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Vuelta a Espana Stage 21 Live Coverage
By Podofdonny
Date: 9/26/2004
Vuelta a Espana Stage 21 Live Coverage

Good afternoon, dear reader, and welcome to the final day in the Vuelta a Espana 2004. It has been a race of high excitement, drama and passion and now after 2995 kilometres of racing, the 119 survivors have just 28.2 kilometres to go and a lot yet to be decided.

Please remember to press the F5 button to refresh the page. Today's commentary by Bart Hazen, Jan Janssens and podofdonny.

Madrid-Madrid (C.R.I.) 28,2 kms

Today's stage will start in front of a lake in the Casa de Campo and the first 21 kilometres will go along the World Championship route which will take place in September 2005. Then the race will go through the streets of Madrid, towards Plaza de España, the Gran Vía, Plaza Callao, Plaza de Cibeles, Plaza de Colón, Plaza de Neptuno, Plaza de Neptuno, Plaza de Atocha and finally in front of the huge building of Correos, the future headquarters of the city council of Madrid.

Alejandro Valverde needs to finish at least 6th in today´s Madrid time trial in order to beat Erik Zabel in the final points classification.

The T-Mobile cyclist has 152 points to Valverde´s 142. Should the Comunidad Valenciana rider finish 6th, he would gain another 10 points and draw with Zabel. However, the situation would be resolved in favour of Valverde for his having won more stages than the German rider.

Apart from the points classification, both the General Classification and 3rd place overall are still to be decided. The mountain classification and the team classification have been decided in favour of Cárdenas and Comunidad Valenciana-Kelme, respectively, whilst the combined classification has been won by Roberto Heras.

Guido Trentin just starts. The first 21 km of this time trial is the same circuit as they ride next year in the World Championships. These will be held, as you can see, in Madrid.

Not for the first time in recent years we see Roberto Heras, who is bidding for a third win in the race, and he has known the agony and the glory. In 2003 he won the race on the time trial and took the Gold jersey from his present day teammate. In 2002 Heras saw the other side of the coin when Aitor Gonzalez took the Golden jersey off him on a dramatic final stage which finished in the Bernabeu Stadium.

David Herrero, who will probably ride for Euskaltel next year, is off the podium for 28 km.

A few riders have already finished their race against the clock the current standings are:
1º 177 Hoj 37:08
2º 79 Velo a 49
3º 96 Piccoli a 1:04
4º 74 Trenti a 1:11

A cool sight at the start of today's stage: the last-but-one in this year's Vuelta, Aitor Silloniz, caught up with red lantern Matthew White, so they crossed the finish line together laughing and shaking hands. Cycling niceness!

By the way, the wind is very strong today.

Incidently, we had a few emails asking what the Spanish term for Lanterne Rouge (last man in the general classification) is - it is “Rarolillo rojo” in Spain, while in Germany he is known as "Rote Laterne" and in Belgium he is called "Rode Lantaarn." (In the UK it is the "British rider.")

Bingen Fernandez lining up!! The DP columnist and favorite rode a great Vuelta in service of O'Grady!

Josep Jufre, who was a little bit late at the start, is now on his way for the last 28 km of this year's Vuelta.

Valerio Piva, who is now team-director with Vlaanderen T-Interim, will do the same job next year with T-Mobile.

The T-Mobile team had a very decent showing this Vuelta despite their team falling apart so quickly...mostly thanks to the big E-Z, and the attacking fever of a recovered Vino in the last week.

Cadel Evans about to start - he has not had a great time in this year's Vuelta, of course his team was decimated by food poisoning, but I think he will be glad to have a new start next year with Davitamon-Lotto.

Marcos Serrano and Paco Lara are going to T-Mobile next year.

Gusev sweeps the first place now, not surprisingly, part of the CSC time-trialling-machine. Benoit Joachim, who had the amarillo for a couple of days in this Vuelta, starts. He sets off - he was the first Luxembourg rider ever to wear the Gold jersey - he has had an excellent Vuelta.

Bert Grabsch has the best time after 23 km, over Gusev and Posthuma. The last rider of "AG1R" starts now, it's Inigo Chaurreau. Must be lonely in the race hotel...

Putting things into proper spirit today, the music in Madrid is the theme to the tv show The A-Team...

Jan Ullrich didn't take the start today in the GP Beghelli (Milano-Vignola), in Italy, because of some little stomach problems, according to Walter Godefroot.

It remains to be seen how much time the favorites can regain on each other today, with 'only' 28kms today...

As the 2004 Vuelta prepares to go right down to the wire, thoughts in Spain have been going back to the 1984 race which was decided by the narrowest margin in major tour history, with Frenchman Eric Caritoux beating Spain's Alberto Fernandez by just six seconds. Caritoux is now a wine-grower on the slopes of Mont Ventoux.

Caritoux went to the race as part of a Skil team that was focused on getting stage wins. But as the race progressed, Caritoux, who was in the best form of his career, took the lead from the young Pedro Delgado (who eventually finished fourth). Eusktaltel DS Julian Gorospe was 6th and Kelme DS Vicente Belda was 8th at Lagos de Covadonga. He won the race just 6 seconds ahead of Alberto Fernandez - who was tragically killed with his wife the following year in a car crash.

What a lot of familiar names there...meanwhile, David Canada from Saunier-Duval, and a good rider against the clock, starts. And after him it's one of today's favorites, Victor Huga Peña...this short and explosive parcours should fit him like a glove.

Another time trial rider from CSC is off, it's JJ - Jörg Jaksche.

And now...Is it a man? Is it a fish? No, it's Erik Zabel in the fishy shirt! The man who looks like he is wearing pyjamas starts. He is not carrying his go faster teddy today.

15.38 CET. Zabel has 10 points on Valverde in the points ranking, so he will try to put down a good time today, which shouldn't be impossible for a sprinter over a relatively short distance. But poor ol' Erik must do the time trial of his life if he wants to hold onto his points pyjamas - a shame really, if he misses out at the final stage.

Now it looks like an Alessio training ride, with Ivanov and Miholjevic coming to the finish.

Our Ag1r rider is not riding a great time trial after 10,5km...The top five riders to finish so far are -
1º 115 Grabsch 35:39
2º 174 Gusev a 21
3º 137 Posthuma a 35
4º 177 Hoj a 1:29
5º 134 Den Bakker a 1:42

José Miguel Elias, who wore the mountains jersey for 1 day after the stage to Xorret de Cati, is now off for 28km.

Another piece of the ever-escalating Italian-Worlds soap opera, besides Rebellin riding for Argentina and the threat of Bartoli to become a Malaysian, is Simoni, who has also threatened to become an inhabitant of a South American country (which one isn't known yet). Simoni was angry because he hasn't been selected by Ballerini for the World Championships since 2001.

Cedric Vasseur, the only French rider left in the race, sets off - he had a gutsy ride yesterday, finishing 7th on the stage. Quique Gutierrez, yesterday's hero, sets off. The "Búfalo", the nickname by which he is known in the "pelotón," was incredibly happy with his victory yesterday.

Cafes Baque, who had previously announced that they would cease sponsorship after this season, will go on for one more year, due the good performance of Cardenas, Buenahora, Parra and Plaza. I wonder if that announcement has anything to do with the Grand Tours objecting to the ProTour set up - certainly the smaller teams seemed like they were (are) to be left behind in 2005.

If you know that your team can only get into the big races for sure by laying down tons of cash (instead of winning, and gaining ranks on the ladder and starting rights), why bother injecting cash as a sponsor?

The Alto de Aitana winner, Piepoli, starts.

16.57 CET. Our top GC riders will be starting in the next half hour here - and so will start the battle for this year's Vuelta overall win. Babyface starts - or should I say Sevilla. He and the man before him, Garate, will be disappointed with their performances this year. But that is bike racing - both riders will have a fresh start next season; Garate with Saunier Duval and Sevilla with T-Mobile.

The whole Phonak team had a bizzare Vuelta, actually. Absolute team leader Hamilton and his right-hand man Sevilla failing miserably, but Santi Perez wreaking havoc in the mountains and taking 2nd spot (so far). And then the stage win of Quique yesterday and also the remarkable win (with or without dope?) from Tyler. But their rider of the race must be Santi Perez.

Talking about stage winners, Kelme's Pascual Rodriguez coming in with a good time. The stage winner in Avila clocks the 4th best time - down 50 seconds, with an average speed of 46km/h. The benchmark so far still Bert Grabsch at 35:39.

Another CV-Kelme stage winner starts, it's Eladio Jimenez.

Beautiful sunny weather again in Madrid, the riders are racing across roads dappled by tree shadows - it has more the feel of a country village than a major city, but then I think everyone like Madrid - a very Real city. For our readers in the USA, that pun refers to Real Madrid, the football, er, soccer team, more or less the best team in the world.

Our AG1R rider has completed the stage.

It's little, it's small, it's riding, it's Ferrio! I could use his bike as a spare wheel. Damiano Cunego starts now, his last 28 km race preparation for next Sunday's world championships.

And this is a good preparation for the world championship time trial next Wednesday in Bardolino, near the Garda Lake.

Jorge Ferrio of the Costa de Almeria - Paternina team is one of three of their riders in the top 20 - the team have had an excellent Vuelta - without any great success but a very solid performance.

Peña arrives at 2 seconds down from Bert Grabsch! Not a best time for him, but a solid ride nonetheless! He seems delighted with his performance.

16.12 CET. We will begin to see the "big names" - the top of the general classification - lining up in a moment now. Lara sets off, with a contract at T-Mobile in his pocket for next year.

Yes, together with his teammate Gomez, Lara lit up the Vuelta...the neopro (!) Gomez is currently 8th in the GC.

Amarillo-Triki of the first week starts now.

Tomorrow starts the World Championships with the time trial for Junior Women and U23. And I was thinking always they begin on Tuesday...the Daily Peloton should have live coverage of both these events.

Meanwhile, Olaf Ludwig will join Walter Godefroot at the helm of T-Mobile next year. The T-Mobile Team is also being strengthened by the addition of Valerio Piva as sporting manager. Piva has been recruited from cycling legend Eddy Merckx's Belgian cycling nursery Vlaanderen T-Interim.

Luis Perez, the best man from Cofidis, starts now for his 28 km.

Top riders at the finish thus far:
1º 115 Grabsch 35:39
2º 196 Peña a 2
3º 174 Gusev a 21
4º 175 Jaksche a 24
5º 137 Posthuma a 35

Only 8 riders left to take the start now...and the ultimate race of truth for this year's Vuelta will begin in earnest.

We are looking forward to the U23 contest tomorrow in Verona - the men of Belgium and the Netherlands both have favorites with Cornu and Thomas Dekker. We predict Dekker for the win - he could probably win the elites if the weather was right.

Now Sastre sets off - a surprisingly quiet race for the normally dynamic CSC team. The top 6 will start now, after Sastre, beginning with Garcia Quesada.

Cardenas comes home safe and sound in 17th place, to claim his Mountain Jersey.

Garcia Quesada is a good tester and he will be looking for a good race today. He's been moved up a place in the starting order, to make sure he won't lend Valverde a hand...

Isidro Nozal - last year's hero, and a staunch lieutenant for race leader Heras, sets off - he has had a very strong race and has given every stage 100%. Meanwhile, David Blanco is setting a very good pace at the minute.

Knee-bruiser, fish jersey-hunter and Vuelta-win dreamer Alejandro Valverde sets off! It'll be a joy once again to see that beautiful style work its magic.

The green and the blue famous strip, almost as famous as the white of Real Madrid, will want to write legends this afternoon.

Now Mancebo - Spanish champion - sets off - he has a 7 second advantage over the Kelme rider, and he speeds through the shadow dappled avenues of Madrid.

Mancebo a stylist, Valverde a rider of passion - who will claim the third step on the podium?

Santiago Perez is now away. The battle of the fittest starts now - is the third man, who's actually the 2nd man, Santiago Perez, off for another mighty performance today? His BMC time trial bike looks very futuristic. Indeed, the frame is slightly narrower than a cigarette paper.

Now Mr. Cool Roberto Heras, the man in Gold, waits for the countdown - and he's off. Heras will be yelled at all the way to the finish by Mister Venga Venga Venga, of course. Hmmm, Heras adjusts his ear piece - to the off position?

It's hard to compare with Perez' earlier performance in the flat 8th stage ITT, because he was still riding around with the idea that he was only here to work for Tyler Hamilton/Oscar Sevilla....on the mountain TT he positively trashed everyone but don't forget mountain TT's are a special thing.

Santi Perez, out of the saddle - looks smooth, a very classic style - he has had a remarkable race and now the future is in his own hands. Heras, very experienced - that experience may count for an extra few seconds.

Heras with a fast start! Five seconds on Santi already! That's gonna be a mental blow...

In other racing news, the GP Beghelli is won by Hondo. He was faster than Baldato in a sprint.

Now we know - Heras' earpiece is dangling from his ear, so he's not getting any info from Saiz. Nozal is riding a bad time after 10,5 km.

Cunego clocked the 8th best time at the finish, down 58 seconds. A very decent time for the Italian youngster preparing the Worlds here.

Heras has 7 seconds advantage on Perez so far, and Mancebo is putting big time into Valverde - Mancebo is destroying him! Mancebo has, after 10,5 km, the 2nd time at 2 sec off Blanco.

Heras unplugged is no doubt drawing from his experiences with Armstrong and Bruyneel on TT-moments like these!

Santi Perez sets the best time at the 10 kms mark! Fastest man through at 13.32! Only Heras to come through. Both Heras and Perez riding like men possessed - ah, the lure of Gold! But Valverde strangely seems to be unaffected by gold fever...

The huge crowds in Madrid are being treated to cycling race extraordinaire! Heras lost 4 sec. on Perez at the 10km mark. 13:36, Heras has just 39 seconds advantage with 18 kilometres to go. Everything is still close together at the 10km mark for the top 3...all within 10 seconds...

Meanwhile, Frank VdB has crashed in the last stage of the Franco-Belge and is thought to have broken his thumb.

David Blanco will finish top man so far - 16 seconds faster than Grabsch. Superb ride from the Kelme man, but he's in danger of losing attention with the battle going on!

Heras has just 15 kilometres to hold onto the Golden jersey - he has to hold onto a 39'' lead against Santi Perez.

Sastre is also good today, after 23 km he has the 2nd best time at 2 sec. off Blanco. Riis has taught them very well in this discipline.

Top five after 10.5 km were:
1 118 S. Pérez 13:32
2 12 Blanco a 1
3 81 Mancebo a 3
4 174 Gusev a 3
5 1 Heras a 4

Perez has 2 sec. left on Heras at the 12 km mark. Well, this makes a nice change from the final Tour TT of the last year, where the only thing left to see was if Armstrong would win with 5 or 7 minutes advance.

It looks like Heras is on his way to his 3rd win in the Vuelta - 4 seconds for Perez on Heras now! Mancebo easily solidifying his 3rd place on Valverde.

The top 4 men in this race have given the world a thrilling race to watch over the last three weeks - it has been the best tour of the year, easily.

Barring an explosion of force of Perez, or Heras bonking, it looks like Perez won't be able to dethrone king Heras! It is a giant test of nerves, legs, lungs and machines between the two top men; Mancebo seems to have the advantage over Valverde.

With a 5th place in the Tour and a 3rd place in the Vuelta + Spanish champion, Paco Mancebo is riding an excellent season. Sastre is clocking the best time - he takes the lead! 10 sec. faster than Blanco.

A short-skirted Latina hops out of the way as she's strutting her stuff on the wrong place, i.e. on Sastre's path to victory! Valverde gets a hero's welcome! A huge crowd cheering him on.

6 riders have to finish now, to start with, Nozal - 6 seconds still the difference between Perez and Heras.

Mancebo is 1 sec. faster than Blanco after 23km.

The top 5 so far:
1º 171 Sastre 35:13
2º 12 Blanco a 10
3º 115 Grabsch a 26
4º 196 Peña a 28
5º 55 L. Pérez a 44

Mancebo is posting an extraordinary time though.

Tom Boonen won the last stage of the Franco-Belge today! His 20th victory this season. Yep - ever since he road the Tour of Britain he has learnt to ride a bit...

Santi is the best rider after 23 km. Heras has to come at that point within 2 min. Everything is so close together, wow...

Incredible crowds - they are 4 or 5 deep in places - they are urging the giants of the road home.

Nozal is coming to the finish, totally depleted, and puts down the 15th best time. Well, the weeks have taken their toll - but a great race nonetheless.

Heras 7 seconds behind Perez at the 23km mark, he's not going to lose 35 seconds over the last 5 kms! It looks like Perez is on his way to the 3rd stage win. Valverde in at 11th spot, 36:22.

Mancebo is very strong and beats the time of Sastre, with 1 sec. Mancebo looks like he will finish overall in laughing 3rd - but he will post the best time of 35:12.2.

Ever popular, Valverde receives a huge cheer as he comes in, but with his 11th time he won't steal Zabel's fish jersey, nor gain a podium place!

Last km for Perez. Mancebo with a big smile on his face and a fist in the air, let's hope for him he wins this one...he deserves it. Oooooohhhh, Perez almost cooks the corner.

He is back in his stride now - he will take the stage - he has 50 metres to go - it's close, 35:05.3! The best time so far. Too bad for Paco Mancebo, but 3rd stage win for Perez! Last km for Roberto...

Heras now, face creased in effort, he had to do a great ride today and he has responded with a great effort.

Perez looks like the Erik Dekker of the TDF of a couple of years ago with a triple stage win...

Heras in at 35:18.1, 4th at 13 sec. Roberto Heras wins the Vuelta a Espana!

Perez wins the final stage, and Roberto Heras wins his THIRD VUELTA!! Two in a row for him - he is the second man to win Vuelta for the third time, and the first ever to win it with three different teams.

30'' the gap after over 3,023 kilometres - absolutely astounding race!!

So Heras, Santi Perez and Mancebo on the podium, Zabel in the fishy jersey, Cardenas is the KoM and Valverde has some consolation with the CV Kelme team taking team prize. Which again makes you wonder once again why Kelme wasn't in the Tour...

Maybe, just maybe, Perez lost this Vuelta in the first TT where he didn't go all-out because he was only a helper...

The beautiful statues of Madrid smile down on the heroes of this race, which was been a race of passion excitment, sportsmanship and beauty.

Perez receives a trophy out of the hands of the mayor of Madrid, Santi beaming with joy. Though he is smiling on the podium, I'm sure he is thinking, "why I was waiting so long on La Covatilla..."

It's probably not the last we'll hear from this 26-yr old...that's still pretty young.

Oh dear - cyclocrosser Tim Pauwels appears to have died after a severe crash - he's Kevin Pauwels' (the world champ's) brother. It's not official yet, but the commentators have received a text saying so, and it is being reported on teletext as well.

Now being reported: 22-yr old Tim Pauwels passed away today in the hospital of Aalst. He crashed severely in a race in Erpe-Mere, Belgium. He was a Belgian who rode for the Fidea Cycling Team. We are sorry to be reporting this just as the celebrations are ongoing in Madrid after a long three weeks for the riders...

To continue with the festivities in Madrid, we see the Kelme team being celebrated for winning the team ranking now....don't underestimate the importance of the team ranking in Spain. Those apparently wild and uncoordinated attacks from Spanish teams in the mountains are fueled by it.

Zabel is being rewarded for his extreme tenacity and character, and takes the points jersey as the only remaining sprinter around. All the men he leaves behind him in the points ranking are GC riders, too.

Cardenas prolonging the existence of the Cafés Baque team with his mountain jersey, with a large margin on Heras, who in turn takes the White jersey of the combined rankings, apart from the jersey de oro, which he'll receive in a moment, of course.

There is Heras! 30 seconds lead in the end, but he is the only man after Tony Rominger to win 3 Vueltas....great show, Roberto!!

Standing on the highest spot of the podium, the little man from Bejar is holding his child!

And it's now done - the Vuelta has concluded, and with only a few moments to savor these three weeks, tomorrow starts the World Championships! We thank you very much for being with us for this great, great Spanish race, and hope you will tune in for our Worlds coverage this week.

Look for the final Vuelta results and classifications in separate articles later today, with full time trial results to come right here. Thanks again!

A final note on the Erpe-Mere cyclocross race in Belgium: the contest is won by Nijs, 2nd Berden, 3rd Jacobs, 4th Vervecken and 5th Van Santvliet. Three men of the Fidea Team are in the top 5, but the race is overwhelmed by the terrible and unbelievable accident of Tim Pauwels. Our correspondents here today are quite unnerved by this. We extend the Pauwels family and the Fidea team our sincerest condolences.

Individual Time Trial Results

1 Perez, Santiago Esp Pho 35:05:00
2 Mancebo, Francisco Esp Ibb a 7
3 Sastre, Carlos Esp Csc a 8
4 Heras, Roberto Esp Lst a 13
5 Blanco, David Esp Kel a 18
6 Grabsch, Bert Ger Pho a 34
7 Peña, Victor Hugo Col Usp a 36
8 Perez, Luis Esp Cof a 52
9 Gusev, Vladimir Rus Csc a 55
10 Jaksche, Jörg Ger Csc a 58
11 Posthuma, Joost Ned Rab a 1:09
12 Gomez, Angel Esp Alm a 1:10
13 Gutierrez , José Esp Pho a 1:12
14 Valverde, Alejandro Esp Kel a 1:17
15 Serrano, Marcos Esp Lst a 1:20
16 Garcia Quesada, Carlos Esp Kel a 1:24
17 Pascual Rodriguez, Javier Esp Kel a 1:24
18 Cunego, Damiano Ita Sae a 1:27
19 Nozal, Isidro Esp Lst a 1:29
20 Evans, Cadel Aus Tmo a 1:44
21 Beltran, Manuel Esp Usp a 1:48
22 Joachim, Benoit Lux Usp a 1:49
23 Garate, Juan Manuel Esp Lam a 1:50
24 Herrero, David Esp Alm a 1:53
25 Sevilla, Oscar Esp Pho a 1:55
26 Perez, Aitor Esp Baq a 1:56
27 Schleck, Frank Lux Csc a 2:00
28 Hoj, Frank Den Csc a 2:03
29 Ivanov, Ruslan Mda Als a 2:06
30 Lara, Francisco José Esp Alm a 2:08
31 Sanchez, Samuel Esp Eus a 2:08
32 Casero, Rafael Esp Sdv a 2:08
33 Garzelli, Stefano Ita Vin a 2:11
34 Lastras, Pablo Esp Ibb a 2:12
35 Cardenas, Felix Col Baq a 2:13
36 Cruz, Antonio Usa Usp a 2:14
37 Zubeldia, Haimar Esp Eus a 2:15
38 Den Bakker, Maarten Ned Rab a 2:16
39 Vasseur, Cedric Fra Cof a 2:19
40 Plaza, David Esp Baq a 2:22
41 Ferrio, Jorge Esp Alm a 2:22
42 Schreck, Stephan Ger Tmo a 2:25
43 Valjavec, Tadej Slo Pho a 2:25
44 Van Goolen, Jurgen Bel Qsd a 2:30
45 Van Summeren, Johan Bel Reb a 2:32
46 De Weert, Kevin Bel Rab a 2:39
47 Sabaliauskas, Marius Ltu Sae a 2:45
48 Hruska, Jan Cze Lst a 2:46
49 Velo, Marco Ita Fas a 2:52
50 Pasamontes, Luis Esp Reb a 2:53
51 Parra, Ivan Col Baq a 2:55
52 Osa, Unai Esp Ibb a 2:58
53 Szymyd, Sylvester Pol Sae a 2:58
54 Cañada, David Esp Sdv a 3:00
55 Horrach, Joan Esp Ibb a 3:02
56 Veneberg, Thorwald Ned Rab a 3:03
57 Zaballa, Constantino Esp Sdv a 3:03
58 Quinziato, Manuel Ita Lam a 3:05
59 Horrillo, Pedro Esp Qsd a 3:06
60 Piccoli, Mariano Ita Lam a 3:07
61 Weening, Pieter Ned Rab a 3:08
62 Hulsmans, Kevin Bel Qsd a 3:09
63 Gerosa, Mauro Ita Vin a 3:09
64 Zabel, Erik Ger Tmo a 3:12
65 Latasa, David Esp Kel a 3:13
66 Trenti, Guido Usa Fas a 3:14
67 Caruso, Giampaolo Ita Lst a 3:19
68 Chaurreau, Iñigo Esp A2r a 3:21
69 Fernandez, Bingen Esp Cof a 3:22
70 Trentin, Guido Ita Cof a 3:22
71 Jimenez, Eladio Esp Kel a 3:22
72 Baranowski, Dariusz Pol Lst a 3:22
73 Buenahora, Hernan Col Baq a 3:22
74 Cortinovis, Alessandro Ita Lam a 3:23
75 Arrieta, José Luis Esp Ibb a 3:25
76 Fuentes, Juan Esp Sae a 3:40
77 Florencio, Xavier Esp Reb a 3:43
78 Julia, José Esp Kel a 3:43
79 Lopez, Joaquin Esp Alm a 3:45
80 Jufre, Josep Esp Reb a 3:52
81 Cabello, Francisco Esp Kel a 3:52
82 Tankink, Bram Ned Qsd a 3:54
83 Luttenberger, Peter Aut Csc a 4:01
84 Mikhailov, Guennadi Rus Usp a 4:01
85 Atienza, Daniel Esp Cof a 4:03
86 Möller, Klaus Den Als a 4:06
87 Garcia, Francisco Esp Baq a 4:07
88 Pradera, Mikel Esp Ibb a 4:07
89 Righi, Daniele Ita Lam a 4:07
90 Glez. Galdeano, Igor Esp Lst a 4:07
91 Pecharroman, J.Antonio Esp Qsd a 4:08
92 Sgambelluri, Roberto Ita Vin a 4:08
93 Rebollo, Jose Luis Esp Reb a 4:11
94 Laiseka, Roberto Esp Eus a 4:13
95 Andriotto, Dario Ita Vin a 4:17
96 Miholjevic, Vladimir Cro Als a 4:21
97 Mazzoleni, Eddy Ita Sae a 4:22
98 Fornaciari, Paolo Ita Sae a 4:23
99 Calcagni, Patrick Sui Vin a 4:29
100 Silloniz, Aitor Esp Eus a 4:30
101 Andrle, Rene Cze Lst a 4:30
102 Elias, José Miguel Esp Reb a 4:32
103 Gil, Koldo Esp Lst a 4:39
104 Colom, Antonio Esp Ibb a 4:44
105 Calvente, Manuel Esp Csc a 4:45
106 Milesi, Marco Ita Vin a 4:46
107 Cioni, Dario David Ita Fas a 4:48
108 Lopez De Munain, Alberto Esp Eus a 4:49
109 Gutierrez, Heberth Col Baq a 4:55
110 Isasi, Iñaki Esp Eus a 5:00
111 Gustov, Volodymir Ukr Fas a 5:04
112 Piepoli, Leonardo Ita Sdv a 5:06
113 Artetxe, Mikel Esp Eus a 5:06
114 Sanchez, Julián Esp Fas a 5:18
115 Spezialetti, Alessandro Ita Sae a 5:19
116 Garrido, José Esp Qsd a 5:29
117 White, Matthew Aus Cof a 5:30
118 Garcia Acosta, José Esp Ibb a 5:43
119 Rodriguez, Joaquin Esp Sdv a 5:47

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