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4th Fabios Fantasy Vuelta Virtual Teams: all Stage 3 Results
By Fabio
Date: 9/9/2004
4th Fabios Fantasy Vuelta Virtual Teams: all Stage 3 Results

Results and reports for Stage 3 of the 4th Fabio's Fantasy Vuelta game are finally online. You can find all stage details by clicking on the links down in the page, the Regularidad (Points) and KOM (Mountains) ones included.

Note - Please Read: Last call for a few players!!!: Some players entered their teams without providing their full, actual names, as required in the registration process, or using a nickname, things not allowed under the rules. All of their teams have been provisionally accepted, provided they communicate us their full names and surnames by Wednesday night. We decided to give those who didn't one more day and extend the deadline to Thursday night, so please mail our site and give us the additional information required no later than tonight, thank you.

The players that were asked to provide this additional information are:

  • Caipirinha (from Switzerland)
  • Marlis1955 (from Switzerland)
  • Werner1951 (from Switzerland)
  • Sabrina1982 (from Switzerland)
  • Pädäricco (Patrick) (From Switzerland)
  • Rufs (from Norway)
  • Robert (from Romania)
  • Galen (from the U.S.)
  • JWMSales (from the U.S.)

Stage 3 (Burgos-Soria, 157 km.):

Stage 2 (León-Burgos, 207 km.):

Stage 1 (Leon-León, TTT - 27.7 km.):

The full list of all virtual teams competing and their line-ups will be online in the next two-three days, while results of the "Best Team Name Award" will be made public later.

See ya later with all Stage 4 Results and Reports (hopefully with no teams excluded), Fabio and the Fantasy Game Team.

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