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68th Tour de Suisse (2.HC) Stage 1 Updated
By Staff
Date: 6/12/2004
68th Tour de Suisse (2.HC) Stage 1 Updated

Stage 1: Sursee - Beromunster, 173.6 km

T-Mobile's German Jan Ullrich has won Saturday's opening stage of the 68th Tour of Switzerland, from Sursee to Beromünster over 173.6 km. Ullrich was the fastest in a five-man sprint, and took the win from Switzerland's former World Road champion Oscar Camenzind of Phonak H.S. The breakaway also contained Saunier Duval's Fabian Jeker (Swi), who took third, and David Canada (Spa) who was fifth behind Vini Caldirola's Swissman Steve Zampieri. The main peloton, led home by another Phonak rider, Alexandre Moos, came in fifteen seconds behind.

Stage Report

The Tour du Suisse got off to a serious start early today, with a group of over three dozen breaking away from the peloton by the 25 km mark. All the favorites but Garzelli and Zulle were in this group. The group gained a gap that could not be bridged by the trailing bunch, and on the final 25 kilometers were where the fireworks would start, on the two passes over the Cat 4 Waldhus. David Canada Gracia of Saunier Duval attacked on the first climb of the Waldhus; Steve Zampieri of Vini Caldirola bridged to him, then T-Mobile's Ullrich and Phonak's Oscar Camenzind. On the second pass, Canada Gracia's teammate, Swissman Fabian Jeker, joined the four. The five worked together to keep the gap to the pack.

The race for the finish included a sharp corner 300 meters from the line. Here Ullrich attacked, and held off the four to the line, a large group of chasers, 30 in all, including teammate Vinokourov, Julich, Merckx and Tonkov, arriving 15 seconds behind.

Ullrich said, "That was hard, but I am happy of course. I knew if I came first through that curve, that no one could catch up with me. For the final victory in the Tour of Switzerland, our team has enough good riders so that the yellow jersey can remain within our ranks into Lugano. But not necessarily on my shoulders," he added.

Tomorrow's stage, from Dürrenroth to Rheinfelden, features four climbs - the Category 3 Bürensteig at 79.5 km, and three times over the Category 4 Zeiningen, at 107.0 km, 133.9 km and 160.8 km, just 9 km before the finish. There are three sprint points as well.


1 Ullrich, Jan Tmo  4:07:56
2 Camenzind, Oscar Pho  m.t.
3 Jeker, Fabian Sdv  m.t.
4 Zampieri, Steve Vin  m.t.
5 Canada Gracia, David Sdv
6 Moos, Alexandre Pho m.t. :15
7 Vinokourov, Alexandre Tmo  m.t.
8 Kolobnev, Alexandr Dve m.t.
9 Niermann, Grischa Rab m.t.
10 Detilloux, Christophe Lot m.t.
11 Vila, Francisco Lam m.t.
12 Merckx, Axel Lot m.t.
13 Julich, Bobby Csc  m.t.
14 Cioni, Dario David Fas m.t.
15 Verbrugghe, Rik Lot m.t.
16 Bodrogi, Laszlo Qsd  m.t.
17 Totschnig, Georg Gst m.t.
18 Barbero, Sergio Lam m.t.
19 Joly, Sébastien C.a m.t.
20 Tonkov, Pavel Vin m.t.
21 Schnider, Daniel Pho m.t.
22 Kashechkin, Andrey C.a m.t.
23 Sunderland, Scott Alb m.t.
24 Zintchenko, Andrei Mil m.t.
25 Petrov, Evgeni Sae m.t.
26 Wesemann, Steffen Tmo m.t.
27 Amorim Valada, Gonçalo José Mil
28 Kirchen, Kim Fas m.t.
29 Sabaliauskas, Marius Sae m.t.
30 Lavarinhas, Rui Mil m.t.
31 Del Olmo, Jose Maria Mil
32 Cortinovis, Alessandro Lam m.t.
33 Guerini, Giuseppe Tmo m.t.
34 Sinkewitz, Patrik Qsd m.t.
35 Gustov, Volodymir Fas m.t.
36 Cancellara, Fabian Fas m.t. +2:30
37 Castresana, Angel Mbp m.t. +3:57
38 Botero Echeverry, Santiago Tmo m.t.
39 Pollack, Olaf Gst m.t. +5:21
40 Lobato Elvira, Ruben Sdv
41 Loddo, Alberto Sdv m.t.
42 Ivanov, Ruslan Alb m.t.
43 Sousa, Rui Mil m.t.
44 Fuentes Angullo, Juan Sae m.t.
45 Commeyne, Davy Mbp m.t.
46 Mcewen, Robbie Lot m.t.
47 Schleck, Frank Csc m.t.
48 Aranaga Azkune, Andoni Cho m.t.
49 Cardoso, Pedro Mil m.t.
50 Castanheira, Bruno Mil m.t.
51 Ludewig, Jörg Sae m.t.
52 Piatek, Zbigniew Cho m.t.
53 Auge, Stéphane C.a m.t.
54 Bertoletti, Simone Lam m.t.
55 Bernabeu, David Mil m.t.
56 Gadret, John Cho m.t.
57 Hunter, Robert Rab m.t.
58 Garate, Juan Manuel Lam m.t.
59 Codol, Massimo Fas m.t.
60 Wuyts, Peter Mbp m.t.
61 Day, Ben Mbp m.t.
62 Ongarato, Alberto Fas m.t.
63 Blaudzun, Michael Csc m.t.
64 Danielson, Tom Fas m.t.
65 Clinger, David Dve m.t.
66 Aebersold, Niki Pho m.t.
67 Elmiger, Martin Pho m.t.
68 Caucchioli, Pietro Alb m.t.
69 Guidi, Fabrizio Csc m.t.
70 Ivanov, Serguei Tmo m.t.
71 Zülle, Alex Pho m.t.
72 Hvastija, Martin Alb m.t.
73 Joergensen, René Alb m.t.
74 D’Hollander, Glenn Lot m.t.
75 Tankink, Bram Qsd m.t.
76 Casagrande, Francesco Lam m.t.
77 Zaugg, Oliver Sdv m.t.
78 Gerosa, Mauro Vin m.t.
79 Glomser, Gerrit Sae m.t.
80 Bortolami, Gianluca Lam m.t.
81 Lüttenberger, Peter Csc m.t.
82 Rast, Grégory Pho m.t.
83 Veneberg, Thorwald Rab m.t.
84 Loosli, David Sae m.t.
85 Clerc, Aurélien Qsd m.t.
86 Chicchi, Francesco Fas m.t.
87 Nauduzs, Andris Dve m.t.
88 Strauss, Marcel Gst m.t.
89 Beuchat, Roger Vin m.t.
90 Fothen, Marcus Gst m.t.
91 Leblacher, Eric C.a m.t.
92 Gousev, Vladimir Csc m.t.
93 Van Goolen, Jurgen Qsd m.t.
94 Commesso, Salvatore Sae m.t.
95 Bucciero, Antonio Sae m.t.
96 Bettini, Paolo Qsd m.t.
97 Bazhenov, Alexandre Dve m.t.
98 Moller, Claus Michael Alb m.t.
99 Hinault, Sébastien C.a m.t.
100 Christensen, Bekim Csc m.t.
101 Perez Fernandez, Santiago Pho m.t.
102 Marichal, Thierry Lot m.t.
103 Vansevenant, Wim Lot m.t.
104 Fischer, Murilo Dve m.t.
105 Van Impe, Kevin Lot m.t.
106 Fagnini, Gian Matteo Dve m.t.
107 Garzelli, Stefano Vin m.t.
108 Zanotti, Marco Vin m.t.
109 Coenen, Johan Mbp m.t.
110 Förster, Robert Gst m.t.
111 Hammond, Roger Mbp m.t.
112 Steinhauser, Tobias Tmo m.t.
113 Calcagni, Patrick Vin m.t.
114 Cobo Acebo, Juan Jose Sdv
115 Milesi, Marco Vin m.t.
116 Bramati, Davide Qsd m.t.
117 Nardello, Daniele Tmo m.t.
118 Faresin, Gianni Gst m.t.
119 Ferrara, Raffaele Alb m.t.
120 Belli, Wladimir Lam m.t.
121 Wiggins, Bradley C.a m.t.
122 Dean, Julian C.a m.t.
123 Jones, Timothy Dve m.t.
124 Wauters, Marc Rab m.t.
125 Serpellini, Marco Gst m.t.
126 Gentili, Massimiliano Dve m.t.
127 Boven, Jan Rab m.t.
128 Hayman, Mathew Rab m.t.
129 Baldato, Fabio Alb m.t.
130 Weening, Pieter Rab m.t.
131 Paolini, Luca Qsd m.t.
132 Zberg, Marcus Gst m.t.
133 Thijs, Erwin Mbp m.t.
134 Bertogliati, Rubens Sdv m.t.
135 Löwik, Gerben Cho m.t.
136 Nazon, Damien C.a m.t.
137 Stevens, Christophe Cho m.t.
138 Verheyen, Geert Cho m.t.
139 Voskamp, Bart Cho m.t.
140 Den Bakker, Maarten Rab m.t.
141 Hoffman, Tristan Csc m.t.
142 Hiemstra, Bert Cho m.t.
143 Hunt, Jeremy Mbp m.t.
Abandon: Gomis Lopez, Juan Sdv

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