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The Vuelta Fantástica Fantasy Game is Open!
By Janna Trevisanut
Date: 9/1/2004
The Vuelta Fantástica Fantasy Game is Open!

It's that time again - time to pick your virtual team for Fabio's 4th Vuelta Fantástica!

This year's Vuelta a España will be fascinating, and with all the strong riders taking the start line on Saturday, you can have even more fun by creating your own Fantasy Game "team" and following its results!

To play our Fabio's Vuelta Fantástica, browse to our Fantasy Games main page (located in the left navigation bar). Read the rules and the scoring, then look at the team and rider categories. When you have your team ready, read the Registration Rules and enter your team! (If you're as "expert" as I am in these games, crossing your fingers might not hurt either....)

Please make note of the registration deadline for your time zone, and here's two more things to remember: We are accepting 300 entries only, sometimes tie-breakers are determined by who has entered their team the earliest, so don't delay!

See all you virtual Directeurs Sportif at the startline!

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