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Tour de France Stage 12 Live Race Report
By Janna Trevisanut
Date: 7/15/2004
Tour de France Stage 12 Live Race Report

Stage 12: Castelsarrasin - La Mongie, 197.5 km


Friday is the first of two very important stages of the Tour, stages that many fans have been anxiously awaiting. The anticipation is over as Tour rolls into the Pyrenees - Friday, with Stage 12 from Castelsarrasin to La Mongie, (197.5 km), and Saturday's 205.5 km stage from Lannemezan to Plateau de Beille.

The riders will take a long trip as the road gradually rises over the first 100 kilometers. The next sixty kilometers continue to gain until the peloton reaches the ascent of the Col d'Aspin (12.3 km at 6.5%). After a descent into the famous town of Sainte-Marie-de-Campan, the riders tackle the Tourmalet climb as far as La Mongie (12.8 km at 6.8%).

Armstrong commented after Stage 11 that Friday might see a strong climber who can sit on the wheels all day and then take out the stage.

The Standings

The sprinters have ruled the top of the GC the first half of this race, while most of the favorites have stayed safe while maintaining their positions, waiting for the mountains to come. Here are the General Classification standings for some of the team leaders after Thursday's Stage 11:

6. Armstrong Lance Usa Usp 09' 35"
10. Mancebo Francisco Esp Ibb 10' 18"
11. Hamilton Tyler Usa Pho 10' 18"
17. Ullrich Jan Ger Tmo 10' 30"
18. Julich Bobby Usa Csc 10' 42"
19. Leipheimer Levi Usa Rab 10' 50"
27. Heras Roberto Esp Lst 11' 44"
30. Brochard Laurent Fra A2r 12' 12"
39. Chavanel Sylvain Fra Blb 13' 00"
41. Simoni Gilberto Ita Sae 13' 16"
51. Mayo Iban Esp Eus 15' 02"
53. Moreau Christophe Fra C.a 15' 40"


After a very unpleasant first week for the riders, general conditions have given way to heat. Friday will be warm for the riders as they travel the first 100 kilometers, which gradually rise in elevation toward their inevitable destination. The two climbs of the day, the Col d'Aspin and La Mongie on the way to Tourmalet, come in the final 40 kilometers of the race. The riders will feel cooler temperatures on the first climb, and then will meet clouds and perhaps even rain on the mountaintop finish of La Mongie.

Then and Now

Veteran Tour fans might see the similarities between this and the 2002 Tour - in 2002 the first ten stages were sprinter stages, the first mountains coming on Stage 11. The TTT was also on stage 4 that year, while on Stage 7, Armstrong and Heras crashed near the end of the stage, losing Armstrong 27 secs.

Lance Armstrong won both these back to back Pyrenean stages in 2002 (four stage wins in all in that edition). On La Mongie that year, Stage 11, the Col d’Aubisque came early at the 60 km point in the stage that year, followed by another climb to the Col du Soulor, then down to a sprint, to Sainte-Marie-de-Campan (see below) and up to La Mongie.

The next day on Plateau de Beille, Stage 12, Armstrong attacked and won again. He lives near enough to this climb to know it well (nota bene - he said that Saturday will be more significant than Friday - so is he bluffing or not?).

In contrast to 2002's stage 13, which was the 21 km Mont Ventoux time trial, this year the riders ride a completely flat stage into Nimes on Sunday before taking their second rest day - they wait until next Wednesday before facing the Alpe d'Huez uphill time trial.

2002 Tour de France
Stage 11: Pau - La Mongie
1 Armstrong Lance 4h 21' 57"
2 Beloki Joseba 00' 07"
3 Heras Roberto 00' 13"
4 Mancebo Francisco 01' 16"
5 Rumsas Raimondas 01' 16"
6 Sevilla Oscar 01' 23"
7 Basso Ivan 01' 23"
8 Kivilev Andrei 01' 34"
9 Jalabert Laurent 01' 49"
10 Azevedo José 01' 52"
11 Gonzalez Galdeano Igor 01' 54"
12 Moreau Christophe 01' 57"
13 Lelli Massimiliano 01' 57"
14 Moncoutie David 01' 59"
15 Osa Unai 01' 59"
16 Zubeldia Haimar 02' 02"
17 Goubert Stephane 02' 23"
18 Serrano Marcos 02' 24"
19 Sastre Carlos 02' 24"
20 Botero Santiago 02' 24"

Stage 12: Lannemezan - Plateau de Beille
1 Armstrong Lance 6h 00' 29"
2 Heras Roberto 01' 04"
3 Beloki Joseba 01' 04"
4 Botero Santiago 01' 11"
5 Gonzalez Galdeano Igor 01' 11"
6 Rumsas Raimondas 01' 23"
7 Sastre Carlos 01' 33"
8 Serrano Marcos 01' 37"
9 Sevilla Oscar 02' 07"
10 Kivilev Andrei 02' 39"
11 Merckx Axel 02' 47"
12 Moncoutie David 02' 47"
13 Leipheimer Levi 02' 47"
14 Goubert Stephane 02' 47"
15 Mancebo Francisco 03' 17"
16 Moreau Christophe 03' 17"
17 Frigo Dario 03' 32"
18 Azevedo José 03' 33"
19 Gutierrez José Enrique 04' 04"
20 Zubeldia Haimar 04' 21"

1998 Tour de France
Stage 11: Luchon - Plateau de Beille
1 Pantani Marco 5h15'27"
2 Meier Roland 01'26"
3 Julich Bobby 01'33"
4 Boogerd Michaël 01'33"
5 Piepoli Leonardo 01'33"
6 Escartin Fernando 01'33"
7 Rinero Christophe 01'33"
8 Ullrich Jan 01'40"
9 Livingston Kevin 02'01"
10 Casero Angel 02'03"
11 Jalabert Laurent 02'03"
12 Beltran Manuel 02'03"
13 Baranowski Dariusz 02'53"
14 Serrano Marcos 02'53"
15 Leblanc Luc 02'53"
16 Di Grande Giuseppe 02'58"
17 Madouas Laurent 02'58"
18 Merckx Axel 03'16"
19 Blanco Santiago 03'35"
20 Salmon Benoit 04'07"

Live Race Report

We join the race in progress - please refresh this page (F5) to view the latest information. Commentary today by Jaime Nichols and Janna Trevisanut.

The "easy" part of the race is over for the day, while four escapees are still out in front - Ljungqvist (ALB), Kirchen (FAS), Vansevenant (LOT) and Finot (RAG). These four attacked in the first kilometer of the race.

05:41am PDT. 83km to go. As we join the race, at the front of the peloton, there's a long line of Brioches la Boulangere, with a couple of US Postmen mixed in. The rest of the blue jerseys are lined up just behind current yellow jersey Thomas Voeckler's team. The four escapees have just about four minutes on the pack after 113 kilometers raced.

George Hincapie is in his usual position right in front of Lance Armstrong, who chats amiably with Beligan ex-teammate Tom Boonen. Viatcheslav Ekimov and Pavel Padrnos are mixed in with the Baker Boys. The race is moving onto a more serious part of the rise toward the Col d'Aspin, still over 50 km distant.

The peloton passes a field of sunflowers - the weather is lookin' good today, but that is not likely to be the case as the riders reach the heights of the final climb - the clouds have rolled in and some rain has been reported at the finish.

Padrnos is driving the peloton now, Ekimov just behind him, and then the Brioches. The gap is down to 3:45. The Cofidis team looks to be about ready to send a break out the back. They are just ALL OVER the back of the peloton.

Thomas Voeckler is up with his team in the paceline... He's got a tough day ahead to defend the jersey as the race gets serious. Voeckler has said that he knows the big boys are on a whole 'nother level, but he plans to fight for it as long as he can. If Voeckler stays in yellow tonight, he will have won enough to give one to every member of his team.

Meanwhile, Tyler Hamilton has a mechanical problem, and has had to change his bike. He's back in the caravan being paced back into the field by his team. The entire Phonak team is with him there. Mayo had a bike change earlier - the favorites are leaving nothing to chance.

Phonak has suffered a lot of mechanical mishap, but they are holding their chances together with strong team unity and heart. Hamilton is back in the pack. Tyler said before the start: "If I had to pick a day when you were going to put more time on your rivals, it would be tomorrow." He says he's wait and see what happens today, but if he has the legs, he's like to wait until tomorrow.

That sentiment was echoed by Armstrong yesterday after the stage.

06:00am PDT. 70 km to go. The gap is 2'46". A few riders pull over to the side of the road for a nature break... and the break is staying steady.

Voeckler is behind the peloton now, he looks good though - probably just heading back for a chat with team management. Sylvain Chavanel is back there with him - Chavanel had a great ride in the Tour last year.

Meanshile, Santiago Botero is getting a pedicure out the window of the medical vehicle - must be something wrong with his foot, but he's all smiles.

A tall Postal rider goes by Voeckler in the caravan and pats him on the back. Voeckler is on his was back to the front to join his team.

The finish is blustery - and the rain jackets are being distributed among the riders. The peloton is bunched up. The mountains look blue amidst clouds and haze in the distance - reports of rain, strong winds, thunder and lightning at the finish...

For some of these guys in the peloton, today will be a good day to die...on the roads, that is. The gap is steady at 2:44. The peloton is keeping the escapees at a manageable distance.

06:16am PDT. 60km to go. The gap at about 2'46". The peloton snakes around the round about... the situation is the same - Ekimov on the front. Ekimov looks EXTRA TOUGH on the front of the pack. I wouldn't want to mess with that guy! Postal is taking a front seat now.

The RAGT team has been despairing that they have not been able to put in a better performance in the Tour, so they must be happy to have their man Finot up the road.

There's a little of a Liberty Seguros line forming alongside Brioches La Boulangere, and plenty of Postmen. Rain is now spotting the camera we go, folks.

The day has not gone totally dark over the riders yet, but you can be sure that thoughts are turning grim in the peloton about now. Armstrong said yesterday that climbs like these should be taken out of the Tour, that they are a violation of the riders' human rights...and that he loves it.

06:25am PDT. 55km to go. The gap is 2'26". Ekimov and Padrnos are still the policemen at the front... and Ullrich is putting on his rain gear. Leipheimer is up near the front, Liberty Seguros, Tyler Hamilton, Lance Armstrong... all the big boys are set to pop.

As the riders reach a false flat section of the course, I would say that it's the calm before the storm, but they're IN a storm! A sprint is coming up in about ten kilometers.

The road is black and slick, the skies are grey, and the rain is torrential. Brioches La Boulangere is still leading, with some help from their friends on US Postal.

Were the spectators on the climbs not wearing raincoats and holding umbrellas, you could see thousands of orange t-shirts that have been passed out.

There are some orange jersies joining the crew up front. The gap is down to 1:39. The break is looking a little half-hearted at this point, perhaps demoralized by the rain, which is coming down like cats and dogs now. I don't think there was ever much doubt that they would be caught somewhere in this next stretch.

Slick roads are going to make the descent from the Col d'Aspin a scary one. The rain is really intense - there's a huge spraying mist coming up from the tires of the bikes. The Brioches la Boulangere boys are putting the pressure on now... picking up the pace. This team has done an admirable job the past few days - a very bright spot in this Tour. Folks, it's a wet one.

Now Voeckler has changed bikes...that makes three riders who have done so today. He looks completely unhurried. The gap is continuing to fall.

06:40am PDT. 46 km to go. The gap is down to 1:14 now. The riders continue to suit up against the rain - now arm warmers, so the temperature is definitely coming down. The temperature at the finish was forecast at 20 C. The Col d'Aspin has a narrow road at the base - the leaders will lead into it, but not for long...

Now the sprint in Sarrancolin, won by Kirchen, who makes the only effort. Ljungqvist is second.

The gap is under a minute as we are under 10km from the start of the Col d'Aspin ascent. It looks like the race is on! The riders and are charging for first place into the narrow approach to the Col d'Aspin. It's critical to get one's riders at the front, but consequently the pace continues to increase.

The rain may be changing the tactics today... everyone was talking a waiting game this morning, but it's looking like there could be some other intentions on the road today.

Earlier today, George Hincapie said that the best thing that could happen for Postal today would be a small break that didn't get too much time before the base of the mountains. 40 km to go.

I guess things are going according to plan, because that break has just been caught, and they're just at the foot of the mountains. QuickStep has come to the front, perhaps to launch Reeeeechard Virenque on another KOM hunt.

Bettini is on the front right now, driving it. Telekom's train has moved to the front as well, and Jan Ullrich looks stoic. They are on the slopes of the Col d'Aspin! There was just a tight corner that all the right men needed to be in the front for...Armstrong's men got him there.

Postal is moving up - Triki Beltran has taken the front of the race - it's a battle for position now. Euskaltel is lining up at the front, too, and meanwhile the sprinters are making one of those breaks out the back.

This approach to the Col d'Aspin is so fast, and the field is already torn to pieces. QuickStep is still in charge at the front. Robbie McEwen is dropping like a stone in the back - he's been suffering a lot of knee pain in the past few days.

07:00am PDT. 34km to go. Santiago Botero is out the back...Pavel Padrnos is in the split. But Postal is fully on the front... Triki Beltran, Benjamin Noval and George Hincapie are on the front and driving it hardcore. Noval is now leading, and looking strong. Leipheimer and is near the front, and the rain is still pouring down.

There's a big group of dropees out the back... Unai Extebarria has been dropped. The road snakes along the edge of the mountain on the "easier" part of the ascent. Also dropped: Marc Lotz, Koos Morenhout, Nikolai Portal, Moncoutie... there are huge gaps.

Postal is all over the front - Noval, Beltran, Hincapie and Armstrong are still driving it on the front. Landis is there, too. It's a big Postal train controlling the race now.

Noval is actually smiling! It's nice to see that after his tears following the time trial. I guess these Postal boys like their chances!

Filippo Simeoni has attacked, he's got a small gap. 31 km to go. He's looks like he's caught, now Moreau has a try. Postal still drives on - there's an army of blue on the front.

No, Simeoni is still out there, Moreau trying to catch. ...and no one bats an eyelash. Now Virenque responds. He has to respond to Moreau, who has been doing his best to sweep up KOM points.

Beltran and Noval are done...Haimar Zubeldia is out, too. Bettini has been dropped as well.

Moreau, Simeoni and Virenque form an uneasy alliance.

Simeoni has left Virenque and Moreau behind, and there's an attack from a Rabobank rider and a Euskaltel man... Michael Rasmussen is the Rabobank man.

George Hincapie is driving the pace at the front. Simeoni, Virenque and Moreau have been caught.

Postal continues to drive it. George Hincapie is the man in charge now. Voeckler is still in the group, and Iban Mayo is right in front of him.... Simoni is there too!

Michael Rasmussen is alone off the front.. The Euskaltel man Martinez is caught. Big George is KILLING 'EM out there! He's incredible!

On the other hand, Roberto Heras is in the very back of this group - he's not poised to make anything happen back there.

The Postal line is George, Floyd, Chechu, Lance and then Azevedo. Lance is poker face, but Ullrich has finally broken a facial expression! Azevedo looks like he isn't even breathing hard.

Voeckler is hanging onto this group by a thread - Heras comes around him. Rasmussen is still ahead.

07:17 am PDT. 27 km to go. Hamilton is taking it easy - a little too far back in the group to make me happy! Amidst the yellow rain ponchos along the road, we start to see some of those 70,000 orange t-shirts.

Voeckler, who was pretty much off the back, has now worked his way back up into the middle of the group. Great work by this young man. Rasmussen has 12 seconds, and looks like he will go over the top of the Col d'Aspin first. The crowd at the top is just massive!

The next "cliffhanger" here will be the very wet descent off this mountain...Chechu Rubiera has taken over at the front, and Armstrong still has his boys up there. Voeckler is really suffering, but he's hanging on. He's up on the pedals now - working hard to hang on.

Michael Rasmussen took the mountain sprint ahead of Moreau and Virenque.

It is a hairy descent now - on wet roads. Rasmussen still marginally ahead.

07:28am PDT. 20km to go. The riders are strung out on the descent through a beautiful mountain valley. Voeckler is right there. He's hanging in there!

La Mongie looms ahead. But...Hincapie is looking back - Armstrong is gone...and where is Ullrich? There is a small group with the yellow jersey that have an advantage on Armstrong, but Lance has his team around him. Ullrich, Voeckler, they're ahead...

Somehow, on this descent, Armstrong has been put on the defensive. Mayo is with Ullrich. George is back in action, DRIVING IT! Mercado, Mayo, Ullrich, and maybe Mancebo - those guys are together; Armstrong is chasing with 5 of his teammates.

It's likely that Armstrong has just been taking a conservative approach to this descent. He looks good, and his team is around him.

Armstrong is back with Ullrich. Tyler Hamilton has caught back on as well - it's back together. David Extebarria, Rasmussen, and Mercado are ahead. Rasmussen is first on the road. There is a bit of pale sunlight filtering through now.

The riders are on the first meters of the drive up La Mongie! 13 km to go.

Laurent Brochard and Rasmussen are now ahead of the main group, which contains Armstrong, Ullrich, mayo, Hamilton... The helmets are coming off. Rasmussen's clean shaven head is exposed to the elements. Mercado has joined Brochard in chasing Rasmussen - that gap is 13 seconds.

The gap to the peloton is 24 seconds - the pack is right on them. A Euskaltel man is dropping out the back... David Extebarria? Mercado and Brochard are swallowed up by the big men. Hink is STILL on the front. Chechu Rubiera, too, is pulling through. There is the pack of the big boys. There's a battle ahead! Under the 10 km to go banner.

Floyd Landis is now on the front. Postal is firmly in control again. Voeckler is right there. It looks like the brave Frenchman will spend another day in yellow!

Now the sun is out, so perhaps the riders will have a reprieve from treacherous weather at the top. Tons of spectators perched on the green grass and amongst the trees along the narrow road.

Still on the front for Postal: Hincapie, Rubiera, Landis, Azevedo, Armstrong... Gilberto Simoni is right behind Lance. George is almost SMILING! He is having an incredible ride! Under 7 km to go.

Tyler Hamilton doesn't look like he's having a great day. Santiago Perez and another teammate is right there. Carlos Sastre has attacked!

Sastre had a brilliant mountain victory last year - and he is off. It looks like Voeckler has cracked! Virebque is with him, giving him a word of encouragement. Hamilton is in trouble too! Virenque is trying to pace Voeckler back into the pack!

The catch of Rasmussen...

Ullrich has cracked!!!! George is still driving it on the front. Now Azevedo is leading Lance! It's an attack! All of his rivals are DYING ON THE ROADS OF THE TOUR DE FRANCE! Armstrong is ahead - Azevedo leads him, Basso is at his shoulder.

Ullrich, Hamilton, Simoni all are being left behind! Ullrich is 25 seconds behind Armstrong now... Virenque continues to pace Voeckler. Andreas Kloden is strangely, still with Armstrong. Under 5km to go...

Hamilton is wiping sweat off his brow...Azevedo continues to drive it with Armstrong right on his wheel! Ullrich is looking BAD, my friends. He is cracking. Leipheimer and Simoni seem to be back on the tail of the Armstrong group!

Laurent Brochard's mullet is right behind Ullrich he's really suffering. Mayo is there with Armstrong...Carlos Sastre attacks again! CSC continues to gun for a stage win.

Ullrich is losing ground again. Guerini is pacing him, but he's in big trouble.

Ullrich's face is all pain. Armstrong and Azevedo look good - cool, calm and collected. Kloden is right next to Armstrong... why is he not back with his beleaguered leader?

Azevedo leaves it all to Armstrong now, he is done. Armstrong is on the front. He looks back. He has nine companions...Mancebo shadows him...

Ullrich is dropping like a stone. Vockler is about 1:17 back. And now the ladies have WAY too close a shot of Ullrich's er...rear section. Thomas Voeckler is in every kind of pain, but he's struggling on. What a brave soldier!

Sastre is still ahead. Mancebo attack the Armstrong group, joined by Ivan Basso. Armstrong has not responded.

Armstrong looks back to see who's ahead, and ATTACKS! He is off! He's caught Basso, and he's driving on. Basso has Armstrong's wheel. Complete poker face, Armstrong. Sastre is still ahead, but there's someone right behind him, and I think it's a certain Lance Armstrong.

Armstrong's face is 100% concentration, he is looking good. He is NOT pushing it. He is there with two CSC men - Basso and Sastre.

Struggling on behind them - Kloden and Mancebo. Heras is sitting on Jan Ullrich's ailing wheel. So is Bobby Julich. Chechu is there as well. The Yellow jersey is only 2:08 from the leaders. 2 kilometers to go.

Basso is leading Armstrong at the front, and the crowds are huge under a nice sunny sky, masses of orange t-shirts. Deafening noise.

Voeckler has just caught back on to the Ullrich group! Voeckler is such a stud! Basso and Armstong are shoulder to shoulder, and Mancebo has been dropped. Postal blew this race to pieces today, and Armstrong is more than capable of hammering this one home. Basso and Armstrong are inside the tunnel, they're in the final meters. 500 meters.

Armstrong and Basso are side by side, but Lance will most likely want that time bonus. Basso is having a brilliant ride. Armstrong is dancing on the pedals. Basso is right there with him...

Armstrong is poised to hit Basso hard, but Basso looks comfortable...BASSO!!!!

1. Basso, 2. Armstrong, 3. Kloden.

Ullrich is only coming in now! Heras is gone, Sevilla is with Ullrich - he concedes 2:30 minutes! Here comes Voeckler! Look at him go! We girls here are simply in love with this young Frenchman. He will keep the Maillot Jaune. What a hero! All of France is crying real tears right now.

But the look on Basso's face as he crossed the line is pure joy to see.

Mayo in 1:03 down. Leipheimer at 1:59. Lance Armstrong appears to be making short work of all these challengers.

Top 20:
1 BASSO Ivan ITA CSC in 5h 03' 58"
2 ARMSTRONG Lance USA USP at 00' 00"
3 KLÖDEN Andréas GER TMO at 00' 20"
4 MANCEBO Francisco ESP IBB at 00' 24"
5 SASTRE Carlos ESP CSC at 00' 33"
6 PEREIRO SIO Oscar ESP PHO at 00' 50"
7 MENCHOV Denis RUS IBB at 00' 59"
8 SCARPONI Michele ITA DVE at 01' 02"
9 MAYO Iban ESP EUS at 01' 03"
10 GONZALEZ Santos ESP PHO at 01' 03"
11 TOTSCHNIG Georg AUT GST at 01' 03"
12 SIMONI Gilberto ITA SAE at 01' 32"
13 GONZALEZ Aitor ESP FAS at 01' 39"
14 MOREAU Christophe FRA C.A at 01' 59"
15 KARPETS Vladimir RUS IBB at 01' 59"
16 LEIPHEIMER Levi USA RAB at 01' 59"
17 CAUCCHIOLI Pietro ITA ALB at 01' 59"
18 JULICH Bobby USA CSC at 02' 28"
19 GUERINI Giuseppe ITA TMO at 02' 28"
20 ULLRICH Jan GER TMO at 02' 30"

Top 20 General Classification:
1 VOECKLER Thomas FRA BLB in 51h 51' 07"
2 ARMSTRONG Lance USA USP at 05' 24"
3 CASAR Sandy FRA FDJ at 05' 50"
4 VIRENQUE Richard FRA QSD at 06' 20"
5 KLÖDEN Andréas GER TMO at 06' 33"
6 BASSO Ivan ITA CSC at 06' 33"
7 MANCEBO Francisco ESP IBB at 06' 43"
8 PIIL Jakob DEN CSC at 06' 53"
9 GONZALEZ Santos ESP PHO at 07' 23"
10 SASTRE Carlos ESP CSC at 08' 11"
11 AZEVEDO José POR USP at 08' 35"
12 LEIPHEIMER Levi USA RAB at 08' 50"
13 GUTIERREZ José Enrique ESP PHO at 08' 51"
14 SEVILLA Oscar ESP PHO at 08' 57"
15 RUBIERA José Luis ESP USP at 08' 58"
16 ULLRICH Jan GER TMO at 09' 01"
17 JULICH Bobby USA CSC at 09' 11"
18 SCARPONI Michele ITA DVE at 09' 25"
20 HAMILTON Tyler USA PHO at 09' 46"

What a day...and tomorrow is the stage where Armstrong said that action was more likely. With the shakeout today, that might be quite an understatement as the favorites will have to get their game on. Please join us right here again tomorrow for more Pyrenees action, and thanks for being with us today.


1 Basso Ivan Ita Csc 5h 03' 58"
2 Armstrong Lance Usa Usp m.t.
3 Klöden Andréas Ger Tmo 00' 20"
4 Mancebo Francisco Esp Ibb 00' 24"
5 Sastre Carlos Esp Csc 00' 33"
6 Pereiro Sio Oscar Esp Pho 00' 50"
7 Menchov Denis Rus Ibb 00' 59"
8 Scarponi Michele Ita Dve 01' 02"
9 Mayo Iban Esp Eus 01' 03"
10 Gonzalez Santos Esp Pho m.t.
11 Totschnig Georg Aut Gst m.t.
12 Simoni Gilberto Ita Sae 01' 32"
13 Gonzalez Aitor Esp Fas 01' 39"
14 Moreau Christophe Fra C.a 01' 59"
15 Karpets Vladimir Rus Ibb 01' 59"
16 Leipheimer Levi Usa Rab 01' 59"
17 Caucchioli Pietro Ita Alb 01' 59"
18 Julich Bobby Usa Csc 02' 28"
19 Guerini Giuseppe Ita Tmo m.t.
20 Ullrich Jan Ger Tmo 02' 30"
21 Azevedo José Por Usp m.t.
22 Rogers Michael Aus Qsd m.t.
23 Rubiera José Luis Esp Usp m.t.
24 Gonzalez Galdeano Igor Esp Lst m.t.
25 Sevilla Oscar Esp Pho m.t.
26 Brochard Laurent Fra A2r 02' 37"
27 Gutierrez José Enrique Esp Pho 02' 41"
28 Pineau Jérôme Fra Blb 02' 43"
29 Heras Roberto Esp Lst 02' 57"
30 Mercado Juan Miguel Esp Qsd m.t.
31 Rasmussen Mickael Den Rab 03' 02"
32 Piil Jakob Den Csc 03' 09"
33 Perez Santiago Esp Pho 03' 27"
34 Hamilton Tyler Usa Pho m.t.
35 Goubert Stephane Fra A2r m.t.
36 Martinez Egoi Esp Eus m.t.
37 Virenque Richard Fra Qsd m.t.
38 Serrano Marcos Esp Lst m.t.
39 Petrov Evgeni Rus Sae 03' 36"
40 Halgand Patrice Fra C.a m.t.
41 Voeckler Thomas Fra Blb 03' 59"
42 Chavanel Sylvain Fra Blb 04' 22"
43 Camano Iker Esp Eus 04' 27"
44 Bartoli Michele Ita Csc 05' 20"
45 Casar Sandy Fra Fdj 05' 36"
46 Gutierrez José Ivan Esp Ibb 05' 36"
47 Astarloza Mikel Esp A2r 05' 38"
48 Sabaliauskas Marius Ltu Sae 06' 17"
49 Etxebarria David Esp Eus 06' 30"
50 Merckx Axel Bel Lot 08' 47"
51 Boogerd Michael Ned Rab 08' 47"
52 Robin Jean-Cyril Fra Fdj 09' 28"
53 Hincapie George Usa Usp 10' 08"
54 Landis Floyd Usa Usp 10' 08"
55 Botcharov Alexandre Rus C.a 10' 54"
56 Fofonov Dmitriy Kaz Cof 11' 20"
57 Baranowski Dariusz Pol Lst 11' 55"
58 Nozal Isidro Esp Lst 11' 59"
59 Simeoni Filippo Ita Dve 12' 01"
60 Dufaux Laurent Sui Qsd 12' 04"
61 Bettini Paolo Ita Qsd m.t.
62 Moncoutie David Fra Cof m.t.
63 Calzati Sylvain Fra Rag m.t.
64 Ludewig Jorg Ger Sae m.t.
65 Ivanov Serguei Rus Tmo m.t.
66 Beltran Manuel Esp Usp m.t.
67 Vandevelde Christian Usa Lst 12' 30"
68 Giunti Massimo Ita Dve 12' 40"
69 Scholz Ronny Ger Gst 13' 07"
70 Lang Sebastian Ger Gst 15' 08"
71 O'Grady Stuart Aus Cof 15' 08"
72 Salmon Benoit Fra C.a 17' 29"
73 Sunderland Scott Aus Alb 18' 33"
74 Bruseghin Marzio Ita Fas m.t.
75 Peron Andrea Ita Csc m.t.
76 Osa Aitor Esp Ibb m.t.
77 Sorensen Nicki Den Csc m.t.
78 Rinero Christophe Fra Rag m.t.
79 Elmiger Martin Sui Pho m.t.
80 Niermann Grischa Ger Rab m.t.
81 Voigt Jens Ger Csc m.t.
82 Zubeldia Haimar Esp Eus m.t.
83 Davis Allan Aus Lst m.t.
84 Noval Gonzalez Benjamin Esp Usp m.t.
85 Farazijn Peter Bel Cof m.t.
86 Zandio Xabier Esp Ibb m.t.
87 Moerenhout Koos Ned Lot m.t.
88 Mengin Christophe Fra Fdj m.t.
89 Wegmann Fabian Ger Gst m.t.
90 Nardello Daniele Ita Tmo m.t.
91 Landaluze Inigo Esp Eus m.t.
92 Da Cruz Carlos Fra Fdj m.t.
93 Flores Iker Esp Eus m.t.
94 Garcia Acosta Vicente Esp Ibb m.t.
95 Valoti Paolo Ita Dve 19' 08"
96 Portal Nicolas Fra A2r 22' 55"
97 Tombak Janeck Est Cof 26' 10"
98 Arvesen Kurt-Asle Nor Csc m.t.
99 Krivtsov Yuriy Ukr A2r m.t.
100 Aldag Rolf Ger Tmo m.t.
101 Beneteau Walter Fra Blb m.t.
102 Hruska Jan Cze Lst m.t.
103 Wrolich Peter Aut Gst m.t.
104 Commesso Salvatore Ita Sae m.t.
105 Zabel Erik Ger Tmo m.t.
106 Jalabert Nicolas Fra Pho m.t.
107 Ljungqvist Marcus Swe Alb m.t.
108 Mori Massimiliano Ita Dve m.t.
109 Knaven Servais Ned Qsd m.t.
110 Grabsch Bert Ger Pho m.t.
111 Bourquenoud Pierre Sui Rag m.t.
112 Padrnos Pavel Cze Usp m.t.
113 Fedrigo Pierrick Fra C.a m.t.
114 Rous Didier Fra Blb m.t.
115 Laurent Christophe Fra Rag m.t.
116 Bouvard Gilles Fra Rag m.t.
117 Cancellara Fabian Sui Fas m.t.
118 Auger Guillaume Fra Rag m.t.
119 Pozzato Filippo Ita Fas m.t.
120 Botero Santiago Col Tmo m.t.
121 Tosatto Matteo Ita Fas m.t.
122 Secchiari Francesco Ita Dve m.t.
123 Boonen Tom Bel Qsd m.t.
124 Kirchen Kim Lux Fas m.t.
125 Etxebarria Unai Ven Eus m.t.
126 Moller Claus Michael Den Alb m.t.
127 Flecha Juan Antonio Esp Fas m.t.
128 Peschel Uwe Ger Gst m.t.
129 Lotz Marc Ned Rab m.t.
130 Scanlon Mark Irl A2r m.t.
131 Hondo Danilo Ger Gst m.t.
132 Zanini Stefano Ita Qsd m.t.
133 Wauters Marc Bel Rab m.t.
134 Noe' Andrea Ita Alb m.t.
135 Ekimov Viatceslav Rus Usp m.t.
136 Baldato Fabio Ita Alb m.t.
137 Verbrugghe Rik Bel Lot m.t.
138 Marinangeli Sergio Ita Dve m.t.
139 Marichal Thierry Bel Lot m.t.
140 De Groot Bram Ned Rab m.t.
141 Becke Daniel Ger Ibb m.t.
142 Martin Ludovic Fra Rag m.t.
143 Edaleine Christophe Fra Cof m.t.
144 Bramati Davide Ita Qsd m.t.
145 Guesdon Frédéric Fra Fdj m.t.
146 Renier Franck Fra Blb m.t.
147 Charteau Anthony Fra Blb m.t.
148 Engoulvent Jimmy Fra Cof m.t.
149 Lefevre Laurent Fra Blb m.t.
150 Hushovd Thor Nor C.a m.t.
151 Dean Julian Nzl C.a m.t.
152 Joly Sébastien Fra C.a 26' 21"
153 Vansevenant Wim Bel Lot 26' 31"
154 Nazon Jean-Patrick Fra A2r 26' 40"
155 Loosli David Sui Sae 26' 42"
156 Kroon Karsten Ned Rab 26' 42"
157 Dekker Erik Ned Rab 26' 56"
158 Glomser Gerrit Aut Sae 26' 56"
159 Vierhouten Aart Ned Lot 27' 01"
160 Mc Ewen Robbie Aus Lot 27' 02"
161 Bertolini Alessandro Ita Alb 27' 20"
162 Cooke Baden Aus Fdj 28' 34"
163 Eisel Bernhard Aut Fdj m.t.
164 Wilson Matthew Aus Fdj m.t.
165 Casper Jimmy Fra Cof 28' 38"
166 Finot Frédéric Fra Rag 29' 18"
Pradera Mikel Esp Ibb Abandon

General Classification after Stage 12

1 Voeckler Thomas Fra Blb 51h 51' 07"
2 Armstrong Lance Usa Usp 05' 24"
3 Casar Sandy Fra Fdj 05' 50"
4 Virenque Richard Fra Qsd 06' 20"
5 Klöden Andréas Ger Tmo 06' 33"
6 Basso Ivan Ita Csc 06' 33"
7 Mancebo Francisco Esp Ibb 06' 43"
8 Piil Jakob Den Csc 06' 53"
9 Gonzalez Santos Esp Pho 07' 23"
10 Sastre Carlos Esp Csc 08' 11"
11 Azevedo José Por Usp 08' 35"
12 Leipheimer Levi Usa Rab 08' 50"
13 Gutierrez José Enrique Esp Pho 08' 51"
14 Sevilla Oscar Esp Pho 08' 57"
15 Rubiera José Luis Esp Usp 08' 58"
16 Ullrich Jan Ger Tmo 09' 01"
17 Julich Bobby Usa Csc 09' 11"
18 Scarponi Michele Ita Dve 09' 25"
19 Gonzalez Galdeano Igor Esp Lst 09' 42"
20 Hamilton Tyler Usa Pho 09' 46"
21 Caucchioli Pietro Ita Alb 09' 50"
22 Totschnig Georg Aut Gst 09' 53"
23 Rasmussen Mickael Den Rab 10' 20"
24 Gonzalez Aitor Esp Fas 10' 21"
25 Pereiro Sio Oscar Esp Pho 10' 26"
26 Heras Roberto Esp Lst 10' 42"
27 Simoni Gilberto Ita Sae 10' 49"
28 Brochard Laurent Fra A2r 10' 50"
29 Pineau Jérôme Fra Blb 11' 46"
30 Menchov Denis Rus Ibb 11' 49"
31 Petrov Evgeni Rus Sae 11' 54"
32 Mayo Iban Esp Eus 12' 06"
33 Bartoli Michele Ita Csc 12' 20"
34 Karpets Vladimir Rus Ibb 12' 41"
35 Goubert Stephane Fra A2r 12' 57"
36 Chavanel Sylvain Fra Blb 13' 23"
37 Moreau Christophe Fra C.a 13' 40"
38 O'Grady Stuart Aus Cof 14' 09"
39 Rogers Michael Aus Qsd 14' 29"
40 Camano Iker Esp Eus 16' 24"
41 Hincapie George Usa Usp 16' 35"
42 Landis Floyd Usa Usp 17' 23"
43 Halgand Patrice Fra C.a 17' 31"
44 Sabaliauskas Marius Ltu Sae 17' 59"
45 Merckx Axel Bel Lot 18' 59"
46 Moncoutie David Fra Cof 19' 55"
47 Dufaux Laurent Sui Qsd 20' 20"
48 Guerini Giuseppe Ita Tmo 21' 25"
49 Perez Santiago ESP PHO 21' 46"
50 Nozal Isidro Esp Lst 21' 55"
51 Martinez Egoi Esp Eus 22' 52"
52 Nardello Daniele Ita Tmo 25' 39"
53 Mercado Juan Miguel Esp Qsd 27' 25"
54 Bruseghin Marzio Ita Fas 27' 25"
55 Voigt Jens Ger Csc 28' 20"
56 Botcharov Alexandre Rus C.a 29' 14"
57 Osa Aitor Esp Ibb 29' 25"
58 Serrano Marcos Esp Lst 29' 47"
59 Robin Jean-Cyril Fra Fdj 29' 47"
60 Zubeldia Haimar Esp Eus 30' 06"
61 Zabel Erik Ger Tmo 32' 09"
62 Astarloza Mikel Esp A2r 33' 40"
63 Scholz Ronny Ger Gst 34' 01"
64 Noe' Andrea Ita Alb 34' 33"
65 Kirchen Kim Lux Fas 35' 00"
66 Gutierrez José Ivan Esp Ibb 35' 02"
67 Landaluze Inigo Esp Eus 35' 06"
68 Rous Didier Fra Blb 35' 45"
69 Salmon Benoit Fra C.a 37' 39"
70 Beltran Manuel Esp Usp 37' 53"
71 Moller Claus Michael Den Alb 38' 33"
72 Baranowski Dariusz Pol Lst 38' 37"
73 Boogerd Michael Ned Rab 39' 46"
74 Marinangeli Sergio Ita Dve 40' 02"
75 Calzati Sylvain Fra Rag 40' 57"
76 Flores Iker Esp Eus 41' 03"
77 Lefevre Laurent Fra Blb 41' 46"
78 Ivanov Serguei Rus Tmo 42' 42"
79 Vandevelde Christian Usa Lst 43' 00"
80 Etxebarria David Esp Eus 43' 17"
81 Ludewig Jorg Ger Sae 43' 24"
82 Bettini Paolo Ita Qsd 43' 41"
83 Verbrugghe Rik Bel Lot 44' 11"
84 Niermann Grischa Ger Rab 45' 02"
85 Sorensen Nicki Den Csc 45' 49"
86 Lang Sebastian Ger Gst 46' 06"
87 Garcia Acosta Vicente Esp Ibb 46' 56"
88 Loosli David Sui Sae 46' 57"
89 Farazijn Peter Bel Cof 47' 24"
90 Valoti Paolo Ita Dve 47' 26"
91 Botero Santiago Col Tmo 47' 41"
92 Noval Gonzalez Benjamin Esp Usp 47' 48"
93 Mengin Christophe Fra Fdj 47' 51"
94 Becke Daniel Ger Ibb 48' 16"
95 Davis Allan Aus Lst 49' 09"
96 Sunderland Scott Aus Alb 49' 22"
97 Flecha Juan Antonio Esp Fas 50' 12"
98 Peron Andrea Ita Csc 50' 44"
99 Fofonov Dmitriy Kaz Cof 51' 23"
100 Rinero Christophe Fra Rag 51' 39"
101 Grabsch Bert Ger Pho 51' 53"
102 Ekimov Viatceslav Rus Usp 52' 03"
103 Da Cruz Carlos Fra Fdj 52' 05"
104 Boonen Tom Bel Qsd 53' 16"
105 Hondo Danilo Ger Gst 53' 26"
106 Lotz Marc Ned Rab 53' 26"
107 Moerenhout Koos Ned Lot 54' 15"
108 Scanlon Mark Irl A2r 54' 19"
109 Mc Ewen Robbie Aus Lot 54' 36"
110 Pozzato Filippo Ita Fas 54' 47"
111 Cancellara Fabian Sui Fas 54' 50"
112 Bouvard Gilles Fra Rag 55' 06"
113 Portal Nicolas Fra A2r 55' 26"
114 Wegmann Fabian Ger Gst 55' 42"
115 Padrnos Pavel Cze Usp 55' 49"
116 Vierhouten Aart Ned Lot 56' 25"
117 Aldag Rolf Ger Tmo 56' 25"
118 Guesdon Frédéric Fra Fdj 56' 29"
119 Hushovd Thor Nor C.a 56' 29"
120 Mori Massimiliano Ita Dve 56' 36"
121 Tosatto Matteo Ita Fas 56' 55"
122 Elmiger Martin Sui Pho 57' 09"
123 Etxebarria Unai Ven Eus 57' 28"
124 Wauters Marc Bel Rab 57' 32"
125 Wrolich Peter Aut Gst 57' 44"
126 Simeoni Filippo Ita Dve 58' 09"
127 Commesso Salvatore Ita Sae 58' 30"
128 Beneteau Walter Fra Blb 58' 31"
129 Kroon Karsten Ned Rab 59' 23"
130 De Groot Bram Ned Rab 59' 27"
131 Engoulvent Jimmy Fra Cof 59' 36"
132 Zanini Stefano Ita Qsd 1h 00' 05"
133 Dean Julian Nzl C.a 1h 00' 19"
134 Zandio Xabier Esp Ibb 1h 00' 40"
135 Giunti Massimo Ita Dve 1h 00' 51"
136 Laurent Christophe Fra Rag 1h 02' 15"
137 Nazon Jean-Patrick Fra A2r 1h 02' 15"
138 Hruska Jan Cze Lst 1h 02' 30"
139 Charteau Anthony Fra Blb 1h 03' 21"
140 Jalabert Nicolas Fra Pho 1h 03' 33"
141 Tombak Janeck Est Cof 1h 03' 50"
142 Ljungqvist Marcus Swe Alb 1h 04' 22"
143 Baldato Fabio Ita Alb 1h 05' 11"
144 Auger Guillaume Fra Rag 1h 05' 13"
145 Krivtsov Yuriy Ukr A2r 1h 05' 27"
146 Fedrigo Pierrick Fra C.a 1h 06' 30"
147 Arvesen Kurt-Asle Nor Csc 1h 06' 41"
148 Bourquenoud Pierre Sui Rag 1h 07' 26"
149 Cooke Baden Aus Fdj 1h 07' 35"
150 Renier Franck Fra Blb 1h 08' 18"
151 Bertolini Alessandro Ita Alb 1h 08' 59"
152 Glomser Gerrit Aut Sae 1h 10' 32"
153 Eisel Bernhard Aut Fdj 1h 11' 01"
154 Peschel Uwe Ger Gst 1h 12' 33"
155 Knaven Servais Ned Qsd 1h 14' 34"
156 Dekker Erik Ned Rab 1h 14' 54"
157 Marichal Thierry Bel Lot 1h 17' 58"
158 Edaleine Christophe Fra Cof 1h 18' 19"
159 Bramati Davide Ita Qsd 1h 19' 40"
160 Vansevenant Wim Bel Lot 1h 21' 43"
161 Martin Ludovic Fra Rag 1h 22' 23"
162 Secchiari Francesco Ita Dve 1h 22' 52"
163 Wilson Matthew Aus Fdj 1h 24' 25"
164 Finot Frédéric Fra Rag 1h 33' 37"
165 Casper Jimmy Fra Cof 1h 37' 22"
166 Joly Sébastien Fra C.a 1h 47' 30"

Points Classification after Stage 12

1 Mc Ewen Robbie Aus Lot 210 Pts
2 Zabel Erik Ger Tmo 201 Pts
3 Hushovd Thor Nor C.a 195 Pts
4 O'Grady Stuart Aus Cof 186 Pts
5 Hondo Danilo Ger Gst 176 Pts
6 Boonen Tom Bel Qsd 128 Pts
7 Nazon Jean-Patrick Fra A2r 116 Pts
8 Brochard Laurent Fra A2r 102 Pts
9 Kirchen Kim Lux Fas 88 Pts
10 Cooke Baden Aus Fdj 77 Pts
11 Pineau Jérôme Fra Blb 72 Pts
12 Mancebo Francisco Esp Ibb 71 Pts
13 Scarponi Michele Ita Dve 70 Pts
14 Marinangeli Sergio Ita Dve 65 Pts
15 Davis Allan Aus Lst 65 Pts
16 Klöden Andréas Ger Tmo 64 Pts
17 Tombak Janeck Est Cof 62 Pts
18 Voeckler Thomas Fra Blb 55 Pts
19 Armstrong Lance Usa Usp 53 Pts
20 Piil Jakob Den Csc 52 Pts
21 Pozzato Filippo Ita Fas 50 Pts
22 Cancellara Fabian Sui Fas 47 Pts
23 Totschnig Georg Aut Gst 39 Pts
24 Sunderland Scott Aus Alb 39 Pts
25 Landaluze Inigo Esp Eus 38 Pts

Mountains Classification after Stage 12

1 Virenque Richard Fra Qsd 95 Pts
2 Merckx Axel Bel Lot 57 Pts
3 Moreau Christophe Fra C.a 43 Pts
4 Mancebo Francisco Esp Ibb 39 Pts
5 Bettini Paolo Ita Qsd 36 Pts
6 Armstrong Lance Usa Usp 36 Pts
7 Basso Ivan Ita Csc 30 Pts
8 Menchov Denis Rus Ibb 23 Pts
9 Klöden Andréas Ger Tmo 22 Pts
10 Rasmussen Mickael Den Rab 21 Pts
11 Landis Floyd Usa Usp 18 Pts
12 Mercado Juan Miguel Esp Qsd 18 Pts
13 Moncoutie David Fra Cof 16 Pts
14 Sastre Carlos Esp Csc 16 Pts
15 Tombak Janeck Est Cof 14 Pts
16 Pereiro Sio Oscar Esp Pho 14 Pts
17 Martinez Egoi Esp Eus 14 Pts
18 Scholz Ronny Ger Gst 12 Pts
19 Dufaux Laurent Sui Qsd 11 Pts
20 Flecha Juan Antonio Esp Fas 11 Pts
21 Scarponi Michele Ita Dve 10 Pts
22 Voeckler Thomas Fra Blb 10 Pts
23 Voigt Jens Ger Csc 9 Pts
24 Piil Jakob Den Csc 9 Pts
25 Totschnig Georg Aut Gst 9 Pts

Youth Classification after Stage 12

1 Voeckler Thomas Fra Blb 51h 51' 07"
2 Casar Sandy Fra Fdj 05' 50"
3 Scarponi Michele Ita Dve 09' 25"
4 Pineau Jérôme Fra Blb 11' 46"
5 Karpets Vladimir Rus Ibb 12' 41"
6 Chavanel Sylvain Fra Blb 13' 23"
7 Rogers Michael Aus Qsd 14' 29"
8 Camano Iker Esp Eus 16' 24"
9 Astarloza Mikel Esp A2r 33' 40"
10 Marinangeli Sergio Ita Dve 40' 02"
11 Calzati Sylvain Fra Rag 40' 57"
12 Lang Sebastian Ger Gst 46' 06"
13 Loosli David Sui Sae 46' 57"
14 Noval Gonzalez Benjamin Esp Usp 47' 48"
15 Davis Allan Aus Lst 49' 09"
16 Boonen Tom Bel Qsd 53' 16"
17 Scanlon Mark Irl A2r 54' 19"
18 Pozzato Filippo Ita Fas 54' 47"
19 Cancellara Fabian Sui Fas 54' 50"
20 Portal Nicolas Fra A2r 55' 26"
21 Wegmann Fabian Ger Gst 55' 42"
22 Engoulvent Jimmy Fra Cof 59' 36"
23 Charteau Anthony Fra Blb 1h 03' 21"
24 Krivtsov Yuriy Ukr A2r 1h 05' 27"
25 Eisel Bernhard Aut Fdj 1h 11' 01"

Teams Classification after Stage 12

1 Team CSC  Csc 153h 18' 56"
2 Brioches La Boulangere  Blb 12' 19"
3 US Postal - Berry Floor  Usp 12' 47"
4 Illes Balears - B. Santander  Ibb 13' 26"
5 Phonak Hearing Systems  Pho 13' 30"
6 T-Mobile Team  Tmo 14' 35"
7 Quick Step - Davitamon  Qsd 15' 42"
8 Liberty Seguros  Lst 20' 16"
9 Euskaltel - Euskadi  Eus 27' 32"
10 Saeco  Sae 27' 52"
11 Credit Agricole  C.a 40' 17"
12 Rabobank  Rab 43' 08"
13 AG2R Prevoyance  A2r 44' 33"
14 Alessio - Bianchi  Alb 46' 04"
15 Fassa Bortolo  Fas 55' 12"
16 Domina Vacanze  Dve 58' 01"
17 Cofidis Credit Par Telephone  Cof 1h 01' 25"
18 Gerolsteiner  Gst 1h 01' 50"
19 Fdjeux.Com  Fdj 1h 07' 10"
20 Lotto - Domo  Lot 1h 28' 33"
21 R.A.G.T. Semences - MG Rover  Rag 2h 13' 17"

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