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4th Fabio's Fantasy Tour: Virtual Teams: Stage 3 Results, GC
By Fabio
Date: 7/7/2004
4th Fabio's Fantasy Tour: Virtual Teams: Stage 3 Results, GC

The 4th Fabio's Fantasy Tour Game is up and running at last! All Virtual Team Results and Classifications are finally online. We apologize for the huge delay, due to a mixture of technical difficulties and the usual amount of work of the first days of each Fantasy Game, and promise that we'll be in much faster in the coming stages.

No less than 416 virtual teams have been allowed into the game. One squad ("Carolina Lightning Bugs") wasn't allowed because it was entered well after the registrations were closed. We also had some "double entries" from a few participants, and in this case only the first of their teams was accepted. A few competitors made some mistakes in the choice of their riders and/or trade teams, and will play with a lesser number of riders/teams in their rosters. Some Virtual Teams were accepted too, but their team names weren't, as they didn't follow the rules. In this case, competitors will play with their own name, unless they choose a new name and mail it to the "Daily Peloton".

full list of all Virtual Teams and their respective rosters will be available later.

UPDATE – All Stage 3 Results and Classifications have been added. Go search for your Virtual Team’s score and results in the links at the bottom of the page!

Prologue (Liège ITT - 6.1 km):

Stage 1 (Liège-Charleroi, 202.5 km.):

Stage 2 (Charleroi-Namur, 197 km.):

Stage 3 (Waterloo-Wasquehal, 195 km.):

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