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14th Classique des Alpes (1.1)
By Janna Trevisanut
Date: 6/5/2004
14th Classique des Alpes (1.1)

Chambéry - Aix-les-Bains - 165 km

In its fourteen year history, this race has been won five times by a French rider, and now six times by a Spanish rider; the other wins have been divided between Colombia (Botero and Rincon) and Belgium (Bouwmans). Oscar Pereiro of Phonak took the race win today, beating Spanish compatriots Iban Mayo in second, teammate José Enrique Gutierriez in third, Carlos Sastre (CSC) fourth, and Thomas Voeckler (BLB) fifth. 

Twelve teams took on this harsh piece of riding today, whereas last year 16 teams took part, with this year's edition slightly shorter than the 2003 edition, which was 174 km. However, the climbing was no less stunning, with the following climbs:

Km 37 - Côte de Saint-Pierre-de-Chartreuse: 10,8 km à 4,3%
Km 40.5 - Col de Cucheron: 3,3 km à 7,3%
Km 58.5 - Col du Granier: 9,1 km à 5%
Km 99 - Col des Près: 16,3 km à 4,9%
Km 133 - Col de Plainpalais: 12,5 km à 4,4%
Km 140.5 - Col du Revard: 7,2 km à 4,2%


At just under 40 kms into the race, on the ascent of the Saint Pierre de Chartreuse, three men break away - Landaluze (Eus), Jaksche (CSC) and Gutierrez (Pho). Atop the Col de Cucheron a few kms later, the three have become two, as Jaksche is dropped and joined by Lefevre (Blb); they chase 15 seconds back. The pack is at 50 seconds.

By the top of the next climb, the Granier, there are eight men chasing the two, while Gutierrez takes his third set of mountain points. On the back side of the Granier, the four come together, and shortly after the eight chasers catch them. The freight train peloton absorbs all the men at the bottom of the Col des Pres - gruppo compatto, but not for long.

On the climb, Gutierrez takes off again, with Martinez (Eus), Gryshenko, Simeoni and Halgand. But the CSC-led peloton will have nothing of it, setting a mad pace. Voeckler (Blb), Bocharov (CA), Sevilla (Pho) and Mayo (Eus) catch up to the dropped chasers; they in turn catch Gutierrez on the descent of the Col du Revard. The leading group is then Gutierrez, Sevilla and Pereiro of Phonak, Mayo and Landaluze of Euskaltel,  Botcharov of Credit Agricole, Voeckler (Boulangere), and Sastre (CSC) - the three Phonaks giving a margin of safety for an eventual win, though two Euskaltels are also in the break.

At the 20 km to go mark, several of these men try fliers off the front, but by 10 to go the leading group is still together, the bunch a minute back. The finish lines sees a sprint between the eight, which Pereiro wins.

Phonak can be very happy with its team's results today, with three in the top ten, as well as third place Jose Gutierrez also taking the mountain prize.


1 Pereiro Sio Oscar Pho 04h32'23"
2 Mayo Iban Eus m.t.
3 Gutierrez José Enrique Pho m.t.
4 Sastre Carlos Csc m.t.
5 Voeckler Thomas Blb m.t.
6 Sevilla Oscar Pho m.t.
7 Landaluze Inigo Eus m.t.
8 Botcharov Alexandre C.a. m.t.
9 Valoti Paolo Dve 01'07"
10 Dessel Cyril Pho m.t.
11 Muravyev Dmitriy C.a m.t.
12 Giunti Massimo Dve m.t.
13 Robin Jean-Cyril Fdj m.t.
14 Fedrigo Pierrick C.a m.t.
15 Vogondy Nicolas Fdj m.t.
16 Popovych Yaroslav Lan m.t.
17 Moncoutie David Cof m.t.
18 Camano Iker Eus m.t.
19 Astarloza Mikel A2r 04'55"
20 Joly Sébastien C. a.06'56"
21 Beneteau Walter Blb m.t.
22 Tschopp Johann Pho m.t.
23 Goubert Stephane A2r m.t.
24 Gryschenko Ruslan Lan m.t.
25 Gilbert Philippe Fdj 08'42"
26 White Matthew Cof m.t.
27 Bourquenoud Pierre Rag m.t.
28 Calvente Manuel Csc m.t.
29 Martinez Egoi Eus 08'44"
30 Chaurreau Inigo A2r 11'43"
31 Bessy Frédéric Cof m.t.
32 Krivtsov Yuriy A2r m.t.
33 Gasperoni Cristian Lan 11'48"
34 Roy Jérémy Fdj 13'15"
35 Simeoni Filippo Dve m.t."
36 Peron Andrea Csc 15'17"
37 Gadret John Cho m.t.
38 Geslin Anthony Blb m.t.
39 Martin Ludovic Rag m.t.
40 Basso Ivan Csc m.t.
41 Pichon Mickael Blb m.t.
42 Halgand Patrice C.a 16'20"
43 Finot Frédéric Rag 27'10"

Outside Time
Peron Andrea Csc
Gadret John Cho
Geslin Anthony Blb
Martin Ludovic Rag
Basso Ivan Csc
Pichon Mickael Blb
Halgand Patrice C.a
Finot Frédéric Rag

Dumoulin Samuel A2r
Flickinger Andy A2r
Inaudi Nicolas A2r
Portal Nicolas A2r
Pineau Jérôme Blb
Hary Maryan Blb
Lefevre Laurent Blb
Renier Franck Blb
Le Mevel Christophe C.a
Lequatre Geoffroy C.a
Salmon Benoit C.a
Abakoumov Igor Cho
Aranaga Andoni Cho
Ardila Mauricio Cho
Brard Florent Cho
Kostyuk Denys Cho
Rudenko Maxim Cho
Millar David Cof
Coyot Arnaud Cof
Edaleine Christophe Cof
Tombak Janeck Cof
Bartoli Michele Csc
Jaksche Jorg Csc
Schleck Frank Csc
Sorensen Nicki Csc
Colombo Gabriele Dve
Mori Massimiliano Dve
Scarponi Michele Dve
Albizu Joseba Eus
Flores Iker Eus
Isasi Inaki Eus
Silloniz Josu Eus
Casar Sandy Fdj
Bichot Freddy Fdj
Mengin Christophe Fdj
Guesdon Frédéric Fdj
Adyeyev Sergiy Lan
Bileka Volodimir Lan
Lagutin Sergey Lan
Monfort Maxime Lan
Gonzalez Santos Pho
Grabsch Bert Pho
Jalabert Nicolas Pho
Rinero Christophe Rag
Bouvard Gilles Rag
Buffaz Mickaël Rag
Dion Renaud Rag
Laurent Christophe Rag


1. Mancebo Francisco (Esp)
2. Salmon Benoit (Fra)
3. Millar David (Gbr)

1. Botero Echeverry Santiago (Col)
2. Sevilla Ribera Oscar (Spa)
3. Petersen Jorgen Bo (Den)

1. Iban Mayo Diez (Esp)
2. Lance Armstrong (Usa)
3. Pavel Tonkov (Rus)

1. Jose-Maria Jimenez (Esp)
2. Fernando Escartin (Esp)
3. Lance Armstrong (Usa)

1. Unai Osa (Esp)
2. Benoit Salmon (Fra)
3. David Etxebarria (Esp)

1. Laurent Jalabert (Fra)
2. Francesco Casagrande (Ita)
3. Benoit Salmon (Fra)

1. Laurent Roux (Fra)
2. Laurent Madouas (Fra)
3. Jose-Maria Jimenez (Esp)

1. Laurent Jalabert (Fra)
2. Luc Leblanc (Fra)
3. Inigo Cuesta (Esp)

1. Ramon Gonzalez Arrieta (Esp)
2. Gérard Rué (Fra)
3. Richard Virenque (Fra)

Classique des Alpes Juniors: Chambéry - Aix-les-Bains, 86 km

Pieter Jacobs of the Belgian team won both the overall and the Mountains competition in the Junior edition of this race, 86 km to the elite's 165. Jacobs finished 6th in the World Championships Junior Road Race last year in Hamilton, Canada.

A very large junior field took part in today's contest, and the race saw 131 riders finish inside time (a great deal more than finished the elite, albeit tougher, version). Jacobs also won today's mountain prize.

Results - Top 25

1 Jacobs Pieter Bel 02h30'23"
2 Bouet Maxime Vcp 02'10"
3 Guay Julien Sar m.t.
4 Branaa Damien Htg m.t.
5 Gautier Cyril Bre m.t.
6 Mazeau Antoine Bre m.t.
7 Beal Matthieu Ece m.t.
8 Binet Alexandre Man m.t.
9 Perrot Guillaume Ece m.t.
10 Stehly Aurélien Sco m.t.
11 Ruijgh Rob Ned 02'40"
12 Hamard Sebastien Sar 02'44"
13 Van Ooijen Cornelius Ned 02'49"
14 Cieslik Pawel Cvc m.t.
15 Rolland Pierre Orl m.t.
16 Bessy Cyril Cvc m.t.
17 Bonnafond Guillaume Cfc m.t.
18 Vanspeybrouck Pieter Wiw m.t.
19 Berard Julien Rho m.t.
20 Vales Anthony Htg m.t.
21 Enjalbert Romain Htg m.t.
22 Reboul Florent Htg 02'53"
23 Milesi Florian Rha 03'40"
24 Maes Nikolas Wiw 04'39"
25 Coppel Jerome Vca 04'43"

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