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HEW Cyclassics Report: O'Grady is the Australian Classic
By Staff
Date: 8/1/2004
HEW Cyclassics Report: O'Grady is the Australian Classic

Report by podofdonny

So after an exhausting three weeks in France, the peloton regrouped in Hamburg for the 6th round of the World Cup. After the semi-season of major Tours, it is once again the opportunity for the aristocrats of the one-day race to try to gain points in their own, season-long competition, the World Cup. Sadly, with the arrival of the Pro-Tour next season, this will be the last ever World Cup and maybe the prestige of winning the competition for the last time is even higher.

For various reasons, several of the main contenders had not been present in the Tour de France: World Cup leader Davide Rebellin (Gerolsteiner), World Champion Igor Astarloa (Lampre), the “Killer” Danilo Di Luca (Team Saeco), Peter Van Petegem (Lotto-Domo) and Milan San Remo winner Oscar Freire (Rabobank). Whether not riding the Tour is a help or hindrance to the one-day specialist is a debatable point. As Max Sciandri once remarked, “You either come out of the Tour with the form of your life, or completely knackered.”

Davide Rebellin at the Sachsen Tour.
Photo by

Paolo Bettini (Quick Step-Davitamon), Erik Dekker (Rabobank), Thor Hushovd (Crédit Agricole), Axel Merckx (Lotto-Domo), Jan Ullrich and Erik Zabel (T-Mobile) would have the chance to see if the Tour had improved their form - they are beginning to get some large roadside support. That said, Kloeden’s performance in the Tour has been well appreciated. Of course Rebellin had a major point to prove today. The World Cup leader has not been selected for the Italian Olympic squad and the quiet man likes to make his point on the bike.

Erik Dekker. Photo by Anita van Crey.

Tactically it is a difficult race to call. It is without the “paves” to decimate the peloton, no “walls” to blow the peloton apart and yet it can in no way be considered the pure sprinters' benefit event. Not only the distance (250,3 km), but the five ascensions of the Waseberg in the last two hours, ensure that this race will only be won by an all-rounder with serious ambitions.

“Break of the Day Award” goes to Lars Michaelsen (Team CSC) - no change there then - the flying Dutchman Rik Reinerink (Chocolade Jacques-Wincor Nixdorf) and naturally two Germans, Roberto Lochowski (Team Wiesenhof) and Steffen Radochla (Illes Balears-Banesto). The four men escaped after just 20 km of racing; of course the peloton chose to bring them back in as the difficult circuits commenced.

It was a hugely exciting race. Everyone seemed to be prepared to have a go. Bartoli and Brochard were the first to make their move and as the much reduced peloton reformed, it was Bettini who put in a soaring ascent of the Waseburg. Rebellin watched him like a hawk. A hungry hawk at that. The peloton reduced as the Flamme Rouge got nearer, though the “peloton” increasingly looked like a very select group of about 30 riders - Astarloa, Bartoli, Bortolami, Camenzind, Dekker, Di Luca, Flecha, Merckx, Moreni, O'Grady, Pozzato, Rebellin and Ullrich were all equally active as attack met counter attack.

Axel Merckx at the 2004 Tour.
Photo by

For all the bravado, it ended in a select massed sprint. O’Grady proved to have the legs to outpace “Old Europe's” finest men. Don Kirkham and Ivor Munro, the first Australians to enter a Classic race when they rode the Milan San Remo in 1914, will sleep more soundly tonight: Australia has its reward after 90 years of trying.

The winner! Courtesy HEW Cyclassics.

(Plus World Cup points for top 25 finishers)

1 O'Grady Stuart Cofidis, Le Credit Par Telephone 05:51.4 /100
2 Bettini Paolo Quick Step - Davitamon m.t. /70
3 Astarloa Igor Lampre m.t. /50
4 Freire Gomez Oscar Rabobank m.t. /40
5 Löwik Gerben Chocolade Jacques Wincor - Nixdorf m.t. /36
6 Rebellin Davide Gerolsteiner m.t. /32
7 Zabel Erik T-Mobile Team m.t. /28
8 Guidi Fabrizio Team Csc m.t. /24
9 Hauptman Andrej Lampre m.t. /20
10 Bossoni Paolo Lampre m.t. /16
11 Dekker Erik Rabobank m.t. /15
12 Celestino Mirko Saeco m.t. /14
13 Gilbert Philippe Fdjeux.Com m.t. /13
14 Tosatto Matteo Fassa Bortolo m.t. /12
15 Kirchen Kim Fassa Bortolo m.t. /11
16 Camenzind Oscar Phonak Hearing Systems m.t. /10
17 Honchar Serhiy De Nardi m.t. /9
18 Brochard Laurent Ag2r Prevoyance m.t. /8
19 Goussev Vladimir Team Csc m.t. /7
20 Merckx Axel Lotto - Domo m.t. /6
21 Sprick Matthieu Brioches La Boulangere m.t. /5
22 Gobbi Michele De Nardi m.t. /4
23 Di Luca Danilo Saeco m.t. /3
24 Kashechkin Andrey Credit Agricole m.t. /2
25 White Matthew Cofidis, Le Credit Par Telephone m.t. /1
26 Gustov Volodymir Fassa Bortolo m.t.
27 Ivanov Ruslan Alessio - Bianchi m.t.
28 Barbero Sergio Lampre m.t.
29 Failli Francesco Domina Vacanze m.t.
30 Ullrich Jan T-Mobile Team m.t.
31 Paolini Luca Quick Step - Davitamon m.t.
32 Hondo Danilo Gerolsteiner 0.09
33 Scholz Ronny Gerolsteiner 0.14
34 Commesso Salvatore Saeco 4.04
35 Zberg Marcus Gerolsteiner m.t.
36 Baldato Fabio Alessio - Bianchi m.t.
37 Ludewig Jörg Saeco m.t.
38 Geslin Anthony Brioches La Boulangere m.t.
39 Barry Michael Us Postal Service m.t.
40 Aldag Rolf T-Mobile Team m.t.
41 Skelde Michael Alessio - Bianchi m.t.
42 Lastras Garcia Pablo Illes Balears - Banesto m.t.
43 Kroon Karsten Rabobank m.t.
44 Poitschke Enrico Team Wiesenhof m.t.
45 Timochine Mikhail Landbouwkrediet - Colnago m.t.
46 Vasseur Cédric Cofidis, Le Credit Par Telephone m.t.
47 Nuritdinov Rafael De Nardi m.t.
48 Petito Roberto Fassa Bortolo m.t.
49 Nuyens Nick Quick Step - Davitamon m.t.
50 Yus Kerejeta Unai Brioches La Boulangere m.t.
51 Flecha Giannoni Juan Antonio Fassa Bortolo m.t.
52 Mikhailov Guennadi Us Postal Service m.t.
53 Mengin Christophe Fdjeux.Com m.t.
54 Bortolami Gianluca Lampre m.t.
55 Marichal Thierry Lotto - Domo 4.09
56 Pozzato Filippo Fassa Bortolo 4.11
57 Bartoli Michele Team Csc m.t.
58 Ivanov Serguei T-Mobile Team 7.23
59 De Jongh Steven Rabobank m.t.
60 Siedler Sebastian Team Wiesenhof m.t.
61 Hayman Mathew Rabobank m.t.
62 Fischer Murilo Domina Vacanze m.t.
63 Derganc Martin Domina Vacanze m.t.
64 Knees Christian Team Wiesenhof m.t.
65 Bazhenov Alexander Domina Vacanze m.t.
66 Vierhouten Aart Lotto - Domo m.t.
67 Jurco Matej De Nardi m.t.
68 Albasini Michael Phonak Hearing Systems m.t.
69 Reynes Vicente Illes Balears - Banesto m.t.
70 Pütsep Erki Ag2r Prevoyance m.t.
71 Ballan Alessandro Lampre m.t.
72 Hary Maryan Brioches La Boulangere m.t.
73 Serpellini Marco Gerolsteiner m.t.
74 Van Heeswijk Max Us Postal Service m.t.
75 Hoj Frank Team Csc m.t.
76 Joachim Benoît Us Postal Service m.t.
77 Lequatre Geoffroy Credit Agricole m.t.
78 Berges Stéphane Ag2r Prevoyance m.t.
79 Elmiger Martin Phonak Hearing Systems m.t.
80 Guesdon Frédéric Fdjeux.Com m.t.
81 Agnolutto Christophe Ag2r Prevoyance m.t.
82 Jegou Lilian Credit Agricole m.t.
83 Colom Mas Antonio Illes Balears - Banesto m.t.
84 Portal Nicolas Ag2r Prevoyance m.t.
85 Cancellara Fabian Fassa Bortolo m.t.
86 Hulsmans Kevin Quick Step - Davitamon m.t.
87 Van Petegem Peter Lotto - Domo m.t.
88 Boonen Tom Quick Step - Davitamon m.t.
89 Moreni Cristian Alessio - Bianchi m.t.
90 Rastelli Ellis Alessio - Bianchi m.t.
91 Scanlon Mark Ag2r Prevoyance m.t.
92 Hoffman Tristan Team Csc m.t.
93 Dacruz Carlos Fdjeux.Com m.t.
94 Rast Grégory Phonak Hearing Systems m.t.
95 Klöden Andreas T-Mobile Team m.t.
96 Zanini Stefano Quick Step - Davitamon m.t.
97 Hushovd Thor Credit Agricole m.t.
98 Murn Uros Phonak Hearing Systems m.t.
99 Spezialetti Alessandro Saeco 11.4
100 Osa Eizaguirre Unai Illes Balears - Banesto m.t.
101 Bruun Eriksen Thomas Team Csc m.t.
102 Martias Rony Brioches La Boulangere m.t.
103 Grabsch Ralf Team Wiesenhof m.t.
104 Bruseghin Marzio Fassa Bortolo m.t.
105 Peers Chris Chocolade Jacques Wincor - Nixdorf m.t.
106 Tombak Janek Cofidis, Le Credit Par Telephone m.t.
107 Vanotti Alessandro De Nardi m.t.
108 Dean Julian Credit Agricole m.t.
109 Sentjens Roy Rabobank m.t.
110 Van Bondt Geert Landbouwkrediet - Colnago m.t.
111 Capelle Ludovic Landbouwkrediet - Colnago m.t.
112 Steels Tom Landbouwkrediet - Colnago m.t.
113 Casper Jimmy Cofidis, Le Credit Par Telephone 16.59
114 Mitlushenko Yuri Landbouwkrediet - Colnago m.t.

Cretskens Wilfried Quick Step - Davitamon
Knaven Servais Quick Step - Davitamon
Lang Sebastian Gerolsteiner
Pollack Olaf Gerolsteiner
Wegmann Fabian Gerolsteiner
Klier Andreas T-Mobile Team
Schaffrath Jan T-Mobile Team
Schreck Stephan T-Mobile Team
Hunter Robert Rabobank
Posthuma Joost Rabobank
Hoste Leif Lotto - Domo
Van Bon Leon Lotto - Domo
Van Dijck Stefan Lotto - Domo
Vansevenant Wim Lotto - Domo
Devolder Stijn Us Postal Service
Van Den Broeck Jurgen Us Postal Service
Zabriskie David Us Postal Service
Balducci Gabriele Saeco
Bonomi Giosuè Saeco
Loosli David Saeco
Michaelsen Lars Team Csc
Sandstod Michael Team Csc
Coyot Arnaud Cofidis, Le Credit Par Telephone
Engoulvent Jimmy Cofidis, Le Credit Par Telephone
Farazijn Peter Cofidis, Le Credit Par Telephone
Aebersold Niki Phonak Hearing Systems
Dessel Cyril Phonak Hearing Systems
Usov Alexandre Phonak Hearing Systems
Backstedt Magnus Alessio - Bianchi
Furlan Angelo Alessio - Bianchi
Hvastija Martin Alessio - Bianchi
Cooke Baden Fdjeux.Com
Eisel Bernhard Fdjeux.Com
Wilson Matthew Fdjeux.Com
Piccoli Mariano Lampre
Brard Florent Chocolade Jacques Wincor - Nixdorf
Cappelle Andy Chocolade Jacques Wincor - Nixdorf
Hiemstra Bert Chocolade Jacques Wincor - Nixdorf
Reinerink Rik Chocolade Jacques Wincor - Nixdorf
Van Velzen Jan Chocolade Jacques Wincor - Nixdorf
Voskamp Bart Chocolade Jacques Wincor - Nixdorf
Dierckxsens Ludo Landbouwkrediet - Colnago
Bracke Tony Landbouwkrediet - Colnago
Verstrepen Johan Landbouwkrediet - Colnago
Chavanel Sébastien Brioches La Boulangere
Kern Christophe Brioches La Boulangere
Naulleau Alexandre Brioches La Boulangere
Arrieta Lujambio José Luis Illes Balears - Banesto
Horrach Rippoll Joan Illes Balears - Banesto
Radochla Steffen Illes Balears - Banesto
Tauler Antonio Illes Balears - Banesto
Kirsipuu Jaan Ag2r Prevoyance
Nazon Jean-Patrick Ag2r Prevoyance
Herve Cédric Credit Agricole
Joly Sébastien Credit Agricole
Nazon Damien Credit Agricole
Lorenzetto Mirco De Nardi
Wegelius Charles De Nardi
Aug Andrus Domina Vacanze
Lombardi Giovanni Domina Vacanze
Nauduzs Andris Domina Vacanze
Heppner Jens Team Wiesenhof
Müller Martin Team Wiesenhof
Wackernagel Lars Team Wiesenhof
Lochowski Roberto Team Wiesenhof

Kisses from the misses in Hamburg. Courtesy HEW Cyclassics.

World Cup Standings after Round 6 - Top 25

1 Rebellin Davide Gst 232
2 Bettini Paolo Qsd 168
3 Freire Gomez Oscar Rab 167
4 O'Grady Stuart Cof 150
5 Boogerd Michael Rab 146
6 Wesemann Steffen Tmo 131
7 Dekker Erik Rab 130
8 Zabel Erik Tmo 108
9 Backstedt Magnus Alb 100
10 Van Petegem Peter Lot 95
11 Hoste Leif Lot 84
12 Astarloa Igor Lam 82
13 Hoffman Tristan Csc 70
14 Van Bon Leon Lot 68
15 Kessler Matthias Tmo 64
16 Hincapie George Usp 53
17 Vinokourov Alexandre Tmo 50
18 Hammond Roger Mrb 50
19 Celestino Mirko Sae 50
20 Museeuw Johan Qsd 47
21 Sanchez Gonzalez Samuel Eus 46
22 Di Luca Danilo Sae 43
23 Vainsteins Romans Lam 43
24 Cancellara Fabian Fas 40
25 Hoj Frank Csc 40

Teams Standing after Round 6

1. T-Mobile (ALL) 51 pts
2. Rabobank (PBS) 42 pts
3. Fassa Bortolo (ITA) 27 pts
-. Quick Step-Davitamon (BEL) 27 pts
5. Lotto-Domo (BEL) 26 pts
6. Team Saeco (ITA) 25 pts
7. Team CSC (DAN) 19 pts
8. US Postal-Berry Floor (USA) 18 pts
9. Gerolsteiner (ALL) 17 pts
10. Lampre (ITA) 16 pts

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