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US PRO Live Report
By Staff
Date: 6/6/2004
US PRO Live Report

Fourteen laps, 156 miles (250 km). The race has been on for several hours, and is now in the tenth lap. So here we go!

Please refresh this page to view the latest information. Commentary by Walt Armstrong.

Lap 10 all together. Heading towards the bottom of the wall. The earlier break was caught. But Chris Horner attacked on the last time up the Manayunk. Only 3 others could hang with him. Three US riders and 1 Canadian with a 13 second lead. Michael Barry is not working in the group. The other three are working well together.

5.5 hours of racing the average speed is 27 mph - has Freddy burned some of his matches too soon? He was definitely doing some work in that short-lived break. The break was Fred Rodriguez, Chris Horner, Michael Barry of USPS and Kirk O'Bee of Navigators.

The field of perhaps 50 is all together as they finish the last of the large laps.

The last of 10 large laps that include the Manayunk Wall are now finished. These laps are 14 miles long. Now there are only 3 laps of 3 miles each left. These laps include the "lesser" climb of Lemon Hill.

Saunier Duval and Acqua & Sapone driving at the head of the peloton now.

Saunier Duval might be working for their sprinter Francisco Ventoso of Italy, or do they want to put their American Tim Johnson into the Stars and Stripes Jersey that goes to the top American rider?

First time over Lemon Hill is a little split: with Frattini, Jeff Louder, and Erik Saunders of Ofoto. But this is short lived as they go through the start/finish line.

Its all back together again at the end of the first short lap as the Italians from Acqua & Sapone are back in control.

Bobby Julich showing up near the front... will he attack on the next time up Lemon Hill?

Julich and John Lieswyn taking turns at the front of the peloton. The Health Net team has been all over this race today. They had 5 riders in the early break.

Chris Horner of Webcor attacks on Lemon Hill!

This is his second strong attack, and this time he has a gap of about 100 metres.

Horner's attack has shaken loose a group of 4 riders chasing Horner, including Brice Jones of Health Net. The final lap has Horner caught by the chasing 4 riders. Followed by the rest of peloton. Horner's chances may be over...

The final time up Lemon Hill and Saeco's Juan Fuentes attacks.

Saeco has been hidden the whole race, but now Fuentes, who was born in Sydney but is listed as Spanish, has got a gap with about 1.5 miles to go.

With about 1 km to go, Fuentes is caught but Monex's Fratini counter attackes. But that is caught too.

Nobody is in control as they approach the line. Coming out of the pack is Saunier Duval's Ventoso - he wins it! A Spanish sprinter has won America's biggest 1 day race!

The top American looks to be none other than......MIKE JONES of HEALTH NET!

He beat out Fast Fred at the line!

HOLD THE PRESSES - The Health Net rider was Gord Fraser, so it looks like Fred is US Pro champion!!

Brief Results

1. Francisco Ventoso - Prodir Saunier Duval (Spain)
2. Antonio Bucciero - Saeco (Italy)
3. Gord Fraser - Health Net (Canada)
4. Fred Rodriguez - Acqua & Sapone (Usa) - US Champion
5. Plamen Stoyanov (Bul) Hoop CCC Polsat
6. Alberto Loddo (Spa) Prodir-Sauner Duval
7. Piotr Chmielewski (Pol) Action ATI
8. Kirk O'Bee (Usa) Navigators Insurance
9. Russell Hamby (Usa) Sierra Nevada
10. Mark McCormack (Usa) Colavita Olive Oil

Fred Rodriguez held his special edition stars and stripes Moser cycle over his head on the podium, but also said that this victory was bittersweet. He said he has the jersey, which is what he wanted, but he wanted to win. So he is happy and sad.

Wow, sorry for that confusion there, and apologies to the actual Health Net rider, Gord Fraser! Full results to come, and thanks for following the race action here!

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