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Panaria's Varriale Arrested in Italy !!
By Fabio
Date: 5/15/2002
Panaria's Varriale Arrested in Italy !!

More bad news coming from the doping side of the matter: Italy's Antonio Varriale, a Panaria rider currently not taking part part in the Giro, has been reportedly arrested by Italian Carabinieri on Tuesday evening after his house alongside the Garda Lake of Italy was raided by the NAS anti-drug squads.

According to reports, the man was charged not (only ?) with taking but (also ?) selling banned performance-enhancing substances. Varriale is currently under investigation, along with some amateur riders, by the Brescia Attorney's Office, and his name was among the ones involved in the investigation concerning the 2001 Giro Hotel raids too.

Mr. Varriale (a teammate and friend of Giuliano Figueras, the rider recently awarded a 6-month ban - due to doping matters - by the Italian Cycling Federation's diciplinary commission) has been immediately suspended by his team, whose Team Manager Bruno "The Uncle" Reverberi sounded particulalrly unhappy when interviewed by Italian TV : "Those guys are totally irresponsible, they do deserve a punishment. I was even forced to ask the team's doctor not only to look at what they eat, but even search their bags. After such things happen, you really feel like leaving this sport. But the fight against doping should start from the lower categories. You can't pretend a young rider "educated" in a certain way, who knows everything about doping, to change his mind and stop. I think teams realized it and tried to clean up things alittle, but the problem is more related to single riders' behaviour now".

But both Team Manager Reverberi and other personalities (such as Bettini and Cipollini) added the guilty should pay for it, but at the same time warned against the risks that one sport only may pay, and against the "sensationalist use" of this kind of news by medias.

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