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Vuelta a Espana Stage 18 Live Coverage
By Podofdonny
Date: 9/23/2004
Vuelta a Espana Stage 18 Live Coverage

Good Afternoon and welcome, once again, to what will be another exciting day on the roads of Spain. And this astonishing race continues to bring surprises around every corner.

Commentary today by Locutus, Jan Janssens and podofdonny. Please refresh this page (F5) to view the latest information.

Fassa Bortolo rider and winner of the 2002 Vuelta, Aitor González, did not take the start of today´s 18th stage (Béjar-Avila) due to gastroenteritis, according to his team.

González was lying in 30th position in the General Classification following his poor performance yesterday, during which he lost 28 minutes in relation to the stage winner and finished 93rd.

The cyclist has stated: “I am leaving with the satisfaction of having arrived at the Vuelta in good form, although I have been unlucky throughout the race”.

“AS” claims today that the Basque-born rider, who currently lives in Alicante, may be on the verge of signing for Euskaltel for next season.

Alexandre Vinokourov (Tmo) is another big name not to start this morning. Michael Barry (US Postal) has also retired, so 127 riders have started the days stage.

Roberto Heras´ followers gave him a huge send off in his home town of Bejar on what is a very hot day.

The action started from the gun, and on the 3rd cat climb of Vallejera, Felix “the mountain cat” Cardenas took maximum points ahead of Ferrio (ALM), Latasa (Kel), and Unai Osa (IBB).

After 20 kilometres, in spite of many attacks, the race was back together.

Meanwhile the Spanish squad, which will defend the rainbow jersey of Igor Astarloa (Lampre) at Verona, has been announced. The squad is Oscar Freire (Rabobank), Alejandro Valverde (Comunidad Valenciana-Kelme), Juan Antonio Flecha (Fassa Bortolo), Francisco Mancebo (Illes Balears), Chechu Rubiera (US Postal), Luis Pérez (Cofidis), Marcos Serrano (Liberty Seguros), José Iván Gutiérrez (Illes Balears) and Isidro Nozal (Liberty Seguros).

Roberto Heras is not in the squad since following discussions with the selectors he decided that after his efforts in the Vuelta he would not be at 100% and it would be better to give his place to another rider. The selectors thanked Roberto for his honesty and his sporting conduct.

25.7 km Now to the race action. At the Intermediate Sprint of Puente del Congosto, once again we see Erik Zabel take maximum points – his team mate Stephan Schreck was second and Garcia Acosta third. So Zabel increases his lead at the head of the fishy points jersey competition.

30 km A breakaway has formed – the riders are Joan Horrach, Buenahora (BAQ), Ruben Plaza and Pascual Rodriguez (KEL), Thorwald Veneberg (RAB), Patrick Calcagni (VIN), Bram Tankink (QSD), Juan Fuentes (SAE) and Jose Garcia Acosta (IBB). The best placed rider is Joan Horrach who is 43.52 down on GC – so the group poses no threat to the race leaders.

Moreni – the Italian champ - has had enough and abandons the stage, so we have 126 riders left in this tough war of attrition.

50 km The first hour of the race has seen the riders go at an average speed of 47.200 kilometres an hour. So in spite of the heat the speed is high today. The break-away group has an advantage of 3:45 over the Liberty-led peloton, while in no man's land David Herrero Llorente (ALM) is trying to bridge the gap to the leaders.

55 km David Herrero Llorente has had enough of being a hero and drops back to the peloton – in the meantime, Roberto Laiseka (EUS) decides he will try to bridge the gap to the 9 race leaders, who have a four minute advantage over the peloton – which is still led by the Liberty Blue train.

60 km – Over Peña Negra, the order is Juan Fuentes, Parra and Buenahora.

Intermediate Sprint of Navarredonda de Gredos – the breakaways continue: Veneberg, Buenahora and Pascual Rodriguez are the first three men across the line.

90 km to the finish The breakaway have a lead of around 5 minutes on the peloton Roberto laiseka is still in no man's land, as the escapados sweep down a scenic descent. Liberty still lead the peloton, and they commented on their website this morning how pleased they were with the results of their hard work yesterday.

The descent of the Puerto del Pico is wide and fast, with no real sharp switchbacks. The escapees are now heading in to the woodlands at the bottom of the descent and will be heading towards the Cat 1 climb of Serranillos.

81 km to the finish The escapees go through a small village as race radio reports Landis has packed. He's off to Phonak. If Phonak survive the Hamilton affair...

And boy, that Spanish world's team is almost as full of stiffs as the Italian squad...The escapados have 6:51 on the peloton.

63 riders have abandoned the race so far and we will no doubt see more today on what is a hot and tough day in the saddle for the riders.

75 km to finish The escapados go through San Esteban del Valle a charming village and, as always, everyone has turned out to cheer the riders on.

I was thinking that if things went bad with Tyler's case, then Floyd would probably get an immediate promotion... and Phonak would stick it out a year or two like Festina did, to make sure everyone didn't just remember the scandal (like it worked that well).

So with the retirement with Aitor Gonzalez it is still Fassa-nating to look at the Fassa riders chosen for the Worlds. Ten riders of Fassa Bortolo will be at the next World Championships in Verona. In Italy, Bruseghin will participate to the time trial while Cioni, Frigo and Petito will race the road contest. It is a big satisfaction for Petito, who will do his first World Championship. It is a just reward for his great career.

Cioni will have his final exam in Sportive Management the day after the race. Cioni has already participated to the World Championships with Cyclo Cross and Mountain Bike, but it will be the first time for the road race. “It is the reward for my great season,” says Cioni, “and I am particularly happy to have this record of three selections in three different disciplines of cycling”.

Fassa will also have at the race Trenti and Danielseon (EU), Gustov (Ukraine), Larson (Sweden), Cancellara (Switzerland) and Flecha (Spain).

Cioni is currently lying 52nd in the Vuelta and the lad from Reading UK is having a great season. Course if he wins he will be English...

Guido Trenti will leave Fassa for Quickstep, if Pozzato makes the move...both on Pozzato's demand and as an extra part of a Boonen-train.

Meanwhile, Laiseka has been caught by the peloton and does not look too happy at the back of the bunch.

Here is the profile of the climb the riders face next, the Puerto de Serranillos - This is an excellent website, by the way, for such information.

15.37 CET. 76 km to go.The escapees are now on the climb of the Serranillos. They have 5:42 on the peloton and they head up through the wooded slopes towards the top of the climb.

NEWS FLASH - Phonak report the B test samples for Vuelta are positive - but that the one from the Olympics "will turn out negative."

So the climb snakes up through the wooded mountainside, the gap is still 5:10 and we see Osa make an attack from the peloton. This climb is an average of 4.6%, but sections get as high 7.5% average.

Banesto have two men in the break, so presumably Osa the Bear is trying to get up to help his teammates in the break. Er, Banesto's tactics are as clear as Phonak press releases...

Yet another piece of Spanish DS mastery. 40.80 km/h the race speed average and Mancebo attacks!! Well, Banesto are on the rampage!!!!! He is zooming up the mountain! Of course, Mancebo is riding on his own terrain here, and now Valverde and Co. are forced to react.

Now Banesto have two men in the break and Osa and Mancebo trying to bridge - no reaction from Liberty at the front of the peloton. Osa starts to pace Mancebo on the climb - they are 4:07 behind the break.

Osa is working his ass off for his team leader, who's still wearing his hybrid Spanish champ/Illes Balears-Banesto shirt, instead of the nice "full" Spanish jersey, a shame really.

Yes - I always prefer to see a proper national jersey too. So high drama on the high mountains as Mancebo lays the gauntlet down and makes a brave bid to shake the race up.

20 seconds for the Illes Baleares duo now. Finally some good old-fashioned attacking from way out. Liberty still pacing like a clock at the front - Saiz keeps his nerve, but surely CV-Kelme and Phonak should respond?

Phonak doesn't have many men left, though. Liberty do increase the pace and riders start falling off the back of the peloton.

Osa and Mancebo look to be on a mission - the peloton stretched like elastic, and Liberty pull them back! A fine and daring effort from the two Illes Baleares riders, nevertheless, bringing a bit of animation to this (so far) boring stage. Wow - Liberty really put the hammer down there!

Banesto attack again!

Pradera, and he gets Vasseur with him. Banesto seem to be trying to wear out the Liberty Blue train on this climb.

Vasseur (Cofidis) and Pradera (IBB) are working well together, well, Vasseur leaves Pradera behind - they are about three minutes back on the breakaway. We see an Armstrong fan running next to the leaders, with a flag...I wonder if he's aware that Lance is in the US. Maybe he thinks it's July.

16.01 CET. So the top of the Puerto del Serranillos looms for the escapees - they cross the top still together, and start a descent which looks like a Scottish highland scene, moorlands and shrubs.

63 km to go for the leaders. They still have around three minutes on the peloton, Pradera and Vasseur in no man's land - as we see Mancebo at the front of the peloton putting the pressure on Heras. Mancebo is making a huge effort today - the peloton cross 3.05 behind the escapados. Mancebo is not only attacking Heras but also Valverde, who is only 5 seconds ahead of him on GC.

57 km to go for the escapados. They have three minutes on the peloton, which is under Illes Balears-Banesto attack.

The peloton has split on the descent under pressure from the Spanish Champ Mancebo.

2.50 left for the 10 leaders. The race is now heading towards the climb of the Puerto de Navalmoral which is only 22 kilometres from the finish and could be very decisive. Now Garzelli attacks!

Garzelli is a descender extra-ordinaire.

Panic stations on the peloton - but he is pulled back by the Liberty boys - who must be getting frayed nerves from all these attacks.

The peloton is brought down to 30-40 riders max already.

Thinking of Zabel for a moment, I think his performance in the Vuelta is one of the best rides all year. Yesterday was also amazing. Indeed - a lot would have quit when the team got sick, especially a sprinter.

16.15 CET. 52.4 km to the finish for the peloton - the escapees still have about 3 minutes on the peloton. Rolf Sörensen was quoted saying that "They'll do those final 22kms in 20 minutes", meaning that they'll fly to the finish today.

But what about Pecharroman, the "miracle child" of Spanish cycling? We haven't seen the slighest of actions or efforts by him this Vuelta, apart from dropping out of the peloton maybe. That man needs to shape up, if he wants to stay with a big team like Quickstep. If he can stay at all.

Indeed, Pecharroman has been a big disappointment, all season really - strange how some riders have one great season then disappear. Like that Belgian guy - Eddie? Eddy? Murky or whatever he was called. That was a looong season. Yeah, Eddy had a really long calender.

46 km to go. The gap 3:38. And peace is restored temporarily in the peloton and the Liberty blue train is back on the front, controlling things. Maybe Zabel can take a few more points today, if everything stays kinda together?

Of course the race finishes today in Avila, which is a walled city with a sharp climb - somewhat like a classic finish of say Liege Bastogne Liege. In 2002 the Bejar-Avila stage was won by Garcia Acosta, who is one of the riders in the break today.

16.33 CET. The leaders currently on a, excusez-le-mot, shitty piece of road: pretty flat, but you still feel it in your legs. However, they have increased their lead to 4 minutes again.

Another winner in Avila was Mariano Piccoli in 2000 - interestingly, the last two times the race has finished in Avila, Roberto Heras has been in Gold - as he is today - so no change there, then. The gap up to 4:11 as a pony joins the peloton.

Hmmm, I saw a man riding that pony a bit ago, so he might have fallen off. That happened last week, too. He is obviously encouraging wild life in the peloton - as we saw yesterday with Felix the mountain cat Cardenas winning.

In the Gazzetta Dello Sport, Bettini said in an interview that he isn't as good as in August, but still motivated and strong, and that he'd wait it out in the peloton for the final, while Cunego should attack earlier to make his way...Cunego's reaction: "no way, José! I'm not going to sacrifice myself before my own people." First signs of troubles in the Italian camp?

Meanwhile, Patrick Calcgani attacks in the group of leaders, taking a good few meters...Buenahora and Horrach counter-attack.

The traditional entertainment from the Italian team - well, no change there then! 31. km to go, the escapees go through the intermediate sprint. The escapees are now breaking up on the foothills of the climb and Calcgani is taken back.

Parra, Horrach, Calcagni, Plaza, Rodriguez are now at the front. With another attack, Parra tries to get rid of his companions on a steep part and takes a few meters.

Horrach (IBB) and Rodriguez (KEL) are now chasing Parra at the front of the race.

16.50 CET. 4:27 for the three leaders - as Parra attacks again - he is very determined on this climb - very Colombian!

In the Copa Sabbatini in Italy, the results are: 1) Ullrich, 2) Pelizotti, 3) Boogerd.

In Spain, a lot of Mancebo supporters on the hillside today. And the peloton is taking a stroll at the moment, with Liberty setting an average pace. Still Parra at the head of affairs, the Cafes Baque team giving another display of cycling passion and attacking riding - and he has now a lead of 5:02.

Yes, but we see one rider coming back in the back, not sure yet's Pascual Rodriguez! He goes up past the big boulders on the roadside - Rodriguez of Kelme catches Parra and tries to leave him behind!

25 km to go The lead 5:12 - as Parra attacks.

The peloton isn't going to make it today... though these two riders do not like each other's company and must surely come to some sort of truce. Indeed - now the two leaders start to work together.

In other racing news, in the Franco Belge, Paolo Bettini wins...

They're pulling apart the peloton, but Heras is moving to the front, attack by Mancebo himself now, on a big gear! Mancebo is very determined today - the peloton shatters like a dropped mirror, Mancebo on the rampage!!!

Liberty man Koldo Gil can hold Mancebo's wheel, with Heras and Santi Perez close by. And another acceleration by Mancebo!! Liberty still have two riders with Heras and cover the attack - but now Mancebo gets a gap!

There's only 7-8 riders left after the Illes Baleares men put the hammer down, but all the big guns are there. The Spanish champion is on fire in the Spanish sun today - Liberty pull him back - great work from Gil. Attack by Santiago Perez!!

Heras goes after him, and Valverde too! 3 leaders now - the numbers 1-2-3 of the GC, too!

Heras isolated now, but there's too few climbing left to really trouble him today. Heras, Perez, Valverde! Perez has launched a classic counter attack - suddenly Mancebo is isolated. If Perez and Valverde make it over the mountain with Heras, they'd be best off to attack in turns, and force Heras to chase...

Mancebo is looking up the mountain at the three leaders, Perez, Heras and Valverde are sprinting up this mountain! The three GC men picking up Pradera now, who's surprised to see his team leader isn't there. Mancebo and Co already 45 seconds down to the three.

17.06 CET. 20 km to go. Parra and Rodriguez over the top of the climb. Perez, Heras and Valverde locked in a climbing duel...Next victim of their battle of the titans is Veneberg. Mancebo 19 seconds down on the three. Horrach being passed by the three now, all the Illes Baleares riders are now waiting for Mancebo, of course.

Heras, Perez, Valverde over the top of the climb, Mancebo about 25 seconds back. On the descent Valverde picks up the pace - he has 32 seconds on Mancebo now.

The race turned on its head when Perez attacked, Mancebo suddenly found himself a pedal stroke short of the pace... Yes, Mancebo may have blown his engine.

Parra and Rodriguez now have 3.55 advantage on Heras Valverde and Perez; Mancebo has two team mates helping him in the chase.

17.11 CET. 15 km to go. Rodriguez and Parra working together.

We see that the neutral support car has gone ahead of the two leaders, that means that either there's someone coming from the back or the two leaders' DSes are there...and it's the latter. The bigger lad Rodriguez (Kelme) powering along, Mancebo is clawing back the difference between himself and Heras, Valverde and Perez - who have picked up Plaza (Kelme). He's one of the remnants of the break of 10.

Mancebo manages to catch up with Group Heras - thanks to help from his teammates. 12 km to go for Parra and Rodriguez. 3:48 the gap. 11 riders in the Heras group, and looks like the Kelme team could be in for their 4th stage win.

Valverde! What a character! He blows his cheeks and smiles at the camera as if to say - well at least I tried!

One of the former winners in Avila was Frank Vandenbroucke, who was still in his best days back then...he irresistibly rode away from his companion Zarrabeitia, looking barely tired when he passed the finish line. That was in the Vuelta of 99' that Ullrich won, partly thanks to a pact with VdB.

10 km to go for Parra and Rodriguez.

12km to go for the Group Heras, 3.30 their disadvantage. 12 riders in the peloton - the IB-Banesto boys at the head of affairs - Heras cool as a cucumber - after the attacks he has had to respond to.

8 km to go - 3:26 the gap for Parra and Rodriguez. They still lead the Heras group, 2 kilometres behind exactly. Attack by Parra! I take back what I said about cooperation! But Pascual easily stays in his wheel.

Well - he may not know the finish - the climb is very sharp at the finish - he would be better to save his legs.

If this situation stays, Zabel might be in a bit of trouble...he did win the first intermediate sprint, but Valverde is close to 3rd spot today.

Pascual Rodriguez will know the finish very well, of course, it has been another great day's riding by CV Kelme, IB-Banesto, and Cafes Baque. Not to mention Roberto Heras who has shown real class. I think we might see Zabel in a break tomorrow or the day after...if Kelme allows them.

5 km to go for Parra and Rodriguez. 7 km to go for Heras and company. There's another group of riders closing in on the Group Heras, if I see this correctly. And Zabel might be in that group, after all...

Yep - three or four groups of riders coming back together after the shock of the Mancebo/Perez attack. With regard to the analogy made to L-B-L earlier today, it might be interesting to know that Pascual Rodriguez was 7th in L-B-L...

3 km for the two heroes of the day, Parra and Rodriguez. Rodriguez is our pick for the stage, then? I go with Parra...

Rodriguez tightens his shoes as they go past the castle walls. 2 km to go - a duel in the Spanish sun. Always such beautiful scenery, this classic Vuelta stage.

Almost every Spanish rider knows this stage by heart, because it's such a traditional Vuelta stage. 3 km for the Heras group. The two leaders on the paved wall! Onto the cobbled climb for the leaders. This suits Pascual Rodriguez a lot better than the small Parra, of course. Rodriguez leads Parra - but he looks confident.

Now we'll make a right turn into the city, to the finish. Huge crowds on the cobbled climb. They should organize a classic here, great stage. Under the Flamme Rouge.

Parra like a limpet on Rodriguez, not taking over at his sign. Rodriguez cool as hell, drinking a bit in the last 500 meters. Rodriguez hasn't won since a Ruta del Sol 2002 stage...

It's waiting for Parra's acceleration now. Oh la la they are finessing. It's a sprint! Parra hasn't won since 2000 in the Tour of Galicia... Parra goes!!! But Rodriguez easily takes him, short sprint, Pascual Rodriguez wins!

Number four for CV-Kelme! Now Sastre tries to gain a few seconds, but Valverde chasing him down. Valverde takes 8th place and some points on Zabel. Wow - what a great stage - excitement, passion and drama!

1) Pascual Rodriguez, 2) Parra, 3) Horrach, 4) Buenahora, 5) Calcagni, 6) Vasseur, 7) Tankink, 8) Valverde, 9) Mancebo, 10) Garzelli.

Unfortunate for the little Cafes Baque team, with two men in the top four, though Cardenas' victory yesterday will cushion this blow.

So, we didn't see any real time differences between the GC big guns today, but an extremely exciting stage nonetheless!

Wow...thanks so much for joining us today! You probably don't want to miss tomorrow's live coverage, since Stage 18 has six more categorized climbs...including the Category 1 Alto de Abantos. So see you then, and check back here for full results and classifications.


1 Pascual Rodriguez, Javier Esp Kel 5:02:59
2 Parra, Ivan Col Baq m.t.
3 Horrach, Joan Esp Ibb 19
4 Buenahora, Hernan Col Baq 19
5 Calcagni, Patrick Sui Vin 24
6 Vasseur, Cedric Fra Cof 35
7 Tankink, Bram Ned Qsd 37
8 Valverde, Alejandro Esp Kel 1:24
9 Mancebo, Francisco Esp Ibb m.t.
10 Garzelli, Stefano Ita Vin m.t.
11 Heras, Roberto Esp Lst m.t.
12 Perez, Santiago Esp Pho m.t.
13 Perez, Luis Esp Cof m.t.
14 Sastre, Carlos Esp Csc m.t.
15 Blanco, David Esp Kel 1:28
16 Serrano, Marcos Esp Lst 1:32
17 Garcia Quesada, Carlos Esp Kel 1:33
18 Plaza, David Esp Baq 1:37
19 Ferrio, Jorge Esp Alm m.t.
20 Gomez, Angel Esp Alm m.t.
21 Piepoli, Leonardo Ita Sdv m.t.
22 Nozal, Isidro Esp Lst m.t.
23 Osa, Unai Esp Ibb m.t.
24 Veneberg, Thorwald Ned Rab m.t.
25 Jimenez, Eladio Esp Kel m.t.
26 Lara, Francisco José Esp Alm m.t.
27 Cunego, Damiano Ita Sae 1:51
28 Plaza, Rubén Esp Kel 2:03
29 Fuentes, Juan Esp Sae 2:15
30 Gutierrez , José Esp Pho 2:24
31 Sanchez, Samuel Esp Eus m.t.
32 Garate, Juan Manuel Esp Lam m.t.
33 Martin Perdiguero, M.A. Esp Sdv m.t.
34 Mazzoleni, Eddy Ita Sae m.t.
35 Pasamontes, Luis Esp Reb 2:28
36 Schleck, Frank Lux Csc 2:28
37 Van Goolen, Jurgen Bel Qsd 2:29
38 Lastras, Pablo Esp Ibb m.t.
39 Calvente, Manuel Esp Csc m.t.
40 Weening, Pieter Ned Rab m.t.
41 Pecharroman, J.Antonio Esp Qsd m.t.
42 Perez, Aitor Esp Baq m.t.
43 Lopez, Joaquin Esp Alm m.t.
44 Zubeldia, Haimar Esp Eus m.t.
45 Garcia, Francisco Esp Baq m.t.
46 Beltran, Manuel Esp Usp m.t.
47 Baranowski, Dariusz Pol Lst m.t.
48 Arrieta, José Luis Esp Ibb m.t.
49 Latasa, David Esp Kel m.t.
50 Sevilla, Oscar Esp Pho 2:37
51 Atienza, Daniel Esp Cof 2:37
52 Garcia Acosta, José Esp Ibb 3:00
53 Gil, Koldo Esp Lst 3:03
54 Pradera, Mikel Esp Ibb 3:34
55 Zabel, Erik Ger Tmo 6:44
56 Ivanov, Ruslan Mda Als 6:44
57 Van Summeren, Johan Bel Reb m.t.
58 Chaurreau, Iñigo Esp A2r m.t.
59 Rebollo, Jose Luis Esp Reb m.t.
60 Den Bakker, Maarten Ned Rab m.t.
61 Cañada, David Esp Sdv m.t.
62 Paolini, Luca Ita Qsd m.t.
63 Jufre, Josep Esp Reb m.t.
64 Miholjevic, Vladimir Cro Als m.t.
65 Valjavec, Tadej Slo Pho m.t.
66 Gusev, Vladimir Rus Csc m.t.
67 Grabsch, Bert Ger Pho m.t.
68 Schreck, Stephan Ger Tmo m.t.
69 Möller, Klaus Den Als m.t.
70 Joachim, Benoit Lux Usp m.t.
71 Mikhailov, Guennadi Rus Usp m.t.
72 Sgambelluri, Roberto Ita Vin m.t.
73 Elias, José Miguel Esp Reb m.t.
74 Jaksche, Jörg Ger Csc m.t.
75 Casero, Rafael Esp Sdv m.t.
76 Cruz, Antonio Usa Usp m.t.
77 Fernandez, Bingen Esp Cof m.t.
78 Zaballa, Constantino Esp Sdv m.t.
79 Szymyd, Sylvester Pol Sae m.t.
80 Cardenas, Felix Col Baq 6:49
81 Sabaliauskas, Marius Ltu Sae 7:59
82 Herrero, David Esp Alm 9:32
83 Posthuma, Joost Ned Rab 9:32
84 De Weert, Kevin Bel Rab 9:32
85 Cioni, Dario David Ita Fas 12:50
86 Peña, Victor Hugo Col Usp 13:17
87 Hruska, Jan Cze Lst 18:44
88 Caruso, Giampaolo Ita Lst 18:44
89 Glez. Galdeano, Igor Esp Lst 18:44
90 Gerosa, Mauro Ita Vin 21:08
91 Piccoli, Mariano Ita Lam m.t.
92 Cortinovis, Alessandro Ita Lam m.t.
93 Horrillo, Pedro Esp Qsd m.t.
94 Trenti, Guido Usa Fas m.t.
95 Velo, Marco Ita Fas m.t.
96 Evans, Cadel Aus Tmo m.t.
97 Julia, José Esp Kel m.t.
98 Cabello, Francisco Esp Kel m.t.
99 Spezialetti, Alessandro Ita Sae m.t.
100 Milesi, Marco Ita Vin m.t.
101 Quinziato, Manuel Ita Lam m.t.
102 Colom, Antonio Esp Ibb m.t.
103 Sanchez, Julián Esp Fas m.t.
104 Fernandez, David Esp Alm m.t.
105 Gutierrez, Heberth Col Baq m.t.
106 Florencio, Xavier Esp Reb m.t.
107 Artetxe, Mikel Esp Eus m.t.
108 Fornaciari, Paolo Ita Sae m.t.
109 Luttenberger, Peter Aut Csc m.t.
110 Rodriguez, Joaquin Esp Sdv m.t.
111 Rastelli, Ellis Ita Als m.t.
112 Laiseka, Roberto Esp Eus m.t.
113 Silloniz, Aitor Esp Eus m.t.
114 Lopez De Munain, Alberto Esp Eus m.t.
115 Isasi, Iñaki Esp Eus m.t.
116 White, Matthew Aus Cof m.t.
117 Hoj, Frank Den Csc m.t.
118 Andrle, Rene Cze Lst m.t.
119 Hulsmans, Kevin Bel Qsd m.t.
120 Trentin, Guido Ita Cof m.t.
121 Gustov, Volodymir Ukr Fas m.t.
122 Andriotto, Dario Ita Vin m.t.
123 Garrido, José Esp Qsd m.t.
124 Di Luca, Danilo Ita Sae m.t.
125 Righi, Daniele Ita Lam m.t.

Gonzalez, Aitor Esp Fas DNS
Vinokourov, Alexandre Kaz Tmo DNS
Barry, Michael Can Usp DNS
Moreni, Cristian Ita Als DNF
Landis, Floyd Usa Usp DNF

General Classification after Stage 18

1 Heras, Roberto Esp Lst 68:33:04
2 Perez, Santiago Esp Pho 1:13
3 Valverde, Alejandro Esp Kel 2:15
4 Mancebo, Francisco Esp Ibb 2:16
5 Nozal, Isidro Esp Lst 6:08
6 Sastre, Carlos Esp Csc 7:56
7 Gomez, Angel Esp Alm 10:21
8 Garcia Quesada, Carlos Esp Kel 11:18
9 Perez, Luis Esp Cof 12:25
10 Beltran, Manuel Esp Usp 12:56
11 Blanco, David Esp Kel 14:13
12 Garzelli, Stefano Ita Vin 17:23
13 Serrano, Marcos Esp Lst 20:01
14 Lara, Francisco José Esp Alm 20:07
15 Martin Perdiguero, M.A. Esp Sdv 22:50
16 Sanchez, Samuel Esp Eus 26:38
17 Ferrio, Jorge Esp Alm 28:29
18 Pasamontes, Luis Esp Reb 30:50
19 Plaza, David Esp Baq 31:29
20 Jimenez, Eladio Esp Kel 32:24
21 Cunego, Damiano Ita Sae 32:58
22 Osa, Unai Esp Ibb 33:31
23 Sevilla, Oscar Esp Pho 33:45
24 Calvente, Manuel Esp Csc 36:00
25 Garate, Juan Manuel Esp Lam 41:17
26 Atienza, Daniel Esp Cof 42:31
27 Horrach, Joan Esp Ibb 42:47
28 Parra, Ivan Col Baq 43:15
29 Valjavec, Tadej Slo Pho 43:37
30 Piepoli, Leonardo Ita Sdv 45:02
31 Buenahora, Hernan Col Baq 48:04
32 Arrieta, José Luis Esp Ibb 50:55
33 Baranowski, Dariusz Pol Lst 52:43
34 Cardenas, Felix Col Baq 53:51
35 Zaballa, Constantino Esp Sdv 57:06
36 Gutierrez , José Esp Pho 59:36
37 Plaza, Rubén Esp Kel 1:06:28
38 Garcia, Francisco Esp Baq 1:08:29
39 Van Summeren, Johan Bel Reb 1:08:46
40 Vasseur, Cedric Fra Cof 1:11:24
41 Lastras, Pablo Esp Ibb 1:12:02
42 Elias, José Miguel Esp Reb 1:13:28
43 Jaksche, Jörg Ger Csc 1:15:45
44 Rodriguez, Joaquin Esp Sdv 1:15:59
45 Chaurreau, Iñigo Esp A2r 1:16:05
46 Zubeldia, Haimar Esp Eus 1:16:23
47 Peña, Victor Hugo Col Usp 1:19:24
48 Zabel, Erik Ger Tmo 1:19:34
49 Cañada, David Esp Sdv 1:25:47
50 Schleck, Frank Lux Csc 1:28:43
51 Rebollo, Jose Luis Esp Reb 1:29:36
52 Cioni, Dario David Ita Fas 1:30:23
53 Pecharroman, J.Antonio Esp Qsd 1:31:09
54 Veneberg, Thorwald Ned Rab 1:31:12
55 Gil, Koldo Esp Lst 1:31:30
56 Pascual Rodriguez, Javier Esp Kel 1:31:39
57 Joachim, Benoit Lux Usp 1:36:01
58 Lopez, Joaquin Esp Alm 1:37:00
59 Schreck, Stephan Ger Tmo 1:38:44
60 Mikhailov, Guennadi Rus Usp 1:40:00
61 Latasa, David Esp Kel 1:40:27
62 Evans, Cadel Aus Tmo 1:40:46
63 Van Goolen, Jurgen Bel Qsd 1:40:52
64 Laiseka, Roberto Esp Eus 1:41:57
65 Szymyd, Sylvester Pol Sae 1:42:04
66 Weening, Pieter Ned Rab 1:42:37
67 Jufre, Josep Esp Reb 1:43:12
68 Calcagni, Patrick Sui Vin 1:46:33
69 Caruso, Giampaolo Ita Lst 1:49:30
70 Tankink, Bram Ned Qsd 1:50:06
71 Fernandez, Bingen Esp Cof 1:51:46
72 De Weert, Kevin Bel Rab 1:53:01
73 Mazzoleni, Eddy Ita Sae 1:56:52
74 Perez, Aitor Esp Baq 1:58:57
75 Cruz, Antonio Usa Usp 1:59:24
76 Herrero, David Esp Alm 2:00:10
77 Sgambelluri, Roberto Ita Vin 2:00:35
78 Möller, Klaus Den Als 2:01:41
79 Trentin, Guido Ita Cof 2:04:04
80 Casero, Rafael Esp Sdv 2:06:32
81 Miholjevic, Vladimir Cro Als 2:08:23
82 Cortinovis, Alessandro Ita Lam 2:11:29
83 Fuentes, Juan Esp Sae 2:12:54
84 Lopez De Munain, Alberto Esp Eus 2:13:56
85 Luttenberger, Peter Aut Csc 2:16:07
86 Paolini, Luca Ita Qsd 2:17:06
87 Isasi, Iñaki Esp Eus 2:17:11
88 Sabaliauskas, Marius Ltu Sae 2:17:46
89 Ivanov, Ruslan Mda Als 2:21:57
90 Horrillo, Pedro Esp Qsd 2:23:42
91 Florencio, Xavier Esp Reb 2:24:31
92 Pradera, Mikel Esp Ibb 2:25:39
93 Fernandez, David Esp Alm 2:33:15
94 Grabsch, Bert Ger Pho 2:35:02
95 Di Luca, Danilo Ita Sae 2:35:10
96 Colom, Antonio Esp Ibb 2:35:58
97 Garrido, José Esp Qsd 2:37:05
98 Den Bakker, Maarten Ned Rab 2:37:17
99 Posthuma, Joost Ned Rab 2:43:15
100 Gusev, Vladimir Rus Csc 2:45:30
101 Garcia Acosta, José Esp Ibb 2:45:50
102 Hruska, Jan Cze Lst 2:46:03
103 Julia, José Esp Kel 2:46:27
104 Glez. Galdeano, Igor Esp Lst 2:46:32
105 Cabello, Francisco Esp Kel 2:47:51
106 Gerosa, Mauro Ita Vin 2:49:38
107 Gustov, Volodymir Ukr Fas 2:49:40
108 Quinziato, Manuel Ita Lam 2:50:51
109 Hulsmans, Kevin Bel Qsd 2:51:31
110 Milesi, Marco Ita Vin 2:53:53
111 Artetxe, Mikel Esp Eus 2:59:32
112 Andriotto, Dario Ita Vin 3:01:09
113 Gutierrez, Heberth Col Baq 3:05:22
114 Andrle, Rene Cze Lst 3:09:12
115 Sanchez, Julián Esp Fas 3:11:41
116 Hoj, Frank Den Csc 3:11:58
117 Piccoli, Mariano Ita Lam 3:16:42
118 Spezialetti, Alessandro Ita Sae 3:16:44
119 Righi, Daniele Ita Lam 3:20:17
120 Trenti, Guido Usa Fas 3:24:09
121 Velo, Marco Ita Fas 3:27:07
122 Fornaciari, Paolo Ita Sae 3:29:17
123 Rastelli, Ellis Ita Als 3:29:46
124 Silloniz, Aitor Esp Eus 3:34:50
125 White, Matthew Aus Cof 3:38:48

Points Classification after Stage 18

1 Zabel, Erik Ger Tmo 152
2 Valverde, Alejandro Esp Kel 136
3 Heras, Roberto Esp Lst 118
4 Mancebo, Francisco Esp Ibb 106
5 Perez, Santiago Esp Pho 96
6 Nozal, Isidro Esp Lst 76
7 Sastre, Carlos Esp Csc 59
8 Piepoli, Leonardo Ita Sdv 52
9 Horrillo, Pedro Esp Qsd 51
10 Gomez, Angel Esp Alm 44
11 Perez, Luis Esp Cof 44
12 Garzelli, Stefano Ita Vin 44
13 Beltran, Manuel Esp Usp 43
14 Cruz, Antonio Usa Usp 42
15 Cardenas, Felix Col Baq 41
16 Ferrio, Jorge Esp Alm 40
17 Parra, Ivan Col Baq 38
18 Martin Perdiguero, M.A. Esp Sdv 37
19 Peña, Victor Hugo Col Usp 36
20 Pascual Rodriguez, Javier Esp Kel 33
21 Fernandez, David Esp Alm 33
22 Joachim, Benoit Lux Usp 29
23 Jimenez, Eladio Esp Kel 28
24 Garcia Quesada, Carlos Esp Kel 28
25 Julia, José Esp Kel 27

Mountains Classification after Stage 18

1 Cardenas, Felix Col Baq 132
2 Heras, Roberto Esp Lst 107
3 Perez, Santiago Esp Pho 102
4 Mancebo, Francisco Esp Ibb 90
5 Valverde, Alejandro Esp Kel 67
6 Elias, José Miguel Esp Reb 50
7 Fuentes, Juan Esp Sae 44
8 Lara, Francisco José Esp Alm 42
9 Jimenez, Eladio Esp Kel 42
10 Nozal, Isidro Esp Lst 40
11 Ferrio, Jorge Esp Alm 36
12 Parra, Ivan Col Baq 36
13 Pascual Rodriguez, Javier Esp Kel 36
14 Fernandez, David Esp Alm 35
15 Zaballa, Constantino Esp Sdv 35
16 Valjavec, Tadej Slo Pho 34
17 Piepoli, Leonardo Ita Sdv 32
18 Gomez, Angel Esp Alm 31
19 Arrieta, José Luis Esp Ibb 29
20 Perez, Luis Esp Cof 28
21 Buenahora, Hernan Col Baq 24
22 Sastre, Carlos Esp Csc 23
23 Quinziato, Manuel Ita Lam 20
24 Osa, Unai Esp Ibb 20
25 Garcia Quesada, Carlos Esp Kel 19

All Around Classification after Stage 18

1 Heras, Roberto Esp Lst 6
2 Perez, Santiago Esp Pho 10
3 Valverde, Alejandro Esp Kel 10
4 Mancebo, Francisco Esp Ibb 12
5 Nozal, Isidro Esp Lst 21
6 Sastre, Carlos Esp Csc 35
7 Gomez, Angel Esp Alm 35
8 Perez, Luis Esp Cof 40
9 Ferrio, Jorge Esp Alm 44
10 Cardenas, Felix Col Baq 50
11 Lara, Francisco José Esp Alm 52
12 Jimenez, Eladio Esp Kel 52
13 Beltran, Manuel Esp Usp 55
14 Piepoli, Leonardo Ita Sdv 55
15 Garcia Quesada, Carlos Esp Kel 57
16 Parra, Ivan Col Baq 57
17 Garzelli, Stefano Ita Vin 65
18 Valjavec, Tadej Slo Pho 71
19 Martin Perdiguero, M.A. Esp Sdv 81
20 Buenahora, Hernan Col Baq 83
21 Blanco, David Esp Kel 86
22 Elias, José Miguel Esp Reb 89
23 Pascual Rodriguez, Javier Esp Kel 89
24 Zabel, Erik Ger Tmo 91
25 Zaballa, Constantino Esp Sdv 100

Teams Classification after Stage 18

1 Comunidad Valenciana - Kelme KEL 205:45:20
2 Liberty Seguros LST a 18:09
3 Illes Balears - Banesto IBB a 25:05
4 Costa de Almeria - Paternina ALM a 36:18
5 Phonak Hearing Systems PHO a 45:45
6 Cafes Baque BAQ a 52:02
7 US Postal Service presented by B. USP a 1:19:58
8 Cofidis, le credit par telephone COF a 1:25:41
9 Saunier Duval - Prodir SDV a 1:26:22
10 Team CSC CSC a 1:26:58
11 Relax-Bodysol REB a 2:22:39
12 Saeco SAE a 2:30:40
13 Euskaltel - Euskadi EUS a 2:44:30
14 T-Mobile Team TMO a 3:02:06
15 Vini Caldirola -Nobili Rubinetterie VIN a 3:44:52
16 Quick Step - Davitamon QSD a 3:56:49
17 Rabobank RAB a 3:57:26
18 Fassa Bortolo FAS a 4:35:03
19 Lampre LAM a 5:05:23
20 Alessio - Bianchi ALS a 5:18:40

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