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Giro Stage Five - The Giro comes to Italy!
By Janna Trevisanut
Date: 5/16/2002
Giro Stage Five - The Giro comes to Italy!

After Thursday's rest day, the Giro d'Italia resumes Friday with the Fossano/Limone Piemonte stage. We will be seeing the first climbs in this stage, the first being the Colletto del Moro, and the final part of the course ending in the berg of Panice Soprana after a 10 km long climb to 949 meters (a little better than 3100 feet).

The Daily Peloton will endeavor to bring you live ticker coverage of this interesting stage, with our traditional weekend live ticker coverage on Saturday and Sunday. As usual, we will provide results and analysis as well as any late-breaking developments. Our Giro d'Italia main page is updated daily with tickers, results, reports and Giro-related news, and the details of our Giro Jersey Contests are coming soon!

So join us for our continuing coverage of the 85th Tour of Italy!

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