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International Tour de 'Toona Stage 3
By Marianne Werz O'Brien
Date: 7/29/2004
International Tour de 'Toona Stage 3

Report courtesy the International Tour de ‘Toona
(Altoona, PA - July 28, 2004) Cyclists kicked off the First Energy / Hampton Inn Road Race, the third stage of the 2004 International Tour de 'Toona, under the first day of sunny skies in this year's seven-day series. The mild temperatures and sunny skies were a stark contrast from the first two days of racing when more than two inches of rain deluged the Sheetz Time Trials and the Crown American/Cambria CVB Circuit Road Race.

In a pro men's race that was close at the end, John Lieswyn of the Health Net presented by Maxxis team took the win for the stage with Chris Horner of Webcor Cycling following right behind.

Lieswyn said it was his team's strategy to have himself and Danny Pate break away early and leave two riders behind to help feather the gap between the breakaway pack and the peleton. The plan was for them to work for teammates Jason McCartney and Scott Moninger, who held first and second place overall in the men's battle, and to keep the leader's jersey away from third place challenger Chris Horner. In the end Horner foiled their plans and took the Waste Management yellow leader's jersey.

"Chris Horner had to work really hard for the race leadership today," said Lieswyn. They will be fighting to regain the jersey tomorrow.

The women completed one of their hardest races in the United States today with Lynn Gaggioli of Velo Bella Racing finishing first in a sprint finish to pull away from the lead group that included overall leader Lyne Bessette of Quark Racing, who finished fourth. "I was here last week and I memorized the last turn," said Gaggioli, "I knew exactly where I wanted to go and I came out of the turn first."

Overall standings for the men's UPS Sprint Jersey left Ivan Dominguez of Colavita Olive Oil in first with Jelly Belly/Aramark racer Ben Brooks taking second and race leader Horner of Webcor in third. Tina Pic of Genesis Scuba Pro was able to finish second in today's race and hold on to her Merrill Lynch Sprint jersey.

King of the Mountain overall standings have Will Frischkorn of Colavita Olive Oil wearing the Pheonix Property Group red jersey. Ian Beilby of Louis Garneau Racing took second and Dominque Perras of Ofoto was third. Quark's Lyne Bessette was able to fend off Rona's Genevieve Jeanson and continues to wear two jerseys, the PA Turnpike Queen of the Mountain jersey to go along with her Hershey Foods yellow race leaders jersey.

Health Net was able to hold on to their men's Team GC lead thanks to Lieswyn's win while Rona controls the women's team standings for the third day in a row.

The 2004 International Tour de 'Toona shifts Thursday to historic Hollidaysburg for the GM Circuit Road Race.

Men's Stage 3 Results
1. John Lieswyn Health Net presented by Maxxis 4:02:59
2. Chris Horner Webcor Cycling "
3. Matt Crane Team Snow Valley 00:35
4. Ben Brooks Jelly Belly/Aramark "
5. Will Frischkorn Colavita Olive Oil "
6. Robbie King Louis Garneau Racing "
7. Tim Larkin Ofoto "
8. Jason McCartney Health Net presented by Maxxis "
9. Peter Baker Team Snow Valley "
10. Chris Rodilsky Organic Athlete "

Men's GC Standings
1. Chris Horner Webcor Cycling -
2. John Lieswyn Health Net presented by Maxxis 00:08
3. Jason McCartney Health Net presented by Maxxis 00:42
4. Scott Moninger Health Net presented by Maxxis 00:43
5. Matt Crane Team Snow Valley 00:57
6. Justin England Webcor Cycling "
7. Will Frischkorn Colavita Olive Oil "
8. Marc Hagenlocher Webcor Cycling 01:00
9. Doug Ollerenshaw Jelly Belly/Aramark 01:08
10. Mark McCormack Colavita Olive Oil "

Men's Team GC Standings
1. Health Net presented by Maxxis
2. Webcor Cycling
4. Colavita Olive Oil
5. Team Snow Valley

Women's Stage 3 Results
1. Gaggioli, Lynn Velo Bella 4:46:07
2. Pic, Tina Genesis Scuba Pro "
3. LeFloch, Magali Quark Cycling Team "
4. Bessette, Lyne Quark Cycling Team "
5. Hobson, Leigh Team Biovail Cervelo "
6. Rachetto, Liza Aquafina/CRCA "
7. Jeanson, Genevieve Rona "
8. Curi, Kathryn Rona "
9. Anderson, Kim Victory Brewing "
10. Hannos, Andrea Rona "

Women's GC Standings
1. Bessette, Lyne Quark Cycling Team -
2. Gaggioli, Lynn Velo Bella 0:10
3. Palmer-Komar, Susan Genesis Scuba Pro 0:20
4. Willock, Erinne Rona 0:21
5. Jeanson, Genevieve Rona 0:23
6. Pic, Tina Genesis Scuba Pro 0:26
7. Jutras, Manon Quark Cycling Team 0:31
8. Ourada, Brooke Victory Brewing 0:41
9. Espeseth, Sandy Victory Brewing "
10. LeFloch, Magali Quark Cycling Team 0:42

Women's Team GC Standings
1. Rona
2. Quark Cycling Team
3. Genesis Scuba Pro
4. Victory Brewing
5. Team Basis/Ford

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