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4th Fabio's Fantasy Tour: All Stage 6 Results & More!!
By Fabio
Date: 7/10/2004
4th Fabio's Fantasy Tour: All Stage 6 Results & More!!

All Rider, Trade and Virtual Team scores and results for Friday's Stage 6, from Bonneval to Angers over 196 km, are now available in the links below. The stage had some surprise in store both on the road and in this game.

Besides this, down in the page you can find also the links to the alphabetical list of all registered teams taking part in the "FantasTour 2004" and their complete rosters. Due to huge number of participants, as no less than 416 virtual teams have been allowed into the game, the list is divided into four parts.

Note :A few competitors made some mistakes in the choice of their riders and/or trade teams, and that's why you'll see a few Virtual Teams with a lesser number of Riders and/or Trade Teams in their rosters. Some Virtual Teams were accepted too, but their team names weren't, as they didn't follow the rules. In this case, competitors play with their own name, unless they choose a new team name and mail it to the "Daily Peloton". It is possible that we've made mistakes while compiling this list. If you find any concerning your virtual team, please mail us and we'll check your entry again in orer to correct it if possible.

Thank you and enjoy the Game,

Fabio and the Fantasy Game Team.

Stage 6 (Bonneval-Angers, 196 km.):

Stage 5 (Amiens - Chartres, 200.5 km.):

Stage 4 (Cambrai-Arras, TTT - 64.5 km.):

Stage 3 (Waterloo-Wasquehal, 195 km.):

Stage 2 (Charleroi-Namur, 197 km.):

Stage 1 (Liège-Charleroi, 202.5 km.):

Prologue (Liège ITT - 6.1 km):

4th Fabio's Fantasy Tour - Virtual Teams: Rosters

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