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Fabio's Tour de France Fantasy Game!
By Fabio
Date: 7/2/2004
Fabio's Tour de France Fantasy Game!

2 July 2004 - Important Note!!!

We have already received well in excess of the 300 teams we originally planned to accept, but we've decided to make an exception and allow all the correctly submitted teams thus far.

Unfortunately, we must cut off registrations sooner than planned. So dear readers, we will continue to accept registrations only until 3pm Pacific Time Friday, 2 July 2004. That is 6pm Eastern, 23.00 BST, and midnight CEST.



The "4th FABIO'S FANTASY TOUR" (FANTASTOUR 2004) is a FANTASY GAME, an all-out battle among VIRTUAL TEAMS, an alternative and pleasant approach to the 2004 Tour De France.

Anyone can take part in this competition, set to kick off Saturday, July the 3th, 2003, and finish, along with the race itself, 22 days later. If you want to know everything about the RULES OF THE GAME, SCORING SYSTEM and how to REGISTER your team, please take a look at the relative sections located on the Fantasy Game Main Page.


The "4th FABIO'S FANTASY TOUR" is a Fantasy Game reserved to "Virtual Teams", consisting of 9 riders, selected among the ones taking part in the REAL Tour de France 2004, plus 3 TRADE TEAMS players have to choose among the 21 in the competition.

All the rules you have to follow when selecting both your teams and riders are explained in the "RULES" section.

Thanks to the performances of your selected riders and "trade teams", your "virtual teams" will earn "virtual points", both after every stage and at the end of the race. All details concerning the points are available in the relative "SCORING SYSTEM" section.

The "Virtual Team" with the highest score at the end of the Tour will be the OVERALL WINNER of the "4th Fabio's Fantasy Tour".

The prize? The one more time VIRTUAL (but IMMENSE) honour of being proclaimed ABSOLUTE WINNER of a Fabio's Fantasy Cycling Game. And of course ... the right to go to the nearby store, buy a bottle of Champagne, and celebrate with that!!! But the fun is 100% FREE. And if that's not enough for you, well, we have some more prizes for the top finishers, but you can get more details in the "Rules" section.

So go right over to our Fantasy Game Main Page to see the rules and the scoring, the teams and rider choices, and to register your virtual team! I hope many of you will take part into the Daily Peloton's new Game!!!

See ya at the startline!
Fabio and the Daily Peloton Crew

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