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The 11th Annual Wachovia Liberty Classic
By Marianne Werz O'Brien
Date: 6/4/2004
The 11th Annual Wachovia Liberty Classic

On Sunday June 6th almost 200 elite, international women cyclists will be competing in this grueling 57.6-mile race. They will race round the 14.4 mile circuit four times, which means they must climb the brutal Manayunk Wall with its infamous 17% grade four times and it will get harder on every pass. Last year 140 women started the event with only 92 finishing. The women’s event kicks off 10 minutes after the men on the same course.

Petra Rossner has won the Liberty Classic six times. Last year Saturn’s Lyne Bessette broke Petra Rossner’s winning streak and won the race with a 9 second gap over the pack. To say it was decided in a bunch sprint is no understatement, 69 women crossed at the same time contesting for the second and third spots. It is interesting to note that Rossner always credited her teammate Ina Tuetenberg with tremendously assisting her in these victories. Last year though, Tuetenberg was riding for Saturn’s leader Lyne Bessette! (This year Tuetenberg is not on the start list.)

Lyne Bessette is now riding for Quark, and has been showing phenomenal results this year in North American races. She won the overall titles at Pomona Valley, Redlands, and the Sea Otter, taking four stages along the way as well. Her European campaign with the Canadian National team also produced good results. She placed second in the Tour de Berne, and 5th place in the overall GC at the Tour de l’Aude. At l’Aude it is important to note that the four women who placed ahead of her included two each from team Nürnberger and T-Mobile. In her most recent foray, Bessette placed third overall at the Tour of Greater Montreal with the Quark team.

Nürnberger rider Petra Rossner is obviously a woman who knows how to win at Philly, having taken the crown jewel of Philly week six times already. So far this year she placed 2nd in the Geelong world cup and won stages in the Geelong tour, and Tour of Montreal. Her teammate Judith Arndt placed third at the Liberty Classic last year, and would love to move up the podium. Arndt has been burning up the road recently, winning the overall Tour of Greater Montreal plus one stage, placing second at the Montreal World Cup, and second in the overall at the Tour de l’Aude.

No American woman has ever won the Liberty Classic, however last year Lynn Gaggioli came close with a second place finish. T-Mobile is bringing a very strong squad to the race. Lynn Gaggioli took top honors at the Valley of the Sun GC, the Vuelta de Bisbee GC, and Joe Martin GC this year – an especially impressive tactical win for Gaggioli who was riding solo. Teammate Kristen Armstrong has won stages at Pomona and Redlands; Mari Holden took stages in Valley of the Sun and Gila; and Kim Anderson grabbed a stage win at Gila. In the Tour de l’Aude the T-Mobile team had six appearances on the podium plus Kim Bruckner’s 3rd place overall and Kristin Armstrong’s 4th. Dede Barry placed 2nd in the prologue and 4th in the overall of the Tour of Greater Montreal, and won stages two and six of the Tour de l’Aude. T-Mobile is definitely a squad to watch!

Rona rider Genevieve Jeanson will be competing under a cloud. Though she has just qualified for the Canadian Olympic squad by virtue of winning the World Cup race Montreal, there is no certainty that she will be allowed to participate. Jeanson has been under increased scrutiny since failing a blood test hours before the World Championships in Canada last fall. Now Jeanson finds herself at the center of controversy once again, because she “forgot” to take a mandatory drug test after racing la Fleche Wallone and could face a 6-month suspension. That said – Jeanson turned in her best performance of the year in Montreal so perhaps the adversity inspires her?

Regina Schleicher is racing with Safi Pasta teammate Diane Ziliute. Regina Schleicher took the first stage at Vuelta Castilla y Leon, placed second at Primavera Rosa, and just last week won a stage at the Tour of Greater Montreal.

Genesis Scuba is bringing American Crit Champion Tina Pic, Susan Palmer-Komar, and Laura van Gilder along. Another strong squad with great results this year. Tina has been sensational all season with seven wins so far, the most recent being the prologue of the Tour of Greater Montreal, she also placed 5th in the overall. Laura van Gilder has three victories this season.

The Victory Brewing team has come into top form just in time for the Liberty Classic. The women have taken victories almost weekly of late – Lauren Franges at the Housatonic Classic, Gina Grain at the CSC Invitational and Johanna Buick at TriPeaks. They have also had good results in Europe – with Nicole Demars placing second in the 10th stage at l’Aude and Gina Grain taking 4th. Many of the Victory Brewing ladies list the Liberty Classic as their favorite race. They told me that the boisterous crowds surrounding the course always inspire them to up their performances a couple notches and give it everything they’ve got. Will the Victory Brewing gals be hoisting HopDevil’s in honor of a victorious foray in Philly? They are my dark horse favorites for the win!

2003 Top 10
1 BESSETTE Lyne 2:23.16
3 ARNDT Judith
4 ANDERSON Kimberly
6 BRUCKNER Kimberly
7 BOCKEL Karen
10 BEGOSH Elizabeth

Historical Results
2003 Lyne Bessette
2002 Petra Rossner
2001 Petra Rossner
2000 Petra Rossner
1999 Petra Rossner
1998 Petra Rossner
1997 Edita Pucinskaite
1996 Petra Rossner
1995 Clara Hughes
1994 Marianne Bergland


Team Quark USA
Bib #1 - BESSETTE Lyne (CAN)
Bib #2 - MOORE Amy (CAN)
Bib #3 - LEMIEUX Ausrey (CAN)
Bib #4 - ELLIOTT Megan (CAN)
Bib #5 - LE FLOCH Magali (FRA)
Bib #6 - UHL Sarah (USA)

Victory Brewing CAN
Bib #11 - GRAIN Gina (CAN)
Bib #12 - ESPESETH Sandy (CAN)
Bib #13 - DEMARS Nicole (CAN)
Bib #14 - FRANGES Lauren (USA)
Bib #15 - OURADA Brooke (NZL)
Bib #16 - BUICK Johanna (NZL)
Bib #17 - RICKARDS Emma (AUS)
Bib #18 - ROBBINS Kirsten (CAN)

Team T Mobile USA
Bib #21 - ARMSTRONG Kristin (USA)
Bib #22 - ANDERSON Kimberly (USA)
Bib #23 - BARRY Deirdre (USA)
Bib #24 - GAGGIOLI Lynn (USA)
Bib #25 - HOLDEN Mari (USA)
Bib #26 - COWDEN Dotsie (USA)
Bib #27 - BRUCKNER Kimberly (USA)
Bib #28 - PETERS Stacey (USA)

Team Basis Aude CAN
Bib #31 - FREEDMAN Nicole (ISR)
Bib #32 - MAHER Kate (USA)
Bib #33 - RUITER Chrissy (USA)
Bib #34 - GAFFNEY Lauren (USA)
Bib #35 - HANNOS Stephanie (CAN)
Bib #36 - HULSER Kele (USA)
Bib #37 - ST LAURENT Katy (CAN)

Team Nurnberger GER
Bib #38 - ARNDT Judith (GER)
Bib #39 - LINDBERG Madelaine (SWE)
Bib #40 - PHILLIPS Jessica (USA)
Bib #41 - ROSSNER Petra (GER)

Safi Pasta Zara Manhattan LTU
Bib #45 - ZILIUTE Diana (LTU)
Bib #46 - URBONAITE Zita (LTU)
Bib #47 - VZESNIAUSKAITE Modesta (LTU)
Bib #48 - RAKENKOVA Yulia (RUS)
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Nobili Rubinetteri Guerciotti ITA
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Team Cervelo GSM CAN
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Verizon Wireless USA
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Canadian National CAN
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Bib #106 - SANDWICH Emily (CAN)

Genesis Scuba FFCC USA
Bib #111 - PALMER-KOMAR Susan (CAN)
Bib #112 - MAYOLO-PIC Tina (USA)
Bib #113 - VANGILDER Laura (USA)
Bib #114 - KELLY Kori (USA)
Bib #115 - FLEURY Grace (USA)
Bib #116 - BLICKEM Candice (USA)
Bib #117 - MAGGIE Shirley (USA)
Bib #118 - WYNTER Iona (JAM)

Webcor Builders USA
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Bib #122 - GREER Felicia (CAN)
Bib #123 - NAKAMU Yukie (JPN)
Bib #124 - MALONE Catherine (USA)
Bib #125 - GRAETER Stafanie (USA)
Bib #126 - BREMS Karen (USA)

Spin Cycles Duke Sports Med
Bib #131 - WEISLO Laura (USA)
Bib #132 - LOZANO Mandy (USA)
Bib #133 - SHOAF Patty (USA)
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Bib #136 - WESTBROOK Emily (USA)
Bib #137 - CLARK-DANIELI Corrin (USA)
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Ind Fabrications/SMRT USA
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Bib #143 - MAXWELL Lisa (USA)
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East Coast Velo USA
Bib #151 - FIGORAS Pam (USA)
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Team Fuji USA
Bib #161 - DE KRAAY Christina (USA)
Bib #162 - BILLINGTON Kathleen (USA)
Bib #163 - BOSSIE Nicole (USA)
Bib #164 - BRANDT Allyson (USA)
Bib #165 - BOWLES Laura (USA)
Bib #166 - STERN Jennifer (USA)

Bib #171 - FARRAR Shepard (USA)
Bib #172 - SALIGMAN Laury (USA)
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TDS Schwalbe USA
Bib #181 - SAMPLONIUS Annette (CAN)
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Bib #183 - GLOECKNER Emjily (USA)
Bib #184 - CARTER Erin (CAN)
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Velo Bella USA
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Colavita Olive Oil USA
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La Grange Dassani USA
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Bib #250 - BOTE Michele (USA)

The Wachovia Liberty Classic is the first race of the women’s Pro Cycling Tour. There are four events in the women’s PCT – The Wachovia Liberty Classic, the BMC Software New York City Cycling Championship, the PCT Rocky Mountain Classic at Vail, and the T-Mobile International presented by BMC Software in San Francisco.

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