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Midweek Cycling News Roundup: 2 June 2004
By Janna Trevisanut
Date: 6/2/2004
Midweek Cycling News Roundup: 2 June 2004

Petacchi Stats, Women's WC, CSC Invitational and Kelly Cup Update, Crit Champ Series, Philly Betting & USPRO Game, Estonian Races, Navigators' Weekend, Lehigh Valley Velodrome, Team Bon Jovi, EVN Kraftwerk, Superweek News, Anti-doping News, Tour of Hope


Petacchi Giro Stats

Infostrada Sports has compiled some interesting numbers on sprint king Alessandro Petacchi's Giros - they are definitely food for thought.


Stage Wins   

Top 10s   

Final Rank   

Days Leader   

Pts. Rank   

Mtn. Rank  











































Women’s World Cup standings

After six of the nine World Cup events Oneone Wood, that amazing pocket rocket from Australia, still retains the leaders jersey. Zoulfia Zabirova has the most victories this season, having won both Primavera Rosa and Flanders, but Oenone leads in the points. Oenone won the Geelong World Cup and has appeared on the podium three times thus far. In fact, she has yet to finish lower than 8th place.

1 Wood Oenone 202
2 Zabirova Zoulfia 154
3 Melchers Mirjam 115
4 Brodtka Angela 79
5 Arndt Judith 77
6 Huguet Sonia 75
7 Gollan Olivia 75
8 Jeanson, Geneviève 75
9 Worrack Trixi 71
10 Wright Alison 71
11 Rossner Petra 68
12 Doppmann Priska 65
13 Kiesanowski Joanne 58
14 Gilmore Rochelle 57
15 Valen Anita 51
16 Kupfernagel Hanka 50
17 Slyusareva Olga 48
18 Beutler Annette 41
19 Pucinskaite Edita 40
20 Oki Miho 38

BikeJam/Kelly Cup Update

Special thanks to Richard Anderson for sending us a link to his BikeJam photo album! There are almost 800 images here, covering every race that day.

Kelly Cup Men’s Results

1 Alexandre, Sebastian Colavita Olive Oil
2 Hartley, Chad Jittery Joe's Pro Cycling Team
3 Nothstein, Marty Navigators Insurance Pro Cycling
4 Haedo, Juan Colavita Olive Oil
5 Stewart, Jackson Ofoto
6 Campagonara, Siro Navigators Insurance Pro Cycling
7 McCauley, Gordon Team Monex
8 Waddell, Jason Sharper Image/Mathis Brothers Furniture
9 Goodwin, Josh Team Monex
10 Gaggioli, Roberto Team Monex
11 Bordine, Karl Team Monex
12 Bausch, Jason Ofoto
13 Shirley, Neil Team Seasilver
14 Schmidt, Chris NCVC/Edge Technologies
15 Zwizanski, Scott Ofoto
16 Danesh, Jamiel McGuire Pro Cycling
17 Domingues, Ivan Colavita Pro Cycling
18 Friedman, Michael East Suburban Sports
19 Beardsley, Colin McGuire Pro Cycling
20 Dille, Ian Team Snow Valley

CSC Invitational Update

Here are the full results. Additionally, the CSC Invitational was the second stop in the American Criterium Championship Series. Currently Gina Grain of Victory Brewing is leading in the series for the women, as is Jonas Carney of Jelly Belly for the men’s competition.

CSC Invitational Women’s Results

1 Grain, Gina Victory Brewing Company
2 Hutchison, Shannon Colavita Olive Oil/Bolla Wines
3 Carter Erin Tds-Schwalbe
4 Powers, Catherine La Grange
5 Valletti, Leigh Genesis Scuba/Ffcc
6 Uhl, Sarah Team Quark
7 Conzelman, Becky Frisco Cycling
8 Kiesanowski, Joanne Colavita Olive Oil/Bolla Wines
9 Breon, Charm Colavita Olive Oil/Bolla Wines
10 Sanborn, Melissa Wells Fargo/Ragatz
11 Espeseth, Sandy Victory Brewing Company
12 Spoule, Tracy Colavita Olive Oil/Bolla Wines
13 Gloeckner Emily Tds-Schwalbe
14 Franges, Lauren Victory Brewing Company
15 Esmonde, Megan Lake Mary Cycles/Orc
16 Heidgen, Shawn Tds-Schwalbe
17 Holt, Meshy Tds-Schwalbe
18 Jadatz, Nancy Team Snow Valley
19 Wilder, Kathryn Bicycle John's Serious Cycling
20 Kolb, Sandra Bicycle John's Serious Cycling
21 O'Connor, Brooke Colavita Olive Oil/Bolla Wines
22 Stover, Marianne Independent Fabrication/Smrt Inc.
23 Farrin, Sheba Hub Racing
24 Hefler, Sue Lsv/Kelly
25 Rachetto, Liza Team Dobbiaco
26 Shirley, Maggie Genesis Scuba/Ffcc
27 Kiesanowski, Michelle Team Hornby
28 Warfel, Allie Integrity Rides
29 Williams, Jenette Lsv/Kelley
30 Goldberg, Heidi Team Snow Valley
31 Raspa, Nicole Artemis
32 Sellers, Betsy Revolution Cycles/Rock Creek Racers
33 Harker, Marni Revolution Cycles/Rock Creek Racers
34 Soraci Kerry Tds-Schwalbe
35 Winfield, Deidre Charlottesville Racing Club
36 Brown, Alexis Genesis Scuba/Ffcc
37 Leisure, Beth Team Spirit
38 Dvora, Andrea Sportsbook.Com
39 Griffith, Lara Squadra Coppi
40 Hill, Jessica Artemis
41 Scheffenacker, Kristy Colavita Olive Oil/Bolla Wines

CSC Invitational Men’s Results

1 Michaelsen, Lars Csc
2 Fraser, Gord Health Net/Maxxis
3 Davidenko, Vassili Navigators Insurance
4 Candelario, Alex Jelly Belly-Aramark
5 Carney, Jonas Jelly Belly-Aramark
6 Alexandre, Sebastian Colavita Olive Oil
7 Ventura, Robbie Us Postal Service-Berry Floors
8 Horner, Chris Webcor Builders
9 Mc Cook, Dave Mcguire
10 Dominiguez, Ivan Colavita Olive Oil
11 Dionne, Charles Webcor Builders
12 Hartley, Chad Jittery Joes Coffee
13 Haedo, Juan Jose Colavita Olive Oil
14 Nothstein, Marty Navigators Insurance
15 Dille, Ian Team Snow Valley
16 Lieswyn, John Health Net/Maxxis
17 Albers, Kirk Jelly Belly-Aramark
18 Erker, Jacob Team Seasilver
19 Artacho, Gustavo Colavita Olive Oil
20 Lawler, Jesse Jittery Joes Coffee
21 Vigus, Devon Mcguire
22 Sheedy, Brian Team Seasilver
23 Hoj, Frank Csc
24 Kilun, Roman Mcguire
25 Baker, Peter Team Snow Valley
26 Shirley, Neil Team Seasilver
27 Hoffman, Tristian Csc
28 Gritters, Kyle Team Monex
29 Eriksen, Thomas Bruun Csc
30 Kem, Omer Subway-Express
31 Julich, Bobby Csc
32 Jones, Brice Health Net/Maxxis
33 Madsen, Jimmi Csc
34 Pic, Chris Jittery Joes Coffee
35 Frattaini, Davide Team Monex
36 Wherry, Chris Health Net/Maxxis
37 Jones, Mike Health Net/Maxxis
38 Sadauckas, Matt Team Seasilver
39 Camponogara, Siro Navigators Insurance
40 Grajales, Cesar Jittery Joes Coffee
41 Herriott, Todd Colavita Olive Oil
42 Gaggioli, Roberto Team Monex
43 Brooks, Ben Jelly Belly-Aramark
44 Livingston, Adam Team Seasilver
45 Manion, Caleb Jelly Belly-Aramark
46 Mc Cauley, Gordon Team Monex
51 Vogels, Henk Navigators Insurance
52 Eriksen, Thomas Bruun Csc
53 Deters, Drew Team Seasilver
54 Mckinney, Ryan Team Snow Valley
51 Piil, Jakob Csc
52 Frattaini, Davide Team Monex
53 Lechuga, Earnie Jelly Belly-Aramark
54 Abraham, Emil Team Monex

Philly Betting - Posts Lines and Offers Game...

In what is a first for U.S. professional road cycling, is posting betting lines on Philadelphia's Wachovia USPRO Championship, which takes place on Sunday, June 6th.

Already involved in U.S. bicycle racing via the title sponsorship of a women's team and additional sponsorships of Pro/Elite Men's teams Sharper Image/Mathis Brothers and Team Endeavour, is very enthusiastic about this new venture. Speaking for the Carribean-based online bookmaker and casino, Bill Laudien of Cycling notes that, "With the Wachovia USPRO Championship celebrating its 20th anniversary, this is an ideal time for to begin posting odds on a true American classic."

There are odds posted for 18 top racers, ranging from perennial contenders like Webcor Construction's Chris Horner (7:2) to well-regarded longshots such as John Lieswyn of Health Net presented by Maxxis (30:1). Bettors can also choose to go with the relatively safe 'Field/All Other Cyclists' wager, which has odds of 2:1.

In addition to posting betting lines on the Wachovia USPRO Championship, has a line on the upcoming Tour de France, with Lance Armstrong the odds-on favorite to take a record sixth victory. is also running a free contest in conjunction with the Wachovia USPRO Championship, in which individuals try to pick the top three finishers in the Philadelphia race for a $1,000 prize. The contest goes 'live' on Tuesday, June 1st. For more information, or to place a wager, please visit

Also try your hand at the USPRO Cycling Contest, and try for a chance at a $1000.00 account at Click here to enter the game.

Betting Lines

To Win
Adam Bergman 25-1
Bobby Julich 7-2
Cesar Grajales 25-1
Charles Dionne 20-1
Chris Horner 7-2
Danny Pate 18-1
Field (All Others Cyclist) 2-1
Fred Rodriguez 5-2
Gordon Fraser 20-1
Henk Vogels 25-1
Jakob Piil 8-1
John Lieswyn 30-1
Mariano Friedick 25-1
Mark McCormack 5-1
Mark Walters 15-1
Max van Heeswijk 7-2
Michael Barry 20-1
Mirko Celestino 6-1
Tim Johnson 25-1

Cyclist to Win Wachovia USPRO Championship - Philadelphia
105 USA Born -120
Foreign Born -120

Winning TIME of Wachovia USPRO Championship - Philadelphia
Over 5 Hours 55 Minutes -120
Under 5 Hours 55 Minutes -120

Tallinn GP and Tartu Tänavasõit - AG2R's Scanlon's good showing

Report from CyclingIreland--Mark Scanlon shown his improved sprinting form with two wins in UCI ranked 1.3 races in Estonia. He reaped the benefits of a very strong performance to take the Tallin GP on 28th May. Scanlon won in a time of 4:21:51, 1:19 ahead of his AG2R Prevoyance team mate Nicolas Inaudi, and Arnaud Coyot of Cofidis, le credit par Telephone.

He continued his winning ways the following day in the 1.3 ranked Tartu Tänavasõit, taking the win ahead of Slawomir Kohut of the Hoop CCC-Polsat team and Jimmy Engoulvent of Cofidis, le credit par Telephone.

With each victory worth 60 UCI points Scanlon is likely to be inside the top 120 riders in the world. With this summers Olympic games approaching Scanlon will be hoping to maintain this good form and impress the Irish selectors. Ireland will also increase from 32nd in the world ranking to 30th.

Tallinn GP - 1.3, Estonia, May 28, 2004

Results - 180 km
1 Mark Scanlon (Irl) Ag2R Prevoyance - 4.21.51
2 Nicolas Inaudi (Fra) Ag2R Prevoyance - 1.19
3 Arnaud Coyot (Fra) Cofidis, le credit par Telephone
4 Mikhail Timoshin (Rus) Landbouwkrediet-Colnago
5 Jaan Kirsipuu (Est) Ag2R Prevoyance - 1.22
6 Geert Van Bondt (Bel) Landbouwkrediet-Colnago
7 Janek Tombak (Est) Cofidis, le credit par Telephone
8 Slawomir Kohut (Pol) Hoop CCC - Polsat
9 Sebastian Jezierski (Pol) Legia Bazyliszek-Sopro
10 Erki Pütsep (Est) Ag2R Prevoyance

Tartu Tänavasõit - 1.3, Estonia, May 29, 2004

Results - 188 km
1 Mark Scanlon (Irl) Ag2R Prevoyance - 4.31.21
2 Slawomir Kohut (Pol) Hoop CCC - Polsat
3 Jimmy Engoulvent (Fra) Cofidis, le credit par Telephone
4 Kjell Carlstrom (Fin) Amore & Vita Beretta
5 Allan Oras (Est) Estonian National Team 1
6 Soren Petersen (Den) Glud & Marstrand Horsens
7 Krzysztof Miara (Pol) Legia Bazyliszek-Sopro
8 Sergey Lagutin (Uzb) Landbouwkrediet-Colnago
9 Janek Tombak (Est) Cofidis, le credit par Telephone - 1.03
10 Erki Pütsep (Est) Ag2R Prevoyance - 1.05

Navigators Insurance Report - Memorial Day Weekend Racing

Recent race results see Rapinski, Macca and Louder out front

Navigators Insurance's Viktor Rapinski took the top honors in the 61st running of the "Kentucky Derby of Cycling", the Kugler-Anderson Tour of Somerville, NJ. This 50-mile criterium is the oldest event in the U.S. and is one of the most sought-after victories in North America. With cool temperatures and heavy rain throughout the day, the riders took the start at about 2:30p.

An early breakaway of 3 riders escaped the peloton, but without the presence of a Navigators rider, it was doomed to failure. The Navigators squad has never won this event before, so the race plan was simple; control the race for the sprinters. Trying to take advantage of the miserable conditions, opportunistic riders tried to separate themselves from the peloton throughout the day, to no avail. Although several other squads put their sprint-trains on the front in the closing laps, it was the Navigators squad that took control in the final 4 laps and never relinquished the front.

With an amazing display of power, Rapinski hit the front going into the final turn, with about 400-meters to the line, and pulled away from the field to finish about 8-bike lengths in front of the next closest finisher, 5-time winner Jonas Carney (Jelly Belly). Juan Jose Haedo (Colavita) was 3rd.

Somewhat surprised by his win, Viktor commented after the race that he was just trying to open up his legs, since he had stepped off of a flight from Australia only hours before, following his participation in the World Track Cycling Championships.

In other racing action over the long, Memorial Day Holiday weekend, the CSC Invitational - Clarendon Cup, held in Arlington, VA, was once again a barnburner with all of the U.S. squads in attendance as well as several European based squads. With 5 corners, one of them nearly 180-degrees, history has shown that this race is difficult to finish, never-mind win. Breakaways on this course rarely succeed, and this year was no different. Many attempts were made, including solo efforts by Navigators' Ciaran Power and David McKenzie, but the speed and horsepower from the field was too much, ensuring a field sprint at the end of this 100-km event.

The Navigators Insurance men-in-blue took control with 5-laps remaining for sprinters Marty Nothstein and Vassili Davidenko, the winner in 2002. After a leg-breaking lead-out, Vassili was the first to jump coming out of the final turn. In a drag race to the line, Vassili, Lars Michaelson (CSC), and Gord Fraser (Healthnet) finished shoulder-to-shoulder with a result that was too close for the officials to call. After reviewing the film for several minutes, the victory went to Michaelson followed by Fraser and Davidenko. The CSC squad has served notice that they have come to the U.S. in good form for the upcoming Wachovia series.

On Saturday, Navigators' riders David McKenzie and Jeff Louder took 1-2 in the U.S. Bicycling Hall of Fame benefit road race in Somerset County, while Marty Nothstein placed 3rd in the Bike Jam 2004 event in Baltimore, MD, behind Sebastian Alexandre (Colavita Olive Oil) and Chad Hartley (Jittery Joe's Coffee).

David McKenzie (Macca) scored the victory Saturday over teammate Jeff Louder in the "Frank 'Nap' Torpey Memorial - Hills of Somerset County" Road Race. David and Jeff finished together about 1-minute ahead of 3rd place finisher Alejandro Acton (UPMC/Mike Fraysse) in this 87-mile benefit race for the U.S Bicycling Hall of Fame.

Under nearly perfect racing conditions (60 degrees F) under a clear-blue sky and a steady wind from the west, the field of Professional and Elite competitors began the day on Main St. in Somerville in front of the USBHOF museum and the Morgan-Stanley building (which serves as the 200m mark for Monday's Classic 'Tour of Somerville' Criterium). This popular event takes the racers through 15 of Somerset County's most scenic towns and contains several trips up and over the two Watchung Mountains of this suburban, central New Jersey region.

In typical New Jersey fashion, the racing action started out fast as the peloton headed toward the hills. Several groups of 5-7 riders were able to gain an advantage for short distances before the speeding pack of riders reeled them back in. The definitive break came with about 30-miles remaining when 5 riders escaped, and were soon joined by Jeff Louder to make it an even 6.

With 10 miles remaining, McKenzie attacked and created a lead of nearly 1-minute over the rest of the lead group. Jeff Louder soon bridged up, and the duo stayed out in front until they crossed the finish line together, in front of the crowd on the AT&T Bridgewater campus. It was David McKenzie's 2nd victory of the year.

Next up is today's Wachovia Invitational in Lancaster, PA and Thursday's Wachovia Classic in Trenton, NJ. The "Big Dance" will be in Philadelphia on Sunday with the 20th running of the Wachovia USPRO Road Cycling Championship.

The Navigators Group, Inc. is an international insurance holding company with insurance company operations, underwriting management companies and operations at Lloyd's of London. Navigators primarily underwrites marine insurance and related lines of business, contractor's general liability, and professional liability insurance. Headquartered in New York City, Navigators has offices in major insurance centers in the United States and the United Kingdom. Navigators, one of the largest marine insurers in the world, is committed to the principles of underwriting excellence and to providing quality service to its clients.

Navigators is rated 'A' (Excellent) by A.M. Best Company and 'A' (Strong) by Standard & Poors. The
Navigators Group, Inc. is traded on the NASDAQ under the symbol NAVG.

Additional Navigators Insurance Cycling Team Sponsors include:
COLNAGO Bicycles -
LIMAR Helmets -
BIEMME Cycling Wear -
STELLA AZZURRA Handle Bars, Stems and bar tape -
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Lehigh Valley Velodrome Opening Night Nicole Reinhart Women’s Cycling Classic and Tandemonium!

The Lehigh Valley Velodrome announced today the schedule of events for opening night, the Nicole Reinhart Women’s Cycling Classic and Tandemonium, on Friday, June 4.

One of the major attractions for the evening will be track tandem racing with the 2004 Tandemonium. Tandems are a special type of bicycle ridden by two people at the same time. Tandem racing, formerly a World Track Cycling Championship event, has all but disappeared from the world racing scene due to its dangerous and unpredictable nature. Riders slated to participate in the event include Gibby “the Bear” Hatton, a Velodrome Hall of Fame rider and multiple World Champion.

The Nicole Reinhart Women’s Cycling Classic holds the largest single day track purse for women in North America and commemorates the tragic passing of Nicole Reinhart in September of 2000. Events included in the 2004 version of this event include, the Women’s Mid-Atlantic Points Race Championships, miss-and-out, and one- mile final. Women to compete include Ashley Kimmet, 2000 Junor World Championship points race medalist, Sarah Uhl, 2001 Junior World Champion, national championship medalist Becky Conzelman, and New Zealand Olympic hopeful Joanne Kiesanowski.

Men’s events for the evening will highlight racing by local rivals Marty Nothstein, 2000 Olympic Gold Medalist, and two-time Olympian Jame Carney. Events to be contested include a miss-and-out, 5-mile final, and preme race.

Following racing events for the evening the Eric Steckel Band will perform live to create the new Velodrome after-party.

About the Lehigh Valley Velodrome--The Lehigh Valley Velodrome, the East Coast's only professional track cycling venue located in Trexlertown, PA by the intersection of Routes 222 and 100, is less than one hour from most Philadelphia suburbs. Experience international racing Friday nights from June 4 through September 18, 2004. Gates open at 6:00pm and race action begins at 7:00pm.

Coming in 2004 the USA Cycling Fastest Man on Wheels September 3-4 and the Penn State Lehigh Valley Collegiate National Track Cycling Championships September 16-18. For more information on racing, volunteering, community programs, VIP entertaining or corporate sponsorship, visit our website at or call 610.395.7000.

Race the Trace - Team Bon Jovi Report

Sunday, May 30th, South Charleston, West Virginia--The National and Regional Team Bon Jovi/West Virginia members joined forces Sunday at Little Creek Park in South Charleston, WV, for the 6th West Virginia Mountain Bike Race Association Point Series race, the Volvo for Life Race the Trace - 8 of the 9 members racing took top 3 spots at the re-designed 4.8 mile lap race.

Pat McDonald and crew, as usual, ran an excellent race; special thanks were extended to Steve Marshall for “losing” the 7 creek crossings which, in past years, had sabotaged many a bike. The weather almost cooperated – waiting almost 2 hours after race start to burst through the cloud cover and soak riders and spectators alike.

Mandi Riddle, Women’s Pro/Expert, took 1st place at 2 hours, 45 minutes for the 19.2 mile race. Bryan Fawley, Men’s Pro/Expert, finished the same distance in 1st place in 2 hours and 4 minutes. Cai Clothier, racing a 9.6 mile race as a Junior Sport 14 and under, took 1st place in 1 hour and 45 minutes.

Steve Thaxton, Men’s Vet Expert, raced 19.2 miles in 2 hours 21 minutes for 2nd place. Andrew Fetty, Men’s Junior Expert, also took 2nd at 2 hours 51 minutes, while Joey Riddle, Men’s Pro/Expert, finished 3rd in 2 hours 12 minutes.

Sport riders raced 14.4 miles: Michael Haid (Men’s Sport 26-34) took 2nd at 1 hour 55 minutes, and Chris Flick (Men’s Sport 19-25) also placed 2nd at 2 hours 3 minutes. Men’s Vet Sport (35+) rider Wes Stafford placed 7th.

The team can next be seen at Tour de Canaan, GrannyGear’s new 4 day, 14 event extravaganza of mountain bike racing in and around Davis, WV June 3rd through 6th.

Team Bon Jovi/West Virginia is sponsored by Jon Bon Jovi (yes, the rock star!), Worldwide Chiropractic and Sports Medicine, Maple Creative, Charleston Bicycle Center, Kenda Tires. Cannondale, Pactimo, Fetty Intensive Training, Hydrapak, and Curve Socks. Please visit our web site at for more information and contact information.

Racing the Trace - photo courtesy Team Bon Jovi/West Virginia.

24 Hour EVN Kraftwerk Trophy Race - Austria

The first annual 6/12/24 hour EVN Kraftwerk Trophy started on May 29th, early in the morning. The drafting event allowed the European RAAM rider Jure Robic to participate as well. For Robic it was the last big preparation for RAAM 2004. The start/finish area and race headquarters were near the City of Krems, Austria. The course was a 4,8 km loop, completely flat, with full speed corners to allow the highest possible pace.

Also competing were Marko Bahlo, Andrea Clavadetscher, Franz Venier, Chris Hopkinson and RAAM 2003 Team Winner Reinhard Hörman with his very strong Team "VAV Versicherung Harreither" (Matthias Buxhofer, Thomas Wittner and Ewald Schön)!

A group of 40 solo riders and 13 relay team riders started the 24 hour event at 10:00 a.m. At that time the 12 hour racers had already been on the course for two hours, with 37 solo riders and three relay teams. The weather was sunny and warm with highs up to 25 degrees C. The wind conditions were difficult with a strong wind from north during the daytime.

Due to the short laps, the relay team riders set a brutally fast pace in the beginning with nearly 44 km/h average. Especially "Hit FM 12hour Team" with some young Riders of the Austrian National team and Reinhard Hörmann with his Team "VAV versicherung Harreither" set one best lap time after another. Just Jure Robic followed this lead group. The five kilometer loop was especially grueling when the wind came diagonal from the left and did not allow efficient drafting of the team riders.

The relay team riders did all the pacing alone and so there was the chance for Robic to attack the world record of Daniel Wyss. After 6 hours the Slovenian was 4 Km faster then the old world record. Hörmann, Buxhofer, Wittner and Schön were riding like crazy, but after the "12hour Team Hit Fm" finished the race (victory with 513 Km in 12 hours - new Austrian record), they couldnt keep this deadly pace. So the average speed dropped down close to 42 Km/h!

Meanwhile Marko Bahlo won the 12 hour solo event with very impressive 489 km! Jure Robic from Slovenia was not bothered by the wind and after one loop with a lower pace he could follow the leader relay team riders again. During the night the temperature went down to 6 degrees C, and that was too cold to beat the world record. Team VAV Vers./ Harreither were fighting hard and took care of leader Robic, but weren't able to keep the pace high enough for over 1000 km. But Jure Robic rode to an unchallenged victory in the men's 24 hour solo event with an amazing 974,4 km in 24h 03m 00s.

Clavadetscher and Venier were fighting for the second place, but Clavadetscher didn`t draft in the first 18 hours (to find out his own power) and so Venier took second with 902 Km in 24 h 03m 03s. Clavadetscher did 864 km in 24h 03 m 01s and took third place.

The women's 24 hour solo race was dominated by Sandra Rumpelmair from Krems/Austria. She rode 537km in 24h 08m! The women`s 12 hour solo race was won by Annabelle Konczer from Austra in 398 Km in 12 h 01m!!

The 24 hour relay team competition was won by Team VAV Harreither (Reinhard Hoermann, Matthias Buxhofer, Ewald Schön and Thomas Wittner) who completed 979,2km in 24h 03m 00s. That is new Austrian record for a 4 man relay team! Full results are available here.

New Host Cities For 2004 International Cycling Classic

Milwaukee, WI--The schedule for the seventeen-day International Cycling Classic will include races in two new host communities. The Village of Shorewood, a lake-side suburb of Milwaukee, will host the Shorewood Criterium on Thursday, July 15. On Wednesday, July 21, the City of De Pere will host a full day of racing at the inaugural De Pere Cycling Classic in Northern Wisconsin.

The race in Shorewood will be a criterium running through the Oakland Avenue business district. “We’re very excited about hosting the July 15th race,” said Timothy Ryan, president of the Shorewood Business Improvement District. “It represents a great opportunity to get the entire community involved and provide exposure to all the great attributes that make Shorewood ‘Uptown, Upscale, and Uncommon.’” The village will be hosting both the men’s and women’s Pro/Am races starting at 4:00 p.m.

The De Pere Cycling Classic will replace the races that had been held in nearby Green Bay in previous years. A criterium course has been selected in a scenic neighborhood near the Fox River and the campus of St. Norbert College. Rebecca Cleveland, co-owner of local bicycle shop The Bike Hub, spearheaded the effort bring the race to De Pere and commented that local organizers are trying to create a “festive, family-oriented atmosphere” for the event.

Otto Wenz, Executive Director of the International Cycling Classic, was appreciative of the interest shown in both communities. “We have many host communities who have built great community events around our races and it’s great to see the enthusiasm in both Shorewood and De Pere. Great events like these help make better racing and everybody has a great time.”

About the International Cycling Classic--The International Cycling Classic is a world-class cycling event attracting top riders from the United States and many foreign countries.  The 2004 race marks the 35th year of the event with races throughout Eastern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois from July 9-25.  The Classic, also known by the name Superweek, is the longest-running multi-day bicycle race in the United States.  The International Cycling Classic is sanctioned by USA Cycling.

WADA Nutritional Supplement Symposium

The World Anti-doping Agency (WADA) has concluded its first symposium on the implications of nutritional supplement use and consequent doping dangers at a two day conference in Montreal, Canada. The multiple representative conference developed recommendations for further action in this matter that would require action by anti-doping organizations, the nutritional supplements industry, governments and the scientific community.

The conference's overall stance is that athletes are responsible for what goes in their bodies and must remain aware of the risks of supplement usage, and that "There is no substitute for a balanced diet for good health and best performance," though an opposing view has been voiced by many professional cyclists due to the extreme endurance required of their sport.

The recommendations can be viewed as a Word document at the WADA website here.

US Anti-doping Agency First Quarter 2004 Testing Numbers

The United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) performed 1,866 domestic doping control tests during the first quarter of 2004, USADA Chief Executive Officer Terry Madden announced Friday.

Those 1,866 doping control tests cover 62 sports. Overall, 56 percent of those first quarter tests were no-advance-notice out-of-competition tests. USADA conducted 1,041 no-advance-notice out-of-competition (OOC) tests between Jan. 1 and Mar. 31, 2004. The no-advance-notice OOC testing may be conducted at any time, whether at an athlete's home or training venue, and without prior notice. The remaining 825 tests were conducted in-competition during the first quarter. Those 825 tests tested were completed at 51 events.

There were nine adverse laboratory findings received during the first quarter of 2004. The detection of a banned substance may or may not be ultimately determined to be a doping violation. The adverse findings include three cases involving prohibited anabolic agents, three cases for peptide hormones, mimetics and analogues, and one case each for stimulants, diuretics and cannabinoids for U.S. athletes. Two of those nine cases were for non-U.S. athletes and were referred to the responsible international federation. Three athletes refused to participate in an OOC test during the first quarter.

There were 10 initial laboratory reports for samples for which the athletes had prior medical waivers on file for the use of the restricted substance. These test results are statistically reported as negative.

In the first quarter of 2004, USADA announced sanctions for two athletes from the third quarter, and four cases from the fourth quarter in 2003. Additionally, two test refusal cases from the first quarter 2004 were announced.

One case from third quarter 2003 was referred to the American Arbitration Association (AAA)/Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) hearing process. The AAA/CAS hearing process begins after USADA has charged an athlete with a doping offense, and the athlete has elected not to accept the sanction sought by USADA. Plus, USADA did not go forward on two cases that the independent Anti-Doping Review Panel recommended did not have sufficient basis to proceed.

During the first quarter of 2004, USADA performed 66 tests for other national anti-doping agencies and international federations. There were 12 tests completed under USADA’s bilateral agreements, as Canadian Center for Ethics in Sports (CCES) and the Australian Sports Drug Agency (ASDA) each performed four tests on U.S. athletes, and the USADA performed four tests on Australian athletes.

USADA is the independent anti-doping agency for Olympic sports in the United States, and is responsible for managing the testing and adjudication process for the Olympic movement in the United States. USADA is equally dedicated to preserving the integrity of sport through research initiatives and educational programs.

USADA announces its test findings four times annually. USADA will announce 2004 second quarter statistics in the summer.

First Quarter 2004 Testing Numbers

OOC1: Out-of-Competition Testing (no-advance notice);
OOC2: Out-of-Competition Testing (advance notice and camps);
IC: In-Competition Testing

Sport OOC1 OOC2 IC Total
Archery 2 0 0 2
Badminton 2 0 0 2
Basketball 13 0 0 13
Biathlon 2 0 8 10
Bobsled/Skeleton 30 0 0 30
Bowling 1 0 6 7
Boxing 23 0 32 55
Canoe/Kayak 19 0 0 19
Curling 3 0 19 22
Cycling 58 0 74 132
Diving 6 0 0 6
Equestrian 6 0 0 6
Fencing 2 0 18 20
Field Hockey 3 0 0 3
Figure Skating 6 0 38 44
Gymnastics 20 0 0 20
Ice Hockey 5 0 0 5
Judo 42 0 7 49
Karate 4 0 0 4
Luge 6 0 16 22
Modern Pentathlon 3 0 6 9
Paralympic Alpine Skiing 3 0 0 3
Paralympic Athletics 16 0 0 16
Paralympic Basketball 5 0 0 5
Paralympic Cross-Country Skiing 2 0 0 2
Paralympic Cycling 5 0 0 5
Paralympic Equestrian 2 0 0 2
Paralympic Goalball 1 0 0 1
Paralympic Ice Sledge Hockey 3 0 0 3
Paralympic Judo 1 0 0 1
Paralympic Powerlifting 2 0 0 2
Paralympic Soccer 3 0 0 3
Paralympic Swimming 10 0 0 10
Paralympic Table Tennis 1 0 0 1
Paralympic Volleyball 4 0 0 4
Paralympic Wheelchair Fencing 1 0 0 1
Paralympic Wheelchair Rugby 3 0 0 3
Paralympic Wheelchair Tennis 2 0 0 2
Racquetball 2 0 0 2
Roller Sports 2 0 0 2
Rowing 61 0 0 61
Sailing 3 0 22 25
Shooting 0 0 15 15
Skiing/Snowboarding 29 0 139 168
Soccer 15 0 0 15
Softball 9 0 0 9
Speedskating 52 0 35 87
Squash 3 0 0 3
Swimming 139 0 60 199
Synchronized Swimming 12 0 0 12
Table Tennis 1 0 14 15
Taekwondo 18 0 9 27
Team Handball 1 0 8 9
Tennis 5 0 0 5
Track and Field 240 0 193 433
Triathlon 34 0 0 34
Volleyball 3 0 0 3
Water Polo 23 0 0 23
Water Skiing 2 0 0 2
Weightlifting 34 0 106 140
Wrestling 33 0 0 33
First Quarter Total 1,041 0 825 1,866

Note: In first quarter 2004, USADA completed 66 tests for international federations and other national anti-doping agencies. None of those tests are included in the 1,866 tests performed by USADA in 2004.

Twenty Cyclists Selected for Bristol-Myers Squibb Tour of Hope

New York, NY--Twenty cyclists have been selected by cancer community leaders to join cancer survivor and five-time Tour de France champion Lance Armstrong in the Bristol-Myers Squibb Tour of HopeTM. Almost 1,200 people applied to bike across mountains and over plains around the clock - relaying nearly 3,500 miles from LA to DC - to inspire and inform the public about the importance of cancer clinical trials. In addition to being avid cyclists, the Bristol-Myers Squibb Tour of HopeTM team members share a passion for cancer clinical trials through their personal and professional experiences with the disease.

Among the extraordinary team members are cancer researchers, nurses and physicians, caregivers and, like Lance, cancer survivors. Representing 18 states, these men and women come from all walks of life. In addition to oncology nurses and physicians, team members include a firefighter, an architect, a retired Air Force colonel, a veterinarian, and two teachers.

The team will depart Los Angeles on Friday, Oct.1, and will be joined by Lance Armstrong at points along the way before being welcomed in Washington, DC. Saturday, Oct. 9.

Team members are from the following states:
California (2), Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, Maryland, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York (2), Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, Virginia, and Wisconsin.

To learn more about the Bristol-Myers Squibb Tour of Hopeand how to get involved, visit

Tour of Hope Team members:
Kristen Adelman, 34; Elkridge, MD
Colleen Chapleau, 46; North Liberty, IA
John Fee, 34; Delran, NJ
Andrea Glassberg, MD, PhD, 34; San Francisco, CA
Brandon Hayes-Lattin, MD, 34; Portland, OR
Brian Highhouse, RN, 38; Meriden, NH
Sheila McGuirk, 52; Madison, WI.
Darren Mullen, 32; Wichita, KS
Jim Owens, 42; Edina, MN
Kathy Parker, 51; Athens, GA
Rod Quiros, 36; Suffern, NY
Erika Rosettie, RN, 43; Corning, NY
Neil Shah, MD, PhD, 41; Woodland Hills, CA
Bernie Sher, 66; Cocoa Beach, FL
Michael Siegel, 44; Wilmette, IL
Joseph Steele, MD, 35; Englewood, CO
Elizabeth Sterling, 35; Millmont, PA
Robert Stuart, MD, 55; Charleston, SC
Stephen Verbanic, 45; Virginia Beach, VA
Ted Yang, MD, 41; Houston, TX.

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