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4th Fabios Fantasy Vuelta - all Stage 18 Scores, Results
By Fabio
Date: 9/25/2004
4th Fabios Fantasy Vuelta - all Stage 18 Scores, Results

Stage Introduction: Scores, results, details of Thursday's stage 18, taking all riders still in the race (all of whom deserving a huge praise in such a tough Tour of Spain) into the marvelous walled town of Avila, a traditional stage finish for the third GT of the year. Where the Kelmes gave a further display of their talent and combative attitude, with Javier Pascual Rodríguez soloeing to a great stage win. Several other first-time scorers followed, such that this stage is likely to have quite a low impact on the FG overall.

Our decision concerning the Tyler Hamilton affair might have some impact on the GC instead. The latest updates on the matter made things a bit clearer, with the Olympic race positive case dropped, and the American arguably keeping his medal, but both of the man's Vuelta samples (A & B) giving positive. And rules are also clear: any rider failing an anti-doping test during the race would be deprived of all of his points. Such that, as much as it happened in the Simoni's and Garzelli's cases during the Fantasy Giro 2002, we applied the rules and the rider involved, as well as all virtual teams featuring him, have been stripped of his points (32 points in this case). We heard rumors of more riders giving positive after tests carried out during this Tour of Spain, so maybe some further coups-de-theatre are about to come: all we can do at the moment is wait and see what next the race, and the media, have in store for us.

Among the things we have in store for you are the results of Fantasy Vuelta 2004 edition of the "Best Team Name Award", the contest traditionally paying tribute to the creativity of our FG players, whose winner gets a 2004 T-Shirt of the Lance Armstrong Foundation this time; they will be online Sunday. As usual down in this page you can find also all scores and results of the two "lesser" competitions ("Regularidad" and KOM) of this game, the complete List of all Virtual Teams and their full line-ups and the updated list of all Stage Winners and Leaders in each classification.

The stage 18 and all other available links are as follows:

Stage 18 (Béjar-Ávila, 196 km.):

Stage 17 (Plasencia-La Covatilla (Béjar), 170 km.):

Stage 16 (Olivenza-Cáceres, 190.1 km.):

Stage 15 (Granada-Sierra Nevada, ITT - 29.6 km.):

Stage 14 (Málaga - Granada, 167 km.):

Stage 13 (El Ejido-Málaga, 172 km.):

Stage 12 (Almería-Observatorio Met. de Calar Alto, 145 km.):

Stage 11 (Sant Vicent del Raspeig-Caravaca de la Cruz, 165 km.):

Stage 10 (Alcoi-Xorret de Catí, 174.5 km.):

Stage 9 (Xátiva-Alto de Aitana, 170 km.):

Stage 8 (Factoría FORD-Factoría FORD, ITT - 40.1 km.):

Stage 7 (Castellón de la Plana-Valencia, 165 km.):

Stage 6 (Benicarló-Castellón de la Plana, 157 km.):

Stage 5 (Zaragoza-Morella, 186.5 km.):

Stage 4 (Soria-Zaragoza, 167 km.):

Stage 3 (Burgos-Soria, 157 km.):

Stage 2 (León-Burgos, 207 km.):

Stage 1 (Leon-León, TTT - 27.7 km.):

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