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The Tour Baby! Interactive!
By Janna Trevisanut
Date: 7/2/2004
The Tour Baby! Interactive!

Recently we announced that Scott Coady's Lance Armstrong Foundation fundraiser film The Tour Baby! had been released on DVD (read about it here).

Well, Scott Coady is in France, filming again. And he wants to know who wants to share their fun at the read on about his Tour de France video contest, and his photo and video ideas!

Your Own The Tour Baby! Video!

Going to the Tour de France? Got a digital video camera? Do you think you've got what it takes to take on the Tour de France? Can you party in the mountains? Make time with the podium babes? Schmooze with the big name cyclists, celebrities and dignitaries? Can you live in your car for a month, eat road kill, ride your frigging bike to the top of the biggest cols, then party like a mad man and live to tell about it, all while filming yourself? Then you might have what it take to win some serious cash in our video contest.

Make and submit, via CD-ROM or DVD disk, a 3-5 minute movie of your trip to this year’s Tour de France to The Tour Baby! by September 30th 2004 (that gives you two months to get it together). All films submitted on time will be hosted for the entire month of Oct while we allow everyone around the world to vote for the winner. The winners will be announced on Halloween, 2004 (scary, isn’t it?).

First place: $250 cash and $250 donated to the Lance Armstrong Foundation in your name and toward your fundraising goal if you are a Peloton Project member.

Second place: $150 cash and $150 donated to the LAF in your name and toward your fundraising goal if you are a Peloton Project member.

Third place: $100 cash and $100 donated to the LAF in your name and toward your fundraising goal if you are a Peloton Project member.

The top three films will be then be hosted on The Tour Baby! website for everyone to enjoy after the contest is over.

Everyone who submits a film will receive a free copy of The Tour Baby! on DVD!!

Make it raw, make it real. Make your own Tour Baby!

Free Copy of The Tour Baby!

E-mail The Tour Baby! a picture of yourself, or you and your gang, at the Tour de France holding any sign with the words “The Tour Baby!” clearly visible and we will send you a free copy of the DVD. We will even pay shipping! Include your address and of course by sending the photo in, you are agreeing to let us post it on our site, which we will do with pride!. Be creative, paint “The Tour Baby!” on the road, write it on your wife, put it on your bike, hat, shirt, beer – we don’t care. Just get the words and your face on in a pic and send it in and get a free DVD!!

"Post Cards to Lance"

I will be on Alpe d'Huez the day of the Time Trial, going from bottom to top, or vice versa, with my camera filming "Post Cards to Lance." This will be a chance for you, his most loyal fans, to say what you are feeling directly into my camera before the race's conclusion and his ultimate fate certain. With a certain (not to be mentioned) book out, I think it will do the world some good to be able to hear directly from the fans. When I get back from France, I will edit it together and post it up on my site within a few days. So, start practicing your lines!


And that's not all...

If you are at Le Tour, put the words The Tour Baby! and Daily Peloton on something (a sign, your dog, your auto, the road - no wait, I didn't say that) so they are clearly readable and take a picture. Mail the Daily Peloton the photo with your name and where you were (what town, what stage, etc.). After the Tour, the Daily Peloton will publish the best photo or photos and these photographers will receive a DVD copy of The Tour Baby!

(Submitting a photo gives us permission to publish it on the Daily Peloton, though you retain full rights to your work.)

So have some fun sharing your experience - Allez allez allez!!!

Just for fun, here's an excerpt from Scott's 2002 Tour diary...

July 26, 2002 -- Les Duex-Alpes / The Tour Baby @ 30,000 Feet
Once again I position myself with about 3K to go, hoping re-create my experience on the Plateau-de-Beille... Botero was off the front and won the day and Lance came through with a small group so it wasn't safe to try and run along side him. I mentioned loaning my video camera and getting it back in an earlier report. Well, I got the camera back but not all the batteries.

So in tracking down the Postal Sponsor, I learned that she would be at a cocktail reception that evening at a fancy four star hotel. My fiancée, Kathleen, and I go and crash the party looking for the sponsor lady to inquire about my batteries. We find her and make arrangements to get them back. Kathleen and I begin chatting to a wonderful American woman at the bar who asks what we do with the team. I informed her that I wasn't with the team, but made a film about them. Then I spot Tom Weisel, venture capitalist, 3-time Master World Champion and owner of the USPS cycling team.

Since he lives in San Francisco, and I am planning on having a showing of the film there soon and am looking for sponsors, I figure I got to meet the guy and let him know what is up. He evidently is there because they had arranged some rides in the mountains for key sponsors and were doing big celebration dinner that night. So I catch him, introduce myself, let him know about the film, the showing in San Francisco and my goal to raise $100K for the LAF. He says to drop a film by the office when I get back to San Francisco. Cool! Well, it gets even better.

The woman Kathleen was talking to, turns out she was the wife of Tom Weisel's private pilot who showed up and asked what we did for the team. So I explain to him about the film and that Tom was going to look at it back in the states showing the pilot a copy of the video. The guy says.. give it to me, I will show it to him on the plane back to the states!

You can read more of Scott's adventures here, and if we're real lucky, the Daily Peloton might just be receiving some 2004 Tour stories from stay tuned!

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