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4th Fabio's Fantasy Tour: All Stage 8 Results & More!!
By Fabio
Date: 7/12/2004
4th Fabio's Fantasy Tour: All Stage 8 Results & More!!

All Rider, Virtual and Trade Team Scores & Results for Sunday's Stage 8, which had some surprises in store here in the Game, are finally available. Search for the latest news and results of your Virtual Team and those of your rivals straight in the links below. Also the Fantasy Tour's two latest features, the complete list of all virtual teams competing and their rosters, as well as the updated list of all stage winners and classification leaders thus far in the game, can be found down in this page.

Note - Please Read: As you certainly know, two riders (Stefano Casagranda and Martin Hvastija) have been excluded from the race, courtesy of a(nother) decision made by Monsieur Jean Marie Le Tour. As you may also know, the 4th Fabio's Fantasy Tour rules say that "Any rider who should fail an anti-doping test (or being excluded from the TdF because of doping-related reasons) DURING the race will immediately LOSE ALL of his POINTS in the Riders Ranking".

Of course neither Casagranda nor Hvastija got any points before, so this is not the case. But just wanted to make clear in advance that, should any rider with points be ejected from of Jean Marie's race for similar reasons, he would be stripped of all his points ... NOT! Indeed if rumors, suspicions, or being involved in past investigations are sometimes enough for a rider to be thrown out of Le Tour, they are not here. Only riders excluded for reasons like actually failing anti-doping tests or actually getting caught with banned substances would be sanctioned.

Stage 8 (Lamballe-Quimper, 165 km.):

Stage 7 (Chateaubriant-Saint Brieuc, 204.5 km.):

Stage 6 (Bonneval-Angers, 196 km.):

Stage 5 (Amiens - Chartres, 200.5 km.):

Stage 4 (Cambrai-Arras, TTT - 64.5 km.):

Stage 3 (Waterloo-Wasquehal, 195 km.):

Stage 2 (Charleroi-Namur, 197 km.):

Stage 1 (Liège-Charleroi, 202.5 km.):

Prologue (Liège ITT - 6.1 km):

Stage by Stage List of Winners and Leaders (as to Stage 8)

4th Fabio's Fantasy Tour - Virtual Teams: Rosters

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