't repeat the excellent performances some of their colleagues offered us in past editions of this race.

As for the host country, Italy's Martina Faccin took 12th, but she was not exactly the red hot favorite to win the gold after all...

Road World Championships - Junior Women's TT: Full Results
1. Tereza Hurikova (Czech Republic) - 22'14"10
2. Rebecca Much (USA) - at 05'37"
3. Amanda Spratt (Australia) - at 05'67"
4. Sabine Fischer (Germany) - at 51"58"
5. Marianne Vos (Holland) - at 55"45
6. Roxane Knetemann (Holland) - at 57"94
7. Alexandra Sontheimer (Germany) - at 01'01"83
8. Natahsa Mapley (Australia) - at 01'09"08
9. Irina Zemlyanskaya (Russia) - at 01'13"26
10. Emmanuelle Marlot (France) - at 01'19"41
11. Aleksandra Dawidowicz (Poland) - at 01'21"39
12. Martina Faccin (Italy) - at 01'21"46
13. Florence Girardet (France) - at 01'27"18
14. Jwona Pytel (Poland) - at 01'28"67
15. Luydmila Zakirova (Russia) - at 01'28"86
16. Marie Lindberg (Sweden) - at 01'29"24
17. Rebecca Bertolo (Italy) - at 01'33"05
18. Joelle Numainville (Canada) - at 01'34"69
19. Anna Tratnyek (Canada) - at 01'35"29
20. Daiva Tuslaite (Lithuania) - at 01'37"17
21. Inga Cilvinaite (Lithuania) - at 01'38"54
22. Karen Verbeek (Belgium) - at 01'39"21
23. Olena Sharga (Ukraine) - at 01'40"38
24. Jarmila Machacova (Czech Republic) - at 01'41"46
25. Olena Andruk (Ukraine) - at 01'46"15
26. Veronika Sprügel (Austria) - at 01'51"01
27. Karin Metzler (Switzerland) - at 01'52"66
28. Maria De Lourdes Garcia-Navas Llaneras (Spain) - at 01'56"44
29. Kata - Liina Normak (Estonia) - at 02'09"68
30. Mayuko Hagiwara (Japan) - at 02'24"87
31. Jennifer Hohl (Switzerland) - at 02'28"54
32. Silvia Tirado Márquez (Spain) - at 02'40"85
33. Axelle Doisy (Belgium) - at 02'42"59
34. Mary Brennan (Ireland) - at 02'55"80
35. Catrine Josefsson (Sweden) - at 03'02"33
36. Veranika Vyrastka (Bielorussia) - at 03'26"74
37. Laura Lepasalu (Estonia) - at 03'35"43
38. Stefanie Wiedner (Austria) - at 04'03"17

See you soon for the second event of the day, the Under 23 Men ITT, set to start at 0230 PM local time (CEST). You will find all the action of this race too. Here. Live.

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