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Janna's Word 12 July 2004
By Janna Trevisanut
Date: 7/12/2004
Janna's Word 12 July 2004

Remembering so well the stunning 2003 Tour and not being at all superstitious, how many of us breathed a sigh of relief this week after Stage 1 passed without major carnage - but then felt dread creeping in with each successive day of rain, and on each hearing of the C-word - Crash?

And how many times have we heard this week - Enough with the rain already, and I just can't wait for the mountains?

My non-cycling fan father called this weekend and told me his little local Florida paper is devoting a third of a page to the Tour each day. Then he said, "So, Armstrong is down over nine minutes?" I explained to him that things are not necessarily as they appear - that Armstrong and his Postal team are right where they want to be, and that those standings would change this week as the sprinters who have thrilled us so far make way for the equally thrilling mountain goats. "Oh," he said, enlightened.

In fact, according to some, Postal has ridden a tactically perfect race this week, while other teams may have missed opportunities in strategy, gear or due to luck. Citing other teams' "basic bloody errors in a race of this nature," a friend of mine succinctly but perhaps not so politely said today, "Armstrong fears nothing and leaves nothing to chance - he has managed to handle international sponsors, run off with a rock star and still beat his rivals hands down in the first week. Bastard."

Whether you share that view or see it a different way, it is fair to say that there are as many perceptions of what has happened in these first nine days as there are spectators. If you care to voice your opinion, you will be in good company on our message board.

One way or the other, this is Le Tour, when the world of cycling stops to behold the grand spectacle.

I would like to let DP readers everywhere know that we have moved over to a new, larger server! Hallelujah! To our die-hard, longtime readers, we thank you for your perseverance in sticking with us, and enduring way too much Tour-us interruptus the past two years...indeed, several readers have written in to nominate the Daily Peloton for a Grazed Ham Award. Touché!

To new readers I say, your timing is good. We have a most talented crew who love cycling, and I hope that you will enjoy how we bring you the day's racing.

To read about the Tour, our Tour de France "hub page" (linked on the left margin of our site) has every article we produce on the Tour, as well as a Quick Reference that include the daily classifications, the team rosters (with retirements) and all the stage profiles. If you would like to chat with other racing aficionados, visit our chatroom during the stage - you will meet wonderful people from many different countries there!

Over four hundred people are playing our Fantasy Tour this year, and the competition is hot and heavy! While the Fabulous Fabio, Lord of the Game, oversees the proceedings, previous Fantasy Game winner Jan Dijkstra from Holland is on top of the leader board, while many of the rest of us "mere mortal" players pray for luck while we watch ourselves slide down the general classification. To follow the Fantasy Game daily action, check the very top slot on our home page, or browse to the Fantasy Game main page, linked on the upper left navigation bar.

And there is a new feature on the Daily Peloton! You may have heard about it a few months ago - the DP Compendium. An idea originally hatched by our clever message board denizens last fall, it is a collection of true stories about our readers' cycling experiences.

In the same spirit that the Daily Peloton sponsors writing contests, we are hoping that the Compendium will be an expanding resource about the personal world of cycling - your stories, that will interest people in cycling, and motivate them to get on two wheels. So read the entries from the first intrepid souls, and then do what we at the Daily Peloton most dearly love - write about cycling! Tell your own story!

The link to the Compendium is located toward the top of our left navigation bar, and you can find out there how to submit your story. The very talented Chris Fox designed the Compendium for us - it's beautiful, Chris, and we thank you!

In addition to our Tour Fantasy Game, we have several other activities right now. First, we are giving away daily prizes in our Wobble-Naught Bike Fit Giveaway - in exchange for a few minutes of your time answering a short survey, you have the chance to receive one of three great prizes. You can read more here, or just click on the Wobble-naught Giveaway ad to your right.

Our Ride with Lance Lance Armstrong Foundation fundraiser is also ongoing - we are going for a minimum of $20,000 dollars raised so that one of you who donates can ride with Lance Armstrong at the Annual Ride for the Roses weekend! And we will also be giving away cool prizes as fundraising incentives soon, so make your donation now and stay tuned...

Finally we come to The Tour Baby!, the fascinating, behind the scenes film about the Tour de France. (As you know, I always end my Janna's Word column with something special for the gentlemen, and Scott made me promise to put the mention of his film just above that special something. You got it, Scott.)

The Tour Baby! is Scott Coady's fundraiser for the Lance Armstrong Foundation, and Scott has an Alpe d'Huez-sized goal - to raise $100,000 for the LAF. The Tour Baby! was recently released in expanded form on DVD, which you can read about and order here.

Well, Scott is in Europe again, on his way to the south of France to document the spectacle surrounding Lance's go at six consecutive Tours. We are hoping that you will pick up your copy of The Tour Baby!, and to make it more fun, Scott wants to include you in his Grand Boucle festivities - to find out how, read The Tour Baby! Interactive!

That's it for me, but before I go, I want to know - do you have a bunch of extra tubes laying around? Just in case? Ever wondered why you don't just get rid of the damn things? Well, good on you for planning ahead...

The lovely Niki Gudex, mountain bike racer. Courtesy her website.

Opening quote by Djamolidin Abdujaparov courtesy The Quotable Cyclist.

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