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The International Tour de 'Toona 2004
By Marianne Werz O'Brien
Date: 7/28/2004
The International Tour de 'Toona 2004

The Tour de ‘Toona kicked off on Monday, with all the top teams represented including Colavita Olive Oil, Webcor Racing, Jelly Belly/Aramark, Health Net/Maxxis,Quark, Rona, Genesis Scuba, Victory Brewing and Aquafina. Last years overall winners were Lyne Bessette (who returns to defend her title) and Tom Danielson.

The Stages of the International Tour de Toona 2004:
Monday July 26th Sheetz Time Trials(3.5 mi)
Tuesday July 27th Crown American/Cambria CVB Road Race (72.9 mi)
Wednesday July 28th Team PA/Westsylvania Johnstown - Altoona Road Race (98.7 mi)
Thursday, July 29- GM Hollidaysburg Race (60 mi)
Friday, July 30 - Hoss's Martinsburg Road Race (76.8mi)
Saturday, July 31 - Verizon Blair Co. Road Race (92.9 mi)
Sunday, August 1 - Atlantic Broadband Criterium (30 mi)

Last year for the women it was a battle royale betwixt Lyne Bessette and Genevieve Jeanson. In 2003 Jeanson won the first stage over Bessette by 25 seconds but Bessette rebounded claiming the third stage, then Jeanson won the fourth stage. By the time the fat lady sang Bessette had claimed 39 seconds on Jeanson to take the overall victory.

Both ladies are racing again this year and Bessette appears determined to continue her reign, having started by winning the first stage. This year’s main challenger could just be the ever-smiling Tina Pic, fresh off her super sweet Superweek threepeat of stage wins plus the overall victory! Tina squeaked across the line ahead of Magali LeFloch to win the second stage of ‘Toona on Tuesday afternoon! Bessette crossed in third at the same time, thus retaining her race leaders jersey, and with her time bonus managed to take another 5 seconds out of Jeanson (who now sits 23 seconds down).

Stage 1 Sheetz Time Trials
Report courtesy of the Int'l Tour de Toona
July 26, 2004 - The 20th edition of The International Tour de 'Toona began today with Sheets Time Trial wins by Nathan O'Neill (Colavita Olive Oil) and Lyne Bessette (Quark Cycling Team), making them the first to wear the men's Waste Management and women's Hershey Foods yellow leader jerseys.

Bessette, the Canadian Olympic hopeful who races for Quark Cycling Team, beat fellow Canadian Olympian Susan Palmer-Komar (Genesis Scuba Pro) by 15 seconds. Bessette is the defending women's champion, and her Quark team trails Team Rona by just two seconds in the team standings. Rona's Genevieve Jeansen, the 2001 winner, finished fourth.

O'Neill, of Colavita Olive Oil, was able to out-pace the rest of the field by 15 seconds. While he took the individual overall lead, the former Australian National Time Trial Champion was one of seven Colavita cyclists to place in the top 15, giving them the overall team lead as well. American Olympian team member Jason McCartney, of Health Net presented by Maxxis, finished 2nd with teammate Scott Moninger taking third.

A constant rain forced the racers to take a cautious approach to the 3.5 mile course which begins in the city of Altoona and climbs to the historic Horseshoe Curve.

"It was raining very hard but you don't think about it," said Magali LeFloch of Quark Cycling Team. "I have a secret," she said as she pulled a piece of plastic out from under her jersey. "That way I don't feel the wind." Over $95,000 in prize money will be awarded over the course of the seven day event, which is North America's largest stage-race. The event awards prizes equally among both men and women. The International Tour de 'Toona continues Tuesday with the Crown American / Cambria CVB Johnstown Circuit Road Race.

Men's Stage 1 Results
1.O'Neill, Nathan Colavita Olive Oil 8:10
2.McCartney, Jason Health Net 8:25 (+:15)
3.Moniger, Scott Health Net 8:26 (+:16)
4.Horner, Chris Webcor Cycling Team 8:33 (+:23)
5.Knight, Andrew Louis Garneau Racing 8:35 (+:25)
6.McCormack, Mark Colavita Olive Oil 8:39 (+:29)
7.England, JustinWebcor Cycling Team 8:40 (+:30)
8.Frishkorn, Will Colavita Olive Oil 8:40 (+:30)
9.Olson, Aaron Colavita Olive Oil 8:41 (+:31)
10.Pate, Danny Health Net 8:42 (+:32)

Women's Stage 1 Results
1.BESSETTE Lyne Quark Cycling Team 9:20
2.PALMER-KOMAR Susan Genesis Scuba Pro 9:35(+: 15)
3.WILLOCK Erinne Rona 9:36(+: 16)
4.JEANSON Genevieve Rona 9:38(+ :18)
5.GAGGIOLI Lynn Velo Bella 9:45(+: 24)
6.JUTRAS Manon Quark Cycling Team 9:46(+ :25)
7.RUITER Chrissy Team Basis/Ford 9:53(+: 32)
8.OURADA Brooke Victory Brewing 9:56(+: 35)
9.ESPESETH Sandy Victory Brewing 9:56(+: 35)
10.BLICKEM Candice Genesis Scuba Pro 9:58(+: 38)

Stage 2 - July 27, 2004 Crown American/Cambria CVB Road Race (72.9 mi)
Race report courtesy of Mike Tamayo, Victory Brewing

The rain continued into stage 2 of the International Tour De Toona. The rain made the women’s 72.9-mile road race more dangerous than expected. Many crashes took place throughout the course of the day and thankfully none of them involved the Victory Brewing Team.

The race averaged a speed of 43.5-kilometers/hour on a 24.3-mile loop (3 laps). The course resembled a fast criterium through the start/finish line as the race sprinted through the city streets of Johnstown. The course then looped straight out and over the Queen of the Mountain and back into the city.

The Victory Brewing Team did a great job today of covering attacks after the Q.O.M.’s to make sure nothing got up the road that would threaten the overall G.C.

On the final lap the women flew down the descent through the city and towards the start/finish line where Nicole Demars attacked forcing Quark to chase. As Quark chased and caught Demars, Franges took the ride up to the front of the field and sprinted for 6th place in the field sprint. Genesis Scuba racer Tina Pic took the stage with Magali LeFloch placing second.

Men’s race summary: Jelly Belly/Aramark racer Doug Ollerenshaw won the second stage, followed closely by Ofoto’s Jason Bausch. Nine seconds later Colavita Olive Oil’s inimitable Ivan Dominguez crossed the line in the pack with 70 other riders, then the remaining twenty staggered in. It appears that the race leader Nathan O’Neill must have suffered some serious misfortune on the road as he did not finish the stage. The new race leader is Jason McCartney of Health Net.

Women Crown American/Cambria CVB Road Race
1 103 PIC Tina Genesis Scuba Pro 2:55:36
2 4 LEFLOCH Magali Quark Cycling Team "
3 1 BESSETTE Lyne Quark Cycling Team "
4 17 JEANSON Genevieve Rona "
5 19 HANNOS Andrea Rona "
6 109 FRANGES Lauren Victory Brewing
7 16 GROVE Katrina Rona "
8 10 EYERMAN Jenny Red 5 "
9 22 LONG Magen "
10 31 HOBSON Leigh Team Biovail Cervelo "

Women’s Overall After Stage 2
1 1 BESSETTE Lyne Quark Cycling Team 3:04:51
2 102 PALMER-KOMAR Susan Genesis Scuba Pro 00:20
3 18 WILLOCK Erinne * Rona 00:21
4 17 JEANSON Genevieve * Rona 00:23
5 54 GAGGIOLI Lynn Velo Bella 00:30
6 6 JUTRAS Manon Quark Cycling Team 00:31
7 110 OURADA Brooke Victory Brewing 00:41
8 106 ESPESETH Sandy Victory Brewing "
9 103 PIC Tina Genesis Scuba Pro "
10 100 BLICKEM Candice Genesis Scuba Pro 00:43

Women’s Team GC Classification After Stage 2
1 Rona 9:16:09
2 Quark Cycling Team 9:16:11
3 Genesis Scuba Pro 9:16:25
4 Victory Brewing 9:16:55
5 Velo Bella 9:17:45

Mens Second Stage
1 260 OLLERENSHAW Doug Jelly Belly/Aramark 2:36:23
2 243 BAUSCH Jason OFOTO "
3 286 DOMINGUEZ Ivan Colavita Olive Oil 9
4 240 STEWART, Jackson OFOTO "
5 274 PAGE Jon FiordiFrutta "
6 175 HORNER Chris Webcor Cycling Team "
7 265 BROOKS Ben Jelly Belly/Aramark "
8 296 MURPHY John AG Edwards/ Nally Le "
9 283 MCCORMACK Mark Colavita Olive Oil "
10 187 WIRSING Jon Team Snow Valley "

Men’s Overall After Stage 2
1 272 MCCARTNEY Jason Health Net presented by Maxxis 2:44:57
2 268 MONINGER Scott Health Net presented by Maxxis 00:01
3 175 HORNER Chris Webcor Cycling Team 00:08
4 246 KNIGHT Andrew Louis Garneau Racing 00:10
5 260 OLLERENSHAW Doug Jelly Belly/Aramark 00:14
6 283 MCCORMACK Mark Colavita Olive Oil "
7 178 ENGLAND Justin Webcor Cycling Team 00:15
8 285 FRISCHKORN Will Colavita Olive Oil "
9 282 OLSON Aaron Colavita Olive Oil 00:16
10 267 PATE Danny Health Net presented by Maxxis 00:17

Men Team GC Classification After Stage 2
1 Colavita Olive Oil 8:15:05
2 Health Net presented by Maxxis 8:15:09
3 Webcor Cycling Team 8:15:32

Provisional StartList

AD Edwards/Nalley Lexus

Jed Schneider
Andy Applegate
Brian Bibens
Tomothy Henry
John Murphy
Reid Peacock
Creed Sewell

Broadmark Capital
Calvin Allen
Thomas Crawford
Even Elkin
Pleasure Jackson
Justin Morgan
Davey Robinson

Colavita Olive Oil
Ivan Dominguez
Will Frischkorn
Todd Herriott
Mark Mccormack
Aaron Olson
Nathan O'neill
Tyler Wren

Mike Dietrich
Josh Gewirtz
Jon Hamblen
Peter Hult
Shawn Milne
Jon Page
Philip Wong

Health Net presented by Maxxis
Jason Mccartney
Brice Jones
Mike Jones
John Lieswyn
Scott Moninger
Danny Pate
Mike Sayers

Jelly Belly/Aramark
Ben Brooks
Paul Ellis
Mariano Frederick
Ernie Lechugle
Caleb Manion
Doug Ollerenshaw

Land Rover West Chester/MSA
John Delong
Robert Hacker
Nick Shaffer
Bartolo Torre

Louis Garneau Racing
Alec Donahue
Jason Baer
Ian Beilby
Joshua F. Dillon
Robbie King
Andrew Knight
Edward King

Andy Bajadale
Jason Bausch
Tim Larkin
Dominque Perras
Jackson Stewrt

Organic Athlete
Lee Rosenthal
Gene Petrella
Lance Doherty
Mark Hardman
Christoph Herby
Hatcher Rosebrock

Subway Express Racing
Chris Foster
Michael Kehrberg
Omer Kem
Scottie Weiss

Sharper Image-Mathis Brothers Furniture
David Wenger
Scott Walters
Eric Murphy Crawford
Mike Lange
Ryan Gamm
Brian Dzwiea

team monex
Emil Abraham
Davide Frattini
Josh Goodwin
Kyle Gritter

Team Snow Valley
Peter Baker
Matt Crane
Ryan Dewald
Ian Dille
Russ Langley
Ryan Mckinney
Jon Wirsing
Frank Breure
Greg Coggin
Jeff Critser
Jonathan Massie
Stefan Rothe

Webcor Cycling Team
Imanol Ayestran
Justin England
Marc Hagenlocher
Benjamin Haldeman
Chris Horner
James Mattis
Charles Dionne

Owen Laine 3BRT/Cal Cycling
Jason Eley Intl.
Peter Ozolins Intl.
Michael Cody NCC /
Gustavo Gomez
David Leduc
Karl Menzies
Brian Sheedy


Elisa Gagnon
Michele Kiesanowski
Tina Kunstbeck
Katherine Lambden
Kristen Lasasso
Liza Rochetto

Heather Albert
Nicole Freedman
Kristin Johnson
Chrissy Ruiter
Nocki Wangsgard

Dansko Wheelworks
Mackenzie Dickey
Lisa Samuelsom
Chrissy Saraceni
Tara Walhart
Deidre Winfield

Dier Cheerwine
Laura May Bowles
Anne Bolyea
Robin Kavan
Sara Legrand
Betsy Patrick

Genesis Scuba/FFCC
Candice Blickem
Grace Fleury
Susan Palmer-komar
Tina Pic
Kori Seehafer
Laura Van Gilder

Quark Cycling Team
Lyne Bessette
Megan Elliott
Manon Jutras
Magali Lefloch
Audrey Lemieux
Amy Moore

Red 5 Racing
Nadine Bruhn
Jenny Eyerman
April Henderson Anderson
Jennifer Stevens

Kathryn Curi
Katrina Grove
Andrea Hannos
Genevieve Jeanson
Helen Kelly
Erinne Willock

Team Biobail Cervelo
Anna Garnett
Julia Farell
Rhonda Guzda
Leigh Hobson
Jennifer Stephenson

Team Kendra Tire
Mary Downing
Carla Hukee
Sheila Orem
Kate Sherwin
Crystal Yap

Tokyo Joe's
Holly Borowski
Jennifer Gersbach
Eszter Horanyi
Molly Hummel

Velo Bella
Jenn Chappman
Sami Fournier
Lynn Gaggioli
Marcie Massaro
Jill Mclaughlin
Hiroko Shimada
Aimee Vasse

Victory Brewing
Lauren Franges
Sandy Espeseth
Brooke Ourada
Nicole Demars
Johanna Buick
Kirsten Robbins
Kim Anderson

Webcor Builders
Betina Hold
Felicia Greer
Cat Malone
Yukie Nakamura
Stefanie Graeter

Becky Broeder Wells Fargo/Ragatz
Megan Long
Elizabeth Morse
Leah Goldstein Verizon Wireless Wheelworks
Leah Toffolon Verizon Wireless Wheelworks
Andrea Dvorak
Megan Esmonde
Sarah Faulkner
Alisha Little
Karen Pleas
Marielle Aunave

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