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Olympics - Men's Road Race - Live Report
By Staff
Date: 8/14/2004
Olympics - Men's Road Race - Live Report
Athens - Olympics - Road Race Men.

The Propileis on the Acropolis, Athens by Alberto Zampieri.

Please press F5 for regular updates, commentary by podofdonny and Anita van Crey.

Sunny Athens, the professional riders are on their way for their Olympic race. With one and a half hour ridden so far we see Magnus Backstedt leading solo. He has an advantage, with 12 laps to go of 3.23" to the next rider to cross the line, Hungarian Laszlo Bodrogi. The gap on its maximum was well over three minutes, the bunch gets closer. Due to the heat there are many riders who take it a bit easy in these early hours of the race.

The course through Athens is not sided with many viewers so far. After a crash in early hours there are already some riders who had to quit the race. Michael Boogerd, Igor Astarloa and Vladimir Karpets tumbled down. It is Boogerd who is undergoing a check-up in the hospital, either his shoulder or collarbone is broken. Also Astarloa, Perez Arango, Karpets and José-Ivan Gutierrez went down. The Spaniard Gutierrez is the only one of them still on his bike.

13.38 CET/ 14.38 Greek time
11 and a half laps to go. It is Virenque who tries to counter-attack and finds himself riding in between bunch and tall tall Swede. The bunch cruises on its own chosen time along the Greek capitol. The men from the more exotic cycling countries like Hong Kong and so on are still able to follow the pace of the bunch. Canadian Eric Wohlberg has to let the pack go though, and so does one man from Japan. Virenque has closed one minute of the 3 minutes gap to Backstedt.

Eleven laps to go, three men solo by themselves. Still Magnus Backstedt leading, with two minutes and sixteen seconds behind him Richard Virenque. Laslo Bodrogi is 2.48" behind Backstedt. The bunch currently is 3.50" behind the tall Swede. In the front lines of the bunches we spot Voeckler and the German team. The bunch is lead this lap by Brasilian Luciano Pagliarini. At the back of the pack it is Filippo Pozatto who lets the bunch go a bit and searches for the assistance of his national coach Franco Ballerini.

Currently there still are 140 riders still in the race. It is Bodrogi who joins his (teammate in normal working hours in cycling) Virenque. Just entered the 11th last lap the bunch retakes its cloudy shape to make sure themselves the riders containing it to not warm up too much and get cooked before the final finish line is reached. Backstedt struggles on in the Greek oven. Jan Ullrich is wearing a big plaster around his elbow, a quick reminder of his slip over an olive on his training ground at Kreta. The bunch is flocked over by pigeons. One of their former relatives had had a close encounter with Dutch cyclist Erik Dekker during training. The animal got distracted due to the heat, bumped into the Rabobank-colored helmet on the head of the four times Tourstage winner and ....lost.

92 km cruised down, temps up to 40 degrees Centigrade, the bunch is working up their way to the second climb in the lap. A mere part of the Australian team is joining up in the fist lines of the bunch. It is Matthew White, the unfortunate Ozzie who could not start in the Tour due to a slip before the prologue even started, who gets a good look around to check out his companions.

Backstedt looking tired now, on lap 7, his Bianchi bike with stickers to cover the manufacturer's name as Virenque and Bodrogi (both Quickstep) chase. Also Stuart Dangerfield of the British team did quit the race. One of the Swiss riders joins his teamcar to get himself and his countrymen some refreshments. The peloton still together in the greek sunshine, as Ukraine move to the front of the peloton. So far this season it is Alessandro Petacchi who has got himself the most wins (16). Good runner-up is Tom Boonen with 15 and one of the main favorites for today, Alessandro Valverde with 14 wins so far this season.

Athens with the Odeon of Herodus Atticus in the foreground,
Lycabettus Hill in the distance. Photo courtesy Atenas2004.

Backstedt now on the climb of the Lycabettus Hill, while Virenque and Bodrogi are about a minute back. The gap has dropped to 45 seconds as the duo reach the top of the hill. The peloton 2'35'' behind. It is Danish Frank Hoj trying to get the pace of the bunch high enough when they reach the top of the climb. The gap beginning to drop quite quickly now, just 25 seconds between Virenque Bodrogi and Backstedt.

Backstedt goes by Hadrian's Arch and is back on the cobbles were he launched his attack on lap 2. These cobbles of course much different from the paves where Backstedt won Paris-Roubaix back in March. Backstedt crosses meanwhile the finish line yet another time, solo. Backstedt finishes lap 8 - he starts lap 9 and will be caught very soon by Virenque and Bodrogi. The riders have covered just over 105 km. What was expected turned out to be not true, there is less than some smog hanging over the Greek capitol.

Nineth last lap. The three men join together at the front of the race, a good combination of riders who might worry the peloton, Virenque of course has had many famous solo victories - for example Paris-Tours. And not forgetting his victory in this year's Tour de France on Bastille day.

2'49'' the gap to the peloton, as the Brazilian rider Pagliarini abandons. The Lampre rider clearly not at his best today. Boogerd, victim of an early crash, suffers as he is told in hospital no broken bones. His shoulder is bruised, he has some road rash and having some difficulties recuperating.

Pagliarini with his team mate Marcio May is right at the front of the peloton. Ullrich now near the front of the peloton too along with his mate Kloeden, the German team did not take the opportunity to practice on the course they went round in a car later on. The Acropolis dominates the view, and today we hope to see Classical herioc which our forefathers would have been proud.

As Virenque,Bodrogi and Backstedt again on the climb of the Lycabettus hill. Once again it is the Germans and Australians at the head of the peloton. It is Voigt who tests the competition. His main man Ullrich and also Klöden easily follow. The gap at the top of the hill, with the Germans piling on the pressure at the front of the peloton, Voigt, Kloeden and Ullrichat the head of affairs, the gap now 1'45'' - the peloton has split a little under the pressure from the German team. The bunch is split in three or four parts.

Ullrich is the next to attack. It is Michael Rogers who follows him like a shadow. Jens Voigt, what a great season he has had, is really setting down a wicked pace - this will hurt tired legs at the back of the bunch. The main men seem to be testing their own and the legs of the competition. Australians O'Grady and White are also present in the first group. The first two groups melt down together. The Dutch have Erik Dekker present as well. A third group is regaining contact also with the men hunting down more or less the three in the lead.

As Jaan Kirsipuu retires we see Bobby Julich near the front of the peloton, a rider who knows the German team very well of course. Chavanel riding in the middle of the bunch since Virenque is out in the front. The best of the second bigger group, riding currently at about 15 seconds behind the group Ullrich, are jumping their way to the back of the German pack. Still 118 km to cruise down. The peloton split in 2 with a 15 second gap - 8 laps to go.

At the back of the pack there for sure will be riders who let the rest go now, since they have done their job. The Italian team is showing up their noses also in the frontlines. The gap now is up again to 1.42". Virenque, Backstedt and Bodrogi now have a gap of 1' 42 as Voigt leads the peloton over the line.

The peloton all back together now, the crowds beginning to build on the sides of the road, the tension is beginning to mount. The Polish team is also present in the early parts of the bunch. Bettini and Popovych near the front of the peloton too. One of the riders who is not able to follow the pace is New Zealand's Heath Blackgrove.

In the lead also we find Gerrit Glomser and Paolo Bettini. Glomser and Julich at the front of the peloton. Gap is up again to 1.55", while one train of Oz is moving its way to the front of the bunchlines.

The Austrian rider Totschnig is a good outside bet for today - he's in great form, as was evident last weekend in San Sebastian. Once again on the start of the climb of the Lycabettus Hill, Virenque, Bodrogi and Backstedt.

There are many French and many other Euros siding the course now. The French (housewives and others) cheering their seven-time Tour de France King of the Mountains to a good spot at the end. Backstedt, of course, is based in Wales and is a great friend of two of the British team, Hammond and Winn. 1'11'' seconds the gap to the leading trio.

An attack out of the peloton on the climb, it is Kloeden!

The peloton strung out like a coloured ribbon across the baking hot Greek roads. Now the Spanish team picks up the pace.

The Italians, Spaniards and Germans are showing off the colors of their national shirts. Main contender Alessandro Valverde is present in the lead as well. Bettini is looking for some sort of revanche for the last two world cup events where he lost due to, let's say, not smart riding in the final sprint. And Astarloa suffering from the curse of the rainbow - he crashed after just 5 kilometres and abandoned.

It is Galdeano and Valverde on the rampage for Spain - Valverde has Igor Gonzalez the Galdeano to bring him more up front. The two men get a small gap; Valverde has won 14 races this season, this will cause the alarm bells to ring in the peloton. A third rider joins the duo-armada. And a fourth is closing in as well.

15.11 CET, 16.11 Greek.The peloton seem to have been brought back and a counter attack by the USA, as the peloton splits under the shadow of the Acropolis. Bobby Julich on the attack. The Dutch have either Kroon or Dekker present at spot three, Van Heeswijk is to be found a bit further in the bunch. The other to complete the four orange men still in the race is near Van Heeswijk as well.

Meanwhile the three leaders Virenque, Backstedt and Bodrogi, are unaware of the action behind them and they cross the line with 7 laps to go. The gap only 19 seconds.

Seven laps of 13,2 km to go. Leipheimer and Dekker attack at the finish line. The peloton just about back together now, the three men at the front retire, as Julich and Laverde (Colombia) try to bridge the gap to the three leaders. Also in the first main group we have Euskaltel's Venezuelan Unai Etxebarria and Kyrylo Pospeyeyev of the Domina Vacanza defending his country's colors.

Julich and Valverde join the Virenque group, but the gap is now very slender - bunch soon all together now...

The five men are brought back by the peloton, so the race comes back together - the peloton one long string and it looks like the peloton will split again soon. The thirsty men, working their butts off to win the most prestigous race every four years, are looking desperately in the food zone to get some fluids. Klöden quits the race!

Frank Hoj is forcing down yet another decision, making the race harder and harder. Now Backstedt retires! In the thinning peloton, Valverde and Totschnig attack. Colombia and Austria on the attack as well.

The last of the Spartans...Courtesy Greek Taxi.

So on lap 11 of 17 Valverde and Totschnig have a small gap, 7 men chase, the peloton not far behind. Through Parliament Square, the attacks coming thick and fast. It is not Valverde but Colombia's Luis Felipe Laverde Jimenez who is accompanying the Austrian Georg Totschnig. Past Hadrian's Arch, Totschnig and Jimenez look like they will be pulled back, as they go over the cobbles again.

Past the Amphitheatre and 2 men bridge the gap to the leaders, 6 men chase, the peloton about 15 seconds back. 6 Laps to go. It seems that about ten men are trying to force down a break. Behind them there are some brave men who are trying to get near them. At the finish line the wind starts to blow a bit harder. Hushovd and Gilbert are some of the ones in the lead.

15.32 CET, 16.32 Greek Time. The gap of the first group (Vainsteins, Joachim, Etxebarria, Ekimov, Van Heeswijk, Hushovd, Gilbert...) to the bunch is about 15 seconds. Julich, Totschnig, Moreni, Krupa are also in the first group.

Big Hinc is working his way up to the front lines, as is Alexandre Vinokourov. So the leading men have 25" on the peloton. The men from Oz seem to have missed this break. 12 men in the lead, Galdeano, Gilbert, Merckx, Julich, amongst them.

A yellow and green man, probably Michael Rogers, is attempting to be more in the front. Abandons so far: Hrazdira, Hunter, Suzuki, Kloeden, Backstedt, Saeidi Tanha, Kirsipuu, Pagliarini, Dangerfield, Karpets, Astarloa, Boogerd, Perez Arango... Two men attack from the from of the peloton - Moreni and we believe Unai Etxebarria.

The peloton much thinned out, Etxebarria and Moreini leading the way, 23 seconds their gap. The riders head past the Zeus Temple (or what is left of it...). Once again as they pass the Acropolis, there are 4 riders chasing, the peloton just behind them. A clear blue sky outlines the whitish buildings in Athens, just as in a very tourist postcard. Under the flamme rouge for the leading duo. Elminger and McEwen, as well as Ciaran Power, are leading the chase. Five laps to go.

8 seconds for the chasing 4 men - Voigt still leading the peloton 42 seconds back. Cox (Rsa), Power (Irl), Elmiger (Swi) and McEwen (Aus) hunt them down. Voigt and Lagutin together with Uzbeck Igor Pugaci leading the bunch now. So a leading group of 6 men have a gap now of 55 seconds. Bug-taster Moreau has had to let the bunch go and can now get himself cozy at some nice pub along the course to taste something other than what he gets on the road...

Spain and Germany lead the peloton - this could be a very dangerous break, having accomplished a minute gap. Klöden, we now hear, had to quit due to cramps.

The 6 men now on the hill, and it is Cox who leads, Moreni on his wheel. And they crest the hill with an advantage of 59 seconds. Ciaran Power rides for the Navigators and has been preparing especially for this race. Meanwhile, Moreau abandons, while the six in the lead work nicely together.

16.06 CET, 17.06 Greek time. Cox (Rsa), Power (Irl), Elmiger (Swi) and McEwen (Aus) Moreni (Ita) and Etxebarria leading the race, still with about 1 minute on the peloton - and when they finish this lap there will be just three to go.

Meanwhile back at the peloton, Hincapie is collecting drinks from the team car while Jose Ivan Gutierrez quits as well. He gets treatment by the doctor for the wounds he suffered after an early fall. It seem to hurt deeply, when the doctor rinses it down with a brush to make sure all the dirt is gone.

The gap has dropped down to 52", still quite substantial for this stage of the race, as the peloton sweeps past the Acropolis. 4 laps to go, 171 km covered, just over 50 km left in this Olympic race.

The Acropolis in the moonlight - bet the riders wish
it were evening now, in the heat... Courtesy Athens News Agency

The gap down to 38 seconds. It seems the bunch works its way back to the break. It is Pozzato working his butt off to get his teammates supplied with water and other foods, so he seems to be the lesser man in the squadra Italia today...

Zabel, Arvesen, Popovych and Van Heeswijk in the bunch, all around spot thirty. Kam Po Wong and Hunter amongst others who quit the race today. Hushovd is also out, as well as Cooke and White. Knaven and Rogers have abandoned as well, also Pena. And another - Belgium's Vansevenant, helper of Van Petegem.

Glomser is trying to close down the gap on his own, attacking off the front of the peloton. The 6 men get back together now as they tackle Lycabettus Hill, with mountain man McEwen leading the way. Van Heeswijk tries to battle the heat by putting a sack of ice on his neck...

The gap has dropped seriously and is now only 11". Kazachstan attacks. Unai Etxebarria won't give in, though his five companions have lost their momentum and will be caught. Ekimov abandons.

The 6 men are still out in front, but the speed of the peloton is picking up - the sextet in the lead want to play the best instruments yet another time, to stay clear of the claws of the six-rings hunters...though Glomser did manage to bridge the gap to the leaders as they pass Hadrian's Arch. Several more men cross the gap - 12 men now at the front. The Spaniards put together a counterattack.

Voeckler is now up with the leaders. He is first across the line with 3 Laps to go. Kirchen, Trampusch are also present up front in the leading group. Also Valjavec, Hamilton, Nardello, Moreni and Sorensen.

Pozzatto quits, while the Dutch have Kroon present in the front lines. 7 leaders, but the gap can be no more than 5 seconds on the peloton - it's all coming back together again.

Kolobnev, Paolini and Kroon are off the front - the three men have a small gap. the three men are going through the feed zone. Chavanel quits, Scanlon quits too - the heat gets the better of some riders who already have a long season behind them and so many races yet to go.

The peloton back together again and now Bettini attacks. The Dutch have two orange jerseys present in the more up-front lines, Bettini and Vino lead over the hill. Van Petegem, Merckx and Dekker also present. The Cricket is chirping loudly and the peloton explodes. Bettini looks over his shoulder to check if Ulle and Co. are better than he is...Bettini has reduced the peloton to 9 men with 7 chasers, as Vino puts in an effort at the front.

The Greek cameraman adds another sport into this race - "who's on first" - making it hard for us viewers to make out who is who and where who is when...Freire is making his way whatever group of men he is or was chasing.

Vinokourov seems to be very calm on his big day of the year. This is one date he marked some time ago to be his day. Meanwhile Igor Gonzalez de Galdeano quits, leaving the Spaniards down to 2 men in the race. The Italians have three men left. There are now about 20 riders left in the front group and a big gap to the second group.

Hincapie attacks, smoothing his way around Athens, in sure good shape. It looks like about twenty men are in the decisive battle in the Greek capitol at the moment. Arvesen is one of them - Hincapie is brought back, Arvesen and Paolini take the lead.

Merckx and Hoj attempting to join them. These 4 men now at the front: Merckx, Hoj, Arvesen and Paolini. It looks like Popovych chasing... 2 Laps to go, about 16" for Popovych, 30" the peloton. The Dutch have three men in the chasing bunch. Danish Hamburger is in the front as well.

More abandons: Cancellara, Knaven, McCartney, Duma, Winn, Wohlberg. One of the Kazach riders punctures, while Ullrich and Valverde are still in the chasing peloton. Kroon has to let the bunch go again. The average speed last lap was up to 43 kmh. Freire quits.

The peloton all back together, once again.

As they go through the feed zone once again - the pace drops slightly. The Italians still have four left in the race, not three as we said earlier. Who will make the next attack? A lull before the storm... and The Cricket chirps again! Bettini, again on the Lycabettus Hill, attacks!

Markus Zberg, an outsider when it comes to fast finishing, is present at fourth spot. Dekker sneaks with the Cricket in the attack. Paulinho and Bettini at the front - Bettini checks out the Portuguese rider, not being too familiar with him...meanwhile, Leipheimer abandons.

Paulinho and Bettini working well together - they have a good gap! Voigt quits as well.

The Italian and the Portuguese are putting in a huge effort - they have gold and silver in their grasp if they keep going. Gap is currently 12 seconds for the duo.

17.04 CET, 18.04 Greek time. Gap is up to 20 seconds with just over a lap to go. Sergio Paulinho is a time trial specialist, which will be very useful in these circumstances. He has won three time trials this season and will now working with The Cricket for the chance of gold.

Bettini takes a look over his shoulder, first he sees the moto with spare wheels (info for Ullrich: probably no spare saddles...), then about twenty seconds of free Greek air and then the ones chasing them down. Sure Paolo must keep his head clear, even more clear than in last two world cup events where he got surprised and did not win...meanwhile behind the peloton is one long string.

They are heading into the last lap. The leaders start the last lap - the gap is 25 seconds! The chasers are still making up their minds who drives them...

Paulinho and Bettini could be in the GP Eddy Merckx - they are time trialing their way away from the peloton. Meanwhile attacks from the peloton will not help them close the gap. Schleck from Luxembourg finds himself in the chasing group as well. Vinokourov has the help of Yakovlev. Dekker attacks. He is pulled back.

The Cricket and the Portugese rider Paulinho now have 30 seconds!

Will Bettini try to drop Paulinho on the Lycabettus Hill, and solo to glory? Roger Hammond is still in the peloton looking quite cool - but the gap is up to 35 seconds! It seems Paulinho not really is surprised to be soooo in the front....

9 km to go. The two leaders looking very good; Paulinho rides for LA Pecol and he is Portuguese national Time trial champion.

Gap is up to 38 seconds now, it looks like The Cricket is heading to a nice win. Or what powers will drive Paulinho? Now up Lycabettus Hill, for the last time. Bettini grits his teeth and attacks again, leaving Paulinho a bit behind on the hill. Bettini is looking for Gold! Vino starts to attack on the climb as well - Paulinho gets back with Bettini!

The gap is 48 seconds. Ullrich attacks, Paolini behind him.

Der Jan is probably to late to make it another win...Bettini attacks again, Paulinho hangs in. The two leaders decide to work together again.

Paulinho is leading the way, Bettini on his wheel, 40 seconds the gap.

The Cricket adjusts his ear piece, behind him Paulinho, the 24 year old, looks cool and calm. Bettini tries to get his nerves in the right place and calm down, down enough to beat the Portuguese in the battle for gold today. The two riders swing through Parliament Square for the 17th and last time. 4 km to go. Merckx tries to bridge the gap.

Merckx in the bronze spot? Still, Bettini and Paulinho at the front - its been a long hot day; their nerves must be at the edge now. The two leaders throw away their bottles, they look each other in the eye as they approach the flamme rouge...Under the flamme rouge - Bettini or Paulinho?

They start to finesse while Merckx chases. Who will jump first? Bettini wants Paulinho to start the sprint - they are nearly stopped.

Paulinho starts...BETTINI IN GOLD!!!! He and Paulinho shakes hands - a lovely sporting gesture, proper Olympic spirit between the two riders.

Paulinho silver, Merckx bronze, Zabel in 4th. Bettini is hugged by his teammates - the Italians are laughing and crying from joy together. Nardello shakes his hand. Ullrich congratulates his successor. A great race and a deserved gold for one of the best ever one-day racers.

Seems the Italians, and in particular Bettini, have their revenge for Sydney. There too, Paolo was one of the main favorites, but the Italians did not work that well together to keep the gold out of the German hands. 7th today for Hammond!

Before the start today, Italian team member Filippo Pozzatto said, "It is my first Olympics and it is great to be here in the city that gave them birth. The road is great and I believe that it is an ideal race for my team. The person who shows us the road is our captain, Paolo Bettini. I am here to work for him and to help him to earn a medal."

Brief Unofficial Results

1 Paolo Bettini 5h 41m 44s
2 Sergio Paulinho at 0'01"
3 Axel Merckx
4 Erik Zabel
5 Andrej Hauptman
6 Kim Kirchen
7 Roger Hammond
8 Frank Hoj
9 Kurt Asle Arvesen
10 Alexandr Kolobnev
11 Robbie McEwen
12 Markus Zberg

Men's Olympic Road Race Results

1 Bettini Paolo Ita 5:41:44 (Gold)
2 Paulinho Sergio Por 5:41:45 (Silver)
3 Merckx Axel Bel 5:41:52 (Bronze)
4 Zabel Erik Ger 5:41:56
5 Hauptman Andrej Slo m.t.
6 Kirchen Kim Lux m.t.
7 Hammond Roger Gbr m.t.
8 Hoj Frank Den m.t.
9 Arvesen Kurt-Asle Nor m.t.
10 Kolobnev Alexandr Rus m.t.
11 McEwen Robbie Aus m.t.
12 Zberg Markus Sui m.t.
13 Power Ciaran Irl m.t.
14 Ljungqvist Marcus Swe m.t.
15 Dean Julian Nzl m.t.
16 Schleck Frank Lux m.t.
17 Van Heeswijk Max Ned m.t.
18 Hamilton Tyler Usa m.t.
19 Ullrich Jan Ger m.t.
20 Voeckler Thomas Fra m.t.
21 Honchar Serhiy Ukr m.t.
22 Totschnig Georg Aut m.t.
23 Pospyeyev Kyrylo Ukr m.t.
24 Hincapie George Usa m.t.
25 Hamburger Bo Den m.t.
26 Valjavec Tadej Slo m.t.
27 Ribeiro Nuno Por m.t.
28 Julich Bobby Usa m.t.
29 Elmiger Martin Sui m.t.
30 Trampusch Gerhard Aut m.t.
31 Botero Echeverri Santiago Col m.t.
32 Barry Michael Can m.t.
33 O'grady Stuart Aus m.t.
34 Etxebarria Unai Ven m.t.
35 Vinokourov Alexandre Kaz m.t.
36 Laverde Jimenez Luis Felipe Col m.t.
37 Petrov Evgeni Rus m.t.
38 Nardello Daniele Ita 5:42:03
39 Paolini Luca Ita m.t.
40 Van Petegem Peter Bel m.t.
41 Dekker Erik Ned 5:42:29
42 Vainsteins Romans Lat 5:43:03
43 Stangelj Gorazd Slo 5:43:20
44 Brochard Laurent Fra 5:44:13
45 Joachim Benoit Lux m.t.
46 Moreni Cristian Ita m.t.
47 Valverde Alejandro Esp m.t.
48 Virenque Richard Fra m.t.
49 Gilbert Philippe Bel m.t.
50 Murn Uros Slo m.t.
51 Glomser Gerrit Aut 5:45:21
52 Kroon Karsten Ned 5:47:13
53 Yakovlev Sergey Kaz 5:48:48
54 Ivanov Ruslan Mda 5:50:35
55 Michaelsen Lars Den m.t.
56 Brozyna Tomasz Pol m.t.
57 Tashiro Yasutaka Jpn m.t.
58 Andrle Rene Cze m.t.
59 Lagutin Sergey Uzb m.t.
60 Soerensen Nicki Den m.t.
61 Tombak Janek Est m.t.
62 Fischer Murilo Bra m.t.
63 Svorada Jan Cze m.t.
64 Voigt Jens Ger m.t.
65 Sosenka Ondrej Cze m.t.
66 Pugaci Igor Mda m.t.
67 Pozzato Filippo Ita m.t.
68 Popovych Yaroslav Ukr m.t.
69 Cox Ryan Rsa m.t.
70 Kashechkin Andrey Kaz m.t.
71 Riska Martin Svk 5:51:28
72 Larsson Gustav Erik Swe m.t.
73 Mizourov Andrey Kaz m.t.
74 Bodrogi Laszlo Hun 5:56:45
75 Krupa Dawid Pol 6:00:25

Did Not Finish
Leipheimer Levi Usa
Amorim Goncalo Por
Freire Oscar Esp
Gonzalez De Galdeano Igor Esp
Chavanel Sylvain Fra
Rasmussen Michael Den
Wegelius Charly Gbr
Lovkvist Thomas Swe
Putsep Erki Est
Yates Jeremy Nzl
Nauduzs Andris Lat
Scanlon Mark Irl
Jurco Matej Svk
Ekimov Viatcheslav Rus
Fraser Gordon Can
Moreau Christophe Fra
Kohut Slawomir Pol
Zargari Amir Iri
Gutierrez Jose Ivan Esp
Vansevenant Wim Bel
Wauters Marc Bel
Rogers Michael Aus
Cancellara Fabian Sui
Rast Gregory Sui
Knaven Servais Ned
Pena Grisales Victor Hugo Col
Hegreberg Morten Nor
Kannemeyer Tiaan Rsa
Chacon Diaz Jose Isidro Ven
Gospodinov Dimitar Bul
Vakker Evgeny Kgz
Kloden Andreas Ger
Rich Michael Ger
Mccartney Jason Usa
Cooke Baden Aus
White Matt Aus
Bertogliati Rubens Sui
Menchov Denis Rus
Duma Vladimir Ukr
Krivtsov Yuriy Ukr
Romanik Radoslaw Pol
Szmyd Sylwester Pol
Winn Julian Gbr
Iglinskiy Maxim Kaz
Eisel Bernhard Aut
Barbosa Candido Por
Backstedt Magnus Swe
Aug Andrus Est
Hushovd Thor Nor
Kaggestad Mads Nor
Blackgrove Heath Nzl
Reid Robin Nzl
May Marcio Bra
Wohlberg Eric Can
Usov Alexandre Blr
Arriagada Marcelo Chi
Wong Kam-Po Hkg
Stevic Ivan Scg
Hrazdira Michal Cze
Hunter Robert Rsa
Suzuki Shinri Jpn
Saeidi Tanha Abbas Iri
Kirsipuu Jaan Est
Pagliarini Mendoca Luciano Bra
Dangerfield Stuart Gbr
Karpets Vladimir Rus
Astarloa Igor Esp
Boogerd Michael Ned
Perez Arango Marlon Alirio Col

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