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4th Fabio's Fantasy Tour: Best Team Name Award
By Fabio
Date: 7/23/2004
4th Fabio's Fantasy Tour: Best Team Name Award

The "Best Team Name Award" is back: a fundamental part of the Fabio's Games "lore" since our first competition back in the days of the Tour de France 2001, the contest is here again, ready to pay hommage to the creativity of our players, and notably to the funniest and most original Virtual Team names.

As usual, the best team name selection process was divided in two halves. In the first one our jury picked the "finalists" among all virtual team names, and in the second, final round we simply chose the winning name, and the other top 3 finishers, amongst them. Below in the page you can find the Top 10 results, as well a list of all other names that got votes, and are surely worthy of mention.

Continuing the "Best Team Name Award" tradition, we start from 10th place and go down (better, up) to the winner who gets both a copy of Scott Coady's "The Tour Baby!" DVD plus a DVD of Jamie Paolinetti's cycling documentary "The Hard Road" as the prize for his/her creativity,

So to the final results now.

10. Vitesse du Escargot (Janna "Site Goddess" Trevisanut - USA)

9. StrongArm tactics (Mars Abantao - The Philippines)

8. Allez Confidentiel (Joshua Lee - USA)

7. Give me Liberty or give me Phonak (Frances Hurley - USA)

6. El pipi strikes again (Stefano Figallo - Italy)

5. EIFFEL OFF MY BIKE (Carl Davies - UK)

4. Nothing to lose/presented by Bottomless Pits Inc. presenting Presenting sponsor Pits & Pits (Vaughn Trevisanut - USA)

And to the BTNA Top 3 Spots

3. All the King's Men (Emily King - USA)

2. The passion of Jesus (Manzano) (Ido Schnitzer - Israel).

But the absolute, uncontested, unchallenged winner -and let me say this name won by a landslide- of the 2004 Tour de France "Best Team Name Award" is ....




... is ...




1. 2 many Cookes in the Kirchen (Laura Weislo - USA)!!!

Congrats to Mrs. Weislo, a veteran of our Fantasy Games, and her pun containing the names of two well-known Tour de France riders; she'll receive the aforementioned prizes. Kudos also to the other top finishers (Emily King and her pun got another excellent result in this competition - btw), as well as all players of the teams with the names below, that also got some votes from the "Best Team Name Award" Jury.

* Finding Mayo
* Le Notorious Equipe Boomshakalakalaka
* Cadel's clavicles
* curious collection o'cyclists
* I'm only here for the Stage Wins
* Wheelsuckers anonymous
* Ariostxea
* D's pedal pushing 9 from Leige to Paris (or maybe not) team
* themeangreenkelmemachine

There were more and more funny and original team names in the game, but unfortunately the number of names every Jury member had to pick was limited. Kudos to all the "creative" ones around anyway, and don't stop training your creativity!

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