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56th Criterium du Dauphiné Libéré Stage 6 Updated
By Staff
Date: 6/12/2004
56th Criterium du Dauphiné Libéré Stage 6 Updated

Stage 6: Gap / Grenoble, 144 km

Denmark's Michael Rasmussen (Rabobank) won Saturday's Stage 6 of the French contest, from Gap to Grenoble over 144 kilometres, 140 of which were spent by the former MTB specialist on a breakaway. If a Danish rider clinched a prestigous solo win, a Danish team took the runner-up spot, as Team CSC's Ivan Basso crossed the line in second place, more than five minuts behind the winner. About eighty seconds later the first peloton, containing several Posties and American riders, was led home by France's Thomas Voeckler (Brioches La Boulangere), who won the sprint for third place.

Race Report

Michael Rassmussen or Rabobank and and Ivan Basso of CSC put their stamp on the race today early on, attacking hard just 4.5 kilometers into the stage which began with the Category 2 Montée du col Bayard. The two have close to a minute on the peloton by the top of the climb. Basso takes the top mountain points here. Their lead increase to nearly two minutes on the descent - in the peloton Christophe Le Mevel and Nicolas Portal attempt a breakaway but are reeled in by the Euskaltel-led peloton.

At the 25 km mark, Rassmussen takes the Chauffayer sprint points with Basso in second, O'Grady take the third place points. At 30 km into the race the two have 5:10 on the bunch. Over the top of the Cat 4 côte du Motty, Basso again takes the top mountain points. When the peloton arrives, it is Patrice Halgand who takes the third place points. The gap to the peloton is now 6:35.

The two continue their fine teamwork, steadily increasing their lead on the pack behind - approaching the next climb at 60 km into the race, their lead has reached 7:40. Basso again takes the first mountain points on the côte de la Mure, followed by Rasmussen, and behind, the next across the line are Halgand, Gutierrez and Dekker. The Postal, Euskaltel and Phonak teams head the peloton.

These next 25 kilometers are one climb after another in quick succession - the 3rd Cat Mure, the 4th Cat col de Malissol, then the Morte. Now Rasmussen drops his travelling companion, reaching the top of the Cat 3 col de la Morte (the pass of the Dead) 40 seconds ahead of Basso, grabbing the maximum mountain points. The peloton reaches this pass nine minutes in arrears of the escapees.

On the descent, Basso regains some time on Rasmussen, who is now only 30 seconds ahead of his chaser, while behind the AG2R men head the peloton amidst Phonaks, Postals and Euskaltels. The next climb is the Luitel, a Category 1. At the front, the two men are separated by 1:50, Rasmussen ahead and over the top of the climb first, while fifteen minutes behind, the ascent of the Luitel wreaks havoc on the pack - the peloton fractures, one of the groups contains 20, including leader Mayo as well as Azevedo, Beltran, Gutierrez, Pereiro,  Landaluze, Sévilla, Mercado, Moncoutié, Sastre, Leipheimer, Martinez and Mercado. Azevedo and Pereiro had attacked; the others eventually formed this group.

Past the top of the Luitel, which is a difficult and narrow road, the peloton groups decrease the lead of the Rasmussen and Basso ahead - Rasmussen has 25 km to go and the yellow jersey group is back 8:25. Hamilton joins the yellow jersey group. For Rasmussen, two climbs remain - the cote de Villeneuve d'Uriage and the 4 Seigneurs.

As the peloton climbs the 4 Seigneurs (the 131 km mark), Rasmussen is at 6 km to go. Basso is in no man's land and being gained on by the front group of the peloton. Rasmussen crosses the line after a 140 km breakaway, Basso, who must also be admired for the day's long ride out front, crosses, 5:20 later.

There were falls in the peloton today, by Tyler Hamilton on the Morte, and very late in the stage by Iker Camano. Both men finished today and Hamilton preserved his position on GC. We hope both are okay for tomorrow's final stage.

In fact, there was no change at all today to the top 6 places on GC - but Rasmussen's tremendous rider today launched him into 7th spot from 35th, pushing Landaluze down a spot. And Stuey O'Grady, who did the same thing yesterday, fell out of the top 20 today after finishing 21 minutes down on Rasmussen.

Tomorrow is the final stage of this year's race, and tired legs will have to traverse four climbs on the long, 200 km Grenoble loop. The first 60 kilometers favor a breakaway, the last chance to feature a sponsor's name, but with four climbs (two Cat 2, one Cat four and a Category 1 just 15 km before the finish line), the tone is sure to change in the second half of the day. Here is tomorrow's profile, the day's results are below.

Update on Mickael Pichon (La Boulangère):

The French rider who fell the equivalent of three floors down a ravine on Stage 3 of this race had another surgery today, and doctors say that he is in stable condition, though he is on respiration. As previously reported, he has facial and cranial injuries, a compound fracture of his right leg, and a broken left arm, but there is no vertebral damage and his team reports that he is out of danger. Our best wishes go out to him.

Stage 7: Grenoble - Grenoble, 200 km


1 Rasmussen Michael Rab (Den) 4:04:44
2 Basso Ivan Csc (Ita) 5:20
3 Voeckler Thomas Blb (Fra) 6:43
4 Gutierrez José Pho (Esp)
5 Mercado Juan Miguel Qsd (Esp)
6 Lövkvist Thomas Fdj (Swe)
7 Sastre Carlos Csc (Esp)
8 Landis Floyd Usp (Usa)
9 Virenque Richard Qsd (Fra)
10 Botcharov Alexandre C.a (Rus)
11 Goubert Stéphane A2r (Fra)
12 Azevedo José Usp (Por)
13 Leipheimer Levi Rab (Usa)
14 Pereiro Oscar Pho (Esp)
15 Sevilla Oscar Pho (Esp)
16 Moncoutie David Cof (Fra)
17 Hamilton Tyler Pho (Usa)
18 Mayo Iban Eus (Esp)
19 Beltran Manuel Usp (Esp)
20 Martinez Egoi Eus (Esp)
21 Armstrong Lance Usp (Usa)
22 Landaluze Inigo Eus (Esp)
23 Bessy Frédéric Cof (Fra) 10:44
24 Camano Iker Eus (Esp)
25 Robin Jean-Cyril Fdj (Fra) 11:33
26 Dufaux Laurent Qsd (Sui)
27 Halgand Patrice C.a (Fra) 12:40
28 Hushovd Thor C.a (Nor)
29 Noval Benjamin Usp (Esp)
30 Hincapie George Usp (Usa) 16:09
31 Pena Victor Hugo Usp (Col)
32 Dessel Cyril Pho (Fra)
33 Bouvard Gilles Rag (Fra)
34 Bourquenoud Pierre Rag (Sui)
35 White Matthew Cof (Aus)
36 Ekimov Viatcheslav Usp (Rus)
37 Peron Andrea Csc (Ita)
38 Bartoli Michele Csc (Ita)
39 Martin Ludovic Rag (Fra)
40 Salmon Benoît C.a (Fra)
41 Calvente Manuel Csc (Esp)
42 Flores Iker Eus (Esp)
43 Portal Nicolas A2r (Fra)
44 Astarloza Mikel A2r (Esp) 18:52
45 Mengin Christophe Fdj (Fra) 21:26
46 Pineau Jérôme Blb (Fra)
47 Renier Franck Blb (Fra)
48 Sorensen Nicki Csc (Den)
49 Chaurreau Inigo A2r (Esp)
50 Pecharroman José Qsd (Esp)
51 O'Grady Stuart Cof (Aus)
52 Geslin Anthony Blb (Fra)
53 Flickinger Andy A2r (Fra)
54 Casar Sandy Fdj (Fra)
55 Lotz Marc Rab (Ned)
56 Dekker Erik Rab (Ned)
57 De Groot Bram Rab (Ned)
58 Horrillo Munoz Pedro Qsd (Esp) 22:16
59 Laurent Christophe Rag (Fra)
60 Gonzalez Santos Pho (Esp)
61 Hary Maryan Blb (Fra)
62 Beneteau Walter Blb (Fra)
63 Reynaud Nicolas Rag (Fra)
64 Krivtsov Yuriy A2r (Ukr)
65 De Weert Kevin Rab (Bel)
66 Tombak Janek Cof (Est)
67 Lefevre Laurent Blb (Fra)
68 Millar David Cof (Gbr)
69 Nuyens Nick Qsd (Bel) 23:32
70 Jaksche Jörg Csc (Ger)
71 Grabsch Bert Pho (Ger)
72 Isasi Flores Inaki Eus (Esp)
73 Rogers Michael Qsd (Aus)
74 Cooke Baden Fdj (Aus)
75 Silloniz Josu Eus (Esp)
76 Guesdon Frédéric Fdj (Fra)
77 Jalabert Nicolas Pho (Fra)
78 Albizu Joseba Eus (Esp)
79 Dacruz Carlos Fdj (Fra)
80 Le Mevel Christophe C.a (Fra)
81 Muravyev Dmitriy C.a (Kaz)
82 Eisel Bernhard Fdj (Aut)
 Moreau Christophe C.a (Fra) Abd
 Fedrigo Pierrick C.a (Fra) Abd
 Edaleine Christophe Cof (Fra) Abd
 Auger Guillaume Rag (Fra) Abd
 Seigneur Eddy Rag (Fra) Abd

General Classification after Stage 6

1 Mayo Iban Eus (Esp) 23:58:51
2 Hamilton Tyler Pho (Usa) :36
3 Sevilla Oscar Pho (Esp) 1:14
4 Armstrong Lance Usp (Usa) 2:00
5 Mercado Juan Miguel Qsd (Esp) 2:32
6 Gutierrez José Pho (Esp) 2:36
7 Rasmussen Michael Rab (Den) 2:39
8 Landaluze Inigo Eus (Esp) 2:43
9 Leipheimer Levi Rab (Usa) 3:33
10 Pereiro Oscar Pho (Esp) 3:58
11 Goubert Stéphane A2r (Fra) 4:17
12 Moncoutie David Cof (Fra) 4:25
13 Azevedo José Usp (Por) 4:46
14 Landis Floyd Usp (Usa) 4:59
15 Sastre Carlos Csc (Esp) 5:33
16 Lövkvist Thomas Fdj (Swe) 6:39
17 Martinez Egoi Eus (Esp) 7:12
18 Voeckler Thomas Blb (Fra)
19 Beltran Manuel Usp (Esp) 7:56
20 Botcharov Alexandre C.a (Rus) 8:16
25 Basso Ivan Csc (Ita) 13:13
26 Dessel Cyril Pho (Fra) 13:31
27 Noval Benjamin Usp (Esp) 14:39
28 Pena Victor Hugo Usp (Col) 16:33
31 O'Grady Stuart Cof (Aus) 17:53
32 Hincapie George Usp (Usa) 18:50
33 Astarloza Mikel A2r (Esp) 18:52
43 Pecharroman José Qsd (Esp) 24:44:00
52 Bartoli Michele Csc (Ita) 32:11:00
55 Cooke Baden Fdj (Aus) 33:19:00
61 Horrillo Munoz Pedro Qsd (Esp) 37:31:00
65 Laurent Christophe Rag (Fra) 38:44:00
71 Dekker Erik Rab (Ned) 44:09:00
74 Eisel Bernhard Fdj (Aut) 47:00:00
78 Hushovd Thor C.a (Nor) 50:38:00

Mountains Classification after Stage 6

1 Rasmussen Michael Rab 93
2 Basso Ivan Csc 78
3 Gutierrez José Pho 75
4 Dekker Erik Rab 57
5 Mayo Iban Eus 53
6 Landaluze Inigo Eus 50
7 Halgand Patrice C.a 41
8 Sevilla Oscar Pho 36
9 Hamilton Tyler Pho 36
10 Mercado Juan Miguel Qsd 34
11 Flores Iker Eus 32
12 Pineau Jérôme Blb 29
13 Camano Iker Eus 28
14 Armstrong Lance Usp 27
15 Tombak Janek Cof 23
16 Portal Nicolas A2r 22
17 Pereiro Oscar Pho 21
18 Martinez Egoi Eus 20
19 Noval Benjamin Usp 15
20 Goubert Stéphane A2r 14

Points Classification after Stage 6

1 O'Grady Stuart Cof 79
2 Gutierrez José Pho 72
3 Mayo Iban Eus 55
4 Rasmussen Michael Rab 45
5 Cooke Baden Fdj 40
6 Pineau Jérôme Blb 36
7 Hamilton Tyler Pho 34
8 Pereiro Oscar Pho 34
9 Armstrong Lance Usp 33
10 Tombak Janek Cof 32
11 Voeckler Thomas Blb 31
12 Dessel Cyril Pho 30
13 Sevilla Oscar Pho 30
14 Portal Nicolas A2r 28
15 Hincapie George Usp 28
16 Krivtsov Yuriy A2r 27
17 Hushovd Thor C.a 26
18 Basso Ivan Csc 25
19 Mercado Juan Miguel Qsd 24
20 Leipheimer Levi Rab 21

Best Combined Rider after Stage 6

1 Gutierrez José Pho 167
2 Rasmussen Michael Rab 156
3 Mayo Iban Eus 148
4 Hamilton Tyler Pho 105
5 Basso Ivan Csc 103
6 Sevilla Oscar Pho 96
7 O'Grady Stuart Cof 87
8 Armstrong Lance Usp 86
9 Mercado Juan_Miguel Qsd 81
10 Landaluze Inigo Eus 77
11 Pereiro Oscar Pho 67
12 Pineau Jérôme Blb 65
13 Tombak Janek Cof 55
14 Flores Iker Eus 51
15 Portal Nicolas A2r 50
16 Leipheimer Levi Rab 49
17 Cooke Baden Fdj 41
18 Landis Floyd Usp 36
19 Hincapie George Usp 36
20 Goubert Stéphane A2r 35

Teams Classification after Stage 6

1 Phonak Hearing Systems 71:57:00
2 US Postal Berry Floor  1:28
3 Euskaltel - Euskadi  7:07
4 Quick Step - Davitamon  19:16
5 Credit Agricole  26:55
6 Team CSC 1 28:21
7 Rabobank  29:58
8 Fdjeux.Com  33:08
9 AG2R Prevoyance  34:05
10 Cofidis  36:26
11 Brioches La Boulangere  49:37
12 R.A.G.T. Semences - MG Rover  1:06:21

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