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33rd Freccia dei Vini (1.6): Preview
By Staff
Date: 7/2/2004
33rd Freccia dei Vini (1.6): Preview

It's July, folks! Time for the Tour de France ... and the Freccia dei Vini. Indeed also this year the first Sunday of the current month is going to see many of best riders of the Italian U23 & Elite-2 cycling scene battle it out in this UCI-1.6 ranked competition, which takes the bunch from the planes of Southwestern Lombardy to the hills of Oltrepó Pavese over 161 kms.

The course of the 33rd "Freccia dei Vini-Memorial Dottor Luigi Raffele", organized by the Viris Vigevano cycling team and by G.S. Orga Sport, and scheduled to get underway in Vigevano on Sunday, July 4th, around Midday (CEST), is a bit shorter than in previous editions (mainly in order to be of help to the younger riders, often having a hard time in longer distances), but still as challenging as usual. Maybe not in its first part, with a few laps of a urban circuit inside Vigevano followed by a few dozens of miles of flat riding until the outskirts of Pavia, then southward to the Po (Italy's main river) and the town of Casteggio. But not a long time after the race hits the Oltrepó Pavese area, after about 70 kms, the going gets really tough, with the route continuously going up and down since, and riders having to embark in plenty of uphill riding (the climbing of the terrible Muro di Donelasco "wall", a short but extremely steep ascent, with gradients up to about 20%, included) until the line, which is located in the Canneto Pavese hamlet this time.

And besides a very difficult route (whose official presentation took place Saturday, June 19, with Cipollini's former leadoutman, and 1985 Freccia winner, Giuseppe Calcaterra, attending the event and being awarded a special prize for his accomplishments on the bike), the "Freccia dei Vini" 2004 can boast a top-quality field too. Not an unusual thing for a contest whose past winners (see full list down in the page) often continued their winning ways in the pro ranks too, but the presence of a Giro d'Italia Under 26 champion, two Italians and one European reigining champions, and several more talented youngsters, can definitely make for a great race.

The National Champions we are speaking of are Giario Ermeti, who took the U23 RR title in Tuscany about a week ago, and his Time Trial counterpart Francesco Rivera, both racing for the UC Palazzago-Vellutex wünderteam. The European U23 Road Race Champion is Sicilian Giovanni Visconti, winner of the race in Athens (it was held on the same circuit that's going to host the Olympic contest within six weeks) the past month of August, and coached by former pro rider Luca Scinto. And the Giro winner is no less than Marco Marzano, the man that captured the Baby Giro overall by a mere second at the end of a 1300-km. battle, thanks to his showdown on the Monte Terminillo in the penultimate stage, when he bridged his 02'24" gap to Alessandro Bertuola. His Giro d'Italia chief rival will not be at the startline, but this skilled climber will no doubt have plenty of guys providing him with stiff opposition.

To start with the "home boys" of Viris Vigevano, and notably their most recent signings, Italy's Simone Roveyaz and fairheaded Russian Denis Sosnovchenko (a compatriot of Andrei Moukhine, the man that gave the "home side" their -so far- only Freccia win in its Y2K edition), competing on a route that certainly suits their skills. Both of them showed off their climbing talent in the past Giro della Valle d'Aosta, both could do it again on the hills of Oltrepó Pavese. Other riders to watch out for are Pagnoncelli's Francesco Tizza (top 3 finisher in the year 2002), last year's runner-up Alessandro Del Fatti, G.S. Camel Brunero's team leader Paolo Bailetti, Pragma's Federico Berta, and Colombian Julián Muñoz, who might give the South American country a second success in the race, 18 years after Johnny Carera's victory.

Last year's winner Dmitri Dementiev of Russia won't be at the startline, while the winner of the other 1.6-sanctioned race starting in Vigevano (Trofeo Pina & Mario Bazzigaluppi), Pagnoncelli's Maurizio Biondo, will, although with few or no chances to repeat victory, as the kind of parcours is a truly different one. The Swiss riders of the Saeco-Romer's-Wetzikon and GS Hadimeg squad stole the show with their attacks during most of the "Trofeo Bazzigaluppi" the past May, but they won't take part in the Freccia, such that it will be up to Team Fidi to give a display of Swiss combative attitude. From Switzerland to Australia, with the Aussie National squad (AIS Mapei Aqua) fielding Peter Dawson, Ashley Hutchinson, Mark Jamieson, Jonathan Clarke, Ryan Sullivan, Richard Moffat, Chris Sutton and Bernard Sulzberger. The foreign contingent in the Freccia field also includes Ukraine's National team plus more riders from the former USSR.

And also worthy of mention are the guys of the Sicilian team Bocca di Falco-Team Sicilia Palermo that can boast riders around or above the age of 40, who neverthless often compete against the Young Guns. And the oldest competitor in the race, Team Sicilia's Ernesto Riboldi, well-known to local cycling fans also in this part of northern Italy, will turn 49 in October.

Our site will post a full photo gallery of the event, but if you want to have a "photo tour" of the past editions, here is the 2002 race link and here the 2003 link.

33rd Freccia dei Vini: Startlist

Ceramiche Pagnoncelli FMG Perrel (Ita)
1. Marzano, Marco (Ita) - 2004 Giro d'Italia Under 26 Winner
2. Biondo, Maurizio (Ita)
3. Marcazzan, Alessandro (Ita)
4, Migliorati, Daniele (Ita)
5. Quadranti, Antonio (Ita)
6. Shkarpeta ,Denis (Uzb)
7. Tizza, Francesco (Ita)
8. Caccin, Massimiliano (Ita)
Team Manager: Alberto Cappelletti

U.C. Palazzago Vellutex - Vellutex Palazzago (Ita)

9. Ermeti, Giairo (Ita) - Italian National Road Champion - Elite 2 Cat.
10. Rivera, Francesco (Ita) - Italian National ITT Champion - U23 Cat.
11. Zanasca, Luca (Ita)
12. Agosta, Domenico (Ita)
13. Orizio, Giorgio (Ita)
14. Tomaselli, Paolo (Ita)
15. Gualeni, Daniele (Ita)
16. Di Batte, Daniele (Ita)
Team Manager: Ezio Tironi

Ukrainian Nat. Team - Colnago (Ukr)
17. Yakovlev, Vassyl (Ukr)
18. Rybin, Volodymyr (Ukr)
19. Kolonenko ,Roman (Ukr)
20. Chnrnyavsky, Sergiy (Ukr)
21. Eremenko, Igor (Ukr)
22. Rodtonov, Mychaylo (Ukr)
23. Gratovsky, Dmytro (Ukr)
24. Polyskutuk, Maksym (Ukr)
Team Manager: Viktor Osadchyy

Viris Vigevano ISAUTO - Viris Lomellina ISAUTO (Ita)
25. Broggi, Alex (Ita)
26. Roveyaz, Simone Laurent (Ita)
27. Montanari, Giordano (Ita)
28. Sosnovshcenko, Denis (Rus)
29. Vailati, Facchini Diego (Ita)
30. Marotti, Antonio (Ita)
31. Santimaria, Luca (Ita)
32. Lambrughi, Simone (Ita)
Team Manager: Leonardo Pirro

Australian Nat. Team
33. Dawson, Peter (Aus)
34. Hutchinson, Ashley (Aus)
35. Jamieson, Mark (Aus)
36. Clarke, Jonathan (Aus)
37. Sullivan, Ryan (Aus)
38. Moffat, Richard (Aus)
39. Sutton, Chris (Aus)
40. Sulzberger, Bernard (Aus)
Team Manager: Shayne Bannan

Alplast Città Convenienza Esse - Convenienza Esse Alplast (Ita)
41. Vinoni, Giacomo (Ita)
42. Pidgorny, Ruslan (Ukr)
43. Ceralli, Christian (Ita)
44. Milani, Alberto (Ita)
45. Pastore, Denis (Ita)
46. Camussa, Piergiorgio (Ita)
47. Leone, Davide (Ita)
48. Del Fatti, Alessandro (Ita)
Team Manager: Domenico Gatti

G.S. Villongo Pragma - G.S. Pragma Villongo (Ita)
49. Berta, Federico (Ita)
50. Brunati, Mario (Ita)
51. Girelli, Stefano (Ita)
52. Salvoni, Marco (Ita)
53. Bellini, Luca (Ita)
54. Cadei, Roberto (Ita)
55. Longhi, Flavio Alex (Ita)
56. Pedretti, Domenico (Ita)
Team Manager: Lorenzo Carrara

ICET Stilneon Buca del Gatto - Buca del Gatto Vollese (Ita)
57. Rovaletti, Gianmario (Ita)
58. Cento, Alberto (Ita)
59. Panchetti, Marco (Ita)
60. Pelosini, Marco (Ita)
61. Scotti, Stefano (Ita)
62. Corsini Marco (Ita)
63. Di Monaco, Pasquale (Ita)
64. Santillo, Pasquale (Ita)
Team Manager: Andrea Blardone

Velo Sport Rho (Ita)
65. Ferri, Marco (Ita)
66. Fredini, Enrico (Ita)
67. Giaccari, Claudio (Ita)
68. Giudici, Giuliano (Ita)
69. Malosti, Ralf (Ita)
70. Pastori, Gabriele (Ita)
71. Rizzi, Ettore (Ita)
72. Saronni, Carlo (Ita)
Team Manager: Alberto Saronni

G.S. Garlaschese Record (Ita)
73. Bianchi, Andrea (Ita)
74. Clerici, Davide (Ita)
75. Finotti, Paolo (Ita)
76. Ghione, Marco (Ita)
77. Muñoz, Julian (Col)
78. Pedrazzini, Gianmario (Ita)
79. Rossi, Enrico (Ita)
80. Tentori, Emanuele (Ita)
Team Manager: Mauro Izzacane

Team Fidi (Swi)
81. Bourgeois, Guillaume (Swi)
82. Braulio, Juanes (Swi)
83. Puricelli, Christian (Ita)
84. Calmoilatov, Muradyan (Uzb)
85. Rossi, Davide (Ita)
86. Antonioli, Claudio (Ita)
87. Schmidig, Markus (Swi)
88. Spirgi, Remo (Swi)
Team Manager: Lino Remonti

Polisportiva Borgonovo Collegno (Ita)
89. Garrone, Mattia (Ita)
90. Gorlier, Pietro (Ita)
91. Ruoberchera, Damiano (Ita)
92. Tosco, Marco (Ita)
93. Sartori, Giuliano (Ita)
94. Scarpa, Luigi (Ita)
95. Turcotti, Simon (Ita)
96. Vargiu, Marco (Ita)
Team Manager: Gian Pietro Frigo

G.S. Camel Brunero Boeris Caneva (Ita)
97. Bailetti, Paolo (Ita)
98. Bruson, Simone (Ita)
99. Buoso, Ivan (Ita)
100. Giuliani, Francesco (Ita)
101. Marenco, Stefano (Ita)
102. Massano, Gian Luca (Ita)
103. Kuryinovysky, Szymon (Pol)
104. Vanin, Andrea (Ita)
Team Manager: Giuseppe Damilano

Bottoli Artoni Zoccorinese (Ita)
105. Cortinovis, Giovanni (Ita)
106. Fumagalli, Cristiano (Ita)
107. Gregianin, Matteo (Ita)
108. Moi, Gian Luca (Ita)
109. Caccia, Diego (Ita)
110. Piemontesi, Fabrice (Ita)
111. Ratti, Aristide (Ita)
112. Montanari, Paolo (Ita)
Team Manager: Secondo Volpi

G.S. FINAUTO Yomo - A.S. Dolphin Finauto (Ita)
113. Visconti, Giovanni (Ita) - European U23 Road Champion
114. Mirenda, Gian Luca (Ita)
115. Galluzzo, Fabio (Ita)
116. Pelosi, Francesco (Ita)
117. Maestrelli, Andrea (Ita)
118. Vona, Emanuele (Ita)
Team Manager: Luca Scinto

Team Sicilia - A.S. Libertas Bocca di Falco (Ita)
119. Todaro, Antonio (Ita)
120. Rivazio, Simone (Ita)
121. Martignello, Gaetano (Ita)
122. Bianchi, Roberto (Ita)
123. Giacomazzi, Mauro (Ita)
124. Villanti, Salvatore (Ita)
125. Corsetto, Riccardo (Ita)
126. Riboldi, Ernesto (Ita)
Team Manager: Roberto Pigliafreddo

Last Year's Results:
1. Dmitri Dementiev (Rus - GS Podenzano Italfine) - 04h35'08" (39.908 km/h)
2. Alessandro Del Fatti (Ita - GS Vezza Brunero-Boeris) - at 01'48"
3. Aristide Ratti (Ita - GS Bottoli Artoni) - at 03'08"
4. Massimiliano Maisto (Ita - GS Podenzano Italfine) - s.t.
5. Antonio D’Aniello (Ita - GS Podenzano Italfine) - at 03'15"
6. Paolo Bailetti (Ita - Ceramiche Pagnoncelli-FMB-Ferrer) - at 03'44"
7. Francesco Tizza (Ita - Ceramiche Pagnoncelli-FMB-Ferrer) - at 04'02"
8. Marco Marzano (Ita - Ceramiche Pagnoncelli-FMB-Ferrer) - at 05'44"
9. Luca Giuseppini (Ita - Mixed Team Juvenes Sterilton) - at 06'06"
10. Giovanni Cortinovis (Ita - GS Bottoli Artoni) - at 06'16"
11. Stefano Boggia (Ita - GS Vezza Brunero-Boeris) - at 07'22"
12. Paolo Montanari (Ita - GS Bottoli Artoni) - at 08'41"
13. Francesco Gavazzi (Ita - GS Bottoli Artoni) - s.t.
14. Johann Jauk (Aut – Team Icet Stilneon Trimed) - at 10'22"
15. Cristiano Fumagalli (Ita - GS Bottoli Artoni) - at 13’10"
16. Erik Bochicchio (Ita - Cittá del Ciclismo) - s.t.
17. Fabio Negri (Ita - Team Aurora Named Concorezzo) - s.t.
18. Luca Roveglia (Ita - GS Pragma Scrigno) - s.t.
19. Micula De Matteis (Ita - GS Bottoli Artoni) - s.t.
20. Davide Riccio (Ita - Velo Sport Rho) - at 13'30"

Starters 92. Finishers 20.

Freccia dei Vini - Full Palmares

1972 Giovanni Battaglin (Ita - Jolly Ceramica)
1973 Gianfranco Pala (Ita - Baggio Gaverina)
1974 Giuseppe Martinelli (Ita - Europack)
1975 Gabriele Landoni (Ita - Itla)
1976 Vittorio Algeri (Ita - Itla)
1977 Dino Porrini (Ita - Lema Mobili) (*)
1978 Luigi Gritti (Ita - System Holz)
1979 Emanuele Bombini (Ita - System Holz)
1980 Juan Arroyo (Ven - Venezuela)
1981 Fabrizio Verza (Ita - Ital-Tessari)
1982 Tullio Cortinovis (Ita - Novartiplast)
1983 Tullio Cortinovis (Ita - Novartiplast)
1984 Stefano Bizzoni (Ita - Novartiplast)
1985 Giuseppe Calcaterra (Ita - Legnanese)
1986 Johnny Carera (Col - Gloria)
1987 Valerio Tebaldi (Ita - Remac)
1988 Sergio Carcano (Ita - Gloria)
1989 Stefano Cortinovis (Ita - Remac)
1990 Mauro Consonni (Ita - Diana)
1991 Massimo Maestri (Ita - Domus)
1992 Massimo Donati (Ita - Cuoril)
1993 Rosario Fina (Ita - Cosmos)
1994 Marco Bellini (Ita - Brunero)
1995 Walter Pedroni (Ita - Addax)
1996 Simone Mori (Ita - MBM Rosa)
1997 Ellis Rastelli (Ita - Sintofarm)
1998 Alessandro Volpe (Ita - Pagnoncelli)
1999 Eddy Ratti (Ita - Podenzano)
2000 Andrei Moukhine (Rus - Viris Vigevano)
2001 Damiano Giannini (Ita - Pagnoncelli)
2002 Santo Anzá (Ita - Zoccorinese-Vellutex)
2003 Dmitri Dementiev (Rus - Italfine-Podenzano)

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